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The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday March 31st, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, March 31st, 2023

🎤 Listen to this email here:


Because it’s “handwritten” you'd think someone wrote this and left it at your door…and it definitely got my attention enough to read through it!


The ad above is from a flooring company, but it looks like the window installation industry has caught onto this too, checkout this "handwritten quote" from a window installer:



Speaking of hand writing....I currently hand write my daily to-do list, but it lacks one major component:


It's not digital so I can't share it between devices!

My wishlist of features would be:
• Access/edit from phone and desktop.
• Easily integrates with everything.
• Not many options, dead simple.

SO I polled Twitter for the best *simple* daily to-do list app, here's results:

Todoist: 21 votes
Things3: 7 votes
MS Todo: 5 votes
Apple Notes: 4 votes
Google Keep: 4 votes
Written: 4 votes
Apple Reminders: 3 votes
Notion: 3 votes
Teuxdeux: 3 votes
TickTick: 3 votes
Asana: 2 votes
Evernote: 2 votes
Sunsama: 2 votes
Trello: 2 votes
Tweek.so: 2 votes
Alexa: 1 vote
Any.Do: 1 vote
Carrot: 1 vote
Done: 1 vote

I will commence playing around with a few of these! Let me know if you have suggestions as well 🙂


In Apple Stores all screens are tilted at exactly 76° degrees. This is so you move the screen with your hand…interacting with the product more and making you feel more attached to it.



They use protractors to measure the screens:



The laptop screens are measured at 76° as well:



Isn't that level of obsession so hilariously "Apple-like"? 😂

I remember Earl Nightingale telling a story from the 1970's about a top television salesman (I'm paraphrasing this):

"I was speaking to the top television salesman at a department store, and he said the secret to knowing who would buy is to see if they were playing around with the knobs.

If they are touching the TV, flipping and turning things, they are far more invested in the TV and far more likely to buy."

Guess the 76° Rule isn't so crazy!


A fun & cheap joy in life is getting a carwash!

Here's me enjoying my $7 thrill 😂


It's like you go into a different world for a few minutes.

Pro-Tip: If you have automatic seat presets, make setting #3 a "CHILLAX" setting where one button push leans the seat back, lowers the seat, and moves the steering wheel up 😎


An extremely common Instagram Ad I’ve been seeing is this white paint makeover for older brick houses.

They just paint over the brick, and paint the window trims black so it gives the house an updated "Stucco" look. TBH it looks pretty damn good!


I think Before & After photos are one of the best way to get attention for a service on social media. It instantly shows the transformation people want without a lot of text. Here's another great example of Before & After ad:


**Side Note** I posted that brick-to-white house makeover on social media, and HOLY COW DO SOME PEOPLE HATE IT!!

I personally think it looks neat, but man the amount of hate comments it got was kind of hilarious. Never thought THIS would spark such a heated debate 😬


Whatever your yearly goal is, you still have 9 more months to complete it:

Q1: January, February, March
Q2: April, May, June
Q3: July, August, September
Q4: October, November, December


At this time I'd like to invite you to join The Copywriting Course.


Because if you sell online we can help you optimize & improve every piece of marketing you have:


Here's 4 Member Wins from March 2023 alone:

"Thanks for the feedback on my newsletter. It worked really well. We sold out of our first shipment on the first day. " - HN

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You Improve


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I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora






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  • Moderator

Great email this week, loved the white house repaint.

Before and Afters are just so elegant and simple.

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  • Moderator

Love the car washing gif.

Reminds me I have to wash my car. 😎


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  • Moderator

**Side Note** I posted that brick-to-white house makeover on social media, and HOLY COW DO SOME PEOPLE HATE IT!!

I thought it looked amazing! The red home feels very "late 90s"


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  • Administrator

BAHAHAHAHAH I WISH!!! I would love to learn how to do all this stuff! 

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Guest Brandon

I just joined your newsletter after watching you on Noah Kagan's video. Great newsletter brother! Keep them coming 🙂

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Guest Jonathan

Haha, yeah I prefer the brick too, man.

The makeover makes it look like just another AirBNB rental. I can see why some would prefer it, but I love a brick house.

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I'd recommend Evernote as a free to-do list app, so surprised no one mentioned it - goes on your phone and computer, it's super robust and lets you organize notes. They even have a notebook that takes handwritten notes and puts them in Evernote.

Hope that helps

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Your Wisdom point with the to-do lists is exactly what I was emailing you about the other day. I want an app that I can go in and see what tools people are actually using vs. just what influencers are peddling. All the better if it's people I follow on Twitter so I know that I trust them a bit more than the average joe.

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Love the email. Great like usual. I always open and read it. 

Regarding the to do list, I love handwriting mine. But I also have tried the apps, and they never do it for me. I don’t know why. 

One option you could consider that is out of the box - the Remarkable. 

( LINK:  www.Remarkable.com)

Combines digital and paper-like aspects. My friend has it for notes, etc and really likes it. I’m considering buying it, though it is pricey. 

Final Q - I’m a chiropractor, I own my own practice and want to level up our marketing. Would the copywriting course be a good option for me? 

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  • Administrator

Hey Ken!

1.) I've seen that before 🙂  Looks cool!

2.) Totally...when it comes to marketing a local business that's my fav, such small (low tech) wins compared to fully online businesses! Jump in the course and lets chat on Office Hours on Thursday: copywritingcourse.com/join

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Guest Kristin

Love (as always) your Friday S.W.I.P.E.S. 

IF you like the feel of your handwriting for your todo list stuff, but still want it across all your devices, try GoodNotes 5. You can pick your paper color and page style. You can even upload your template as a pdf if you want so you don’t have to redraw your page column lines every day.

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Hey man, saw Noah's video on you, Justin, and Sam. loved it! 

just in case you need extra video editors to be 'not' part of your team, let me know.

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Customers who finger the merch are likelier to buy. 
How do we get them to do that? TOUCH SCREENS!
So: an image of the product they can zoom, rotate, color customize.
What colors are likelier to get them to touch? 
What sound feedback is likeliest to keep them tapping the buttons? Spoken words? Beeps? Buzzes? Musical tunes?
until they tap the BUY IT NOW button?
How do you make playing with the virtual product sample like a video game?

I don't have answers for any of that but App Sumo might!

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