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The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday May 13th, 2022)

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This is a fun email for Friday May 13th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:



This is a fun(ny) ad from FedEx which harps on the famous question:
"Which came first: The chicken or the egg?"

FedEx is showing how fast they deliver a package through this ad 😂





I've written 5,000+ blog posts and emails reaching hundreds of millions of people.

This is the messy process of creation they all follow:

STEP #1.) Have tons of random and disorganized thoughts.

These thoughts & ideas come to you in the shower, on walks, or randomly...



STEP #2.) Put all those thoughts into disorganized writing.

Just get all those thoughts into writing in one place.

This could be in a Google Doc, a note in your phone, a Wordpress post, or wherever you write.

It doesn't have to be organized (or make sense) yet...



STEP #3.) Edit, Organize, & Trim.

This is where you'll start putting your disorganized writing into a coherent structure.

60% of the time the article changes it's focus at this stage...



STEP #4.) Start making your article clean & clear.

Re-read your article, and RUTHLESSLY cut out sentences that "don't earn their pixels."

At this point your article is ready.


HINT: You'll still NEVER be 100% satisfied with the final product...so 90% happiness on an article is great 🙂





I originally started using Instagram as a place to post my daily to-do lists all scratched off, like this:


The problem is my friends didn't wanna see these everyday, especially since the stuff was already crossed off.

In order to share my daily to-do lists I recently created a "Journal" feature in our members area:


Any member can click that tab, and it'll automatically add to a running journal log.

For example I always create my to-do lists the night before, and I snapped a pic and shared it:



It's kind of neat keeping a running work journal because you are forced to write out what you're doing, other members can see it, and people often leave feedback or give you ideas.

It's so cool the internet allows you to work in a community like this 🙂





Whenever my friends (and 4-door-down neighbors) @thesamparr and @SaraSodineParr go out of town I get a free guard dog named Sid 🙂

Here's Sid playing the guitar:



Here's Sid watching podcasts with me:



Here's Sid lazying in the office:



Here's Sid guarding the gym while I workout:



Here's Sid chameleon-ing into the office rug 😂






One of the obvious technologies that will appear in our lifetime is Augmented Reality (AR) glasses.

Right now we use tiny phone screens to view our information, but if you had glasses which can display pixels, your screen can be ANY size you want!


If you acquired a pair of AR glasses from 5 years in the future, you would essentially be a superhuman:

You'd be able to listen to conversations, transcribe, and reply using GPT-3. People could ask you questions, and you read what pops up on your AR glasses.

It would appear like you are answering any question instantly.


You would instantly know pertinent information at all times:


Imagine doing a standup comedy set with these glasses on. Instead of having to remember jokes, you could literally read them without anyone knowing:


This technology is still early, and I imagine it'll be like smartphones in the last 20 years: They are initially useful-but-limited devices, but in 10+ years their usefulness will massively increase.





Speaking of to-do lists from earlier in the email, here's the format I use for my hand-drawn to-do lists:


I've been using this method for YEARS....in fact here's a video from 2012 showing the exact same method I've been using!


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!

Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


Experiment: I’m creating a Sub-Reddit Community to promote Sneaker Deals (Have 5,000 now)

Hi my name is Steve. I’m a bit of a sneakerhead, and I wanted to build out an email list of people to send sneaker deals I find. Why not try to make money doing something I love & know alot about.

I tried a couple of different platforms to build an audience first (Instagram, Twitter), but the one that caught the most steam is my own Sub-Reddit.

So far I’ve been adding between 100 and 300 new subscribers per day.



I’m going to do an experiment where I try to hit 10,000 subscribers, and I will document my progress in the comments of this post.


Follow me along the way!

Copywriting Examples and Case Studies: Companies Doing Copywriting Right


Copywriting is often the fastest way to get the most results for the least amount of effort.
Simply changing the copy on a product can completely change the outcome!

Least effort for maximum results
Great copywriting is the underlying tool that can transform bad marketing into good marketing, so let's jump into some examples of good copywriting across several different industries:






































































The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday May 6th, 2022)

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This is a fun email for Friday May 6th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:




This was an ad from 1969 when Pop-Tarts were first introduced. In one image and a little text, the ad shows:

  • What they look like
  • What’s inside of them
  • How they are packaged
  • That they go in the toaster
  • The different flavors of Pop-Tarts
  • Dimensions of the Pop Tarts (hand for scale)



This ad makes me want a Pop-Tart!!




