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Copywriting Concepts

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This is a collection of very important concepts you should know like The AIDA Formula, 70% Content, 30% Sales, Formatting and more. These are important lessons to learn that come up over and over again.

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The 70/30 Rule

The difference between selling and educating (The 70/30 Rule):

AppSumo Example

Writing Autoresponder Emails in the 70-30 Format

We help Marina with her 70-30 email for a webinar. 

This is a formula I invented: 70% Content, 30% Sales.

It's a ratio of value-to-selling so people don't hate you for spamming them with sales pitches on email or social. Tattoo it on your forehead:


It means when writing a sales pitch, try to give at least:

70% Good Content.

30% Sales Pitch.

This means even if the (potential) customer doesn't buy the product, they've at least learned something from your sales pitch.

I personally do this because may not buy something RIGHT NOW, but they might buy years later if they stick around. It's a really common occurrence:


While I wish EVERYONE buys stuff from me the moment I sell it, that isn't reality.

- Some people may not find the product valuable at a certain time.
- Some people may not have enough money to buy the product.
- Some people may not find the product good enough.
- Some people don't need the product at the moment.
- Some people don't need the product at all.
- Some people just aren't interested.

There's a bazillion reasons someone won't buy.

But if you constantly bombard them via email and social media with sales alllll the time, you might scare them off.


This person will unsubscribe or stop following if constantly bombarded with sales.


You can also apply this to a specific piece of sales copy. If 70% of it is value, then you can hook people into reading it even though it's a sales pitch:

Content marketing attracting customers


This concept arose from AppSumo:

In the early days of AppSumo I was writing all of the promotional content. The goal was to sell something several times a week, and eventually every single day.

I quickly noticed that people paid FAR MORE ATTENTION to the emails when they were useful.

This means even if a customer didn't buy that deal, they still learned something valuable. By giving 70% useful content in each email, this ensured people would stick around much longer, and LOOK FORWARD to getting these emails.

People would actually go out of their way to make sure AppSumo emails would land in their inbox.

Advertorial Example AppSumo Prey

You can see 70% of this email is spent educating about the product.

We strove to write great copy each time because we wanted to be helpful, but also for business reasons! Cost per acquisition of an email subscriber was around $8/user, and if we just bombarded someone with deals and they left, that could mean money down the drain.

For this reason I would use the 70% Content, 30% Sales concept to give MOSTLY GREAT INFORMATION, and then try to sell a little once the customer realized how valuable the product was.


Don't be pushy, be helpful instead.

When a lot of people sit down to write a promotion, they often switch to be pushy and aggressive. Instead shift your mindset to being HELPFUL!

Let's take an example:

Being aggressive and pushy:

This kind of selling is all sales, and zero good information. Imagine getting emails like this several times a week from a company who is constantly pushing you.

People who give 0% good content and 100% high pressure sales tend to not do well longterm as people stop being interested in their offerings.


Instead, give them content they can use, even if they don't buy:

Do you see how about 70% of that sales pitch was just giving them good content?


I'm not suggesting you do this for EVERY sales pitch you write, but if you plan on keeping readers/followers for the longrun, delivering lots of value like this even if the person doesn't buy is a great way.


So if you're trying to build a long term following make sure to give them at least:

70% Content, 30% Sales.

Social Proof

Here's a video to show you how to apply "Social Proof" to either yourself, your company, or your product. 

By giving "Social Proof" you can show that what you're promoting is the real deal:

Everyone is skeptical of a person or product they just heard about.

“Oh, you’re a copywriter?”
Prove it.

“You have the best coffee in New York?”
Prove it.

Here's another video we did on YouTube about it:


In today’s world, if you can’t back up your claims, you’re gonna have a hard time in business (and life). The good news is, sometimes a few tweaks are all that’s needed to gain the trust of potential buyers.

Here are 20 real life examples of social proof and other clever trust-builders. Take a gander and see which you can apply in your life:

#1.) A doctor showing proof:

image for step 1

You can tell this guy is a doctor because he’s wearing a white coat, a class ring, big smart people glasses, and has diplomas hanging on the wall. Well, jokes on you…

…because this guy actually fooled everyone into thinking he was a real doctor in California for over TWENTY years!

Now that’s the power of proof.

Proof Type: Outfit, Displaying awards and diplomas

#2.) A nightclub showing proof:

image for step 2

By artificially keeping lines long, nightclubs use social proof to make their club look more popular than it really is.

Proof Type: Manufactured social proof

#3.) Copywriting Course showing proof:

image for step 3

Here’s just one of many trust-building sections on the Copywriting Course About Page. After seeing social proof numbers like these, it’s hard to be skeptical. If millions of people are following a blog, it probably has something good to say.

So, if you have social proof, don’t be afraid to flaunt it!

Proof Type: Social proof, Data and statistics

#4.) A travel blog showing proof:

image for step 4

Unlike Copywriting Course, my humble Project Untethered blog doesn’t have millions of people reading it. If you are just starting and don’t have social proof to show, try getting featured in a popular publication to borrow some of their brand’s credibility (it’s pretty easy if you sign up for HARO).

Proof Type: Leverage trust from recognizable brand names

#5.) Amazon showing proof:

image for step 5

Nobody wants to waste time or money on books and products that suck. Amazon knows this and makes sure to add proof nuggets all throughout the page.

Proof Type: Awards, Reviews, Sample

#6.) A personal trainer showing proof:

image for step 6

My buddy runs a gym in Australia and is constantly filling his Instagram feed with different types of proof to boost his credibility. It’s impossible to scroll through his feed and NOT believe in his skills.

Proof Type: Before/After images, Free samples, Social proof, Examples

#7.) A police officer showing proof:

image for step 7

Appearances are an easy way to instantly build trust and credibility. Whenever you see someone in uniform or well-dressed, you respect them, trust them, and assume they’re important (this is a con man’s secret weapon, btw).

Proof Type: Appearances/Uniform

#8.) A barber showing proof:

image for step 8

This barber shows a portfolio of his work online to prove he knows his stuff. I’m sure he also has these pics posted around his barbershop. This is way more effective than other barbers who all use the same posters of generic hairdos from the 80s.

Proof Type: Case study, Photo proof

#9.) A digital nomad showing proof:

image for step 9

If I were selling a course on how to work from anywhere, this photo I snapped of myself writing this article would be a great proof element to add.

Now, we all know anyone can use photoshop and pose in cool places with their laptop… but there’s no denying these types of photos excite the reader and make you more believable.

Proof Type: Photo of the desire

#10.) A restaurant showing proof:

image for step 10

You’re walking down the street and see two pizza shops right next to each other. One has these stickers on the door, the other has no stickers. Which one will you trust more to whip you up some delicious ‘za?

Even if you weren’t an award winner, just displaying the Tripadvisor logo makes you more credible by association. Case in point: this beach bar painted the logo on their sign, and they were twice as packed as the rest of the bars.


