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Change words, change the impact


The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday March 24th, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, March 24th, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


Cough syrup in the 1920’s was LIT!! 🔥


A fun thing about browsing so many old ads is you see the INSANE ingredients that were in some old-timey medications. 

This "Cough Syrup" contained alcohol, weed, chloroform, and morphine...I bet this worked WAY TOO WELL 😂



Remember that people pay money for things that:
• Saves them time.
• Supports a cause.
• Saves them money.
• Improves their status.
• Teaches them new info.
• Gets them access to info.
• Satisfies a need or desire.
• Solves a specific problem.
• Improves their earning power.

If you sell a product, ask yourself which of these things your product solves!


Some people specialize, some people generalize. This guy (who is an electrician) decided to list evvvveerrryything he can do plus some funny stuff for novelty 😂


I would say this business card falls under the "novelty" category and entertains the reader enough so they might keep the card. 

This card reminds me of this soap I use called Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. The packaging has these looonnggg rambbbllinng paragraphs of ultra small text all over the bottle: 


I use the soap because it's a quick way to rinse off (the soap "comes off" your body very fast compared to other stuff), but I'm always tickled and entertained by it's insane packaging 😂


My friend just posted a book I recommended The Male Mid-Life Crisis by Nancy Mayer:


I first read this when I was 17 in high school, and it fundamentally shifted the way I viewed life/relationships/death.

It was cool to see from a young age what causes (men in particular) to blow up their lives in middle age, and I took away many methods of avoiding it.

The book shows how males can approach a “mid life crisis” when all these stressors hit at the same time:

  • They look at their children and realize “THEY are young, I am old.”
  • Their parents are starting to fade or die, and they see they're next.
  • Financial demands from children, spouse, life, parents.
  • Time demands from children, spouse, friends, work, parents.
  • Some men got pressured into marriage way too young and never got to explore the world outside their relationship and they realize "this is it."

According to the book a combination of these things happening at the same time can make a man snap.

I talk about it in this one minute clip:


Anyways, checkout the book if you're interested in the subject. I found her writing style to be incredibly raw and honest which is what I liked about the book.



Sometimes I’m jealous of people who are like: “I was broke as shit 2 years ago but now I’m hella rich and I’m gonna teach you how!!” 

My story is way lamer: “I haven’t been broke since I was 17, and have always had several years of savings ready!!”


This current economy seems like a repeat of 2008: 

A bank fails, then another, then another...then a BUNCH.

During an obvious recession like this the climate shifts from get-rich-quick schemes to preservation of money. 

All of a sudden the get-rich-quick guy goes out of favor, and a boring-advice guy like Warren Buffet (who has been consistently rich for 60+ years) becomes more trusted. 

The next few years will be super interesting to watch as non-useful products fall by the wayside, and the useful products rise to prominence.


So many people obsess about the "Subject Line" of their email, but this is short term thinking.

Your sender reputation is far more valuable than your subject line!


Imagine your mom sends you an email but it has a crappy subject line.

You’d probably still read it! 

If your emails are:
✔️ So good readers forward them.
✔️ So good readers learn from them.
✔️ So good readers respond to them.
✔️ So good readers screenshot them.
✔️ So good readers look forward to them.
...they will likely consistently get high open rates.

I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora

The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday March 17th, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, March 10th, 2023


🎤 Listen to this email here:


This simple chart makes it visually easy to see prices of different medical procedures in the USA, Korea, Singapore, and India.


Fun personal story about Indian medical costs: 
In 2013 I got bit by a homeless guys pit bull and had to go to the hospital and get a full set of rabies shots. 

Insurance paid $7,500 for the first set of shots, and $350/each for the 4 follow-up shots. 

I was going to India THREE DAYS AFTER I GOT BIT, and the same shots cost: $50 for the first set of shots, and $7/each for the 4 follow-up shots.

The Indian healthcare system is far less regulated than the USA, so the quality of care was....questionable at times...but the difference in cost was staggering! 

$9,000 vs $78 😳 


Know who your actual customer is. 

For example: If someone is buying Crayons...it's the PARENT not the child spending the money. 

This 1979 Crayola ad appeals specifically to parents who want their kids to be creative, inventive, and explore their artistic ability....

"Get your kids to sit down and be quiet for a few minutes so they leave mom alone!!" 