If you’re a freelance copywriter with $9, then you can join The 2nd Annual Copywriting Summit on May 16th - 18th (presented by freelancing platform MarketHire):

Copywriting Summit Newsletter Graphic for Neville.png

Want more clients? Looking to write better, converting emails? In search of strategies to create standout content (that gets shared around the internet)?

No matter what copy skill you’re looking to build this year, This Copywriting Summit has got you covered!

Live sessions from 20+ experts like:
Dickie Bush, JK Molina, Alex Fasulo, Rob Allen, Wiz of Ecom, Samar Owais, Neville Medhora (yes I’m speaking!), and more...

…It’s the biggest and best copy gathering of the year. Tickets are on sale now. Plus, for anyone who signs up from the Copywriting Course newsletter, you get 3 bonus gifts, at no additional cost:

  • An ebook on 6 Secrets of Writing 6 Figure Emails
  • A guide on 34 Headline Writing Secrets
  • And a MASSIVE 461-page document full of booming DTC trends, email & copywriting tips, 100+ client ideas, and more

Normally, these books sell for between $19 and $399 each.

But right now, they’re sending them to anyone who gets a ticket today through this link for FREE. See you May 16!





Sometimes it's easier to just "Show" a product rather than describe it.

This ad from Miro just "shows" a team building out a communication workflow with a simple gif, and it helps explain the product much better than tons of text!


Taking this concept even further, did you know on Amazon's phone app you can see an augmented reality view of what a product will look like in your home?

Here I typed in "Shelf", found a product, clicked "View In Your Room" and through the camera I can see exactly what it would look like in real life.




Instead of describing what this shelf is like, Amazon took it a step further and lets you SEE THE THING IN YOUR OWN HOME!





I pay $600/month to have a guy from MyBodyTutor call me everyday at 10:15am and ask:

• What I ate (which I log throughout day).
• When I’m going to workout.
• What I'm going to do during that workout.
• What I’m going to eat today.

It’s been incredibly transformative on my eating habits.

For 2 years I was trying to hit a certain fitness goal and just "keeeppptt" missing it. The daily accountability this provides (also the fact I'm shelling out a good bit of money) keeps me on track.

I've never had a problem consistently working out....but pigging out on junk has always been a problem.

I've started cooking myself a lot more, and it's been super interesting to see how healthy you can make a meal (and learning what's in it vs never knowing with purchased meals).

Here's examples of meals I make now:


Beets, Avocado, Green Beans



Steak, Tomato, Spinach, Goat Cheese



Beets, Tomato, Spinach, Goat Cheese



Chicken Legs, Green Beans, Whiskey Cocktail



Chicken, Spinach, Tomato



Chicken, Goat Cheese, Tomato, Beets, Spinach



Sushi if I'm feeling crazy! Salon, Avocado, Rice, Seaweed Wrap


Making healthier meals like this has actually been pretty simple (having a grill outside is a game changer), and the food is super delicious still!





In my experience Twitter is the fastest “Online —> IRL” friend making platform out there.

This is me and @RohunJauhar from DM to hanging out in 48 hours:


I've met a ton of friends through Twitter in the last year....and it kind of reminds me of the early days of blogging when you'd read people's blogs, somehow communicate, then meetup when traveling to their city or at a conference.





Speaking of Twitter....there's so many social networks, which one do you focus on??



In this recent post I reported on the 3 questions to ask which help you decide where to focus your energy:

#1.) What channels do I have a natural advantage?
#2.) Will I enjoy spending 1-3 years of time on this platform?
#3.) What main channel helps me create "cascading content"?

Ultimately it's best when you create one type of content that "cascades" into many types of content.

For me, it's like this:
Blog Post ⇨ YouTube Script ⇨ Social Media Posts (Twitter and LinkedIn)

This means if I write one blog posts, it creates a nice SEO asset that then allows me to easily make other content:




I love the shortening of information. You get to pick-and-chose your desired level of depth and mastery.

For example if you want to learn to cook an egg, you can choose your desired "depth" of knowledge:
• 30 seconds: TikTok
• 15 minutes: YouTube
• 1 hour: YouTube
• 2 hours: Book
• 6 hours: Course
• 100 hours: School

However this illustration by Janis Ozolins shows it's actually KIND OF HARD to make short content!


I always thought making catching Instagram Reels or TikTok videos was easy, but often they have as much editing as a long video.



Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed



Which Social Network to Focus On?


When you have so many choices, which platforms do you choose?
Blogs • Email • Twitter • Tik Tok • Images  • YouTube • Podcasts • Facebook • Medium • Quora • Instagram •  Long Form Video  • Short Form Video • Media Companies • Sooooooo many more...