Proof Type: Awards, Association with known brands

#11.) Grant Cardone showing proof:

image for step 11

What better way to prove you’re rich than buying a $50 million jet? (And if you wanna pretend to be rich so you can scam people, just rent a parked jet for a few minutes to do a photoshoot!)

Proof Type: Photos

#12.) A Craigslist seller showing proof:

image for step 12

It’s natural to be suspicious reading Craigslist listings for 20-year-old vehicles in PERFECT condition. Like, really guy? Be honest!

This person’s ad is upfront and honest, proving he can be trusted.

Adding the VIN report adds even more transparency. You don’t have to take his word that the car has a clean history, you can check the report yourself.

Proof Type: Honesty about negatives, Data to support claims

#13.) Bounty showing proof:

image for step 13

Is your product better than your competitors? Prove it by running a test or experiment and showing off the results.

Proof Type: Your product vs. competition experiment

#14.) Construction company showing proof:

image for step 14

If you sell a service that involves ANY type of physical transformation, before/after pics are your best friend. Before trusting you, people want to know exactly what you’re capable of. Don’t make them wonder if you can get the job done.

Proof Type: Before and After pics

#15.) Neville showing proof:

image for step 15

Neville went to a conference and took a bunch of pics of himself with famous copywriters. Talk about an instant credibility builder!

Proof Type: Photos with famous people

#16.) Airbnb showing proof:

image for step 16

Instead of working hard to convince new customers to trust you, why not start a referral program and let your current customers build that trust for you?

If your client recommends you to their friends, you gain instant credibility.

Proof Type: Leveraging trust between friends

#17.) A tattoo artist showing proof:

image for step 17

If you sell something that requires expert skill (especially if it’s permanent like a tattoo), the best way to show proof is with a killer portfolio.

You can TELL people about your mad skills ‘til the cows come home, but until you actually SHOW them, nobody will trust you.

Proof Type: Portfolio (show, don’t tell)

#18.) A smart person showing proof:

image for step 18

If you attended an elite school or program, you’re obviously gonna put it on your resume. But why stop there?

Names like Harvard create implicit trust...even if that trust has nothing to do with what was studied. Think about it. Say you’re buying a used car and find out the seller went to Harvard. Chances are you’d subconsciously be a little more trusting when he tells you the car has no mechanical problems.

So if you are associated in any way to a respectable name, use it to your advantage!

Proof Type: Trust by association

#19.) A lawyer showing proof:

image for step 19

Want to build instant trust? Put your money where your mouth is. Offering a risk-free guarantee takes balls—something no sane person would do unless they are confident in their abilities. It’s one of the best ways to overcome skepticism.

Proof Type: Guarantee

#20.) A counterfeiter showing proof:

image for step 20

Imagine you’re on vacation in Thailand and want a new iPhone. One shop is selling them for $160. Another shop for $1449. Naturally, you assume the $1449 iPhone is genuine, and the $160 is fake. It costs more, so it must be authentic….right?

When pricing your products, keep in mind that higher prices imply quality, while cheap prices imply crap.

Proof Type: Higher prices

WARNING: Use the Power of Proof Responsibly

With great power comes great responsibility…

Please don’t be that douche who uses these trust-enhancing tricks to scam people.

Sure, you can make a quick buck fooling people into buying crappy products. But once trust is shattered, it’s impossible to win back. Eventually, your reputation will catch up with you.

Remember, gaining trust is only the first step. True success comes from taking that trust and transforming it into a long-lasting relationship.

So use the power for good, not evil!

TLDR: Social Proof + Trust-Building Strategies

▶ Have a trust-building appearance/outfit

▶ Display awards and diplomas

▶ Manufacture social proof

▶ Show social proof through data and statistics

▶ Leverage trust from recognizable brands

▶ Leverage trust from famous people

▶ Leverage trust between friends with a referral program

▶ Show reviews, testimonials, and case studies

▶ Offer free samples

▶ Highlight skills with Before/After images

▶ Highlight skills with a killer portfolio

▶ Show photo proof of you living the life your audience wants

▶ Be honest about negatives

▶ Backup your claims with hard data

▶ Run an experiment showing how your product outperforms the competition

▶ Show; don’t tell

▶ Offer a risk-reversing guarantee

▶ Raise your prices


How to Use Copywriting “Lenses”

To Find The Right “Angle” For Your Copy


One of the trickiest parts of copywriting is finding a UNIQUE ANGLE to talk about a product.

But without it, copy tends to be meh and forgettable. Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

All you have to do is look at your ad through different copywriting “lenses.”

Here are 25 different lenses to try on that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

The DIY Lens

How to use:
Instead of hard-selling, teach them how to do something using your product.

Example product:
Exercise program

Example copy:

The Contrarian Lens

How to use:
An easy way to stand out and grab attention is to say the exact OPPOSITE of what your reader is expecting. You better have an air-tight argument, though, or it’ll get torn to shreds.

Example product:
New diet

Example copy:

The Objection-Buster Lens

How to use:
Take an objection or pain-point related to your product, and write an entire ad focused on destroying it. If you’re in a saturated market, this can be a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Example product:

Example copy:

The Problem-Solver Lens

How to use:
This is one of the most common copywriting lenses in the book. Call out a problem that drives your market crazy, agitate it, then offer a solution.

Example product:
Language-learning course

Example copy:


How to use:
What unknown problem is your market prone to if they don’t use your product? This is slightly different from the Problem Solver lens because it involves a danger that your market didn’t even know existed. Start by introducing the problem and proving why it’s a legit concern. Then offer your product as the solution.

Example product:
Nutrition book

Example copy:

The Easy-Peasy Lens

How to use:
Focus your entire ad on how little effort your product requires. Show how it’s foolproof.

Example product:
Yoga program

Example copy:

Note: Nowadays you have to be able to back up your claims (especially regarding health).

The Long-Term Lens

How to use:
Focus your ad on the long-term benefits of your product.

Example product:
Diet & Exercise Program

Example copy:

The Lightbulb Lens

How to use:
Nobody likes being left in the dark. How can you “turn on the lights” and solve a problem your audience may not even have known there was a solution to?

Example product:
TV Owners Guide

Example copy:

The Discovery Lens

How to use:
Your ad is inspired by a new discovery that changes the game (new technique, invention, ingredient, strategy, etc.)

Example product:
Fishing lure

Example copy:

The Value-First Lens

How to use:
Think about valuable information you can give away for free that will move cold leads towards your product.

Example product:
Newsletter subscription

Example copy:

The X-Factor Lens

How to use:
How can you position your product so that it’s the X-factor in achieving your market’s desire?

This is common with beauty products, but it can be used for any desire…

  • Having more energy
  • Learning a language
  • Building a successful blog
  • Getting kids to obey
  • Etc.

Example product:
Skin cream

Example copy:

The Exotic Lens

How to use:
Does your product involve an ingredient or story from another country? If so, you can make it the highlight of your ad. This “foreign factor” makes people curious, wondering if the secret to solving their problems has already been discovered in a faraway land.

Example product:
Skin cream

Example copy:


The One-Up Lens

How to use:
Investigate the claims your competitors are making. Then “one-up” them, and make it the foundation of your ad.

