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The 2-Hour Work Sprint

I propose a way of getting all your work for the day done in 2 hours, called:

"The 2-Hour Work Sprint"

It's very simple:
• You write your tasks on paper.
• Start on #1, scratch off, go to next task.
• Either share your screen, or sit next to someone.

This would be a 2 Hour Sprint that happens everyday, and would knock out: 
- All administrative tasks
- Email
- Random tasks 
- Writing blog posts / social media
- Planning and scheduling

I personally think the co-working aspect of this sprint is important.
Either virtual or in-person.

As for the timing:
1 hour is too short, and 2 hours seems to be working threshold. Some people may have to practice working for 2 hours straight.

Watctchya think of this concept?

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As I write this, I'm currently on a "2 Hour Work Sprint" co-working call (thanks @Camron Sabour)!



For me personally this 2-Hour Work Sprint almost ALWAYS MUST BE with someone else. Either someone potentially seeing my screen virtually, or sitting next to me.

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I posted this idea on Twitter, and people had some good recommendations for tools to help with this:

Tools mentioned were:


I've personally found these to be the most effective:
#1.) The weekly Wednesday co-working session with our community.
#2.) Co-working in-person with friends.
#3.) Going Live on FB and just screen sharing.

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I wonder if there's a way to do this when one owns a store. Interruption is in the soul of my business (even though I'm completely by appointment now), and I'm open 6 days a week. I try to go in an hour or more early, but even then, it doesn't always work: Tomorrow I teach a knitting lesson in that time period. 

When we go to the beach each year, I work on my writing. While everyone else drinks and goofs off, I sit in our room and write. I get bored when I goof off, and my eyes itch when I drink. 

I'm always astonished at the coherent thoughts I have during those days. Hours on end, just to be able to think! 

I was going to come to writing Wednesday for the first time today, to see if it would be helpful, but that wasn't happening. Which is actually a good thing. I had customers. 

All of that said, I'm lost whenever I don't use a list or have my long- and short-term goals mapped out. Today I didn't use a list. My day was a blur of incoherence.

I'm guessing that a list helps perhaps even more when you don't have blocks of time. It allows you to come back into focus and to get back quickly to what you were doing before the interruption. When you're interrupted, your task goes out of working memory and turns to what the interruption was. The list allows you to jump back to where you were before the interruption. 

Why do you think having another person for the sprint is essential? I wonder if extroverts need a person there to do better, and introverts need to be alone to do better--or if there's a mix. Or if it creates accountability, which is good for us all.

This calls for an experiment! 

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I think it's great. I had fun despite my grumpy looking face in that photo! I think I worked at least 10% harder because I was sharing my screen.

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Donovan Rittenbach said 8 hours ago:

So is it going to become a thing?


Yes come join the party 😂

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