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About Us Page Man The "About Page" on a website is usually the 2nd most viewed page behind the homepage. The worst part is, most people don't make their customers take any action at the end of their About Page! So let's dive into how to think about this crucial page, and how to "think" about it:

1.) How To THINK About Your About Page:

One of the most important things to remember here, is to make sure customers have an ACTION to take at the end of your About Page! You don't want your customers viewing your About Page, then having nothing to do:
about page bounce rate leaving
No no no.... Instead you want to have a clear call to action where people can go next:
about page helpful

2.) Let's write an About Page from scratch:

Follow along as we go from a completely blank page, to finished (and action-taking) About Page in a few minutes. *Best if watched in full-screen mode.
Example Doc: [HERE] KopywritingKourse About Page: [HERE] Backlinko About Page: [HERE]

Example: Simple & Personal About Page

Here's is an example from ConversionXL that keeps it's About Page extremely simple, casual, as if it's just one guy running the whole company. ConversionXL-about-page Notice at the end the page calls people to either email him or follow him on Twitter.

Example: Social Proof About Page

This example from SitePoint attempts to show how large the company is by showcasing all the employees they have:
I would say this About Page can be improved by prominently giving readers a "next" location to go.

Example: About Page with Email Signup Action

This is a fantastic example of an About Page from Backlinko: This About Page is nicely designed and takes readers through a simple journey:
  1. Gives a statement about what to expect.
  2. Tells who the author is.
  3. Shows how he can help.
  4. Gives background on the author.
  5. Gets visitors to signup to the email list.
Overall this is a great example of an About Page.
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