Example product:
Diet plan

Example copy:

The Risk-Free Lens

How to use:
Instead of waiting till the end of your ad to explain your risk-free guarantee, tie it right into your headline. Then, weave the “zero risk” idea throughout your entire ad.

Example product:
Book that teaches learning hacks

Example copy:

The Analogy Lens

How to use:
Think of an analogy that represents what your product does. Use the analogy throughout the entire ad. This is especially helpful when complicated processes are involved (e.g. health, tech, etc).

Example product:
DIY skincare home remedies

Example copy:

The Prevention Lens

How to use:
Instead of focusing your ad around the positives that buyers will gain from your product, try flipping it around and highlighting the BAD things your product helps them avoid.

Example product:
Training on how to handle legal matters without paying steep lawyer fees

Example copy:

The Missing Ingredient Lens

How to use:
Not all products solve huge, life-changing problems…and your ad doesn’t need to either! There’s probably a portion of your market that is already mostly satisfied with a certain area of their life, but they know it could be better. This is a great angle to build your ad on.

Example product:

Example copy:

Case Study Lens

How to use:
Have any of your customers seen big results thanks to your product? Write an entire ad telling their story. You might even be able to use a piece of their testimonial as your headline.

Example product:
Weight loss plan

Example copy:

The Sniper Lens

How to use:
Choose a narrow audience and call them out in the headline. Build your arguments around the issues specific to this audience. Then explain why your product is perfect for them (vs. similar products targeting the masses).

Example product:
Exercise program

Example copy:

The No-Brainer Lens

How to use:
Call the reader out and ask them what their problem is worth right in the headline. The cheaper your price (and the more desperate they are to solve the problem), the better this will work. Spend the rest of the ad explaining how your solution works and why other expensive solutions aren’t necessary.

Example product:
Cellulite elimination program

Example copy:

How to use:
If you offer an indestructible product or lifetime warranty, this copywriting lens is for you. Create an entire ad emphasizing how your product will last them the rest of their life.

Example product:

Example copy:

The No Blame Lens

How to use:
Write an ad explaining why your market’s problem is caused by outside forces. It’s not their fault. Give evidence showing why the problem is outside their control…unless they use your product.

Example product:
Weight control program

Example copy:

The Helpful Lens

How to use:
This indirect copywriting lens works great when your market is burnt out from seeing too many offers. Instead of a salesy headline, your ad is disguised as a helpful piece of content. Teach valuable information without any mention of your product—all the while secretly building the reader’s interest in the topic. Then, once they’re excited, introduce your product.

Example product:
Program teaching children how to get better grades

Example copy:

The Personalized Lens

How to use:
Personalize your ad by writing a sales letter to one specific person (using their name). People are more likely to pay attention if they feel like the message was written just for them.

Example product:
Bodybuilding pheromone

Example copy:

The Crazy Story Lens

How to use:
Create an ad that revolves around your product creation story. Try to pick out and highlight unique details from the story that will capture attention and give the story a “twist” (even if the twist has nothing to do with the product or the story). This can be as simple as describing a weird characteristic of the founder.

Example product:
Golf lessons

Example copy:

The Comparison Lens

How to use:
Base your entire ad on a comparison between products. You could compare…

Old technology vs. new technology (i.e. CD player vs. iPod)

Old version of your product vs. the new-and-improved version
Your product vs. your top competitor

Example Product:
Bounty paper towel

Example Copy:

Hope this helps you find a great angle for your copywriting!!

Mitch Glass, Neville Medhora


Pricing a product is a complex thing, and to be honest, no one knows EXACTLY where to price things every time. We even keep a swipe file of pricing examples here to reference different types. Here's some ways to more accurately get in the range of "correctly" pricing, and displaying pricing of your product/service:

Three Tiered Pricing

This is one of the best ways to show pricing of services which can vary in price by a lot. 

How Do I Price My Copywriting Projects?

How Do I Accept Payment As A Freelancer

Making a clearer pricing structure for firefighter products

Charisty already sells a product for the families of firefighters, and made new pricing that is confusing to users. We go through and make it far easier to understand!

Why did my “Package Deal” 100% outsell a smaller deal?

We analyze why Mike’s packaged deal for the holidays totally killed it, and how to replicate those results again. We also go over some pricing and long term strategy.

Making an art sales page pricing better

We go through an art sale page and the main issue is the pricing layout.

We talk about getting leads on linked in, pricing, and getting gigs

We go through some sample LinkedIn profiles wrote for potential clients, and how to price his services and generate leads.

Should Rob remove the 90 Day Free Trial on his gifted testing product?

We discuss the pricing model for Rob’s site and decide he probably shouldn’t be giving it away

Tripling clients by raising rates, and re-doing portfolio.

We already got Fiona much higher rates from the last office hours, now let’s see how to make her portfolio shine!

Reviewing Ian’s new portfolio and 3-Tiered pricing structure.

Ian already had some small success with his 3-Tier Pricing pitch, but let’s see if we can further increase his chances of scoring a big contract.

Eliminate Buzzwords

(and save everyone a lot of confusion)


It’s time my friends to put an end to Buzz Words.

A “BuzzWord” is when people use a word that’s overly complex. Generally you can simplify a BuzzWord into something much simpler:


It’s time my friends to put an end to Buzz Words.

A “BuzzWord” is when people use a word that’s overly complex. Generally you can simplify a BuzzWord into something much simpler:

There’s a few reasons people use buzzwords:

1.) To appear smart:


2.) Lawyers purposely use buzzwords to be vague and confusing:


3.) Politicians use buzzwords to say things that sound important, but mean nothing:


4.) If a product is bullshit, it will often be promoted using a lot of buzzwords:


5.) Some people use buzzwords by mistake, not realizing they’re confusing the audience:



Many copywriters even get caught in this buzzword trap because they think their words must be super weird or highbrow.

The funny thing is, the smartest people in the world generally are very good at explaining complex subjects in simple ways!

These smart people try to avoid buzzwords, especially when addressing an audience. In fact many people who try to use big and impressive words are doing it to cover up some sort of insecurity so they appear smarter or more important than they really are.


“If you can’t explain something in a simple manner, you likely don’t understand it yourself. “
– Quote I Just Made Up


Buzzwords Squared:

A major problem with buzzwords is they increase in complexity when you smash more of them together.

If you don’t fully understand one word in a sentence that would be alright, but if there’s another word right after that you don’t understand, you might totally misunderstand the entire sentence.

For example, if I show you this sentence with a bunch of overly complex words:

A native primate species in the fauna has ascended the phytocrustaceous layer of a nordic triantham.

…these complex words can stack up into a “shaky pyramid” where you understand less and less the higher you go:


Without complex words, this sentence could simply be:

There’s a monkey in the tree.

That’s much easier for everyone huh? 🙂

So how can YOU help fight the war on buzzwords?

Here’s some strategies to combat Buzzwords:

1.) Never feel dumb for asking a clarifying question, or not knowing a word. Always better to ask than be confused.


