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The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday January 13th, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, January 13th, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


I love the eye-grabbing image of this 1980 "boom box" ad, and how it focuses on one major feature of this stereo: The handle.

It shows that by buying this stereo you can take your music anywhere (which in 1980 was pretty neat):



Every business in the world will completely change how they operate in the next 10 to 20 years.

This is a huge opportunity to help them do it, or replace them.

There's always a shiny new thing on the internet. In my lifetime:
It used to be Digg
It used to be Craigslist
It used to be Del-icio-us
It used to be Orkut
It used to be MySpace
It used to be Xanga
It used to be Geocities
It used to be Friendster
It used to be Periscope
It used to be Instagram Posts
It used to be Instagram Stories
It used to be Instagram TV
It used to be YouTube
It used to be Vine
It used to be SnapChat
It used to be Twitter
It used to be Clubhouse
It used to be TikTok
It used to be Instagram Shorts
It used to be YouTube Shorts
It used to be BeReal It used to be........ ?

There will always be "the next hot thing."

The underlying commonality is all these platforms allowed to you connect with other people 🙂

Ironically the one platform that still brings me the most sales, yet gets very little recognition: Email.


Whatever the very rich have, thanks to technology in 20 years it’s usually available to everyone.

From 2001 to 2023:
• Secretary → Calendly
• Private Chauffeur → Uber
• Vacation Homes → AirBnB
• Consultants → UpWork → YouTube
• Employees → Software Automation

It'll be interesting to watch what's only available to the rich become commoditized and super cheap in 20 years:
• Hair transplants
• In vitro fertilization
• Corrective vision surgery
• Private jet access
• Detailed medical testing
• Virtual assistants

What else??


That's me, talking on the phone, to YOU:


Did you know every Wednesday and Friday I do 10 minute calls with people on my email list?

It's my way of connecting to new people, seeing what they do, learning about them, and just chatting.

If you want to setup a time, reply back to this email with "I WANNA CHAT!" and we'll setup a quick call.

I started doing this sometime last year and have talked to 100+ people so far!


You are judged and rewarded by your utility in life.

This means without even thinking about it, people naturally judge you by:
• Your looks
• Your height
• Your strength
• Your intelligence
• Your cleverness
• Your entertainment value
• Your loyalty
• Your competence
• Your wealth
• Your social capital
• Your manual labor
• Your reliability
• Your skills
• Your experience

Of course some of these qualities may be more/less valuable for men or women.

(If) you are trying to move up in life, generally increasing one or more of these can help.


It's neat to see different AI trends popping in 2022:


For fun I ran these same charts with all Elon Musk related companies. It seems certain keywords like specific car models have stable demand through the year:


I thought this would be a cool graph but it turned out not to be that insightful:


I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora



Recommended Comments

One quick thing you might find interesting re: business technologies from the Wisdom section. Email is built on a protocol, meaning it is fully interoperable. This generally whizzes by in terms of why email is so powerful. I can email anyone, from a hotmail to an aol to a yahoo to a whatever, and the email will be delivered. That is incredibly powerful. Every other thing mentioned (and I would've listed those too) is a product or a platform play.

Another thing I'm not sure gets enough attention is thanks to a ton of information access, how have business changed? Black boxes have been removed and now people can get into the weeds more. For example, social media was at first company -> audience, now it's a two convo. Media companies had a digital arm but magazines were the main revenue source, now they all have Facebook pages or apps. Employees can talk and organize, now we have DEI goals at most culture-defining corporations. Really interesting how the motion of society has changed due to information. 

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Does coding also fall in the content marketing space - coz freelancers also, always, talk about having your own website no matter what services you offer. 

If yes, do you think coding would beat copywriting in the search analytics? 

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  • Administrator

Don't understand the question fully, but "content marketing" for coding definitely works!

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It's interesting - was just thinking I should reach out randomly to more people that 'seem' otherwise unavailable - i.e. newsletter creators, CEOs, etc. 

Anyways - would love to catch up sometime. 

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I WANNA CHAT! I have one burning question I need to ask you because every time I see your emails I think: WHAT IS NEVILLE'S PRIME MOTIVATOR IN LIFE, because I want some of that mojo in mine!

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I wanna chat!

Btw, my wife is taking Copywriting Course and she’s absolutely loving.

She thought it was gonna be lame and now she’s obsessed with copywriting. So, thank you!

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