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Which Email Software To Use


Listen to this on Podcast:

I've tried every email sending company out there for my own businesses or for clients.....and I'm going to show you my #1 pick of them all.

I've personally used:
Aweber (7 years)
Klaviyo (7 years)
MailChimp (3 years)
InfusionSoft (5 years)
ConvertKit (currently)

Here's what I personally have found from going through all these services:

The big features aren't important as the little features.

The big stuff is almost all the same. Sending broadcasts, autoresponders, tagging. Every email service has this.

However it's the little things are important: How the editor works, editing images, being able to capture emails easily etc....

Here's the top things I've enjoyed about ConvertKit.


#1.) Easily write in the editor

This is such a big problem with most companies. The editor is often clunky and frustrating to write in.

In ConvertKit you write, and that's what it puts out.


Especially as an email gets longer, some email editors will "blow up" and mess up your email like an old Microsoft Word doc.

I used to always write blog posts on my website, then transfer them to emails. For almost a year now I've used ConvertKit as my default blog writing software.

One of the main reasons is the next point....




#2.) Edit Images on the spot.

Doing small edits to images is one of the most time consuming things I do (and for people who aren't good at this, often impossible).

For example, here's an image of an old advertisement I used in an email:


But I want to make it more informative by marking up the image...

With ConvertKit directly from the email editor I can do this:


This normally used to take many steps of importing/exporting the photo from Photoshop or another program like Canva. With ConvertKit I never left my email editor!



#3.) Autoresponder just click through and edit.

In the past my autoresponders looked like this:



Let's zoom in and look at this:


To make an autoresponder I would have to:

  • Create and apply tagging rules
  • Create a timer & rules for each individual email
  • Link each email to the next
  • Open new windows to edit an email
  • Layout the emails so they fit on the screen
  • View individual reports for each email

This was an utter disaster, and made wrangling my autoresponders super difficult.

ConvertKit solved this by making a brain-dead-simple layout like this:


Just click the email you want to edit....and edit right there on the spot.

I also HATED the reporting on other autoresponders. You had to click through each email one-by-one....but autoresponders are meant to be viewed as a sequence, not individually.

That's why when I saw ConvertKit displays simple reporting like this I rejoiced:


These might be very simple things, but to anyone who's living is made with emails, these things are huge deals.




#4.) Accept purchases for products

I do consulting and sometimes accept random payments for sponsorships. Instead of invoicing software, I'll just create a product in ConvertKit, add the price, and send that link to the client, like this:


BAM. I just accepted payments.

It's little things like this that SHOULD be simple that I like.



#5.) Capture emails and grow list

Ugh, another bane of my existence is having multiple services to do email collection and email sending. Why are they not the same?

With ConvertKit I put this simple email signup form on CopywritingCourse.com/newsletter


In the past few weeks here's the performance of that box:


This means ~15% of the people that landed on that link entered their email address, and I picked up ~1,200 new subscribers from that.

Since I use ConvertKit for email collection AND sending, I set this form to start new signups on the autoresponder I mentioned above.



#6.) Send content upgrades in one

Sending a "Content Upgrade" is when someone signups for your email, and you send them a file:


This feature was nearly impossible with InfusionSoft, and required 10+ clicks and settings.

In fact I had to use LeadPages to handle this functionality.

However ConvertKit just let's you push people to a different page after they signup, or send them a message via email with the link:


Once again, this seems like such a small thing, but in practice is so difficult with many email services. So now I could send people relevant content downloads extremely simply, which massively boosted conversion rates!




Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post on the primary features that make me love ConvertKit.

Neville Medhora


P.S. I made this whole email inside ConvertKit, including all the images.

P.P.S. If you are looking for an email editor, try out ConvertKit's free trial!

How to THINK About Writing Emails


Hey Admin Lesley, let’s talk about writing emails for a second….more specifically, how to THINK about approaching them before ever writing a word.

Watch these 4 short videos and it’ll clarify how to properly think about sending email updates, newsletters, and autoresponders.


PART 1: Why you should not make your emails look like everyone else’s newsletter:


VIDEO 2: How and when to use an “Ethical Bribe” to get people to signup for your newsletter:

If you’re gonna use an autoresponder you have to have people subscribed to your email list. So to get people to signup, sometimes you can give them a little incentive to join. This is called an Ethical Bribe.

You know how you see people offer a free ebook or video in exchange for your email? That’s what an ethical bribe is. I use Ethical Bribes on SOME websites, and sometimes I don’t. Here’s what you need to understand these Ethical Bribes:

Personal Blog Welcome:


“Wantrepreneur” Concept:


Teaching Copywriting:



VIDEO 3: A sneaky trick for your emails that will do three things:

1.) Give you good feedback.
2.) Get you “email whitelisted.”
3.) Have customers tell you EXACTLY what they need help with and are willing to pay for.

Here’s some real examples of P.S.’s to use at the end of your emails: This one has worked for me shockingly well! People enjoy the novelty of it even years after my tons of voice in emails changed:

P.S. Respond to this email and let me know if you’d like more of these nugget-filled emails. Respond with something annoying like I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE!

Here’s an example that gets people to tell me exactly what they’re having trouble with, and what they’re willing to pay for. Modify it to your own industry:

P.S. Also lemme know if there’s any kopywriting stuff you’d like to learn. I’m considering making a new Kopywriting product, and wanna see how I can best help you.

This one has been put on multiple autoresponders I’ve made, and worked pretty well:

P.S. What can we help you with? What problems with starting a business do YOU have? Any advice or tactics you’d like to get? Respond to this email and let me know. Time to eat now!

This one doesn’t get people to respond, but it prepares them to lookout for the next email which is super-helpful:

P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to show you three ways to overcome being a Wantrepreneur for the rest of your life…

VIDEO 4: An idea of how to write endless emails:



Creating A Newsletter

Email newsletters are increasingly popular because:
#1.) You own the audience.
#2.) Email is still (by far) the biggest driver of sales.
The tools used to create and send a large newsletter are simple.

I've had a hand in getting millions of subscribers signed up to newsletters, and here's what I've learned (the most common questions asked):


Which Email Service Should I Use?

While you can use nearly any service, I specifically use ConvertKit on Copywriting Course.


Should I Use An Email Template?

Don't spend too much time creating custom email templates...they get large, hard to manage, and almost always you'll use a simple blank layout (or something very simple).


How Often To Send A Newsletter?

It depends on what type of business you are, but frequency can be once every 2-3 days, to once every month.


How To Think About Sending Email Content?

Email is such a powerful tool if you think about it correctly.


How to Build A Weekly Newsletter 

My method for sending out my Friday S.T.U.P.I.D. newsletter.


6 things I Like About ConvertKit


I've mentioned them a few times simply because "What email service do I use?" is the most common question I get, and it paralyzes people from taking action.


Hope these answer your questions about newsletters! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Blog Content Emails

Sometimes you have a blog post that you want more exposure for. If you have an email list, those people have already signed up to hear from you, so send them your blog content! 

This is how I make emails with just good content such as blog posts or videos:



1.) Put your blog content into your email editor.

2.) Read through it and make sure it flows (sometimes it’s slightly different for email).

3.) Test your email and make sure all links work.

4.) Send or schedule the email!


All My Subject Lines

This is a table of all my past Subject Lines I've used on real emails.  The reason I'm including all these stats is so you can see what REAL subject lines yielded, how random it sometimes is, and how many unsubscribes each got. 