2.) Ask “What does that specifically mean?”


3.) Ask “Can you explain that in simpler terms?”


4.) Go through your copy to remove buzzwords and replace them with easier words. Like this:



Neville N. Medhora

P.S. Remember kids:


The Caveman Voice

A trick to help you simplify your copy.


This is my go-to way of seeing if copy is “good” or not. I put on “The Caveman Voice!”

Simplifying copy is not about “dumbing down” your copy, it’s about making it easy to read. 

In fact, some of the smartest people in history are famous for using extremely simple language and explanations that anyone can understand. 

Warren Buffet and Einstein

Warren Buffet is famous for speaking in easy language, and Einstein said “If you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you don’t know it yourself.”

Now let’s go through an actual real example of buzzword-filled copy that’ll hurt a caveman’s brain, and make it simple:


As you can see, much of what we did was:

  • Breaking up the text into chunks.
  • Formatting the text to look nicer. 
  • Removing all buzzwords.
  • Simplify the message to its core.

So remember, when editing and reviewing your copy, make sure to put on your “Caveman Voice!”

Neville Medhora

P.S. Only 7 cavemen were hurt in the making of this video.

Formatting Your Content

One of my main tricks when doing consulting for big companies, is that I don't actually "write" too much content. 

Much of the work is simply formatting their existing content, and trimming it down. Watch how to do that here:

Here's the doc we used in the video: [LINK]

With this simple method of formatting and trimming, we we took an existing piece of copy, and transformed it into:
A bullet point list.
A simple email with subject lines.
A landing page with call to action.
A Facebook Ad.


Style elements (bold, italics etc)

Using bolds, centering, bullets, numbers, underlines, italics, ……’s

Writing Casual

Power & Trigger Words

Wouldn't it be cool to have a giant list of trigger & power words to jog your brain when writing copy?

Wait....someone already made one and it's posted right below here??  Cool!

Just skim through this list when writing copy, it'll give you ideas....

Make them want to belong

People like to feel they belong.  Like they're part of an elite group.  Like being in First Class.  These are some power & trigger words to incite that feeling.


  • Members only.
  • VIP access required.
  • Login required.
  • For VIP membership level only.
  • Ask for an invite.
  • Platinum members only.
  • Limited seats available.
  • Limited number of First Class seats.
  • Balcony for Platinum sponsors only.
  • Artists Lounge for bands only.
  • Membership now closed.
  • Exclusive offers.
  • Become an insider.
  • Be the first to hear about it.
  • Get it before everybody else.
  • Only available to subscribers.
  • VIP section only.
  • Join The $100,000/year Club if you qualify.
  • For CEO's only.
  • This membership is invite only.

Make it urgent

These are some power words for driving sales by making people feel a sense of urgency.


  • 17 hours left.
  • 17 hours left on this special deal.
  • 17 hours left on this one-time-only deal.
  • 17 hours before this deal expires.
  • 17 hours before this goes away forever.
  • 17 hours left before this deal goes to Deal Heaven forever.
  • 3 units left in stock.
  • 3 of these are left.  After that, they're gone forever.
  • Only 3 spots are open.
  • Only 3 spots are left.
  • Only 3 seats are available for this one-time event.
  • Only 3 tickets left, and a lot of interest in them.
  • I hate to say this, but we're about 4 minutes from being sold out.
  • First come, First serve.
  • This is one a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Hurry up, it's almost over.
  • If you want to start this month, you have to buy today.
  • This won't happen again for another 6 months.
  • Buy it now or forever hold your peace.
  • Have fun paying full price after this deal is over.
  • 50% off for just today.
  • 50% off this holiday season only.
  • 50% while we're overstocked.
  • 50% off the full price for today only.
  • $120 off the full price.
  • Prices go up tomorrow.
  • Due to demand, prices go up tomorrow.
  • Don't wait till tomorrow, this deal will be gone.
  • If you like paying more for the same item, then wait till tomorrow.
  • This is a great deal.  Grab it now while it lasts.
  • This promo is almost over.
  • You won't see this price for another 12 months.
  • It's going to be hard to beat this deal.
  • Limited time only.
  • 5...4...3...2...1...this deal is almost over.
  • A stupidly-low price for just a little while longer.
  • This kind of deal only happens when we're over stocked.
  • This doesn't happen often, so grab it now.
  • For a short while you get the product, but also ALL these bonuses.
  • Keep this private....but we're closing out the month and I need to meet a quota, so if you buy now I'll knock 30% off the cost.
  • There are big shortages in the supply chain, so once this batch is sold out the price will increase.
  • We had a great year, so we're giving everyone 20% off for our birthday.
  • Here's a $25 coupon you can use for this month.      

Make it free

Making something free is the lowest-friction way to get someone to take an offer. Here's some "Free Phrases" to entice them.


  • Totally free for you.
  • 100% free for you.
  • 100% free today.
  • 100% free for the first 12 months.
  • $0 down.
  • You pay $0 today.
  • $0.00 is all it costs.
  • Today only: $0.00.
  • Best sale ever: $0.00.
  • Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.
  • The cost to you: Exactly zero dollars and zero cents.
  • You pay Zilch.
  • You pay NOTHING.
  • This is our free gift to you.
  • Don't worry about the price.....it's zero.
  • The most affordable price ever: ZERO
  • Low on money?  Good.  Because the price is zero.
  • One cent?  That's too high.  Let's make it zero.
  • Hahah....other people pay MONEY for this stuff.
  • 5 years ago I paid $3,000 for this....you're getting it free.
  • $1,000?  $500?  $250?  $75?  $10?  How about $0?
  • Pick your price: A.) $1,000   |   B.) $200  |  C.) $0.00
  • You + Me = FREE.
  • My favorite price in the world: Free.
  • Give me $0 and I'll send you all my products.
  • Give me $0 and I'll hook you up for a month.
  • Give me $0 and I'll give you a free month of service.
  • Zero is my favorite number.  That's also the cost.
  • I know you'll like it so much, that I'll give it to you for $0 the first month.
  • Move in now and pay $0 the first month.
  • Walk out of the store paying $0.        

Give them different options to choose

People have different needs and different budgets. It can help to offer a few different options.


  • 1 for $20. 2 for $25
  • Basic package: $30/month. Pro Package: $50/month. Advanced Package: $80/month.
  • Buy now full price. ...or pay monthly for $25/month.
  • $99/month for 12 months. Or pay in full now and get 20% off.
  • The more you buy, the more you save! 1 for $20 2 for $35 3 for $45 4 for $40
  • Get 1 coaching session for $600. Or buy 4 sessions for $1,600 and save $800.
  • Buy 1 shirt for $15. Buy 2 shirts for $25 + a free pair of flip flops.
  • Get 1 gig of storage for $5 Get 10 gigs of storage for $30 Get 100 gigs of storage for only $45
  • The total is $140. Or signup for our rewards program and get 20% off right now.
  • Small soup: $4 Large soup: $6
  • Burger and fries: $4.50 Burger and fries AND drink: $4.99
  • You can buy the basic package. Or get the basic package + weekly hangouts for only $50 more per month.
  • Know what's better than getting 1 for $20? Getting 2 for just $25.
  • Basic: 5 page website. Advanced: 15 page website + SEO Tools Professional: 30 page Website + SEO Tools + Content Creation
  • Bronze Gold Platinum
  • Level 1 Level 2 VIP Members
  • Golden Members Platinum Members Private Coaching Members
  • $35 for full carwash today .....or $25/month for unlimited car washes.
  • Hourly Rate: $55/hour Full Package: $1,200 Premium Package: $3,999
  • Starter Plan Advanced Plan Professional Plan

Show what an amazing value it is

People understand by analogy.  So compare how great a value something is compared to a familiar item.


