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Why I switched from Wordpress to forum style for our blog

I moved my main website site (Copywriting Course) off WordPress about 5 months ago to make it community-first.

#1.) Here's why I got off Wordpress onto a community platform:

• We can make inherently social content.
• Only one system to maintain rather than two.
• Community interaction is far better than static blog.

Here's what the community looks like (jump in here)...in fact if you're reading this, you're technically on the forum already, just in the blog section:



Wordpress kicks ass for posting static blogs, but to promote a blog post and get interaction you must push it through your email list or social platforms.

Social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc) have natively built in social features.

Wordpress doesn't 😞

I thought something like Disqus would become ubiquitous and form a social layer through all Wordpress blogs, but alas it didn't happen.

It's frustrating how everything has moved to social, but Wordpress publishing remained the same.

And the Gutenberg editor, whatta mess 😬

I run a Copywriting Community, so people need to post long pieces of copy for review, and get feedback from writers.

This was impossible on FB Groups or Circle.so (which I love, but can't do long and formatted commenting).

For this reason we chose a forum and modified it. This allows users to post an unlimited-length piece of copy, completely with pictures and formatting...

...and get responses and re-writes from professional writers and other community members. 

It also allows us to have "assignments" and get answers, then review those answers.

We started racking up thousands of posts, thousands of wins, and a vibrant community from this. 

You can see open stats here:

Listen to the podcast above to further hear my thoughts on this (so far the transition has been fantastic)!

Ask me questions if you have 🙂

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Wow, that is some daring move! I know about forums, the modifying must have been so much work!

What I do not yet understand is the exact advantage of chucking forum and blog together - forum members ánd non forum members can react, can’t they? But wasn’t that also the case when the blog was still seperate?

Is it maybe easier to convert your fanbase into forum members this way?

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  • Administrator

Thank you @Kitty Kilian | De Blogacademie!

I can set permissions on everything with the forum, so non-logged in members see this:image.png

Whereas logged-in members see this:


Also if non-members try to click member-only content they hit an option to subscribe to see it. All around helpful feature!

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Thank you, I get that, I run a phpbb forum. For my student’s homework. My question is: what is the greatest advantage of merging blog and forum? Is it the conversion of readers to members?

it is a pretty unusual thing to do, and I hear you when you say communities are the future. Is the main reason you wanted a community then? 

I agree there is no proper community software - I have also searched - for groups that want to echange long form, formatted texts. There are a few LMSes that do a proper job of the latter (but very few) but nowhere can you group discussions in threads like in forums.

Indeed, the WP forum plugins are shakey. 

Seems to me there is room for a new product here. Forums are wonky and ugly things too. Hard to make them look nice, easy to navigate BUT they takes a lot of clicking around.

I even tried out a new type of forum that remembers what you’ve read, which saves clicking, but it was very unstable.

But do you mean you will disappear from all social media in time? Focus on the community?



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