Subject Sent Opens Clicks Unsub
D'oh, messed up, cart closes in 2 hours 2344 79% (1847) 6% (150) 0% (11)
kopykourse 1089 61% (663) 29% (312) 0% (0)
One time, quick 13732 57% (7780) 1% (120) 1% (72)
make a pdf 17561 55% (9578) 5% (853) 0% (41)
quick copy question 1390 53% (734) 0% (1) 0% (1)
klasstime 15771 53% (8307) 4% (569) 0% (54)
idea list 14503 53% (7635) 8% (1186) 0% (48)
about us pages 16943 52% (8843) 18% (2981) 0% (41)
100 18665 51% (9433) 0% (88) 0% (46)
feb goals 16527 51% (8378) 6% (1048) 0% (58)
Job interview questions 14326 51% (7345) 7% (966) 0% (40)
gross profit calculation 13997 51% (7204) 6% (841) 0% (49)
guest post? 18940 50% (9387) 2% (464) 0% (55)
[copy] + [autoresponder] = power 15582 50% (7738) 7% (1126) 0% (52)
first photography gig scripts 16399 49% (8090) 8% (1326) 0% (50)
we scraped all of udemy's data 15363 49% (7467) 14.% (2080) 0% (29)
swipe file 20234 48% (9697) 13% (2534) 0% (43)
side project 20017 48% (9638) 7% (1351) 0% (47)
your checklist 20352 48% (9711) 11% (2252) 0% (59)
following up 20130 47% (9461) 6% (1268) 0% (42)
testimonial 19748 47% (9283) 6% (1166) 0% (43)
NoahNevCast 18500 47% (8735) 5% (963) 0% (55)
It's my birthday!!! 14168 47% (6613) 1% (207) 0% (51)
Copy School 20255 46% (9221) 4% (866) 0% (51)
hustlecon notes 18801 46% (8608) 2% (468) 0% (45)
Noah. 16068 46% (7392) 4% (616) 0% (29)
3 helpful downloads 15065 46% (6913) 10% (1545) 0% (34)
idea list 14765 46% (6754) 12% (1715) 0% (39)
government operation 19089 46% (8746) 14.% (2741) 1% (98)
how to write a brochure 19514 45% (8779) 5% (1052) 0% (37)
Selling art online 19129 45% (8629) 7% (1305) 0% (39)
one time upgrade 1220 45% (551) 9% (104) 0% (0)
last call for YFFG 18562 45% (8361) 3% (539) 0% (57)
i'm now a life coach!!!!! 16341 45% (7304) 11% (1863) 0% (80)
why didn't I do that earlier? 15496 45% (6958) 5% (814) 0% (42)
bundler 19807 45% (8874) 10% (2078) 0% (88)
copywriting portfolio 19262 44% (8386) 11% (2027) 0% (42)
receiving orders automatically 15885 44% (7043) 3% (414) 0% (47)
business idea generator tool 14176 44% (6281) 1% (96) 0% (41)
becoming a famous youtuber 14114 44% (6245) 9% (1202) 0% (39)
direct mailers 14095 44% (6248) 9% (1293) 0% (41)
Quote 20199 42% (8510) 5% (1103) 0% (62)
Copy School is next week 20313 42% (8479) 2% (379) 0% (63)
content mill 18223 42% (7635) 13% (2403) 0% (36)
2 years. 6 figs. Automated. 15940 42% (6772) 3% (416) 0% (39)
replicated robot 15892 42% (6632) 2% (345) 0% (45)
goals for November 13894 42% (5852) 6% (888) 0% (46)
phone number? 18245 41% (7408) 1% (108) 0% (66)
lighting setup at my desk 18319 41% (7601) 9% (1575) 0% (32)
last bundle (ends now) 14025 41% (5701) 4% (557) 0% (63)
August 2017 Goals 20039 40% (8046) 5% (955) 0% (29)
100 (2) 18386 40% (7427) 7% (1217) 0% (34)
pricing calc 16735 40% (6761) 4% (741) 0% (32)
last kall 15950 40% (6364) 2% (267) 0% (34)
Bonus: 4 office hours added 13917 40% (5610) 3% (429) 0% (35)
Should I buy this new _____? 19948 39% (7790) 3% (677) 0% (42)
phone number? 4690 39% (1833) 0% (21) 0% (15)
first freelance gig 18271 39% (7214) 3% (606) 0% (36)
elevator pitch 18551 39% (7153) 9% (1681) 0% (27)
sell me this pen (sports) 18507 39% (7292) 11% (2092) 0% (35)
Noah & Neville (live Thursday at 4pm CST) 13935 39% (5497) 5% (707) 0% (39)
CONTENT School is next week 19011 38% (7156) 2% (294) 0% (55)
July 2017 Goals 19379 38% (7370) 2% (301) 0% (41)
Subject Line 18888 38% (7230) 2% (363) 0% (19)
workcation 18710 38% (7144) 1% (205) 0% (16)
If you were 21 again 17942 38% (6856) 5% (844) 0% (46)
results of a copy test 18667 37% (6827) 3% (512) 0% (25)
copy on your business 18807 37% (6915) 2% (390) 0% (23)
home depot workers 18901 37% (6983) 10% (1856) 0% (44)
Get your Facebook (or any social network) posts seen 18668 37% (6992) 8% (1540) 0% (24)
my goals this month 18664 37% (6855) 3% (553) 0% (34)
Which picture should I use for my profile? 18867 36% (6755) 6% (1209) 0% (40)
Your First Freelance Gig 18403 36% (6706) 3% (572) 0% (37)
started creating digital products 19955 36% (7102) 5% (1039) 0% (59)
spending account 2 12532 36% (4498) 2% (194) 0% (35)
Writing a good AirBnB description 18966 35% (6564) 4% (672) 0% (23)
ads & pricing structures 20133 35% (7096) 3% (682) 0% (33)
personal consults 18793 35% (6661) 3% (580) 0% (31)
3 things keeping KopywritingKourse going 18874 35% (6689) 3% (514) 0% (29)
HustleCon tix free 18800 35% (6571) 3% (533) 0% (39)
freelancing, last call 18482 35% (6511) 3% (550) 0% (42)
saves soo much time 12632 35% (4465) 3% (405) 0% (28)
Got a billboard 19008 34% (6423) 9% (1789) 0% (36)
3 things keeping KopywritingKourse going 19164 34% (6568) 2% (433) 0% (28)
last bundle 19001 34% (6446) 4% (807) 0% (32)
conversation start 24490 34% (8445) 8% (1948) 0% (36)
Podcasts 18063 34% (6090) 9% (1677) 0% (29)
automated interviewing 19321 34% (6651) 8% (1492) 0% (46)
Free Craigslist Hiring Course 12341 34% (4252) 11% (1335) 0% (41)
3 spots left for content school 18957 33% (6338) 1% (172) 0% (58)
Cart closes in 2 hours 18092 33% (5939) 2% (420) 0% (47)
HustleCon 2017 18836 33% (6280) 3% (539) 0% (40)
bundler 5673 33% (1886) 7% (402) 1% (43)
100% visual email 20433 32% (6533) 1% (104) 0% (31)
licensing your music 20266 32% (6560) 5% (1069) 0% (25)
email timings 31423 32% (10120) 3% (1007) 0% (83)
part time consultant for 2016 26175 32% (8477) 11% (2851) 0% (85)
lunch time 17751 32% (5662) 2% (388) 0% (75)
i'm back! 13370 32% (4269) 9% (1156) 0% (48)
A Triple Threat 19089 31% (5833) 6% (1113) 0% (35)
The State of Copywriting Address 2018 19154 31% (5967) 6% (1138) 0% (31)
ogilvy the OG 19318 31% (6068) 8% (1485) 0% (32)
results of a copy test 27261 31% (8558) 2% (588) 0% (57)
SWOT Analysis 19809 31% (6046) 2% (308) 0% (24)
AMA 26426 31% (8121) 7% (1732) 0% (81)
AMA 17124 31% (5323) 8% (1417) 0% (43)
are you on the toilet right now? 12595 31% (3853) 1% (70) 1% (65)
Why images over text? 18976 30% (5745) 2% (394) 0% (29)
personal consults 26007 30% (7755) 2% (547) 0% (80)
notes and pics from SumoCon 28078 30% (8532) 2% (462) 0% (51)
i started a palm reading business 30403 30% (9138) 1% (442) 0% (117)
cover letters 30025 30% (8864) 7% (2120) 0% (141)
my bday 24532 30% (7451) 1% (272) 0% (87)
The purpose of life 12568 30% (3722) 3% (350) 0% (51)
a snickers bar 33030 29.% (9612) 1% (238) 0% (99)
August 2016 goals 32535 29.% (9553) 3% (892) 0% (125)
write that newsletter 32280 29.% (9269) 3% (1056) 0% (89)
Uber emails 16756 29.% (4923) 12% (1939) 0% (41)
coding tomorrow 13496 29.% (3928) 3% (442) 0% (26)
copy on your business 3795 28.% (1079) 2% (59) 1% (31)
in SanFran Nov. 10th? 18961 28.% (5270) 1% (154) 0% (30)
thank you products 27996 28.% (7943) 1% (315) 0% (70)
KopyKlub Beta 26859 28.% (7516) 3% (687) 0% (60)
become a copywriter 2016 26251 28.% (7395) 9% (2266) 0% (66)
lunch-o-gram 24052 28.% (6621) 5% (1114) 0% (63)
Becoming more valuable 24914 28.% (6868) 3% (835) 0% (87)
tone of voice 17635 28.% (4852) 8% (1424) 0% (35)
To dominate an industry 16896 28.% (4750) 0% (33) 0% (27)
Number 3 16828 28.% (4709) 4% (747) 0% (36)
subject lines 16448 28.% (4634) 3% (432) 0% (28)
two docs 15090 28.% (4208) 7% (1078) 0% (19)
let's rip this site down 13854 28.% (3863) 7% (1018) 0% (24)
there's never a good time 13457 28.% (3788) 6% (809) 0% (30)
Louis CK checkout process 12844 28.% (3615) 14.% (1833) 0% (16)
thank the problem 12648 28.% (3497) 0% (44) 0% (41)
product + pitch + delivery = Business 12528 28.% (3570) 8% (1042) 0% (25)
results of a copy test 3735 27% (1012) 4% (139) 1% (23)
3 spots left for content school 18951 27% (5105) 0% (73) 0% (23)
publish that book 26363 27% (7165) 7% (1802) 0% (47)
Power words to use in your copy 26030 27% (7104) 7% (1712) 0% (40)