Watch the video here:


Listen here:



There's so many ways to spread your message, focus is becoming a problem.




You end up bouncing around social media networks, half-assing each one:


- You'll Tweet random things -
- You'll sometimes make YouTube videos -
- You'll occasionally make a LinkedIn post -
- You'll then get distracted with YouTube Shorts -
- You'll record a random podcast here and there -
- You'll experiment with TikTok and Instagram short videos -



Here's 3 questions to figure out where to focus:


#1.) What channels do I have a natural advantage?

#2.) Will I enjoy spending 1-3 years of time on this platform?

#3.) What main channel helps me create "cascading content"?


Let's explain each question...


#1.) What channels do I have a natural advantage?

Different people, Different skillsets:
• Some people are better at writing. 
• Some people are better at podcasting.
• Some people are better at video content. 

For example, I don't think I'm built for TikTok. The extreme short form of videos there aren't my natural style, and the frequency which you must post is too large. Others have me beat in this area.

However YouTube has been a great channel for me. 

It's been enjoyable to make videos for YouTube, people have responded well to my videos, and YouTube has brought me lots of customers. 

So I seem to have some "natural advantage" on that channel.

For me, stats have shown my natural advantage to be from:

  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos (often made out of the blog posts)
  • Twitter for screwing around and meeting new people

So I will primarily focus on these channels rather than anything else.


#2.) Will I enjoy spending 1-3 years of time on this platform?


This is an extremely important question!!

Everyone I know who's built an audience from scratch has been working on it for YEARS. 

If you hate using Twitter, then trying to build an audience on Twitter will be painful and difficult. 

However if you naturally use Twitter all the time, then building a Twitter audience won't be so bad. In fact you might ENJOY it! 



#3.) What main channel helps me create "cascading content"?


If I write a long blog post it can turn into many different forms of media. For example a single blog post can "cascade" into:

  1. Blog Post: Creates an SEO asset, and "cascades" into other content.
  2. YouTube Video Script: Now I can create a video out of that blog post.
  3. Social Content: That blog post and video can now be chopped up into little micro-content like Tweets, Pinterest Images, LinkedIn Posts, TikTok Vids etc...

So the main channel for me to focus on would be Blog Posts. The rest of the channels feed off that main piece of content.


Group Question: What content do you think YOU should focus on?

Mine is Blog Posts. If I write a blog post → It turns into a YouTube Video Script → It turns into social media content. What’s yours? Respond with your answer 🙂



The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday April 29th, 2022)

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This is a fun email for Friday April 29th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:




I saw this image from AirSign used in an Instagram advertisement, and it immediately felt familiar:


It felt very much like this 1978 Susan Wood photo from New York Magazine I had posted about a few months ago:


Don't they look kinda similar??


I reached out to the company to see if this was indeed their inspiration for the ad:


This was their reply:


So this ad wasn't the direct inspiration but it's neat to see a similar style being revitalized 🙂




Does anyone else feel like a philanthropist whenever you click the organic result on Google instead of making the company pay for your click 😂


Slightly scrolling down to click the organic result could save a company $2 to $40 per click 😬

Companies are often FORCED to bid on their own brand keywords because Google kiiinnnd of extorts companies into doing this.

For example if I Google "Ahrefs" you'll notice their competitor "SemRush" comes up as an ad before Ahref's own organic result:


Because of this companies have to bid higher and higher for their own top spot.





The Lord has answered my prayers after 10 years:

Google Docs "Pageless" format for a continuous document with no page breaks 🙏

On your Google Doc: File → Page Setup → Click "Pageless"


Thank you Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Zarathustra, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster for finally answering this prayer!

I've been waiting so long.

Documents with tables would always get messed up like this, with that little line caused by a page break:





I get more done in 2 hours of co-working than 8 hours of working alone.

For example had some buddies over co-working the other day:


In fact as I'm writing this I have someone else working at my place.

Since I get so much more done when co-working, I've decided to formalize this process a bit more.

Instead of "randomly calling whoever at the moment" I've started a list of people to co-work sorted by proximity to me:


This should make it easier to schedule!




Did you know Google has free games and tools you can use right from the search results?

Google this: "Play Snake"
You can instantly play a game of snake, and even select other games like Tic Tac Toe and Minesweeper.


There's also some useful tools...

Google this: "Flip A Coin"
You'll be able to do quick coin flips to help you make a decision.


