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The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 24th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday June 24th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:


In the 1960's Volkswagen did an ad campaign which featured some clever "Marketing Judo" by turning the laughably small-and-funny-looking Beetle into the top selling car in the world.

Look at these awesome ads starting in 1960 going to 1969:


Almost every Volkswagen Beetle ad they ran poked fun of the Beetle's small size and odd appearance...

...but in the copy went on to brag how it's small size was a feature:
- Almost no maintenance costs
- Made it very fuel efficient
- Easily replaceable parts
- Very high quality
- Very cheap


The formula for each ad was:

→ Sarcastic headline
→ Eye catching image
→ Talk about how it's size/shape made for a great car


This was a massively popular campaign, and from 1960 to 1973 the VW Beetle was the top selling car in the world!

You can see high res versions of these ads on our blog:


I love it when in ONE FRAME a social media post explains a concept.

By simply viewing that one image you can learn something new.

Here's a few examples:


Optimizing an Instagram profile, in one pic:



How to pick a watermelon, in one pic:



I like how there's zero fluff in these pictures....just pure information!


I propose a new AirBnb program called “Good Neighbors.”


What it is: AirBnB hosts can share a small cut of booking revenue with select neighbors. Easy!

This program could:
- Make neighbors happy, and WANT more bookings.
- Get neighbors to consider signing up to AirBnb.


So I live next door to an AirBnB charging $1,200+/night.

On occasion I experience:
• People opening my gates, tripping the alarm system.
• Wrong Uber Eats deliveries at weird hours of night.
• Randoms parking by my house.

These small annoyances increasingly frustrate me since I have no control over them, and don't get any profit from them.

Solution 👉🏼

The "Good Neighbors Program" would allow my neighbor to "cut me in on the action."

This way the "negative externalities" I'm experience would be compensated.

Even a few hundred dollars a month would turn my neighbor's AirBnB from an Enemy to an Asset!

Everyone wins 🙂

It would be Implemented like this:

The AirBnB host selects account to share bounty with.

Share Option 1: Share a percentage of revenue.
EX: "You get 1% of all booking revenue"

Share Option 2: Share set fee per new booking.
EX: "You get $50 per booking"

With this program:

AirBnB wins!
Host wins!
Neighbor wins!

This was a fun idea, I sent it to AirBnB, and hopefully this gets implemented in the near future.

Here's where I work from everyday:


If I have people over to co-work then we sit at this table instead:


I posted this on Twitter, and people responded with their workspaces....some of them pretty awesome looking!! Check em out:

@michael_soledad: Super sleek and fancy looking!



@jackzerby: Clean, lots of books, cool art in back.



@jayvasdigital: From a small town in Portugal.



@C3ODAD: Guy works from an F1 car paddock!



@jack_rnc: Love the minimal and bright look.

FV3hxZVXwAYX01W (1).jpg


@taskett: Bright, clean, and airy.



@misskavita: Very Zen.



@acquireconvert: 5 feet away from a piano AND hot tub, I like!



Did you know you can use •bullet points• to create art on a page?

• You can
• make a descending
• list out of them like this.


• Or you can start long and
• make them shorter
• and end in a
• point.


• Or you
• can make them
• go up and down something
• kinda like this
• too.


You can make awesome "Bullet Points" with Emoji. Examples:

• This (my fav)
→ This
✘ This
✔︎ This
★ This
☁︎ This
► This
❒ This
🔲 This
➡️ This
🆇 This
✏️ This
◼︎ This
👉🏼 This
⇨ This
♥️ This
➤ This
🔥 This
️ This


One of the most fascinating people in my life is my friend Nick Gray:


He moved to Austin two years ago, barely knew anybody, and within 6 months had bigger networks than almost anyone I know.

He did this by throwing what he calls "2-Hour Cocktail Parties" where everyone must wear a name tag 😂

Look how every picture has people wearing name tags:


He insists on name tags because it creates easier communication at his parties...and even gives people something to talk about:

He's very specific on how to write name tags and has whole blog posts about it:



Nick doesn't fit the normal mould of a party-thrower because:
- He doesn't drink.
- He doesn't like to stay out past 9:30pm.
- He doesn't like rowdiness or drunkenness.