They know their customer 😏



What's very easy to see here (thanks to a this simple data chart) is how NetFlix and YouTube combined account for ~25% of all internet traffic!



Fun thing yesterday happened yesterday: My friend Noah Kagan threw a SXSW party and panel to talk about content creation in 2023:


It was me, @noahkagan, @thesamparr, @jwmares, and moderated by the awesome @nickgraynews:


It was a fun turnout on East Sixth St here in Austin, TX during the SXSW Festival:


My friends @cathrynlavery, @thesamparr, and @ramonvanmeer chatting:


Some guy was wearing this funny shirt with Kim Jong Un on the back 😂



The "Cloud of Influence" is the cloud of exposure you get from posting on multiple platforms:

→ People directly subscribed (high engagement)
→ Mentions & conversations (medium engagement)
→ Exposure through feeds (low engagement)


10+ years ago it used to be simple to see where a follower came from:

They Googled "copywriting"

Found a post.

Subscribed to email.

Bought a product.

Now with so many social platforms/feeds, a customer journey can be loooong and winnnndddding.

So putting out a large "Cloud of Influence" helps!

I personally do this through posting every platform including InstagramYouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.



Have you ever wondered how I blast out 50,000+ emails a week to this newsletter?


I use a service called ConvertKit.

It's my top pick for sending out an email newsletter because:

Most email senders are complex, CK is not.

The editor is the simplest I've ever used.

It does autoresponders, broadcasts, and email signups.

It's what I've been running 100% of my emails through for years.

In addition to this newsletter, I send out email sequences to people who have just signed up, ConvertKit also handles that:


This is a frequent question I get: "Which email service should I use??"

I have extensively used other platforms like Aweber, Klaviyo, MailChimp, and InfusionSoft....but ConvertKit has been my go-to for years. I wrote more in detail about it here!

I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora


7 examples of good headlines

A good headline is designed to do one main thing:

Attract the readers attention!

You can attract attention through a headline in many ways:

  • Surprise: "Oops! We goofed..."
  • Descriptive: "The quiet toy"
  • Emotional: "I didn't get the job..."
  • Reverse Psychology: "10 reasons NOT to buy a Volkswagen..."
  • Intrigue: "Don't watch TV tonight. Play it!"
  • Features: "This has something your stereo system doesn't..."
  • Funny: "Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun"

Here's 7 examples of great headlines that use these types of emotional triggers to get people to read their ads:

#1.) Grabbing headline Pop-Tart Ad

image for step 1

This headline created a "surprised" emotion with the giant headline “Oops! We goofed”

I didn’t WANT to read the smaller print of this 1964 ad, but HAD to with this headline!

Since it got me with the headline, it runs me down the "Slippery Slope" to the small copy which examples they’re out of stock of Pop-Tarts because they’re so popular.

#2.) “The Quiet Toy” Crayola Ad

image for step 2

This 1979 Crayola ad uses a descriptive headline to appeal to parents who want their kids to sit and be creative (AND QUIET!!) for a few minutes.

Whoever wrote this ad knew what they were doing 😏

This headline clearly appeals to parents who would **just-for-a-bit** play with a toy that keeps them quiet.

#3.) Heart-tugging Gillette shaving ad

image for step 3

This ad pulls a few heartstrings saying “I didn’t get the job” from a man who hasn’t shaved.

You can clearly feel the disappointment on the man and his partner through the combination of this headline and image.

#4.) “Ten Reasons NOT To Buy” reverse psychology Volkswagen ad

image for step 4

This ad uses some reverse psychology to get your to read it by saying why NOT to buy the car 🤔

Since this headline grabbed us to read it the rest of the copy, you realize these are all ACTUALLY great reasons to buy the car!

#5.) Great headline for Atari ad

image for step 5

This was a great headline in 1978 that causes some intrigue in your brain, since “Playing the TV” was a totally new and novel concept at the time!

#6.) Awesome 1980 Boom Box print ad

image for step 6

I love the simplicity and grabbiness of this ad, and how it focuses on one major feature of this stereo: A handle.

It shows that by buying this stereo “boom box” you can take your music anywhere.

#7.) Tasty looking Big Mac ad from 1979

image for step 7

This is a tasty looking Big Mac ad from 1979 that has a very funny headline.

Both the image AND headline are quite grabbing!