Or Google "Google Tuner" and right from the search results you can tune your guitar!!




Writing Tip: Avoid "Rambling Old Man Syndrome" when you write.

This is where you start writing, but end up rambling about semi-related stuff.

For example this shows a story zig-zagging all over the place and confusing the reader:


The way you solve "Rambling Old Man Syndrome" is by answering this question before writing:


"The point of this article is..."

For example:

The point of this article is...to show people how to write a cold email.

The point of this email is...to get them to call my phone number.

The point of this Tweet is...to show that you should avoid "Rambling Old Man Syndrome."

By knowing what your content is about FIRST, you can keep your story structure easy to read, like this:




Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed




"Rambling Old Man Syndrome"

A lot of writing is bad because of "Rambling Old Man Syndrome."

Watch the video here:

Listen here:


A lot of writing is bad because of "Rambling Old Man Syndrome."

That's when it feels like you're listening to a rambling old man who never finishes a specific story:

It looks like this:


These kinds of posts are built on bad outlines that look like this:

  • Intro
  • Point 1
    • Sub point 1.1
      • Sub sub point 1.1.1
      • Sub sub point 1.1.2
    • Sub point 1.2
      • Sub sub point 1.2.1
        • Sub sub sub point
    • Sub point 1.3
    • Sub point 1.4
  • Point 2
    • Sub point 2.1
  • Point 3
  • Point 4
    • Sub point 4.1
      • Sub sub point 
        • Sub sub sub point
  • Point 5
    • Sub point 5.1
    • Sub point 5.2

That hurts to look at, right? 😬

Nested ideas look cool when taking notes, but are terrible for writing.


The way you solve "Rambling Old Man Syndrome" is by answering this question before writing:

"The point of this article is..."

For example:

The point of this article is...to show people how to write a cold email.

The point of this email is...to get them to call my phone number.

The point of this Tweet is...to show that you should avoid "Rambling Old Man Syndrome"

By knowing what your article is about FIRST, you can keep your story structure easy to read, like this:


We'll end this email here 🙂
Written by Neville Medhora and Dan McDermott

P.S. So before you write anything, answer this question:
The point of this article is..."

P.P.S. This will make your content much simpler to read:


P.P.P.S. "Rambling Old Man Syndrome" is a really common issue we
help people treat in our
Members Area, check it out!


(You can see the full edit process and the different drafts in this thread)


Optimize your LinkedIn profile with a better CTA



If you’re a regular poster on LinkedIn, you can get a lot of people looking at your profile. 

Having a big audience is great - but the real goal is to get those people to do something like:

  • Subscribe to your emails.
  • Buy a product from you.
  • Hire you.

…and that means visiting your website. 

Most people add a link to their site in the About section of their LinkedIn profile.

That might work, but it’s easy to get lost on the profile page. 

Instead, there’s a really easy way to add a CTA that you can’t miss. 

Here’s how to turn your profile visits into website visits.


Step 1: Add a profile section.



Step 2: Click “Add featured”.



Step 3: Click the plus icon.



Step 4: Add your CTA link.



Then, you should end up with a big section on your profile linking back to your site. 



This should help you turn more of your profile viewers into website visitors! 

(Prefer a video version? Here's a walkthrough I recorded for a member who posted a LinkedIn question in the forum)



The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday April 22nd, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday April 22nd, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


 🎤 Listen to this email here:



This seems so stupidly old school, but the whole world used to run on these things called "pagers" or "beepers."

Circa 1997 it was common for people to carry around these big fat chunky plastic devices that would display a phone number on it:


You would then find a landline phone to call back that number.

However people got clever and started making codes they could send using roughly 12 characters or less.

Checkout this LA Times article from 1997 showing how teenagers would use these codes to communicate:


It's funny to think how "high tech" this was ~20 years ago. Compare this simple one-way communication device showing 12 characters compared to a regular modern day iPhone!






My favorite things to re-vamp in our members area is software products. The reason is you can:

Show, Don't Tell

Basically this means you can show an image or video of the software in action and people understand it right away. No need to explain with tons of text.

Here's an example of Show, Don't Tell for a workout app:


Here's an example of Show, Don't Tell for a podcast editing feature on Descript:


Here's an example of Show, Don't Tell for a "social landing page" app:


Each of these examples conveys what the product does with very little text, as just "showing it" does most of the work.





This is a cool feature of Apple TV I rarely seen talked about:

Try watching your Apple TV using AirPods and they do this thing called "Spatial Audio."