we scraped the data from big blogs and learned 24521 27% (6581) 8% (1907) 1% (133)
what is copywriting 16766 27% (4480) 9% (1463) 0% (48)
how to become a copywriter 14017 27% (3787) 10% (1337) 0% (22)
have these books 13901 27% (3744) 5% (642) 0% (22)
the crumb trail 13732 27% (3643) 1% (114) 0% (20)
how to cold email like a boss 13408 27% (3565) 8% (1107) 0% (17)
ahhh....can't write today 😞 28942 26% (7525) 2% (556) 0% (44)
september goals 28688 26% (7359) 3% (890) 0% (70)
email list ideas 28282 26% (7391) 9% (2679) 0% (42)
f you money calculator 32516 26% (8300) 5% (1665) 0% (122)
getting on the reddit front page 29077 26% (7590) 5% (1503) 0% (59)
trigger words for your copy 25832 26% (6835) 10% (2630) 0% (52)
no phones at night 26434 26% (6869) 3% (772) 0% (51)
big-a list power and trigger words 25867 26% (6811) 10% (2524) 0% (52)
comm styles 25452 26% (6586) 5% (1373) 0% (99)
july 2015 goals 16627 26% (4390) 4% (710) 0% (34)
what to sell? 16062 26% (4117) 3% (484) 0% (18)
goals + brazil 15801 26% (4050) 3% (538) 0% (27)
giving away this bundle 14104 26% (3675) 4% (515) 0% (25)
Andrew's teardown 13872 26% (3637) 6% (813) 0% (18)
what if you made it 50% shorter? 13400 26% (3518) 9% (1209) 0% (40)
march 2015 goals 13340 26% (3525) 1% (194) 0% (22)
my 2015 - 2020 investment predictions 13296 26% (3403) 6% (838) 0% (23)
finding an idea 13284 26% (3456) 3% (361) 0% (14)
klassy kasual kopy 12700 26% (3309) 8% (1063) 0% (26)
the trajectory 12582 26% (3318) 9% (1151) 0% (22)
what's wrong with this envelope 12662 26% (3355) 11% (1397) 0% (17)
which of these is correct for you 12604 26% (3334) 11% (1347) 0% (29)
self publishing your book 12613 26% (3330) 9% (1136) 0% (24)
no distractions whilst writing 28067 25% (7027) 3% (817) 0% (48)
Defining what's being sold 33066 25% (8141) 0% (146) 0% (95)
june goals 35340 25% (8841) 1% (418) 0% (95)
company slogans 33468 25% (8345) 6% (2047) 0% (70)
hiring a copywriter 33093 25% (8385) 5% (1517) 0% (69)
outsourced these on fiverr 31479 25% (8016) 10% (3193) 0% (59)
how to scam people 28884 25% (7161) 8% (2362) 0% (93)
signage that increases walk-in's 25926 25% (6581) 5% (1175) 0% (68)
shoe hospital 19025 25% (4787) 3% (573) 0% (36)
Mappy Honday! ...you see what I did there? 18379 25% (4591) 4% (802) 0% (30)
applying machine learning to a set of blog posts 17918 25% (4504) 8% (1373) 0% (47)
getting bigger! 13859 25% (3507) 2% (294) 0% (30)
Subject Line 26815 24% (6443) 1% (322) 0% (24)
real estate flyers 27993 24% (6747) 5% (1296) 0% (39)
edit any website (free tool) 20364 24% (4838) 3% (567) 0% (42)
Keep Job -or- Start A Business? 41299 24% (9798) 7% (2800) 0% (181)
goodbye nevbox 35029 24% (8347) 1% (309) 0% (76)
online course backends (and what they look like) 33809 24% (8174) 3% (1002) 0% (59)
edit any website (free tool) 30852 24% (7422) 4% (1292) 0% (58)
maslow and his pyramid 28896 24% (6860) 5% (1350) 0% (77)
hitting revenue goals by 2016 26054 24% (6175) 5% (1260) 0% (52)
describing a business 26306 24% (6349) 7% (1733) 0% (33)
backwards writing 26500 24% (6255) 2% (544) 0% (49)
sales pages that like....actually work 26685 24% (6534) 5% (1215) 0% (44)
mental ad re-writing 25809 24% (6265) 3% (804) 0% (52)
free KopyLite 19385 24% (4696) 7% (1341) 0% (34)
types of copywriting 17990 24% (4336) 2% (388) 0% (30)
headline data 17837 24% (4266) 4% (743) 0% (22)
I tripled Yelp's response rates 17414 24% (4162) 9% (1508) 0% (23)
advertorials 16529 24% (4034) 2% (289) 0% (31)
Defining what's being sold 16377 24% (3939) 3% (526) 0% (39)
Amish Hour 15834 24% (3870) 6% (917) 0% (25)
the copywritten flyers that worked (and ones that failed) 15561 24% (3767) 7% (1110) 0% (30)
the headline thing 15005 24% (3650) 8% (1260) 0% (21)
how to think about pricing 14567 24% (3508) 7% (1074) 0% (17)
the winner is 14351 24% (3451) 5% (679) 0% (20)
neville learns to 13494 24% (3223) 3% (463) 0% (18)
by tonight 13192 24% (3157) 2% (223) 0% (42)
!Black Friday Sale! 26075 23% (5895) 1% (337) 0% (44)
personal consults 26957 23% (6137) 2% (491) 0% (36)
copy on your business 27451 23% (6442) 1% (327) 0% (37)
your swipe file 12334 23% (2808) 6% (785) 0% (23)
feeling goal-y 30992 23% (7225) 4% (1229) 0% (62)
showing our backends 34085 23% (7753) 6% (1997) 0% (71)
sam writes lots of articles, here's the process 33077 23% (7449) 7% (2399) 0% (55)
bad memos 28983 23% (6721) 5% (1501) 0% (67)
70% content / 30% selling 25981 23% (5914) 4% (1050) 0% (38)
copywriting examples 19197 23% (4504) 1% (217) 0% (33)
street advertising experiment 19047 23% (4391) 10% (1922) 0% (33)
backwards pricing 18906 23% (4328) 4% (772) 0% (25)
copywriting books 18720 23% (4336) 8% (1515) 0% (42)
exercises to practice copy 18640 23% (4282) 2% (290) 0% (23)
copywriting exercises 18493 23% (4301) 7% (1365) 0% (36)
the tagline 17786 23% (4147) 8% (1382) 0% (24)
3 things 17640 23% (4083) 8% (1381) 0% (29)
ama answers 17331 23% (4069) 2% (262) 0% (22)
problem solving checklist 17083 23% (4008) 5% (931) 0% (22)
teardown 3 14015 23% (3214) 5% (677) 0% (25)
podcast listen 13502 23% (3143) 3% (386) 0% (21)
started creating digital products 5605 22% (1239) 3% (179) 0% (10)
....what exactly do you do? 41537 22% (8958) 5% (2103) 0% (203)
health wealth love calc 30451 22% (6649) 4% (1259) 0% (98)
tone of voice for a startup vs. a bank 25764 22% (5563) 5% (1382) 0% (49)
this is a one pager: 34666 21% (7438) 4% (1545) 0% (58)
app description 34380 21% (7222) 2% (795) 0% (47)
where we are on Maslow 29001 21% (6115) 1% (319) 0% (47)
modified flyers for a powerwashing business 25704 21% (5477) 4% (1003) 0% (41)
goals / 3 nevbox winners / gold shoes 19237 21% (4100) 2% (411) 0% (32)
tone of voice to use 18167 21% (3843) 2% (305) 0% (18)
Subject Line 49218 20% (10031) 1% (428) 0% (63)
Cart closes in 2 hours 25998 20% (5145) 1% (338) 0% (56)
Cart closes in 2 hours 26709 20% (5455) 2% (478) 0% (35)
last bundle (ends now) 5554 20% (1089) 2% (133) 0% (16)
content v copy 35079 20% (7111) 6% (2189) 0% (50)
notes from HustleCon 34901 20% (6806) 0% (84) 0% (28)
open rate screenshots & findings 33576 20% (6621) 4% (1258) 0% (49)
oh no writer's block! 31126 20% (6344) 5% (1445) 0% (80)
quick reminder 13219 20% (2622) 2% (269) 0% (34)
Cyber Monday Kopywriting Sale! 26043 19% (5051) 2% (453) 0% (44)
working from a home office 42739 19% (8156) 7% (2974) 0% (99)
first freelance client 42158 19% (8013) 4% (1623) 0% (145)
problem solving checklist 41839 19% (7766) 3% (1186) 0% (116)
copywriter salaries 35790 19% (6784) 3% (1242) 0% (127)
Cart closes in 2 hours 48913 18% (8623) 1% (697) 0% (132)
problem solving checklist 13710 18% (2513) 4% (488) 0% (39)
copywriting advice for total beginners 42288 18% (7659) 4% (1498) 0% (111)
Bonus: 4 office hours added 8227 17% (1392) 2% (179) 0% (38)
why me? 49080 16% (7776) 1% (566) 0% (86)
Your content ideas auto-generated 43035 16% (7097) 3% (1423) 0% (81)
copy on your business 2131 15% (329) 1% (26) 0% (8)
Writing a good AirBnB description 60323 14% (8555) 1% (654) 0% (76)
Copy School 8181 14% (1163) 1% (103) 0% (16)
make that pdf 21421 14% (2971) 2% (345) 0% (32)
Job interview questions 20571 14% (2867) 2% (344) 0% (44)
copywriter salaries 41730 14% (5964) 3% (1189) 0% (88)
first freelance gig 7037 13% (900) 2% (109) 0% (12)
the story arc you use 43655 13% (5836) 3% (1270) 0% (70)
3x'ing with 3 changes 13569 13% (1784) 4% (500) 0% (18)
pricing of different services 12394 13% (1638) 1% (184) 0% (15)
first photography gig scripts 21225 12% (2574) 2% (424) 0% (55)
[copy] + [autoresponder] = power 20243 12% (2340) 2% (316) 0% (53)
amish hour 12019 12% (1394) 2% (284) 0% (20)
how to think about pricing 11328 12% (1370) 3% (365) 0% (22)


