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A.I. Writing Using Copy.ai (Powered by OpenAI / GPT-3)


A.I. Writing tools are becoming more common, and getting pretty good....so how can we use these to our advantage?

We demonstrate the capabilities of these tools, and even interview Paul Yacoubian of Copy.ai:

Watch the video:

Listen to the podcast:


Technology and Writing:

Don’t be afraid of technology, use it to your advantage!

If you’re a writer, your circle of influence has expanded rapidly because of technology.

This guy using a typewriter can only reach a few people physically around him:

1920's opportunity circle writer


The person who utilizes technology can potentially reach billions of people:

circle of opportunity


Open AI, GPT-3 & Copy.ai:

With open AI and GPT-3 we can have the computer think for us. Copy.ai enables end-users to easily access this.

GPT-3 predicts language and allows you to ‘talk to the computer’....not to mention, it's backed by Elon Musk.

About 1 in 10 results from GPT-2 are pretty good. Now GPT-3 has 100 times the parameter size and is far better than GPT-2.

GPT-3 downloaded 10% of the internet to be able to ask your questions.

Paul Yacoubian (founder) talks about the great features of copy.ai, such as its ability to brainstorm with you:



Pro’s and Con’s of AI writing:


- Acts as an idea generator that comes up with an unlimited amount of creative ideas.

- Enables writers to create more.

- AI comes up with creative ideas by applying unique knowledge from one industry into a different industry.


- It does not do everything correctly for you (yet).

- Requires editing.


Image AI (DALL-E):

DALL-E renders images from text descriptions. You literally write a description, and it will create an image for you.

This saves writers time by not having to find or take images. All you have to do is to describe the image you want, and DALL-E generates it for you.

Check it out:




As a writer, you might be thinking, “Can AI replace me?!

It can replace parts of your job if you do not embrace new technology. On the other side of things, writers who embrace this technology will be able to produce better work for far more people.

The goal of copywriting is to convey the benefits of owning a product so more people buy, and if AI writers can help, I'm all for it.


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