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Course About Building A Course

Part 1: Content you should  put into your course.

The 10X Value Proposition (why a some courses fail or succeed)

Remember, a really good course give people at least 10X the value of what they paid.

A GREAT course will give them 100X. 

You wanna make sure that after people watch your course, they can go out and DO something useful with that information.

You wanna make sure it will improve their life. 

This means not only telling them good information, but presenting it in a way that will get them to DEFINITELY learn it. 

For example, you'll be able to film and build your own course after watching this course.....a valuable skill that can make you a lot of money.



How to get into making courses...plus why I made my FIRST course (HINT: To get rid of advertising on my blog)


The quick story about how I made a product....just to get rid of Google Adsense on my blog.

Maybe this will give you some ideas of things you can make a course out of...



Why video courses kick ass over eBooks and books (and why you can charge so much more):

Courses are so much better than book learning in a LOT of cases, here's why:

Lots of benefits to selling a course.  The student learns better, and YOU can charge more for a video course than a book. 



What YOU can teach in a course

"But Neeevviillleee.....I don't know what course I can make!!"

You can easily niche down your skills. 

Don't teach a course about EEVVEERRYTHING.  Teach SPECIFIC things. 

For example:

Don't teach a course about every aspect of Wordpress...from beginner to advanced.

Do teach a smaller course about one part of Wordpress.  Such as "How To Setup Your First Wordpress Blog."  

....and then make a separate course for "Advanced Wordpress Theme Design."

Keeping it niche like this is more useful, because they learn a specific skill after their done with your course.  It's also easier to sell this way. 

There are also a lot of reasons to make a FREE COURSE.....these are great for salespeople who have to repeat what their selling all the time.  Also great for startups selling a web app or service. 


Product Success (ghetto) Calculator

This is my ghetto way of estimating what course idea will do well. 

So if I have a bunch of course ideas, I can score them all to get a rough estimate of which to do first:

Course about building a course (Score: 25)

How to knit socks for your cat (Score: 9)

How to eat so much you'll become a fatass Sumo (Score: 10)

How to make your first Wordpress blog (Score: 18)

How to record your guitar on your computer to make songs (Score: 13)

A behind the scenes look at how my $250,000/year side business works (Score: 23)

Here's a link to see the Ghetto Product Success Calculator (you're not allowed to edit it...but you can copy/paste it and keep it as your own):https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuaB65FccS9sdDRaWC1ONnYyMk1LblJBamt3RlFqMkE


How to outline YOUR course (by showing you how THIS course was made

I'd suggest following this method to start filming your course....so your videos don't get WAY off track and start repeating themselves. 

Isn't cool how in just 3 minutes we can outline and structure an entire course?

Part 2: Filming & editing your videos

This section goes over Filming and Editing your videos:

Let's talk about film quality. Please don't go out and buy an expensive camera!


I personally use a Canon S95 to shoot video, but all my older cameras worked just as well.  
All my previous courses were shot using a standard Canon Elph you can get at Wal-Mart for cheap.....and lots of things were filmed using a crappy webcam!  
The film quality doesn't matter as much.  The CONTENT does.  
You can also go on Craigslist in the "Gigs" section to search for people who will do all the video for you.  It's simple as searching on Craigslist to find someone.
Craigslist --> Your City --> Gigs --> Creative
Craigslist --> Your City --> Services --> Computer
You can expect to pay $20 to $40 an hour for filming services.  But if you think about it, it's not that expensive.  I filmed a lot of my videos on the same day, and it only took about 2 or 3 hours to get all the video.  
I paid extra to have them color-corrected and editing for me....but the total was only about 7 hours of time at $25/hour.  And I got high-quality professional video out of it!
REMEMBER:  Don't worry so much about video quality....worry about CONTENT QUALITY. 

Even if you do your course on a $100 camera, it can still be amazing if the content is amazing, and it's INTERESTING to watch! 


"But don't I need other expensive equipment??"  

Don't be a loser and start buying expensive equipment UNTIL you've experienced some success with courses.  



Where to look in your videos

I find it hilarious so many people ask this question! 


Part 3: How to actually build and setup your course.

This section is all about how to actually BUILD the course itself:


Password Protection Method

Here's how to password protect your course backend the easy way:



Creating "Digital Packaging"

You know those "Digital Product Images" that people make?

A lot of people like to make them for selling their course....this is my favorite way to make them: 

Link: BoxShotKing


"What video hosting service should I use?"

Here's what I use....and some options for you (plus a quick tour of each):



"How do I BUILD my actual course?"

Here's what I use....it's ghetto....but it works!:

How to use the course templates included in this course:

Here's how to use the templates we've included, and modify them to make your course:


If you wanna build your own course in this style, here's the TEMPLATES:

Three different types of templates for you to download and use:

KopywritingKourse-Style Template (4-section):

Contains: Landing page + Course Homepage + 4 Sections
Based off: www.KopywritingKourse.com

Download zip file: (right-click imagee and click "save as"):



Sumo Blueprint-Style Template (4-section):

Contains: Landing page + Course Homepage + 4 Sections
Based off: www.SumoBusinessBlueprint.com

Download zip file: (right-click imagee and click "save as"):



CourseCourse-Style Template
(5-section with added home button):

Contains: The course your're looking at right now!  
Landing page + Course Homepage + 5 Sections

Based off: appsumo.com/COURSE-COURSE-COURSE-COURSE/

Download zip file: (right-click imagee and click "save as"):



Part 4: Course examples

Kick-ass course Example #1: KopywritingKourse

Let's take you through a tour of product that made $20,000 on it's AppSumo launch, and many tens of thousands of dollars in sales after (because it was so damn good).

 Does the style look familiar? 😉



Kick-ass course Example #2: SumoBusinessBluePrint

Another example of course built in the same style I'm teaching you here today.....this one has made over $50,000 so far....and helped hundreds of people launch their first businesses...

...so it's changed lives AND made money.  A win win:

Part 5: More stuff

After viewing the whole course, here's some other steps you can take:

Three examples of courses which kicked ass (and two that sucked):

Let's talk about which courses were awesome, and which sucked.


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