Bad Email Bank



Here’s a bunch of emails that can use some work. See if some of them look familiar:

Subject: Accounts Receivable

Hi {first name},

You can lower {company name}’s DSO by an average of 20 days just by securing your receivables.

{my company}’s technology helps you automate this security process so your invoices are always in their most collectable position.

If it makes sense, please reply to this message and I’ll e-mail you some details so that you can quickly evaluate whether it’s worth your time to pursue this further.

Admin Lesley


Subject: Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Hi {first name},

If I showed you how to use what you already know to quickly and easily write a book, then how to upload it to Amazon… how to use your book as a tool to land more clients and make more money… Would you be interested?

As a published author, your credibility skyrockets! Suddenly, new clients are coming to you, pre-sold!

For a limited time, I am giving away my book called “How to Write a Book to Boost Your Business.” I have helped over 700 people write a book and I know I can help you too!

Here’s where to download my book at no cost to you [link].

To your success,
Admin Lesley


Subject: Need Car Insurance? Here are 3 reasons to choose Farmers.

Hi. I’m a local Farmers agent, and I’ve helped a lot of people get great rates on their car insurance lately. Since it looks like you are shopping for insurance, I’d like the opportunity to help you too.

I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to insurance, so here are 3 reasons why people choose Farmers:

1. No one knows insurance like Farmers. Nearly 85 years’ experience has taught us that no two people – and no two policies – are alike. I can help you customize your policies to fit you and your needs.

2. Great rates, especially for clients with multiple policies and good payment histories. And Farmers makes it easy for you, with online and automatic billing, plus big discounts for paying your premium in full. We have a policy for everything you need to insure, including your auto, home, life, motorcycle, camper, boat, rental property, vacant property, and even your business.

3. With every policy you get me as your Farmers Agent – free. I am an insurance professional who provides personalized service. I’m here to help you understand your options and provide you with information to help you make the best decisions for your family.

Those are three great reasons to give me a call. On top of all that you could save some money. On average, my clients save over $600 a year when they switch to Farmers.

Still not convinced? Check out my website, and you’ll see why you should call me: {
Thank you for all you do. N
Admin Lesley
Insurance and Financial Services Agent


Subject: MSU Spartans – Thank You for Taking Care of the Terrapins

Hi {Name},

As a Big Ten football fan, a big thank you to you and the Spartans for handling Maryland last weekend. The newbies were getting a big head in their first year with us after the win against Penn State (I’m a PSU grad, needless to say it’s been a rough year of football).

The real reason I wanted to reach out was to find some time to discuss talent acquisition at Great Lakes Caring. We have partnered with other large organizations, including many in the healthcare industry, to streamline their practices in relation to sourcing, SEO, talent communities, passive candidates, leveraging social media, background/drug screening, e-I9s, and tax credits. I would like to share these best practices with you but also learn where your focus areas are and what initiatives you are currently working on.

Would you have any time before the holiday to hop on a brief call? I included a short video below for you to watch when you have a chance. (6 minutes)



I work with multifamily and commercial office clients to help them create best in class exercise environments.

Great group fitness made easy.

You can deliver a much different and diverse exercise experience, even with the demanding schedules of your residents and tenants. They love our system.

If you are the appropriate person to speak with, what does your calendar look like? If not, who do you recommend I talk to?

Admin Lesley


Subject: Appropriate person

Hi {first name},

I’m hoping you can connect me with the appropriate person at {company} who is responsible for digital customer engagement. If it makes sense to talk, how does your calendar look?

Our platform is enabling banks to acquire new customers and cross-sell their products by quickly transforming all their account opening and loan applications into omni-channel, mobile-responsive experiences.

It’s a low-code environment that put control of the customer experience in the hands of your non-IT people, who can launch new products in days rather than the months it takes traditional IT/web dev resources and optimize completion rates through analytics and A/B testing. ← I sometimes don’t include this. It depends on their LinkedIn profile. If I know it will speak the them, I include it. If I’m not sure, I leave it out.

For clients like Citi and Capital One, we have:

– Elevated application completion rates from 35% to 49.5% in five weeks
– Provided an effective lead gen and cross-selling tool
– Improved the KPI’s of the digital sales teams

If you are the appropriate person, what does your calendar look like? If not, who do you recommend I talk with?

Admin Lesley
Website: {Link}
Direct: {Phone}



Subject: RE: Appropriate person

Hi {Name},

I understand you’re super-busy, but I wanted to see if you had a chance to review my earlier email (below). Please let me know if it makes sense to schedule a quick intro call.

Admin Lesley


Subject line: I Doubled Hyperion Financial’s response rate, what can I do for you?

Hello {Name},

Hyperion Financial hired me to rewrite one of their landing pages and I more than doubled their response rate! My landing page became their control over a year ago and has not been beaten since.

I was looking at your company and I was very impressed by your marketing material however I had a few ideas on some new concepts that could increase your response rate.

I have 5 years experience working as a direct response copywriter and 15 years in the field of psychology. I have created several other successful direct response-marketing campaigns aside from Hyperion Financial. I have also written marketing material for Coverage Inc., AARP and Hidden Wall Street Stocks just to name a few.

If you are interested in discussing how I can help you with your marketing efforts feel free to contact me.

I know that finding copywriters that can write and act professionally can be difficult. I can help you with that problem. Call or email me today and I can help make your marketing headache easier to deal with.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.
(contact link below)


Subject: What is your strategic competitive advantage?

I work with many facilities maintenance and property management companies all over the United States, including CBRE, ServiceMaster, DTZ/UGL, ABM, TEMCO, and others. I also work with many smaller companies, but they all have a similar challenge.

Finding a compelling strategic competitive advantage!