The inside joke on this one was from a McDonald's in the 1970's where people say this sentence very quickly:


Remember, a headline is designed to be the top of a "Slippery Slope" that pulls readers in so they can read the next line:


You can attract attention through a headline in many ways:

  • Surprise: "Oops! We goofed..."
  • Descriptive: "The quiet toy"
  • Emotional: "I didn't get the job..."
  • Reverse Psychology: "10 reasons NOT to buy a Volkswagen..."
  • Intrigue: "Don't watch TV tonight. Play it!"
  • Features: "This has something your stereo system doesn't..."
  • Funny: "Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun"


Hope this helps you write some great headlines!
Neville Medhora - Copywriter

The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday March 10th, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, March 10th, 2023


🎤 Listen to this email here:


The McDonald's swag game in 1984 was hard 😂

McDonald’s-1984-Big Mac-hat.JPG

If they still had this promotion I'd totally buy a Big Mac just to get it 😂

Most of these hats are going for $100+ on eBay!




This cool illustration shows how much you learn from theory, from practice, and from mistakes:



This is an AWESOME way to display lots of data in a small image:


...at the same time it's disheartening to see the decline of a great show visualized like this.

There's many cool YouTube videos talking about how The Simpsons fell into an un-watchable show (which you can see reflected in its modern IMDB ratings):

- All of original writers left.
- Instead of mocking pop culture they became it, and had tons of weird celebrity cameos they "forced in."
- Storylines and jokes used to be layered and complex, then they became lazy and unfunny. 


Who else is like this? 😂


Also it's SXSW time in Austin and there's so many meetup/event thingies going on. Went to one yesterday thrown by my friends Nick and Cody:


The party was bigger than normal, so it was split up into different rooms in a big house:


Saw some of my friends there:


We had a similar meetup a few weeks ago at my house:


Fun Fact: Here's what ~30 people drank over a 2.5 hour period on a Wednesday at my party a few weeks ago: 

• 32 cans of seltzer water
• 8 normal water bottles
• 8 Topo Chico's
• 2 alcoholic seltzers
• 1 beer 

Very little alcohol consumed!


Sometimes using a "pattern interrupt" is great way to grab attention. A "pattern interrupt" can be something something that's a little different than normal, and gets attention in an otherwise mundane task. 

For example: This was a fun unsubscribe email from Drizly with a funny pattern interrupt! You get this funny copy and dog that tries to make you 2nd guess your decision of unsubscribing.

The "OMG look at his little glasses" part got me 😂


When un-subscribing to an email there's normally a boring thing like this:


But that fun copy and glasses-dog potentially make you re-consider 🙂

Another example is this extremely goofy gif on the homepage of Copywriting Course:


I've always wanted to make that area more professional, but the reason I keep it like that: That silly gif gets a 10% to 12% conversion rate.

That means out of 100 people that land at that page, 10 or 12 enter their name and email (which is pretty good). 

I've never been able to out-perform that number with other tests so far!




My "Splurge" recommendation today costs a grand total of $13. 

It's an AMAZING book called Project Hail Mary, and it's been my most recommended book in the last few years (and the one I've let the most amount of people borrow)!


You may recognize the author Andy Weir, he wrote "The Martian."

This is his third book and in my opinion the best (even better than The Martian which is an already amazing book).

Book 1.) The Martian: Great book! 
Book 2.) ArtemisMeh. 
Book 3.) Project Hail MaryAmazzzzing book!

I like this book because it's "hard science fiction" which means the story is not real, but the physics in the book are real. 


I don't even want to tell you about the book, because it has some great reveals and stuff you'd never expect, so I don't want to rob you of that. 

My favorite thing to do is recommend this book, people start reading, then every few days they call and are like, "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE ______!!!!!"

I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits! 
Neville Medhora


The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday March 3rd, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, March 3rd, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


Happy Friday! Let's start today with an example of “Lumpy Mail” which is mail with an object inside that makes you curious to open.

This came from Self Publishing School and included a metal bottle opener.

When I got the mail I could feel it had something hard in it (giggity) so it got me curious.


When you open it there was a handy bottle opener!


"Lumpy Mail" is great because when people check their mail they often have two piles:

The 'A' Pile: Personal letters and stuff they want to open.
The 'B' Pile: Stuff you just toss in the garbage.


If you send mail that seems like it has something inside it...it'll more often get put in the A-Pile!


This is a fun diagram showing the meaning of life for different theories and philosophies. 
I thought this was a perfect perfect combo of images + text working to educate!