  • You're getting this entire bodybuilders meal plan for less than the price of a protein shake.
  • This costs less than the price of a large pizza.
  • This cruise vacation will cost you less per day than going to Disney Land.
  • 8 out of my last 10 clients have quit their jobs.....all because they signed up.
  • The whole product costs less than a ticket and popcorn at the movies.
  • Only $3.99 for an app that can teach your child a different language.
  • Only $0.99 for an app that you will use every single day.
  • It's only $1.95 per day.
  • You probably spend more on Starbucks every month than this entire coffee maker costs.
  • It's only $10 more than the competition, yet will last 5x longer.
  • Buying from us is like buying from Nordstrom vs. Wal-Mart.
  • Some people buy TV's with their tax return.  Some people buy investments in their future.
  • Costs less per day than your daily coffee.
  • Only $2.99/day to invest in your future.
  • A college computer science class costs $6,000.  This course costs only $69 total.
  • This entire course costs less than one college computer science book.
  • Upgrading your website to Professional Level costs less than $0.25/day.
  • It's weird how people will spend $60 on drinks at a bar, but won't buy a $39 book that can change their life.
  • For the price of a dirty martini you can buy this book that'll change your life.
  • You can spend the next 3 months reading random blog posts and watching YouTube videos, or you can spend $197 to have it professionally explained for you.
  • $97/month gets you private access to me.  Normally it costs $597/hour to speak with me.
  • Why spend $900 on a new TV, when you can spend $900 for a once-in-a-lifetime experience?
  • I know your weekends are fun, but if you come to our seminar, you'll spend only $600 for the whole weekend, and learn a new skill you can use to advance your career.
  • Pay just $100 more now to buy Nakamoto tires, and they'll each last you 10,000 miles longer.  That's like saving over $1,100!

Get them to take action

When someone has decided to buy, you need to tell them specifically what actions to take.


  • Press "Buy This" to buy the KopywritingKourse.
  • Fill out this short form and I will contact you with pricing.
  • PayPal $20 to NevMed@gmail.com to get started.
  • Fill out your email address below.
  • Enter your email address, and I will immediately send you the PDF.
  • Enter your email address, and I will send your customized logins.
  • Enclose a check for $49 and send it to 123 Fake Street.
  • Fill out this survey and we will send you a gift card to your shipping address.
  • Go to this URL on your computer and download the PDF.
  • Go to this URL on your computer and look at my daily rates. If you're interested, buy a session.
  • If you think my price is fair, and the timing is right for you to start learning Photoshop....then click "Buy Now" to start my online course.
  • Go to Amazon and search "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and purchase the book.
  • Once you've downloaded the app from iTunes, connect your speaker via bluetooth and you're ready to jam!
  • Enter your phone number and a sales rep will call you within 10 minutes.
  • Submit your resume and LinkedIn profile to NevMed@gmail.com to apply for a job.
  • Call 888-555-2222 for our customer service department.
  • Tap the button on your screen to order.
  • Go to the website --> Add to Cart --> Checkout.
  • Enter a dollar bill and then push the drink you want.
  • Call 111-222-3333 and ask for Laurie.....she'll give you the quote.
  • Answer 4 questions on this form and we'll send you an insurance quote.
  • Stop reading this email right now, and try playing this guitar lick on the E string: 3-5-3-8-3
  • After you're done installing the program, press CTRL + ALT + DEL and restart your computer.
  • Enter your website URL and email address, and I'll send your customized SEO report to your email.  It will take about 20 minutes to prepare.

Tell them a personal story

People often learn through analogy.  So tell them a story to educate them.


  • "When I was in college and posting on a blog, I never in a million years thought I could make money from it...."
  • "The best decision I ever made in my life was learning how to write copy...."
  • "When I was fat I just always assumed I would be fat, because that was my entire identity.....then a friend dragged me to a yoga class and it all changed."
  • "I'd probably still be working at McDonald's if I never sought out to find a mentor...."
  • "The scariest thing I ever did (and keep in mind I've given birth to 6 kids) was quit my job of 15 years...."
  • "Before taking that class I never in a million years thought I could start my own business.  I didn't even know anyone who'd ever started a business...."
  • "I was lucky and started my first business in high school where I learned that you can CREATE money by giving people stuff they want and need."
  • "It's weird how my journey to becoming a millionaire started.  It all began when I threw a penny down a magical wishing well...."
  • "The first time I bought a car I didn't know what I was doing and got ripped off badly.  I regretted the purchase for years.  Then I discovered the art of negotiation.  I just walked out of the dealership paying 20% less than everyone else."
  • "Before I learned how to negotiate I would accept any price someone told me.  That was until I did The Coffee Challenge. That showed me that ALL prices are negotiable."
  • "I really hated accounting.  That's why I forced myself to take a class on it.  It's one of the best decisions I ever made.  I could notice holes in my revenue I never saw before."
  • "I've been to defensive driving classes 4 times.  The first three were so incredibly mind-numbing.  I was happy to discover going to COMEDY Defensive Driving with Jim was 6 hours of fun!"
  • "The first real business I started was just purely out of curiosity to see if I could build it.  I never actually expected it to make money, but it did!"
  • "Taking a class on copywriting immediately improved my cold email skills.  I closed 3 new clients the next day as a result of cold emails (in the past I NEVER closed deals through cold emails)!"

Give a Before/After case study or testimonial

Showing pictures or telling examples about the changes people made after your product can be very inspiring.