Most of these companies rely on large vendor networks to perform the day to day jobs covered by a wide variety of trades, including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Janitorial, Handyman, etc. Having a large network of vendors is important, but in 2014, is it really a strategic competitive advantage?

When I started my business career in the 1980’s, my first sales mentors had a large Rolodex on their desk. It was their competitive advantage. Today, no one born after 1980 even knows what a Rolodex is. That’s because technology changed the game.

Technology is changing the game for facilities maintenance companies today. It is no longer enough to have a large list of vendor contacts as technology has made it too easy for your competitors to find them. So what is the difference maker today?

I have some ideas on this and would be happy to share them with you. Hint: it’s all about Big Data.

Are you are interested in learning more? My contact information is below, I would love to hear from you.

All the best,
Admin Lesley


Subject: Referral from Charles {Last Name}

Hi {NAME},

Charles {Last Name} suggested we connect.

I’d like to learn about your business to understand if our bid/buy system can help you with your print buying (POP, marketing collateral and stationery).

If it makes sense to talk, can you chat 12/15 at 9am MST? If not, who is the appropriate contact?

Admin Lesley


Hello Name,

I am writing in hopes of finding the appropriate person at who oversees your resident and team member survey process. Can you lead me in the right direction? Sensight Surveys is dedicated to helping senior living companies identify and act on opportunities to delight and retain their residents and staff, build positive word of mouth, and grow occupancy. Our client list includes company A, company B, company C, and others.

Let me know if it makes sense to connect with the appropriate person in your organization.

Thanks and Best Regards, 
Admin Lesley

Here is my typical email to the appropriate person once they are identified:

Hello Name,

[Boss’ name] is sending me to you as the person who oversees the resident and team member survey process for . Sensight Surveys is dedicated to helping senior living companies identify and act on opportunities to delight and retain their residents and staff, build positive word of mouth, and grow occupancy. Our client list includes company A, company B, company C, and others.

Please let me know if it makes sense to talk, and if so what your calendar looks like. I am excited to share what we are doing to serve senior living companies with multiple locations.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Admin Lesley



In researching your website I found that your business is not discoverable on the first <#con_1227> pages in the search engines when a typical keyword search is performed. This results is lost business to your competitors.

In my work with other businesses in the <#con_1223> industry, we created a strong search engine presence resulting in more visibility and more leads being generated from their website.

In fact, a recent client had an existing site that was about 5 years old, they had absolutely no visibility in the search engines – they could not be found when searching for competitive terms. In less than 60 days, they ranked at #8 on Google, #11 on Yahoo, and #12 on Bing. See actual results here.

It will take less than 20 minutes to show you how you can become discoverable and to stop losing business to your competitors. I will call you to schedule an appointment.

Admin Lesley


Dear Dr. {NAME},

I trust this message finds you well. I am writing in order to present to you DentProc as a potentially better solution for your clinic dental supplies purchasing process.

In our experience, most dental clinics struggle with the process of effectively purchasing dental supplies: having to go through the time-consuming hassle of searching for the right products across many different distributors, negotiating better prices, following up to ensure a timely delivery and managing payment administration.

In DentProc as a healthcare management consultancy, we have helped dental clinics purchase their preferred supplies and equipment by negotiating significant discounts due to our group buying purchasing power and therefore save them money. Moreover, we help clinics save time in following up with distributors and payment administration, so that they can focus on more productive activities.

We are confident that we can also reduce your clinics’ supply expenditure, while still sourcing your preferred brands. Our ordering process is very simple and you would be placing your orders in one email while we would follow it up until you receive your supplies, providing you with one monthly invoice. Please find attached a sample price analysis we would provide to you upon your order.

These services come at no cost and risk for you and it would be great if we can set up a time to meet in order to ask you couple of questions regarding your purchasing practices and see if we can help your clinic too. Please let us know what time is good for you to meet.

Thank you in advance, 
Admin Lesley


Please allow me a few moments so that I may introduce myself and my new motel consulting service. I was General Manager with Red Roof Inns in Tampa, Speedway (Indiana), West Palm Beach for a total of four years before being promoted to the Corporate Office as Director of Revenue Management, Director of Operations Analysis, and Director of Procurement. Again, I do not work for the Exit Guide…just a big fan of the business the coupons may bring to a motel.

Over my 20+ year career, using data-based reasoning, I have tried many strategies…some failed; but many more were profitable for the business. Since you have a motel which is currently advertising in the exit guide coupon books….I’d like to share a strategy which was wildly successful…so much so, that when I was promoted from property GM to Corporate Director of Revenue Management, took the strategy nationally and generated over 162,000 incremental room nights and $4million in new revenue.

In my current dual role as a networker seeking a position, and hotel consultant, I’d like to work with you and show you how to use the strategy to your motel’s advantage; my fee is simple, 10% of all room revenue generated by this strategy. Of course, if no room revenue generated, my fee is $0.

I believe in results oriented compensation. Please contact me at {EMAIL} ; please use EXIT in the subject line and let’s get to work exceeding your budget. When you contact me, indicate your acceptance of my fee; I’d rather not have to write a contract…I would rather trust the fine people I work with.


The subject line: We can help your employees improve their English


We are a partnership of online English teachers located locally in Monterrey, NL, the San Antonio, TX area and New York City. We would like the opportunity to support your employees with one-on one or small group online English lessons through Skype and Google Hangouts as well as face to face locally. Non-native English speakers often struggle with their English skills which impedes their confidence in their professional lives, and we thought we might help with this.

Regarding online lesson taking, it’s a useful solution for people who are busy yet need to improve their English skills. It’s also very convenient because it can be done in the comfort of the student’s home or on the go with a mobile device.

If you believe that your employees need help with learning or improving their English, please contact me directly at dzinateachesenglish@gmail.com or through one of our websites below. In the meantime, take a look at our websites so you can get to know us better.


Thank you for your time,
Admin Lesley


Hi {Name},

I spoke with {name} this morning and she referred me over to you.

I’m from a local network integrator here in San Diego called VectorUSA, and I wanted to introduce myself as I’ve been assigned to your account, so I just wanted to reach out…

I’m sure you have vendors that you work with, but I just wanted to see if I could get set up as a secondary vendor and also if I might be able to drop by in the next week or so to shake your hand and drop off a capabilities package.

Just an FYI- we specialize in everything from surveillance, wireless, cabling, switching and routing.

Please let me know if there is a time that works for you, and I’ll set up a quick introduction.

Admin Lesley
Admin Lesley


Cold email templates for B2B Sales



Let’s say you’re trying to drum up sales for a B2B product you’re selling. Here’s some proven email templates that have brought in B2B Sales:


Hello [first Name],

I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes that can get its next 100 best customers.

I recently used this idea to help our client [SaaS company/competitor] almost triple their monthly run rate.

[First Name], let’s schedule a quick 10 minute call so I can share the idea with you. When works best for you?

– Admin Lesley


Hey [First Name],

I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because [explain how we got their contact information and how we relate to them: talked to a colleague, saw your company online, etc.].

[Name of Company] has a new platform that will help (your team at) [Organization name]. [One sentence pitch of benefits]. We do this by:
  • Benefit/feature 1
  • Benefit/feature 2
  • Benefit/feature 3 (optional)

Let’s explore how [Name Of Product] can specifically help your business. Are you available for a quick call [time and date]?

Admin Lesley




Because I work so much with [YOUR TARGETED INDUSTRY], I constantly follow industry news. Recently I noticed you’ve [COMPANY ACTION].

Usually when that happens, [BUSINESS ISSUE] becomes a priority. That’s why I thought you might be interested in finding out how we helped [VANITY CUSTOMERS] get going quickly in their new direction – without any of the typical glitches.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call. How does [TIME/DATE OPTIONS] look on your calendar?

Admin Lesley

P.S. If you’re not the right person to speak with, who do you recommend I talk to?



I love [COMPANY NAME] (been a customer for several months) and I’m also a big fan of your blog.

I work with companies like [COMPANY NAME] and [VALUE PROP]. Here’s an example of [RESULTS]. 

Just wanted to email you and see if [COMPANY NAME] might be interested in a similar [TYPE OF SOLUTION].

I made a demo for you based on [WHATEVER YOU BASED IT ON] to show you what it might look like: [LINK/ATTACHMENT]

Is this something you guys would be interested in?
- Admin Lesley



I found an article on [INDUSTRY/COMPETITION/FIELD] and thought of you. This article appeared in [PUBLICATION/WEBSITE/BLOG]. I thought it did a good job of capturing the dynamics of [THE SITUATION]: [LINK].

