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These are all the assignments you can do for this CopyWork module. 

Pick 3 pieces, hand-write them, and post them as a comment.

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CopyWork Bank: A Collection of Ads to Hand-Copy for Writing Practice

These are some hand-picked successful ad campaigns to hand-copy. 

Do you see any that catch your eye? Pick that and hand-write it. See if you can finish in 10 minutes or under. 

The goal is to hand-write out 3 pieces.

#1.) The man in the Hathaway shirt

image for step 1

Why this is great: Easy to read layout. Talks about the style, and the details of the fabric. Has good CTA at the end.

#2.) “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”

image for step 2

Why this is great: Clever headline matched with an authority-building subheadline. The body copy lays out 13 clear reasons why it’s a great car.

#3.) Volkswagen Lemon Ad

image for step 3

Why this is great: Great layout and image. The headline plays on a negative word, which grabs your attention. The body copy extends the “lemon” idea by showing you how VW actually does not let lemons leave their factories.

#4.) Did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Nissan or a Mitsubishi?

image for step 4

Why this is great: Clever headline plays on the thought in most of our heads. Body copy connects the dream with reality because now it’s “very affordable for you to drive one.”

#5.) Tred 2 makes the difference (before / after)

image for step 5

Why this is great: Eye-catching before-and-after image demonstrates what they can do for your. The body copy outlines a great offer: instead of buying new shoes, send yours in and get them fixed for just $13.95.

#6.) "They’re not cheap."

image for step 6

Why this is great: Great image and eye-catching color. The formatting is really easy to read from top to bottom.

#7.) The Fuji Sports 10

image for step 7

Why this is great: Great layout that makes the bike look like it’s physically sitting on the text. The copy describes why this is such a phenomenal bike.

Watch the YouTube video we made on learning CopyWork:

Make sure to do THREE pieces of CopyWork and post them anywhere in this module (anytime you post, all of us writers and moderators see it)!

CopyWork: Hand-Copying Ads for Better Writing

"CopyWork" is taking a piece of marketing, and hand-copying it in your own handwriting. 

You do this because:

  • You begin to understand how the the author writes.
  • You take note of the types of words they use.
  • You see how they "ask for the sale."
  • You see how they intrigue you and get your attention.
  • You learn so much more from this simple exercise...

For example, here's a famous "Schweppes Tonic Water" ad:



To better understand this extremely successful ad campaign, I hand-wrote out (and drew!) the ad myself. 

This helped me understand the structure and order of the ad, as well as the usage of simple words, almost as if the author is "talking" to you instead of writing:



Your goal for this module is to hand-write 3 different ads and post them. 

CopyWork: Gary Halbert Letter


Get a piece of paper and hand-copy this Gary Halbert letter.

Then post a picture in the comments below.



Snap a photo of your hand-written Halbert Letter and post it below.
(We promise not to judge your handwriting skills)!

⬇ ⬇ ⬇

CopyWork: Schweppes Ad


I want you to get a piece of paper out and hand-copy this ad.

Then post a picture in the comments below.



Snap a photo of your CopyWork and post it below.
(We promise not to judge your handwriting skills)!

⬇ ⬇ ⬇

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