  • "Casey was 245 pounds and depressed when he came to me.  After a year of training at my camp, he was down to 180 and full of confidence."
  • "Before Matt's training, I was hitting about 3 out of 10 pitches.  After Matt's training, I was hitting 9 out of 10."
  • "My car used to do 0-60 in 9 seconds....after I took it to Ronaldo's High Performance they had it doing 0-60 in 4 seconds."
  • "My car used to get so hot in the summer the leather would burn my legs.  After going to Mother's Window Tint the car stays nice and cool."
  • Mike's trading account balance before me: $15,000 Mike's trading account balance after me: $700,000
  • Before my class: Robert was $3,000 in debt. After my class: Robert had $5,000 in savings.
  • "I was always nervous and scared to talk with new people, but after Jordan's bootcamp I can easily make new friends at any event I go to."
  • "In the past I would constantly yo-yo diet and gain the weight back.  It wasn't until I used MyBodyTutor that I could finally keep the weight off permanently."
  • "Before this business mastery class I couldn't even use Excel.  It was embarrassing at work to take longer than everyone else to finish my assignments.  After the class I'm actually helping my boss with her Excel questions!"
  • "It's amazing how much I've changed since joining Matt's Gym.  When friends who I haven't seen in six months see me, they can't believe I'm the same person.  They always knew me as a big guy, but now I'm a ripped guy!"
  •  "There used to be NO WAY I'd wake up in the morning before 8:30am.  After downloading the Wakeful app, it's actually a pleasure waking up!"
  • "One of the craziest transformations I've ever seen was this guy named George who simply couldn't look people in the eye and talk to them.  After the bootcamp he was mingling, making friends, and being the life of the party with no problem."
  • "The best part about the results I got was the change of my mindset about food. Before I used to view food as something to stuff in my mouth when bored.  Now I view it as fuel."
  • Jeff was always fighting with his family members.  Yet after my class, his entire family suddenly stopped fighting with him.  What Jeff realized was the tools he learned in this seminar changed HIM, not his family.
  • "Before everyone thought I dressed like a bum.  After a style consult with Jennifer I'm getting compliments everyday on my new outfits!"
  • "Before I learned the art of copywriting I didn't research products before I built them.  After I started THINKING LIKE A COPYWRITER I began to realize I could sell a product before it's ever built, and test if it works."
  • "The fact is I could have never gotten out of my student debt without Rick's help.  He got me on an affordable plan and got me debt free in 2 years."
  • Before: 312 pounds After: 189 pounds
  • "Before I was all saggy and wrinkly on my face.  After going to The Med Spa I look 15 years younger."
  • "Before I was always chained to a desk.  I liked my job, but only got 14 days off a year.  After becoming a copywriter I started getting gigs that I could finish from anywhere in the world."

Tell them a surprising fact

Tell them some things about the product that are really cool and unique.


  • This iPhone case is made out of the same stuff as the windows on the space shuttle.
  • This climbing rope is meant for one person, but can actually take 7,000 pounds of force before breaking.
  • The Tesla Model S is actually the safest car that's EVER been tested by the Department of Transportation.
  • The Tesla Model S is so strong, it actually BROKE THE MACHINE used to test lateral impact.
  • This pen uses the same pressurized cartridges the astronauts on the International Space Station use.
  • We've had 14 people become millionaires this year alone by using my system.
  • These wet suits are made from synthetic shark skin so you can swim faster.
  • This tape uses the same principle to stick to any surface as a gecko's feet does.
  • This carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel, and 10 times lighter.
  • This car has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any street-legal car.
  • This Tesla electric car gets more torque off the starting line than a McLaren.
  • This automated tractor can till 30 acres in just one hour....without a driver!
  • This knife is so sharp it can actually cut through a penny.
  • This knife is so sharp you can slice a tomato with one hand.
  • This protein bar has more protein-per-ounce than any other bar on the market.
  • This martini is sprinkled with actual 24K gold flakes.
  • This diamond ring once was actually worn by Queen Victoria.
  • This is the house they filmed the first John Connor scenes in Terminator 2.
  • This kobe beef is made from cows who are fed well and massaged in sake everyday.
  • Our cloud service is really scalable, in fact 80% of Fortune 500 companies use us.
  • This iPhone case is so strong you can over your phone with a semi-truck and it won't break.

Get them curious

Curiosity gets people to want to experience your product.


  • See what it's like to be in a room where everyone makes more than $1,000,000/year.
  • I have a gift I want to send you.....but I can't describe it here.
  • Inside the members area you'll get 26 videos plus 3 amazing bonuses that get physically delivered to your door.
  • Every order comes with a mystery bottle of wine.  Some prize bottles are worth $10, and some are work $800.
  • You have to see through these polarized lenses to believe it.
  • Until you hear what a Bose system sounds like in person....there's no way to describe it.
  • Our nightclub has the most expensive sound system in history.  You must feel it to believe it.
  • The Tesla Model S is so fast to accelerate, most people have never experienced that many G-forces on their body.
  • These sheets are 1,800 thread count.  You've never felt anything so soft before.
  • These Night & Day contacts are super-breathable, so your eyes don't even feel them.
  • Our shirts are made of a special poly-blend we closely guard.  Most people can't believe how smooth they feel.
  • Old Spice deodorant works so well.....just try it on before a workout and see if you can feel the difference.
  • These advanced bearings make your skateboard ride so smooth, you have to try them to believe it.
  • Until you pick up a Trek Speed Bike with one finger, you'll never understand just how light it is.
  • It doesn't matter what super car you've been in.....our Tesla will launch you (silently) to 60 MPH faster than any of them.  You've never felt anything quite like it. Come test drive one to experience it.
  • There's no way to describe what it feels like to wear this underwear.
  • It's difficult to describe virtual reality headsets because it's unlike anything you've ever experienced.  Like you're ACTUALLY there.
  • See the movie in IMAX quality, you can't understand how much richer the experience is until you've sat in that chair.
  • We could describe how good this massage chair feels, but it's simply impossible till you've tried it.
  • I could tell you our seminars "change people's lives", but you'll never experience it without being in this city, in this room, with these people.
  • You've seen all my free content, now just imaging how good my paid content is.
  • One of the things I'm proudest of is when people walk out of the room saying, "Oh my god....that was so much better than I ever possibly expected."
  • Burning Man is one of those experiences where you can see pictures, watch movies, and read reviews....but you can never know what it's like till you go.
  • Being in The Vortex in Sedona is a magical experience for some people.  Come see if you feel it's energy.
  • The new MacBook is so light that it kind of confuses your brain, because you've never picked up anything that size that weighs so little.
  • Using the Retina display on a Mac makes it look like real life, not just a screen.
  • On your first aircraft carrier takeoff you'll experience G forces like nothing else you can even compare to.

Tell them alternate uses for the same product

A lot of times customers won't even know a product can do multiple things.  So tell them.


  • This blender acts as four devices: A blender, a chopper, a drink maker, a soup maker.
  • This course is going to be your Mentor, your Spiritual Guide, and your Accountability Buddy.
  • This Dyson fan acts as a work of art....and also a fan.
  • This pocket knife has all the tools you'd expect, and even an emergency radio signal.
  • This Mercedes is a great car.....but also a status symbol.
  • This TV also connects directly to the internet so you can watch Hulu and Netflix.
  • This Dyson vacuum also has a "wet jet" setting to steam your hardwood floors.
  • My membership area has all my videos about how to become a consultant, and also comes a whole "Template Section" that you can copy/paste to your own clients.
  • This book about coffee tables also TURNS INTO a coffee table.  (Seinfeld joke) 😉
  • This simple notebook can act as your daily diary, your to-do list, or your trust book for taking class notes.
  • This drawing app not only lets you draw, but also professionally edit large batches of photos.
  • Our Google Docs product started as just a Word-like editor, but now has a suite of other products like spreadsheets, presentations, and forms.