I’ve been thinking about this because my company is struggling with the same issue. Although we just launched [FEATURE/PRODUCT] and recently signed [CUSTOMER/COMPETITOR], we’ve been working on [ISSUE], like [THE COMPANY PROFILED].

I’d like to follow up about this with a quick phone call. Do you have 20 minutes to speak with me at [TIME AND DATE] EST?

–Admin Lesley


Subject: I’ve been following your [BLOG, TWEET, SUCCESS] for quite a while and wanted to reach out.


We haven’t met in person, but I’ve been impressed with your [WORK/LEADERSHIP/BLOG] for some time. [Details about how this has made an impression on you].

This isn’t a particularly easy environment to excel in. Amazing work.

I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions. My company is having some success with [PRODUCT/SERVICE], but your insights could really help us accelerate.

I’d like to follow up about this with a quick phone call. We can cover the important issues in 20 minutes. Can I call you at [TIME AND DATE] EST?

–Admin Lesley


Subject: Congrats on [SPECIAL]!


You and your team have really accomplished something. The [FEATURE/PRODUCT/PRESS MENTION] yesterday is making a big impression with the people I talk to. I wanted to reach out and say congratulations.

My company has also been doing pretty well. We recently announced [CUSTOMER/COMPETITOR] as a client for our [PRODUCT]. Maybe something like this could help you continue your impressive momentum?

I’d like to follow up about this with a quick phone call. We can cover the important issues in 20 minutes. Can I call you at [TIME AND DATE] EST?

–Admin Lesley


From: Mixpanel
Subject: Exec reach out


Mixpanel allows you to deeply understand every user’s journey with instant insights for everyone on mobile and web. Based on reviewing [COMPANY]’s business, I believe there is a great opportunity to discuss further.

How is your availability to catch up for 15 min this week?

Best regards,
Admin Lesley


From: Gusto
Subject: thoughts on Gusto?


I know these sales emails can be a little awkward so here’s a picture of our company dog, Finnley, standing on a desk to break the ice:

Now that we’re old friends, if you had to give your current payroll provider a score between 1 and 10 what would it be?

If you didn’t just yell “10!” at your monitor, here are two very simple, very good reasons why we should have a quick conversation about moving [COMPANY]’s payroll to Gusto:

Things move faster on Gusto. Running payroll takes anywhere between 36 seconds and 10 minutes.

I promise to include another picture of Finnley in my next email. Looking forward to filling up your inbox with pics of this cute dog,

Admin Lesley
Market Development | Gusto
Book Me!

Gusto noun | (guhs-toh)
great enjoyment, energy, and enthusiasm ex: John hikes the Blue Ridge Mountains #WithGusto


From: ProsperWorks
Subject: Google’s only recommended CRM


I noticed that your team is using G-Suite to support your business at [COMPANY]. As the CRM recommended and used by Google, we work with thousands of G Suite customers to help them drive more sales results with a CRM their team will actually use.

CRM built for Google Suite

What’s the best way to schedule 5 minutes to talk?

Admin Lesley

Admin Lesley
Business Development | ProsperWorks, Inc
301 Howard Suite 600 San Francisco Built for Google | Used by Google | Recommended by Google | How It Works


FROM: Yieldify
SUBJECT: Who/When/How?


Reaching out as it seems you oversee digital strategy for [COMPANY].

I want to introduce Yieldify’s platform as a revenue optimization solution that allows our customers to serve tailored experiences to:

* Whoever (any traffic source, product interest, site abandoners)
* Whenever (when leaving the site, when lost onsite)
* However (exit intent light boxes, corner highlights, dynamic content)

All of this in an easy to use interface.

Can we grab time Thursday afternoon to see if Yieldify aligns with your goals for this year?

Admin Lesley
Inside Sales Executive
Phone: 123-1234-1234



FROM: Leadspace
SUBJECT: Leadspace checking in


This is Admin Lesley over at Leadspace — are you familiar with us? I’m reaching out for a couple reasons. First, our end-to-end data management platform has been helping both Sales and Marketing professionals target new customers that look like their existing best customers. In fact, that’s how I came across [COMPANY] to begin with.

Depending on what your goals are for 2017, we may be able to help you grow the bottomline through areas like Predictive, Data Enrichment (“clean up”), and discovery of net new accounts and contacts.

Do you have a few minutes to connect and see if this is something that may be of value to you?

Best,Admin Lesley


FROM: Agile
SUBJECT: Be Honest… Are you really using your CRM?


Lack of automation leads to delayed responses and broken sales processes. This causes businesses to miss out on potential leads. We’ve built Agile CRM with love for small businesses so that they can run in a hassle-free way with automated workflows.

It has a lot to offer – Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Service Automation, Telephony, Landing Pages, Web Rules, Third Party Integrations, Contact Level Analytics and much more.

Click here for a quick slide show about the features and benefits of Agile CRM.

Signup and start using! It’s FREE!

Admin Lesley
Director of Sales Agile CRM
O. 415-123-4567
C. 415-123-4567


FROM: Boolean
SUBJECT: Feedback tool for [COMPANY NAME]


I found [COMPANY NAME] on Crunchbase. It looks like a great service to [MAIN FUNCTION].

I have developed a survey tool which will give you plenty of customer feedback. Would you like to try it?

Admin Lesley


FROM: Dashbot


Have you thought about analytics for voice and chat assistants? Dashbot is an analytics company that provides unique insight-to-action data for chatbots and voice assistants.

We have over 4,200 bots on our platform and have processed over 6.7 billion bot messages. We support Facebook, Slack, Google, and Kik natively, and have a generic API for any conversational interface.

Check it out for free: https://www.dashbot.io. Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like a demo!

Admin Lesley

Dashbot, Developer Evangelist
www.dashbot.io Connect with us: Facebook | Twitter | Blog | MeetUp



Schedule A Call Email Templates



Hey Admin Lesley let’s say you need to schedule a call with someone. These are templates you can use to get a meeting scheduled. They are geared towards getting meetings with potential clients.

Dear Marketing Manager,

Our company, [Company Name], would like to request a meeting with you to discuss the services that we can offer you. [Details of some of the services and company]

Please contact me with an opening in your schedule so that we can arrange a meeting.

Admin Lesley – 


This email starts off with a little flattery, and then goes in for an small 15 minute ask:

It’s great to finally connect with a sales legend!

Hi [First Name],

I have to say this right off the bat: I really admire the work you’ve done at {{Company}} and how you’ve improved {{What They’ve Done}}. I would love to pick your brain on {{Their Specific Skill}}.

I think you can continue to increase those sales with {{Your Services}} Time is precious but I wouldn’t ask if there wasn’t some substantial benefit for you — can steal you away for a 15 minute phone call tomorrow at 10AM EST?


This email is a but more casual and fun:

Hey Neville!

Mind if we hop on a (strictly timed) 15 minute call tomorrow?


I’d love to:
— Show you what our top clients is doing to get more emails.
— Show you where you site is lacking conversions.
— See if I can improve your conversions on the spot.

Does 4pm – 4:15pm on Tuesday sound good?

Talk soon,
Admin Lesley





I know that (OUR PRODUCT) will be able to help (NAME OF YOUR COMPANY) (INSERT HIGH LEVEL BENEFIT HERE). Are you available for a quick call (TIME OPTIONS)?

Admin Lesley




Because I work so much with (YOUR TARGETED INDUSTRY), I constantly follow industry news. Recently I noticed you’ve (INSERT COMPANY ACTION).

Usually when that happens, (INSERT BUSINESS ISSUE) becomes a priority. That’s why I thought you might be intestered in finding out how we helped (VANITY CUSTOMERS) get going quickly in their new direction – without any of the typical glitches.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call. How does (TIME OPTIONS) look on your calendar?

– Admin Lesley

P.S. If you’re not the right person to speak with, who do you recommend I talk to?



My name is (NAME) and I’m with (YOUR COMPANY NAME), a (WHAT YOU DO). We’ve worked with venture backed startups to Fortune 500 companies like (VANITY CUSTOMERS).

We take a different approach to growing companies and aren’t like other (COMPANIES IN YOUR NICHE). We move quickly and if we don’t think we can kick butt for you, we’ll be upfront about it.

Are you free for a chat (TIME OPTIONS) about (FIELD)?

–Admin Lesley


FROM: Admin Lesley
SUBJECT: [COMPANY] – Respond faster to customers


I’ve seen from your website that you’re getting repetitive support requests.