Why write lots of copy, when you can show a picture? Instead:
➡Show Don't Tell!⬅

Here's some graphics that convey wayyyy more information in a small space rather than large amounts of text.

Show Don't Tell #1.) The 12 Major Hair Types

There’s a lot of different hair types, but this chart makes classifying them very simple with examples of each:


Is there something in your industry you could simply explain with a graphic like this?


Show Don't Tell #2.) Keep guacamole green!

This combination of images and callout text taught me something I never knew....several ways to keep avocado guacamole nice and green for longer!



Show Don't Tell #3.) Different types of pasta

This helpful chart instantly taught me more about pasta than I've ever know, thanks to a quick combo of images and a little text:



Show Don't Tell #4.) The hardness scale in one image

This simple graphs shows a lot of helpful data in one simple-to-read chart. I love how it relates "hardness" to everyday things we can understand like a "fingernail" or "copper coin."

I'm gonna refrain from making any jokes 😂


Awwww F it I'm gonna make one joke!!


heh heh heh 😏


Two weeks ago we went out to a 500 acre ranch for my buddy Noah's birthday and it was really fun!

We did ocean fishing, pond fishing, hunting, and lots of grilling...here's a few random pics from the trip (apologies if you don't like gun/fishing pics 😬)

Some of the guys:



Huge ranch with one main house, and 6 smaller houses:



Cowboy Neville 🤠



Main house had hunting lodge vibes:



Some guys:



Hey I caught a fish in the pond!



Skeet shooting:



Went fishing and found this random shack built on stilts in the middle of the ocean and climbed on it:



We did a piñata for Noah's bday and shot it with a shotgun instead of hitting with a stick 😂



It worked 🌮



This pic looks so Texas 😂



So does this pic...goats + ranch + hunting truck



We went night hunting for boars using night vision stuff, never done that before and it was kinda neat:


Lots more photos, but that's enough for now! 


Why do Le Labo candles smell so much superior to other candles?


I've spent hundreds of dollars on these candles (FREAKIN CANDLES!!) and wanted to know why I couldn't find a cheapo knock off.

Honestly it was a difficult question to answer through Google, so I resorted to Twitter

Apparently it has something to do with certain fragrances costing thousands of dollars per ounce:


Other factors are the type of wax used and "fragrance load."


As someone whose worked in copywriting/marketing, I'm often skeptical of expensive products that are expensive only because of marketing.

Skin care is a big culprit of this. This $14/bottle of CeraVe lotion is probably the same (or better) than most $100/bottle lotions:


So I'm not 100% sure why Le Labo candles smell so damn good to me, but it seems like high quality ingredients (plus a dash of fancy marketing) is the cause!


To combat being a lazy asshole who goofs off all day, I have been using this site called CaveDay.org. It's a place to virtually co-work over Zoom, and I've used it a ton this month!

Normally I do 1-hour work sprints, but yesterday I did a 3 hour "Work Cave" with 80 other people on the call:


Essentially it's virtual co-working, but done really well!I love to co-work, in fact I get more done in co-working sessions than an entire day being alone.

I regularly invite people over to work with me:


....but scheduling in-person co-working is hard, and sometimes we just chat a bunch and don't do solid work. Also it's really hard to setup co-working EVERY SINGLE DAY with friends. 

So instead I "Book a Cave" and join the Zoom call with others who are also working:


I'm currently writing another book, and finding long periods of focused time to write is difficult, so I've been using CaveDay a ton...as well as for my daily regular work.

Full Disclosure: I'm not part of CaveDay, it's just a product I like, and I'm using affiliate links in the description (if you join from my link I get a small cut).

I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora


March Goals (what are yours)??

This is just a friendly reminder to set your March 2023 goals this month!

Here's my personal goals for March 2023 (just two):


What are your March 2023 goals? (Reply to this email with them)!


GOAL #1.) Improve CC Navigation.
This has been a technical project I've wanted to do that involves:

A.) Watching new customers browse the members area and seeing where they get confused (I start these calls on Tuesday)...

(If you buy a Yearly plan right now I'll hit you up with this offer and also take a full hour to work on your project...essentially a free consulting hour):


B.) I wanted to re-make an insanely long blog menu into a snappy accordion such as this on the blog (FINISHED IT TODAY):



GOAL #2.) Book finished by March 31st.
I've been working on a new small book (much like my last one).