That's why he wrote a book about throwing parties...specifically for people who don't normally throw parties (and want everyone out of their house by 9:30pm)!

Here's his book, which I've personally used all his tactics:
The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Build Big Relationships with Small Gatherings


I have some awesome friends I've met through hosting events, hopefully this book will encourage more people who AREN'T used to hosting events to host something (his goal is get 500 people this year to host a "2 Hour Party."

Here's some articles Nick wrote on throwing a "2 Hour Party"
How to Host a Happy Hour
How to Plan a Networking Event
How to Do Icebreakers
How to Make Party Name Tags
The 2-Hour Cocktail Party Book


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!

Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


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Hello Neville, thank you for the S.T.U.P.I.D Email this Friday. I had so much fun going through it and the ideas thereof. I really like the idea on Air BnB and really hope those guys get it and use it for real.

Awesome Friday and weekend ahead from Nairobi, Kenya. It is a little cold here but well, you made it warm.


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  • Administrator

Thank you for the kind words Bob! 

I also like the AirBnB idea, and think it would alleviate a lot of the issues they have with neighbors. 

Some AirBnB's might impose a "Negative Externality" on their neighbors, and this would pretty much solve that 🙂 

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  • Administrator


Back in my NevBlog.com days I'd read his blog, pretty sure I've corresponded with him a few times, and I also used to wear a name tag to networking events so it was easier for people to remember by name 🙂 

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  • Administrator

Thank you Naman, I love those simple squares that pack in tons of information 🙂 

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Hey Neville,

Thanks for the uplifting email and post!
I opened it thinking to unsubscribe cos my inbox was getting too cluttered. But I didn’t.
Cos I was feeling blah and reading your email perked me up.

Keep up the good work!

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  • Administrator

My inbox is soooo cluttered also! Thank goodness for the "tabs" in my Google Inbox 😬

I also keep a separate email address to subscribe to other newsletters but not experience the clutter in my main inbox. 

Glad this was a fun email for you, and hope you learned AND were entertained!

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Thank you, Neville.

There's enough information, enough to make a full course, in this single email. I value how rich the content is. 

Thanks once again for the unquantifiable dispensation of value. 

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  • Administrator

Appreciate the kind words Nwagu! 

I try my best to abide by a concept I call: 70% Content, 30% Sales. It's a rule on email I've noticed if you give 70% great content...and a max of 30% hard sales, people will stay on your newsletter for a long time 🙂 

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  • Administrator

Hey Corolyn, I've never seen that method of filling in the bullet points according to their status, that's great!!

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  • Administrator

Appreciate that Max! 

These Friday STUPID Emails have been popular with people and that makes me feel awesome 🙂 

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That sounds like an awesome book, @Neville! I remember hearing about Nick from his Museum Hack stuff many years ago.


Nick doesn't fit the normal mould of a party-thrower because:
- He doesn't like to stay out past 9:30pm.

Love this. A family rule for my wife and I is, "Always leave the party early". So it totally makes sense to me to keep an even to 2 hours. Great rule.



I have some awesome friends I've met through hosting events.

Agreed! Some of my most fun connections and experiences have been from hosting and planning Instagram meetups.



hopefully this book will encourage more people who AREN'T used to hosting events to host something (his goal is get 500 people this year to host a "2 Hour Party."

That's a great goal! You can put a bunch of super extroverted people in a room and they don't care. But that makes a terrible event for basically 90% of everyone else. And unfortunately most parties are planned by the super extroverts!

But when I had to plan corporate events — which I generally hated going to — I realized I was actually pretty good at planning events...precisely because I hated going to them!

That meant I planned the event through the lens of, "What would make actually enjoy being here vs. my couch?". That lead to:

  • Having activities to give people something to bond over or talk about.
  • Never forcing people to be stuck in one place for too long or with people they don't like.
  • Keeping it short.
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