The Big Ass List of Transition Phrases That’ll Give Your Copy Insta-Flow


Mastering transition phrases is one of the easiest ways to take your copywriting to the next level.

Best of all, they’re dead-simple to use. Plug them into the beginning or end of your sentences and VIOLA, copy improved.

The hardest part is remembering all the different transition options at your disposal. That’s why I’ve thrown together this big ass list of transition phrases for you.

 If you’re struggling to connect ideas or feel like your writing feels “choppy”, this list will help. Just scan through, grab one that fits, and watch as it instantly makes your copy flow better.

Pro Tip 1: Save this list to your computer and add to it whenever you read new transitions you like (many of these were found in Gary Halbert’s Boron Letters)

Pro Tip 2: Be careful with the longer transition phrases on this list. If you overuse them, you’re writing will get fluffy and annoying to read.

#1.) Transitions to make choppy sentences buttery smooth

image for step 1

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you can’t make them flow together, you’ll lose readers.

If you forget to use flow transitions, your writing can sound robotic, hard to follow, and sometimes even harsh/mean. For example…Mastering-Transition-Phrases-example.png

See how adding simple flow transitions makes you sound more personable and friendly?

Here’s a bunch of other flow transitions you can try out in your copy:

Flow Transition Examples:

  • That said, ...
  • Here’s why…
  • Here is why:
  • That’s why…
  • The point:
  • The point is that
  • Seriously.
  • Personally, …
  • At the end of the day, … [close]
  • Believe it or not, …
  • If we’re being honest, ...
  • It boils down to this:
  • I don’t know about you, but I ...
  • So without further ado, let's…
  • Let’s jump in.
  • Let's dive in.
  • Moving on, …
  • Onward.
  • Here's the deal:
  • So next on the agenda is to
  • In other words, …
  • So you wonder...
  • Remember how I told you,
  • In the meantime, …
  • Well, as a matter of fact, ...
  • Now, naturally, ...
  • And, of course, ...
  • That’s right. [Repeat statement]
  • No kidding.
  • First things first,
  • In fact, ...
  • Actually, ...
  • For example, …
  • For instance, ...
  • The catch was/is: ...
  • Beyond that, …
  • And what’s more, ...
  • Here’s what it means.
  • In a nutshell, …
  • What it all boils down to is that...
  • It all boils down to...
  • Maybe you’ve heard…
  • You’ve probably heard that...
  • As you know, ...
  • AS I WAS SAYING. [after funny tangent]
  • Listen to this:
  • So here’s the deal:
  • Think about…
  • Imagine…
  • So, you can imagine how...
  • Guess what?
  • What I suggest is…
  • The truth is… (good to use in closing when wrapping things up)
  • Sounds impossible? It’s not! [show proof]
  • You see, …
  • The best part is,
  • Remember:
  • In short, …
  • Even better, ...
  • Hot damn! I'm cooking now! (after building up some excitement/momentum)
  • Now, how in the world do we…
  • And what else did I do? Well, I...
  • At this point, you may be thinking…


#2.) Transitions to make it impossible to stop reading

image for step 2

Transition phrases can also be used to plant mini seeds of curiosity in your reader’s mind—unconsciously forcing them to continue down the page to satisfy that curiosity.

Here’s what I mean…


When you read “And the best part?” your brain wants to continue moving down the page to discover what the “best part” is.

Now compare that to…


This version has no element of curiosity, and while it’s not bad per se, it doesn’t push you down the page.

Here are some more curiosity transitions (as well as some longer examples):

Slippery Slope Transitions

  • But do me a favor…
  • But think about it this way…
  • The point:
  • Because listen…
  • But here’s the catch…
  • I could go on and on… But here’s what you need to know right now…
  • [Ask question that reader wants to know the answer to] Before I tell you, some context:
  • [Emotional statement] It’s [adjective describing emotion evoked], but listen...
  • Now, for many of you, I am going to make your day. I suspect what I am going to write next is going to put smiles on the faces of people all over the world. (Gary Halbert example)

#3.) Transitions to make connections and shift topics

image for step 3

This type of transition phrase comes in handy when using stories, analogies, or moving into your CTA.

Sometimes it’s tricky to make these transitions sound natural, so if you have a handful of go-to formulas and examples you can draw inspiration from, you’ll make life easier.

Here’s some examples of idea connector transitions you can use if you’re stuck (swiped from other copywriters I follow).  

Idea Connector Transitions

  • As I realized later, this is really a great analogy to...
  • Ok so what the heck does ___ have to do with ___? A lot. But first...a story. A story that….[tell story that helps make the connection]
  • Let me tell you a little tale about…
  • Once upon a time, …
  • So now, after all this preamble can I relate any of this to ? You bet.
  • So, what does this mean when it comes to ? What it means is...
  • Let’s get back to…Ah, yes. That reminds me—we should talk about…
  • Here’s a true story that illustrates what I am trying to get across.(After giving a lesson/tip) Something to think about when [doing activity related to lesson].
  • And here’s something else to think about:[Offer expiring soon]
  • So… the takeaway…The point of the story?
  • [Moral of your story]
  • But, there is much more to it than that.
  • [Relate moral of story to your product]
  • Short story long:
  • I ended up getting the worst kind of car, at the worst kind of price, with the worst kind of terms, for the worst kind of loan… and learned a very valuable lesson about buying cars.
  • But, not just a valuable lesson about buying cars.
  • A valuable lesson about a great many things.
  • One of which is about content creation.
  • And as far as content creation goes, when it comes to creating content I have the same attitude I now have about buying cars:
  • “The best time to create content is when you don’t need it!”(Ben Settle example)

Alrighty folks! Now you’ve got a buttload of new transitions to test out.

You can refer back to this list whenever you need inspiration, but the idea is to start incorporating them into your natural writing style. If you add 2-3 new transitions to your repertoire per week, you’ll be a transition master lickety-split!

Hope this helps butter up your copy!
Mitch Glass


Become A Triple Threat

(It will make you more dangerous)


Over 10 years ago the famous venture capitalist Marc Andreessen published a guide for planning your career, and the main concept is focusing on becoming at least a double-threat.

Here’s what that means:

“Single Threat”

This is someone who only knows how to do one thing.
This is like going out into the real world with a dull knife.


“Double Threat”

This is someone who knows two things really well.
These people are better armed to take on the real world.


“Triple Threat”

This is someone who knows three things really well.
This is like going into the real world armed with an assault rifle and whole arsenal.



The other thing Marc Andreessen highly encourages is for people to learn at least one TECHNICAL skill.

He said it like this:

“Graduating with a technical degree is like heading out into the real world armed with an assault rifle instead of a dull knife….



— Marc Andreessen —


The funny thing is, my own college degree is a liberal arts subject: Political Science!

It’s a $50,000 piece of paper that won’t (by itself) get me anything at all. (Although to be fair, I originally went to college trying to do computer science but failed out of the program).