Writing a book is always harder than it seems. In my mind "it's just a long blog post" but it's just....harder 🙄

Anyways, this is just a friendly reminder to....


unnamed (1).jpg

The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 24th, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, February 24th, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


I love this old Atari ad, it has a great headline:

“Don’t watch TV tonight. Play it!” 

This was a great headline in 1978 when “Playing the TV” was a totally new and novel concept!



Things that seem weird to teach kids today:

- Cursive writing
- Reading an analog clock 

Cursive was designed to reduce ink splatter from quil pens. This is no longer a problem, so I'm not sure why kids should learn to write English in two different ways:


Circular clocks were simplest way to keep time with the stored energy from a wound up spring. This is no longer a problem.

Your phone, your watch, your computer....can all tell time with digital layouts:


These can still be “fun and interesting” things to teach children, but they are outdated and shouldn’t be required (in my opinion).

Seems like that brain space could be better applied to more modern problems!


This book is now worth $1,000+ each 🤯

I own 4 original copies of this book...so you're looking at a man holding $4k worth of books 😉


The reason it's so expensive is I posted this Instagram Reel video 3 months ago about how much I love this book, and since then it's gained tons of steam with 800k+ views, now every original copy of this book is 100% sold out!



Me and some friends got together an "Austin Texas Internet Meetup" last night!


My friend Nick Gray "conducted" the party, and did several rounds of quick ice-breaker style intros:


He even did "scene changes" for the party and we all went outside then came back inside twice 😂


He also picked several people to give 45 second "Lightning Talks" about different subjects they're interested in:



My friend Sam's dog Sid came....he's kind of an old boi (13 years!) and I was surprised he snuck up on the couch while we were all outside 😂



If you had an extra ~$1,000 per month to spend on your business, where would you spend it?

  • Monthly advisor calls
  • Creating new content
  • Spend on ads
  • Specific role
  • Freelancer
  • Other?

I asked Twitter and here were some responses:

  • Probably 80% creating content, 20% boosting content w ads - @TyrelJohnson
  • Spend 100% of that budget on @MentorPass calls cc @NoCodeKenny  - @BryantJaquez
  • I would have said content a few months ago, but now I'd invest it in a freelancer who could research and get me stats and data. - @Ldnbox
  • Coaching/consulting for either the business or self development.You are a direct extension of your business that will have greater returns than anything else you put into it. The coaching could be on anything from Sales, Marketing, Leadership etc ... - @dream_liv_scale
  • Have never tried ads so can’t speak for that one, but probably an advisor. I’ve spent $15k+ in coaching in the past 6 months and it’s been the most life / business changing money ever. - @SilvestriChris
  • either a VA or some sort of software that can help distribute the content tbh - @dgajsek
  • The right answer is ads to email list as a self-liquidating funnel. Then keep reinvesting that money into more growth. - @FonziCreates
  • Funny thing is creating new content doesn’t cost that much money it’s more like time and opportunity cost - @jackie_startok
  • My salary 😂 - @kylevandeusen
  • Advisor calls - wake me up to what I’m missing based on their experience - @TheDabbleBro
  • Getting it off the ground - @hofo
  • Twitter blue? - @swinterroth
  • Getting a content creator - @JaySinghWrites
  • Staff time off ratio. - @chris_bore
  • In my pocket - @theGloPro
  • 80% VA I’m the Philippines, 20% Ad Spend - @SyndicatorGuy
  • Ads. My dream is get a scalable funnel this year. $1000 a month would be great to experiment with to get there. - @WhoWorksThere
  • Either towards some sort of coaching/paid community or I’d blow it all on fun events I’d invite my dream 100 clients or partners to. - @JohnVishnesky
  • Totally dependant on the problem in that moment, and business objective. - @theox500
  • Ads. No question. Easiest ROI. There isn't an advisor who can teach me anything at $1k a month that would netback like ads. - @InkConor
  • Me personally, content. But this is certainly a question with no definitive answer. All about what can bring the value you need the most: time/money/connections - @ctro1998
  • It sounds crazy but spending $300 of it for a maid service a couple times per month has a huge ROI for women business owners. Delegating the chores frees a ton of time and mental stress. - @kathchalmers
  • I just did so I spent it on working with @HeyJeffFelten and developing a strong email marketing strategy. The next extra $$$ will go to hiring a VA for customer success. -@thesaraloretta

In the end it seems like a good use for an extra $1k/mo would be on ads going to my email newsletter, or talking to 1 or 2 advisors per month!