I’m the [TITLE] of [COMPANY] we help support teams treat all customer support in one screen. This way, the support team can respond faster to customers.

Do you think it could help [COMPANY]? If so, happy to tell you how (here’s my calendar) / show you a demo (we’re in SF too).

Admin Lesley


FROM: Admin Lesley
SUBJECT: Make diagramming more exciting


You guys are doing some pretty great things in the professional design space.

I’m reaching out because we’ve been able to help companies in similar situations drive increased visibility, collaboration, and efficiency as you diagram processes using Lucidchart. We offer integrations with G suite and can automate AWS network mapping. With over 10 million users, Lucidchart is the #1 alternative to Microsoft Visio.
I’d love to learn more about your business, and see if Lucidchart would be a good fit.

Do you have 5 minutes this week to talk?

Admin Lesley
Business Development, Lucid Software www.lucidchart.com


FROM: Codementor

Hi [CONTACT FIRST NAME] – You’re running a fast growing company so I’ll keep this brief.

We are an invite-only network of vetted developers who can help augment your team (adding a senior React dev for 3 months) or hit your product milestone faster. If you’re working on an iOS app, for example, we can help you launch it in two months instead of four.

Do you have 10 minutes for a chat in the next few days?

If not, who do you recommend I speak with?

Thanks in advance.

Admin Lesley
Business Development Specialist, Codementor
Need World-Class Freelance Developers?
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FROM: Upcounsel


I’m Admin Lesley from UpCounsel: A tech-enabled legal solutions provider & Menlo-backed company.

Companies like Airbnb, HotelTonight and Stripe rely on us everyday to handle their day-to-day legal work – while saving 60% on their legal bills, this includes: contracts, intellectual property, employment, etc.

We’re offering 10 minute demos, would you like to schedule one?

Admin Lesley | UpCounsel
Business Legal Solutions
Try It – See Our Rates & Attorneys!


FROM: Optimonk
SUBJECT: Appointment request

Hi {!first_name}, I’m Admin Lesley marketing manager at OptiMonk. We provide the most popular onsite retargeting tool for Shopify, which you can check here: https://apps.shopify.com/optimonk.

We have an award-winning strategy for increasing the number of leads, by spending less time, effort, risks, however more potential. It is something we’ve been working on in our marketing department and I would love to share it with you.

I’ve checked [COMPANY NAME] and I believe we have the same target market which is Shopify, so I thought this cooperation can be beneficial for both of us.

I would really appreciate a 15 minute call with you to share further details. I believe it will be huge for both of us.

Admin Lesley


FROM: [Zenefits]
SUBJECT: Something of interest for [COMPANY NAME]

Hi [CONTACT FIRST NAME], As a Co-founder in your industry, I wanted to reach out to you about [Company].

We save companies countless hours (and dollars) by automating the manual data entry typically associated with HR. We do this by giving you a single place to manage your HR administration, compliance, benefits, and payroll – making it easy for systems to sync and share information.

Why Our Customers Love Us: “Having a system like Zenefits means we’re able to compete with bigger companies that have a staff with so many HR people doing all this work.” – BioPoint, who relied on Zenefits to help them onboard 45 associates in 6 weeks.

I’d love to show you how Zenefits can be {!company_name}’s solution and partner in HR. Do you have some time this week for a quick chat?

Admin Lesley


FROM: Yodel
SUBJECT: Hello [CONTACT FIRST NAME], I have a question about your Slack integrations


Are you and your team avid Slack users? Are there some integrations that you wish you had? How would you like to get rid of your old phone system and run all your calls through Slack? Sweet right…we thought so too.

I am Admin Lesley from Yodel, the first fully integrated phone system for Slack. We give you the ability to ditch your old phone system and give you your very own virtual receptionist, through Slack, that automatically routes phone calls to the right team member.

This makes incoming calls and customer service a synch.

Does this sound like something you’d like to try for free? I’d be happy to show you how it works or simply give you and your team access. If so, here is my calendar to book a time this week or next.

Admin Lesley

Introduction Email templates


Let’s say you’re trying to introduce some folks over email. Here’s some helpful templates and examples you can copy.

Introducing two people who can work with each other:

Subject 1: [PERSON 1] + [PERSON 2] Introduction Request
Subject 2: [PERSON 1] meet [PERSON 2]
Subject 3: You two should meet!

Hey [PERSON 1] and [PERSON 2],

You two should definitely meet and talk about stuff. You’re a perfect fit:

[PERSON 1]: Is amazing with SEO and anything website related. Phone: 222-222-2222 | Email: person1@person1.com

[PERSON 2]: Is looking for someone who is amazing at SEO! Phone number: 555-555-5555 | Email: person2@person2.com I’ll let you two take it from here!

Admin Lesley


This is a more casual introduction for two friends who may get along:

Subject 1:Hey [PERSON 1], meet [PERSON 2]
Subject 2: In town….meet up?
Subject 3: [PERSON 1] & [PERSON 2] sittin’ in a tree…..

[PERSON 1] is going to be in San Francisco this weekend, and he runs an awesome company.

[PERSON 2] is my go-to person in San Francisco that organizes all the tech events. He knows everyone, and am pretty sure he’s throwing an event this week. [PERSON 1] you should join!!

I’ll let you two take over from here. [PERSON 1]: email@email.com, 333-333-3333, Facebook Profile.
[PERSON 2]: email@email.com, 666-666-6666, Facebook Profile. Hope you two have fun 🙂

Admin Lesley


This is a formal introduction for work acquaintances:

Subject 1: Introduction to [PERSON 1] and [PERSON 2]
Subject 2: Job search meeting.
Subject 3:[PERSON 1] & [PERSON 2] sittin’ in a tree…..

Hi [PERSON 1],

Thanks so much for agreeing to talk to [PERSON 2] about her job search and what it’s like to be in your field. I’ve copied her on this email so you can connect directly for short phone call.

[PERSON 2], as I mentioned, [PERSON 1] is the best lawyer I know, and is a true expert in the industry. [PERSON 1] will tell you what the work life really is like.

I’ll let you two take it from here.

Admin Lesley


This is a fun introduction that combines personal and business:

Subject 1: [PERSON 2] has the cutest dog!
Subject 2: [PERSON 1] <--> [PERSON 2]
Subject 3: [PERSON 1] + [PERSON 2] = Best Buds!D

Dear [PERSON 1],

[PERSON 2] has the cutest dog ever….check him out!
That’s Donnie. He’s awesome.

[PERSON 1], [PERSON 2], and Donnie should meet up for a quick coffee this weekend. You all live in Hayes Valley, and can discuss working together on the new project!

[PERSON 1]: email@email.com, 333-333-3333, Facebook Profile.
[PERSON 2]: email@email.com, 666-666-6666, Facebook Profile.
Donnie The Dog: bark@puppies.com.

Admin Lesley


This is a real email that was sent to introduce Susan to Ralph.

Subject: Susan, Meet Ralph; Ralph, Meet Susan

I am introducing you two because I think you would enjoy meeting and sharing your knowledge.

Susan, Ralph is an archivist in our San Francisco office. He moved there from Seattle four years ago and can share lots of insights about the SF team and the city. He is a foodie and a baseball junkie.

Ralph, Susan moves from Portland to SF next month. She has been with us seven years as a database expert. I bet she can share wisdom to help with your project. Susan is excited about her move into the big leagues of the company and baseball. Go Giants!

You now have each other’s addresses.

You can take it from here.
Admin Lesley


This is an email sent to introduce Marta and Jeff.

Subject: Introducing You Two for Networking

Hi, Marta and Jeff. I’m delighted to introduce you.

Marta, I met Jeff about a year ago and was struck by his passion for collaboration, mediation, and leadership; his wide breadth of knowledge for a young man, and his engaging demeanor.

Jeff is a delight to get to know. Jeff, I have known Marta for many years. She is a gifted collaborator, an incisive thinker, and a wonderful person who is passionate and active in social justice issues. Much of her work experience has involved mediating on environmental issues.

I believe meeting would be a rich experience for you both, and I hope you will connect soon.

Admin Lesley

This is a real email that was sent to introduce Bob and Janice.

Subject: Susan, Meet Ralph; Ralph, Meet Susan

Dear Bob,

I’m writing to introduce you to Janice.

I know Janice through the Brandon Theater Group, where, as you know, I am the technical director. Janice and I have worked together on several local theater projects. She is a terrific stage manager with over 10 years of experience.