However, there’s a glint of hope for people without any technical skills:

The acquisition of new skills nowadays is incredibly easy!!

You can pick up all these skills if you deliberately practice within only a year or two:


If you take some time, you can learn any skill for free!
(Free books from Library, free YouTube videos, free Facebook Groups, free Meetup groups).

If you pay some money, you can learn any skill even faster!
(Joining classes, hiring tutors, buying courses, buying books).

You also don’t have to be the best in the world at every skill, just “pretty good.”

I’ve been able to charge higher rates and create more stuff than many other copywriters because I’m a triple threat in the copywriting industry. Let me demonstrate:

Single Threat Neville can only type words:


Double Threat Neville can type words AND make images:


Triple Threat Neville can type words AND make images AND make videos:


Because I know three different skills relatively well, I can take on more projects than other copywriters, convey information through more mediums than other copywriters, and just in general be able to do things someone who can ONLY type words couldn’t do.

Maybe sit down tonight with a pen and paper and decide on how you’re gonna make yourself at least a Double Threat by the end of this year.

Here’s a quick story how John became a Double Threat with very little effort:


[Business Degree] + [Excel Skills] = Double Threat


I had a friend in college named John who got an internship at AMD (the big computer chip company). As an inexperienced Business student about to start working with a technology company, John felt inadequate about his computer skills, so he picked up an “Excel For Dummies” book.

He spent a few days reading it and trying out some of the features he learned on his laptop. It was basic stuff like concatenating columns, making simple formulas, making simple macros, sorting data etc.

Within one week, John was known around the office as “That Guy Who Is Really Good At Excel!”  Everyone from his manager to the VP of the division were constantly asking him to help with Excel.

A few months later there was a huge round of layoffs, and everyone in the division was laid off…..the only person they didn’t layoff was John! He was deemed “too valuable” all because he knew some basic Excel stuff!!!

Just by acquiring slightly more knowledge than his colleagues, John moved ahead in his career!

He had a Business degree like everyone else, but became a Double Threat by learning Excel.


The best part about becoming a Double or Triple Threat is that you often have relatively little competition amongst your peers!


Many people are bitch ass whiny losers who don’t realize how good they have it:


…these people will do the bare minimum to get by, so anyone who puts forth a LITTLE BIT of extra effort can get ahead!!

So even if you have a college degree, or even if you have a successful career, learning a new skill is never a bad thing.

It keeps your brain occupied, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and then a year after all your hard work is put in someone can say, “You’re so lucky you know how to _____!”

The A.I.D.A. Formula

How to use the A.I.D.A formula in copywriting.

The AIDA Model in Marketing. (Why It’s Important, And What It’s Used For).


The all-important AIDA formula.

Make sure to tattoo this formula on your brain:

Let’s try to sell a helicopter, using AIDA:

This sounds hard….until you use AIDA!

Difference Between “Interest” and “Desire”:

Sometimes there’s a but of confusion between Interest and Desire, so we clear it up here with an example:

Writing better emails to B2B travel agent bookers

We re-do Estrella’s email to travel agents in a typical AIDA fashion instead of an over-styled newsletter format.

Welcome Email for a Bass Learning Website

Josh wrote a great AIDA email for his bass guitar website, and we see how to improve it.

The AIDA Model in Marketing (Why It’s Important, And What It’s Used For)


Here’s what the AIDA Formula is in a nutshell:

Attention: Get their attention with something catchy and relevant.
Interest: Tell them interesting facts or uses.
Desire: Make them desire the product/service.
Action: Get them to take an action.

Let’s break that down into sections to understand it better:


You are trying to get someone’s attention with something they will think is interesting or curious. They might not be paying much attention, so this should be something very relevant to them!


Ex 1: “Do you have a 401K savings account?”

Ex 2: “I noticed you seem a little unhappy in life.”

Ex 3: “Hey, do you workout?”



Keep their interest with interesting facts, or interesting quotes, or interesting use cases.


Ex 1: “You can use these LED candle lights for accent lighting, to light up Halloween pumpkins, add some soft lighting to a room, or even as a nightlight.”

Ex 2: “You’re 85% more likely to workout if you schedule time the night before.”

Ex 3: “Our insurance company has been around for 185 years, making us the most dependable insurance company in the United States.”



Make them desire the product/service themselves. Show them how life (or a task) will be better with your product.


Ex 1: “You can do it by hand, or sew dresses 35X faster with this handheld sewing device.”

Ex 2: “Jason got a 35% bump in Shopify sales by installing this app. You can get similar results right away.”

Ex 3: “Once I started using Calendly, I never had scheduling mixup for a call ever again.”



Make them take a single specific action from this point. Tell them what to do next! This is often where you’ll get a signup or make a sale.


Ex 1: “Signup to our email newsletter right here to get updates.”

Ex 2: “Join the Member’s Area and get unlimited access to the trainings.”

Ex 3: “Reply to this email with your phone number and I’ll call you.”

Why Is The AIDA Formula Important?

The AIDA Formula is designed to lead people through a logical process that hooks them, gets them interested logically, gets them interested emotionally, then close the deal:


Going through these steps in order is one of the best ways to convince someone to:

  • Buy a product.
  • Buy a service.
  • Convince someone of an idea.
  • Take any action.

The AIDA Formula In Action (w/ Example):

Neville from Copywriting Course and Ross from Siege Media discuss how to use the AIDA Formula:


Example of AIDA Formula (Let’s Sell A Helicopter)!

Using the AIDA Formula as a base, let’s see if we can convince someone to buy this helicopter:helicopter-drawing-stick-figure-animated.gif

It’s hard to start off with a blank page, but with the AIDA Formula we just have to fill in the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action sections!

Let’s give it a try:

ATTENTION: grab their attention in this section.
Hey Jason,
You know how that drive from your apartment to the office is SO brutal that you end up cursing at everyone who cuts in front of you? Well if you had a helicopter, that wouldn’t even be an issue!


INTEREST: Interest them with interesting facts about it.
With a helicopter, you would:
…get to work in only 20% of the time.
…have no more frustration when you get to work.
…have a fun ride to anywhere in your city within minutes.
…not have to live by the rules “normal” people do!


DESIRE: Make them desire the product or action to take.
Your time is worth about $200/hour, and since you spend an average of 300 extra hours in traffic each year, you’re losing out on $60,000 in income!!!

Not to mention that after all that frustrating traffic, work is the LAST thing you want to do.

That’s why having a helicopter would make your life so much more enjoyable, and even help you make more money.


ACTION: Describe to them exactly how/when they should take action.
I have 3 people looking to sell their helicopters now, and wanna show them to you. When can I send you the specs and prices of these helicopters?

Also, if you’d like to call me, just pick up the phone and dial 713.301.1546 and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Your Name

P.S. The CEO of Ardent Labs here in town has a helicopter, and said it was the #1 thing that made him want to come to work each morning.

See how much easier that was to pitch since we just had to follow the simple AIDA Formula!?

I sincerely hope this useful formula helps you write content, emails, and everything else much easier!

Neville N. Medhora


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