It means even if your head turns away from the screen, it will still sound in your head like the audio is coming directly out the TV...as if you were watching with speakers.

It works amazingly well on Hulu and NetFlix (not really YouTube).

This sounds so realistic I had to triple-check my speakers were off!


To test the different settings, try watching YouTube or turning off the Spatial Audio, and you'll see how different "normal" mode sounds.


This is a cool feature if you don't want to disturb other people in the house, but still want to crank a movie loud, or if you don't have great speakers on your TV.

Try it!





This is a funny sign, but super accurate and to the point! You can't help but run this horrible scenario in your head when you look at the machinery.

This is as direct as copywriting can be!

funny-but-effective-messaging- (1).jpeg




This whimsically bad homepage is still the homepage of CopywritingCourse.com:


The reason it stays like this:
I've NEVER been able to beat the conversion rate of it....specifically this version with the stick figure guy.

This month a 1,000+ conversion test showed this page did:
• Unique Visitors 7,619
• Conversions 1,200 (people who entered their name and email)
• Conversion Rate 15.75%

Nearly a 16% conversion rate!

That means of every 100 people that see that page, 16 of them signup to receive my emails. That's pretty good for an old stick figure!




10 years ago I acquired most of my knowledge through books.... Now I acquire it mostly through podcasts and YouTube and Social Media:


It's been fun to watch this shift happen as better forms of consumption become digital, easier and cheaper.

Next stop: VR and AR experiences! 😎


In 20 years we'll look back on the era of big fat chunky facemasks for VR like we look back at the comical technology of pagers 




Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


The AIDA Model in Marketing (Why It's Important + What It's Used For)

Here's what the AIDA Formula is in a nutshell:

Attention: Get their attention with something catchy and relevant.
Interest: Tell them interesting facts or uses.
Desire: Make them desire the product/service.
Action: Get them to take an action.

Let's break that down into sections to understand it better:


You are trying to get someone's attention with something they will think is interesting or curious. They might not be paying much attention, so this should be something very relevant to them!

AIDA Formula Attention

Ex 1: "Do you have a 401K savings account?"

Ex 2: "I noticed you seem a little unhappy in life."

Ex 3: "Hey, do you workout?"



Keep their interest with interesting facts, or interesting quotes, or interesting use cases.

AIDA Formula Interest

Ex 1: "You can use these LED candle lights for accent lighting, to light up Halloween pumpkins, add some soft lighting to a room, or even as a nightlight."

Ex 2: "You're 85% more likely to workout if you schedule time the night before."

Ex 3: "Our insurance company has been around for 185 years, making us the most dependable insurance company in the United States."



Make them desire the product/service themselves. Show them how life (or a task) will be better with your product.

AIDA Formula Desire

Ex 1: "You can do it by hand, or sew dresses 35X faster with this handheld sewing device."

Ex 2: "Jason got a 35% bump in Shopify sales by installing this app. You can get similar results right away."

Ex 3: "Once I started using Calendly, I never had scheduling mixup for a call ever again."



Make them take a single specific action from this point. Tell them what to do next! This is often where you'll get a signup or make a sale.

AIDA Formula Action

Ex 1: "Signup to our email newsletter right here to get updates."

Ex 2: "Join the Member's Area and get unlimited access to the trainings."

Ex 3: "Reply to this email with your phone number and I'll call you."



Why Is The AIDA Formula Important?

The AIDA Formula is designed to lead people through a logical process that hooks them, gets them interested logically, gets them interested emotionally, then close the deal:


Going through these steps in order is one of the best ways to convince someone to:

  • Buy a product.
  • Buy a service.
  • Convince someone of an idea.
  • Take any action.


The AIDA Formula In Action (w/ Example):

Neville from Copywriting Course and Ross from Siege Media discuss how to use the AIDA Formula:


Here's a little demo and reminder of how to use the AIDA formula on your own:



Example of AIDA Formula (Let's Sell A Helicopter)!

Using the AIDA Formula as a base, let's see if we can convince someone to buy this helicopter:

helicopter drawing stick figure

It's hard to start off with a blank page, but with the AIDA Formula we just have to fill in the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action sections!

Let's give it a try:

See how much easier that was to pitch since we just had to follow the simple AIDA Formula!?

I sincerely hope this useful formula helps you write content, emails, and everything else much easier!


Neville N. Medhora



Download The AIDA Formula Template:

Click here to subscribe

- The same template we give to Fortune 500 companies -

- Use this template before you start writing -

- Download as Google Doc or PDF -

- Keep in your files -


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