I hope you have a very happy Friday!!


BY THE WAY...If I added a section to this email where I either place a sponsor or promote a product I personally use (software, books, household products etc)...would you mind??

I would call the section "Sponsored" or "Splurge" or "Spend" (open to suggestions). 

Reply to this email and let me know if you'd care or not!

I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!

Neville Medhora


The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 17th, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, February 10th, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


This helpful magazine guide shows how to use a cast iron skillet...the guide is so good you can cut it out of the magazine and frame it.

I love when helpful information is so good it can be art!

cast-iron-skillet-rules-chart (1).jpg

It reminds me of this Guinness Oyster Guide that was designed for bars to clip it out of a magazine and frame it in the bar (and conveniently advertise Guinness to all the bar patrons)!



Here's an interesting thing about copywriting: 

A lot of copy can be replaced by a simple image.

This one-image ad shows a great Before/After example of a shower that was old, but has been remodeled: 


This is a perfect example of the classic copywriting advice:


The image does all the heavy lifting, not much need for additional copy!

....this other bathroom remodeling ad takes it even a step further, and cleverly uses "This Morning" and "Late Afternoon" in place of "Before and After."


By giving specific times this ad demonstrates not only that they can remodel a bathroom, but also how FAST they can remodel a bathroom!


I've watched some great documentaries lately and thought I'd share!
- Ms Cleo doc (HBO)
- Shaq doc (HBO)
- Bernie Madoff doc (Netflix)
- Playboy Hugh Hefner doc (Amazon)
- Dana Carvey Show doc (Hulu)

I had run out of documentaries to watch so I asked for recommendations, here's some of them you all wrote back:

  • Man on Wire
  • Operation Odessa
  • My Octopus Teacher
  • Icarus
  • The Dissident
  • Redeem Team
  • Coinbase documentary
  • Toni Morrison documentary
  • Air
  • The Elephant in the Living Room 
  • Pepsi, Where's My Jet?
  • Full Swing
  • Fire of Love
  • Bill Russell doc
  • Roadrunner
  • Dealt
  • The Great Hack
  • (watched) Free solo
  • (watched) Andre the giant
  • (watched) Comedian by Jerry Seinfeld
  • (watched) Stutz by Jonah Hill

I keep a list on my phone of docs to watch, hope this helps you add to yours!


Soon after this email goes out, I'm headed off to go to a friends bday party at this ranch in an undisclosed location!


Should be fun 🙂


I heard a friend talking about a daily check-in practice his team does at work called: P.E.I.

You rate each of these from 1-5:
Physical: How you feel physically.
Emotional: How you feel emotionally.
Intelligence: How sharp or clear you feel.

Everyday when they meet the team shares their PEI. This lets you know if someone is grumpy, or isn't 100% fit to do a certain task.


Years ago I made a small checklist to see why I would be grumpy on some mornings:


...however this PEI methodology is much simpler and better. 

On a day where you are:
Physical: 2
Emotional: 2
Intelligence: 1

...that may not be the ideal day to do creative work. So you know you need to rest up and handle your life before you're at optimal creativity. 

I thought this was a cool check-in practice and hope you try it out!


This interesting scribble shows you the different endings of surgical terms, and what they mean:


I learned something from this, but wish 12 year old Neville knew about this! 

Then I could've invented terms like:

  • Buttectomy: You cut your butt off.
  • Buttplasty: You change the shape of your butt.
  • Buttrraphy: You sew up your butt.
  • Buttdesis: Your butt is stuck together.
  • 😂

Ok...that's enough for today, have a great Friday!!
Neville Medhora



The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 10th, 2023)

Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Sketch✎
A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, February 10th, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


I love this headline and image and copy combo, where Volvo makes the case that a wagon can be fast!


The small text copy goes on to show:
🚙 In a 0-60 test this Volvo beats the Porsche.
🚙 Just because it’s a wagon doesn’t mean it’s slow.
🚙 Road & Track Magazine called this Volvo Turbo Wagon the closest thing to a “five door sports car.”


One of the best things about owning a business is tax advantages.

I know that sounds really boring but...

