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Moving from Wordpress to Forum-only (I explain why)!

So the CopywritingCourse.com blog is moving from trusty old Wordpress, to our blog software (Invision Community). 

Here's the thing: Invision Community isn't as good as Wordpress for blog posts. 

But we're moving forward with this because the forum because Wordpress is still very Web 1.0 compared to social media platforms.

Wordpress Publishing:
Write thing ➡ Publish ➡ Send out to email ➡ Send out to social

Social Media Publishing: 
Write thing ➡ Publish ➡ Automatically gets shown ➡ Encourages social activity.

If you post on a blog, and want people to see it, you have to email them or post on social media. 

This is the same method used to publish in 1998 and hasn't changed 😳

However things like Facebook and Twitter are basically blogs, but have SO MANY MORE benefits such as better commenting, easier posting, people get notified when you post, and it's inherently social!

I'm going to do a little experiment this month to see if I can merge these qualities:

We are going to fully switch over Copywriting Course this month to a "forum style" site!

What this means for members:
➡ Only members can comment on public blog posts (good)!
➡ Member feedback and reviews will always be private (public can never see).
➡ This community will become even more interactive, which is far more fun and educational!
➡ Instead of members.CopywritingCourse.com you will now access everything right from CopywritingCourse.com

For the most part you won't notice much change! You might see some old content look funky for a bit, but all forum functionality will remain the same, and your content will stay private unless you comment on the public blog.


Forums have what I call "Living Content" more than blogs which have "Static Content"

"Living Content" can be added to over time (like this forum or social media posts).  Also when more people interact with "Living Content" it becomes even more "alive" by getting pushed to the top of feeds. 

Static Content
Examples: Blogs, News Sites.
➡ Pro: Rank well in Google. 
➡ Pro: Standard way of publishing. 
➡ Pro: Protected from spam.
➡ Con: Not social.
➡ Con: Must post THEN drive traffic to it.
➡ Con: Stays the same over time.

Living Content
Examples: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit
➡ Pro: Inherently social.
➡ Pro: More interaction brings it to front.
➡ Pro: Can continuously add to it.
➡ Pro: More content output.
➡ Pro: Many top sites on planet like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit are Living Content.
➡ Pro: Can get advice from the crowd rather than just the author.
➡ Con: Can result in low quality content if not moderated correctly.
➡ Con: Need to fight against spam and low quality content.
➡ Con: Not very good platforms to build on.


This change might be small to some, but going from 'Static Content" to "Living Content" is huge!
Neville Medhora

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P.S. Feel free to ask any questions about this change....this isn't a common move, but I suspect MANY SITE will do this in the next 2 years. 

This switch to a "social site" is very different than creating a new "static site."

I have lots of thoughts on this so feel free to ask questions 😬


P.P.S. Your comments here are still private only to paying community members.

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I think this is really cool! I know of another site (a baseball blog) that uses the same software.

Here's how they use it:

  • Anyone can start a blog on their site.
  • If the moderators like the post, they can share the post on the main site feed.
  • The writer gets instant traffic + social proof.
  • The site owners get to add and curate more quality content.
  • Win. Win.

Things I'd like to see stay the same (you've more or less addressed all these):

  • Keep copy review 100% private.
  • Keep areas of the forum 100% private.
  • I like that you have to pay to be here in the forum. Personally, I'd rather there be less people that are SERIOUS vs. more people creating noise. In my experience on social over the years, I've consistently enjoyed platforms less the more they are populated with the "general public" vs. positive people creating new things.
  • In the scenario above, I'd like to see the ability to create a "blog" be for paying members only as well, but I also can understand giving "anyone" the ability. I could see a scenario where there's A LOT of spam without some kind of barrier to entry.
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Hey @Josh Haroldson love this! 

All those things will stay the same. In fact most users might not notice anything has changed!

Literally only big change is blog pages will be hosted by Invision Community rather than Wordpress. 

The other cool change: If you want to spread the word about yourself to the world more, participating in public blogs will get more exposure. 

But I 100% agree: Paid members = WAYYYYYY better than "free" members. 

Change goes live on Monday!!

You will definitely see more sites become like this in the near future, it's almost a given 🙂 

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@Neville I love the transition. Went without a hitch, congratulations! Noticeable improvements.

  • The overall brand experience is intact
  • Load time is super snappy (thank you!)
  • Everything, including the text, looks sharper

Agree that WP is still very 1.0. This is a nice step in the right direction.

Great move!!

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Hey @Cesar Contreras much appreciated! 

The public facing blog will look pretty crappy for about a week, but you'll see significant UX improvements by then. 

This was a decision I'd been mulling over for 2 years, and decided moving forward this must be done. I think in the near future you'll see so many more blogs become "communities." 

The technology is **kind of** getting there, but still difficult for the average user.

We'll also be making comments more "forum style" so it shows more info about the poster. 

One of the biggest complaints I had about Wordpress comments is that while you can see a small avatar or name, it didn't really tell you about the persons reputation much like this forum does, like this:



Something like Twitter shows number of followers, pictures, stats about their profile etc....so you can have a better conversation knowing someone's rough status and involvement in a community.

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