Janice is interested in relocating to the San Francisco area in the near future and would appreciate any recommendations you could offer her for conducting a job search for a theater position and any help you can provide with the logistics of relocating to California.

I’ve attached her resume for your review and you can contact her at janicedolan@email.com or 555-555-5555. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.


Admin Lesley

Follow Up Email Templates


A follow up email is super important after several events:

  • Following up after a sales call.
  • Following up after a job interview.
  • Following up after a client meeting.
  • Following up after getting no response (but still being courteous about it).

Below we’ve included templates for each which you can copy/paste.

Quick Jump: Follow up after a sales call | Follow up after a job interview | Follow up after a client meeting | Follow up after getting no response | Follow up email tips | Download all templates

Follow up email after a sales call:
An easy way to follow up after a sales call, even if there is no planned next meeting, is to provide some value. In this example we are just linking a few of the cool tools we discussed over the sales call.

Just give a quick few links and stop.  Make your last interaction with them a pleasant/useful one!

Theme of email: Send them useful tools you may have discussed on the call.

Possible Subject Lines: Stuff from call. The links you wanted. Call notes. All the links you liked

Awesome meeting today.  We talked about a few tools that might help, here they are.

  • Sumo - Add email collection to your site like we talked about.
  • SwipeFile - A publicly updated swipe file so you don't have to keep one.
  • Momentum Chrome Extension - That tab on my screen you said you liked.

Talk again soon!
Neville – 555.555.5555

If you’re selling to large companies, often times you’ll have one person who will be your “product champion” within the company. Arm this person with some helpful materials they can show their colleagues to convince them to use your product.

Theme of email: Send them materials they can share around the office.

Hey Jill,

It was great meeting this afternoon.

1.) Here’s a handy Business One Pager you can print and send to anyone in the department.

2.) I’ve attached the full slide deck in a PowerPoint to this email.

3.) I’ve also attached the full custom SEO report on your website. Feel free to share this around the team.

Talk soon,
Neville – 555.555.5555


Follow up email after a job interview:
If you’re really gunning for a specific job, it’s always helpful to stand out from the crowd, and go above-and-beyond other applicants.

Most people beg for a job and hope it works out.  Superstars however can go above-and-beyond to impress (see what recruiters are looking for in a job interview). For this template I created a one page Google Doc with an outline for the help I can offer the company.  This took me less than 10 minutes, and you can copy the template for yourself.

This is the kind of stuff that could push you over the top for a company to choose you. My buddy Noah got a job at Mint by making a full marketing outline for the entire company. He didn’t have to do this, but because he did, he got the job.

Theme of email: Go above-and-beyond by sending them a custom outline of what you can help with.

Hey Jim, it was great meeting!

I’ve included a small one-page document outlining the immediate problems I saw. I would love to help the team fix all of these!


Neville Medhora – 555.555.5555

A quick followup with a little bit about you can always help solidify what happened in your interview.

Hi Linda,

It was fantastic interviewing yesterday! Would love to join the awesome team, and have a bunch of great ideas and work to contribute.

If there are any updates on the hiring process, please let me know. Look forward to speaking with you soon!

Neville Medhora


Follow up email after a client meeting:
If you have a meeting with an existing client, it’s always useful to know the next step you’re taking together. This helps both parties understand what page they’re on, and avoids a bunch of useless back-n-forth emails later on.

Theme of email: Give a quick re-cap of what (and when) the next things are happening.

Hey Bill, awesome meeting today. Just a quick re-cap of what’s happening next:

July 20th: I will send you the full set of image deliverables.
July 25th: Get back to me with any changes your team has.
July 31st: We’ll have the final revisions done.

If you need anything before then just let me know. Otherwise I’ll see you and the team at the all-hands-on-deck meeting in August!

-Neville – 555.555.5555

Another thing you can do is send a helpful set of notes from the meeting, or share any materials that were involved:

Theme of email: Send a helpful email with notes and materials.

Hey Growth Hacker Team,

Here’s all the notes and goodies that were on the call:

-The slides: [link]
-PDF version of the notes Aaron took: [link]
-The July SEO report: [link]

I’ve also attached these all in our Slack channel so we can access them later. No response needed.



Follow up after getting no response:
Let’s say you do a couple of calls with a person/company, and they ghost on you.  Here’s a simple email to get their attention and cuts straight to the point:

Hey Erica, quick followup.

I’m not sure what our next step is. Let me know course of action makes sense (if any).

Thanks for your response.
-Neville – 555.555.5555


Here’s a classic email for following up after getting no response from a client:

Possible Subject Lines:Closing your file?
Your file will be closed.
Closing your account.
Close out this account?

Hey Niles,

We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically when I haven’t heard back from someone it means they’re either really busy or aren’t interested.

If you aren’t interested, do I have your permission to close your file?

If you’re still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?

Thanks for your help.


This is a low-commitment email that just allows them to respond back with one word. I’ve seen in B2B that sometimes ultra-short and informal emails will get a reply quickly.

Hey Ryan, can you reply back to this email with a quick “yay” or “nay” on moving forward with this?

Either is great, just wanted to be sure!


Psychological triggers to use in a follow up email:
Here’s some “triggers” with examples you can use.

For brevity sake I’ll only be using small snippets in these examples:

1.) Scarcity:
Make them think the deal is going away, or they are missing out.

Hey Reena,
We’ve got 10 engineers ready to go this quarter, but if we don’t close this deal by next week the company is allocating them to another project. Let me know by Friday if this is a solid go, or we’ll pass for now and contact you next year.


2.) Extreme Honesty:
Show some real vulnerability and honest.

Hey Laura, being completely honest here: We’re willing to go low as $125,000/yr, but lower than that is not profitable for us.

Let me know this week and I can lock in that price, otherwise the PM told me we’re closing out this account.

3.) Question Their Power:
I do not condone using this except in rare situations! This method might burn bridges, so beware.

Hey Jim, seems like we might be asking the wrong department about this, can you forward me to the person/department who can make this happen?


4.) Use Specific Facts:
By quoting actual numbers, one of them might capture the attention.

Hey Aaron, still debating if we’re worth it?

22,374 project managers around the world using us everyday.
2,300 job applications get filled per day.
98.5% of our customers re-use us when they need new hires.

Hopefully we get 1 new PM on board named Aaron!


5.) Intrigue them with stuff about themselves:
Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves, so maybe indulge that with some cool tools. I used PhotoFeeler a lot in my post on how to choose the right photo for your social accounts. I’ve found this to be an awesome little tool to run people’s public photos through, then send them the results!

Hey David, I noticed you’ve got different pictures on your LinkedIn and AngelList accounts. Ran them through a voting process, turns out the photo on the right performed 50% better!

From the results we’ve seen at our own firm, you might want to change your LinkedIn photo to the highest rated one. I know it sounds silly, but we see better results with our salespeople when they use highly rated pictures!


Cold Emails (and how to get people to respond to them)


One of the first things to understand about cold email is the psychology behind it. This is crucial, as you can send thousands of cold emails and never get a response.

Remember before cold emailing:  

1.) The person DID NOT ASK to be emailed.

So if people don’t respond to your email, don’t take it personally. MOST people you cold email will not reply.

2.) If you mass-send a lot of cold email, this is borderline spamming.

“Blasting out thousands of emails to people who didn’t ask for them” is not sales, it’s spamming. Beware of this. I’ve seen people’s accounts get banned, and potential customers very annoyed when someone sends too much useless email.

3.) Shorter emails almost ALWAYS work better.

In nearly every case I’ve ever seen through hundreds of companies, extremely short cold emails tend to work best.

4.) The more “personal” it sounds, the better.

If it looks like it came from a real human, it has a higher chance of being opened.

5.) Your email should make their life better/easier. Not harder.

Many cold emails are long, hard to read, boring, and require the reader to take a bunch of actions. SCREW THAT! The busy person you’re trying to reach doesn’t want MORE work, they want less! So give them a SOLUTION, not a chore.


Understand “The Gatekeeper” is getting bombarded:

Here’s an interview with Collin Sutton. He’s the director of social media marketing for OMD. This means he’s constantly bombarded with 100’s of emails and calls to get his business.

This interview demonstrates how much he’s sought after, and why he answers only 1 out of 30 cold emails….and what ACTUALLY catches his eye in a cold email to get him to call them back:


Let’s write a cold email:

Watch as we type out a simple B2B email. It’s not as complex as some people make it out to be:


Let’s write a cold email (w/ Neville):

Same as above, but you get to see Neville in action 😛


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