If you have a hobby such as cooking...and you start a small cooking business, you can buy all sorts of cooking stuff FOR YOUR BUSINESS AS AN EXPENSE.


Start YouTube/social channel about building house stuff.

Build out your dream house, document it.

Write off renovations as a business loss.



This guy's full time job is making fun tools on his personal website Neil.fun:


From making these cool little tools he gets:
• 4,000,000+ vists/mo
• 300,000+ SEO visits/mo
• Full time income monetized by Google AdWords

I'm totally jealous of this!


If I was hired as the copywriter for this 1986 Honda Helix scooter ad, I would've positioned it differently.

I think this is the UGLIEST SCOOTER I'VE EVER SEEN 😂


I re-made a few different versions of the original 🤪





This ugly scooter reminds me of this popular thermostat ad from Joe Sugarman. He loved how the thermostat functioned, but being an honest person he put this sentence right at the top!



You must have noticed that almost every service you signup to has either Monthly pricing, or Yearly pricing:


This may seem relatively obvious, but capturing a yearly customer is farrrrr better than a monthly customer! 

You only pay fees once. 
Collect all the money up front.
No churn from expiring credit cards.
You keep the customer for a full year.

Getting a yearly customer is so much better, that companies will usually give you 2 months off the purchase price if you pay by the year.

For example look at this ConvertKit email to upsell a yearly plan for my account:


✔️ The copy gets straight to the point.
✔️ It makes an offer for 2 months free to upgrade to yearly.
✔️ It has a call to action that makes it easy for me to accept by saying, "Just click here and we'll take care of the rest!"

Using this recurring revenue calculator you can see why yearly is so attractive.

Here's a $97/month product, with 100 subscribers. If each member stays on for one month, total revenue is $9,700:


However if you manage to bill people for a year, that same 100 subscribers at $97/month could be worth $116,400!


...and that's why you see so many subscription services incentive people to do yearly plans.


One of my favorite formulas for writing ANYTHING is the  AIDA Formula.

Have you ever used it??

I have a favor, can you respond to this email with how you've used the AIDA Formula in your work or personal life??


Just respond to this post with your story about how you've used the AIDA Formula!

I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora


The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 3rd, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, February 3rd, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


Checkout this door flyer I received:

It appears to be handwritten (it's just a convincing print) so it catches your attention. Then it explains why replacing your windows is a good idea during the "down season."


I thought this was a great flyer that drums up business in the slow season...and the "handwritten" nature of it somehow got me to read all the way through!


The political style of your brain is a dictatorship, not a democracy. 

You are the dictator in charge.

Ruthlessly prune out people/news/information that doesn't serve you.



I asked people this:
Skip to 2025. You look back and reflect on February 2023 (today). What do you wish you started doing consistently?

Here's some answers:

Exercise. And probably, more writing.

Its 2025, I have been consistent for 3 yrs doing,

  • Running a $50k MRR Saas
  • Writing(sharing my journey as a solopreneur)
  • Streaming(code)
  • Making yt videos

Sleeping at a scheduled time

Getting into action mode faster!

Focused more on the high-leverage tasks with the most benefits.

30-60 min of writing daily.

Putting my thoughts out into the internet.

Exercise & meditation.

Writing publicly & exercising.

Twitter, Inner Engineering, Workout.

Ice baths 🛁 

Finding early adopters.

Gym and doing me more.


Writing on Twitter again

Making fresh mozzarella cheese every weekend.

Probably stretching and reflecting more

WHAT ABOUT YOU?? What will you look back on in 2-ish years and wish you'd been doing right now? Reply to the email and let me know!


We had a weird freezing day here in Austin, so some buddies came over to co-work: @heydannymiranda, @thesamparr, and Sid Da Dog!



"Copywriting" is associated with writing words on a page, but my definition is: 

"Installing an idea into someone’s head and getting them to take action."

The medium could be: 
- Writing 
- Images 
- Videos 
- Software 
- Combination of all the above


The medium of transmitting information has changed many times, the human brain has not.


Apparently this is how Benjamin Franklin used to organize his day 🤔


Almost all daily to-do list methods are similar. Like this "Ivy Lee Method" of productivity:


The beauty of this system is it limits you to 6 main tasks, then forces you to first organize them by importance. You can fill out a chart like this everyday:


My own daily to-do list method looks like this:


I will say my daily to-do list is more complicated looking than my monthly goal layout which is very simple:


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