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Scripts for Getting Gigs

Here are all the scripts and templates we will use throughout the class. You can Quick Jump to any template from here:

Sample Portfolio Template:

First of all, I would like you to click this Sample Portfolio doc and make a copy of it for yourself (File --> Make A Copy) and fill it out with your skills:


Email Copywriting Template for $100:

This is a handy template to sell people your email copywriting services as a beginner:



Photography Service Template:

Let's say you've got a nice camera, and want to make a bit of money from doing some photography, this is a script that's worked over and over for people to drum up new clients:


Hey friends! As you know I do photography on the side, and would like to offer friends a 1-hour photoshoot for just $100.

In this photoshoot we can take professional head shots, family portraits, or even puppy pics.
--You get all the pictures to keep.
--A normal photoshoot can cost upwards of $500, so this is a great deal.
--I'll take care of all the photography and editing. You just show up wearing nice clothes!

So if you're ready to get some great photos taken, message me or hit me up at 555-555-5555

Your Best Photographer Friend



Wordpress Page Building for $100:

This is a proven template (has been used successfully many times to get client work well into the thousands of dollars) for setting up Wordpress websites for people. Wordpress is super easy for some people, but others find it very complicated and hard. Well let's accept money from those people who find it hard, and build their Wordpress websites for them! Simply copy/paste this template (just change your personal details) into your personal Facebook status update.


Editing Services:

This is a template requested by Nadia to sell her proofing and editing services:


Hey everyone,

I'm an experienced proofreader and editor with a ton of experience, and I can help you on your next project.

My experience includes:

--Proofreading, formatting, and publishing blog posts—50 to date—written by top editors in Canada, and serving as a social media contributor for the official blog of Canada’s national editorial association.
--Writing many non-profit communications, including grant proposals, sponsorship solicitation letters, emergency contact-information sheets, and event-evaluation forms.
--Taught English conversational skills to adults and children and marked IELTS papers at the British Council in Amman, Jordan.
--Edited books of up to 4,000+ words and wrote advertorials and articles on health-related topics as a ghostwriter for a $10M company.

If you need editing help for an sort of book, ebook, webpage, or documents for your company, I'm here to help. Please message me if you'd like me to help with your project.

If you know someone else who might be interested in my editing or proofreading services, please tag them in the comments.

Admin Lesley


Wardrobe Stylist for Men:

Let's say you've got a flair for fashion, and you want to help someone local build a wardrobe, here's a hand template to post to friends and family in your area.

Making Messenger Bots:

There's always new technologies coming around that go through "hype phases", which is great because if you learn that technology a lot of people will want your services during that phase. Right now "Facebook Messenger Bots" are making some buzz, so here's a template offering that service:

Cold Calling for Validating Ideas:

his is a script that brought Deon a client in under 2 minutes, then 4 more, then $1,000+ gigs. We wrote Deon this script so he could cold calling services to a list of customers. Here it is:

Converting Blog Posts into Multiple Forms of Social Media:

This is a super cool idea that's been getting very popular lately. It also doesn't require a tremendous amount of technical skill, but just a little (photo editing, a bit of writing etc).

Hey all my friends with websites,

Your website is most likely missing out on a ton of traffic from social platforms. Most people just share a link to their blog posts from social, but that's not a great way to do it.

You've got to customize each post to the specific social platform.
--Twitter: You've got to make under 140 character descriptions, and 506 x 253 pixel images for sharing.
--Facebook: You've got to write descriptions that are about 1 paragraph long, and images that are 470 x 470 pixels.
--Pinterest: You've got to make images that are optimally 735 pixels wide and adjusted for height.
--Instagram: You've got to make images that are 1080px by 1080px so they show up well. ....this list of rules goes on...

That's a lot of work!!

But fortunately I'm performing a Blog Content -to- Social Platform service for only $100 (this is a one-time offer).

For just $100 I will:
--Take 10 blog posts or website links and format them for sharing on:
--Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIN.
--This will include all the photo editing and making images.
--This will include all the custom written descriptions.

Every digital agency has an entire team of people that do EXACTLY THIS JOB. That's pretty expensive, but I'll do the same thing for you for only $100 for your top 10 blog posts.

You'll then forever be able to re-share these articles on those platforms, properly written and properly formatted for images. When you make a post specifically designed for each platform, engagement and exposure goes way up.

If you want to be one of the few lucky people getting this service for only $100, PM me or write "LET'S GET STARTED" in the comments. I'll be taking this down soon, so let me know right away.

Thank you!
Admin Lesley



Catering Business:

This is a fantastic script written by Nikhil to promote his dad's new tandoori chicken catering services. Since he is posting this to family and friends on his personal FB account, he even asks for some help naming the business at the end:

Facebook Ads for Lead Generation:

If you are trying to run Facebook Ads for a specific niche, you can use this script. Swap out the niche and any relevant numbers. This script is trying to sell Facebook Ad services to yoga studios:

Prototyping a Business or Tech:

Let's say you've got a lot of experience in an area (such as eCommerce for this example), and you want to help others save time and money by advising them. This script will offer that as a service:

Amazon FBA Review:

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a decently hot thing right now, and a lot of people solely sell through Amazon. If you are experienced with Amazon FBA, you can do a "product review" of someone's product listing for them. Even if you help them bump up the conversion just a little, it can make a real difference in sales.


Linux Installation and Help:

This script was requested by Samuel to see if he could help people install Linux:

Warm Calling Customers:

Let's say you're good on the phone and would like to call customers for a business, this script could help:

Bookkeeping script to post on Facebook.

This is a great script for bookkeepers to use to get gigs directly from their network. 


Hey Friends,

As you may know I do bookkeeping for businesses. With tax season coming up next week, if you need any help with your bookkeeping I am doing a special:

For $100 I will do a basic setup of your bookkeeping within 48 hours.

If you need your books done but don't know where to start, I'll guide you through the whole process. We’ll hop on a call together and within 48 hours I’ll get your entire bookkeeping process setup.

I am able to:
-- Configure your software such as QuickBooks
-- Check for any errors in your numbers and make sure everything matches up.
-- Answer all your bookkeeping questions.

I am doing a very limited promotion of a flat $100 fee for this ENTIRE service for the first two people. Many bookkeepers charge starting at $125/hour, so this is extremely generous!

Admin Lesley
– Phone/Text: 555-555-5555

P.S. If you know anyone that might want my help with their bookkeeping, please tag them.

Copywriter Q&A


In this section we’ll take various questions from real copywriters and see if we can fix/improve them live!

Getting freelance income writing for a PhD developing a following.

Natali is a PhD student who writes on the side and developed a bit of a following on Medium. She wants to see how to best parlay this into a business. We show her how to develop a portfolio and get more freelancing clients.



I wrote an email for a copywriting client, but they are insisting on adding their own content, what to do?

Katie got 7 new copywriting clients, and one of them wants to add an “About Us” section despite it being a not-so-great idea. We show how to get around this and appease the client while still making sales.



How to deal with clients who want to add “about us” info

Katie is trying to get her clients to understand that giving a long-winded explanation about the history of the company will not necessarily add to sales.



Should I keep my personal website seperate from my business website?

 We help Natali decide which website she should keep, or if she should make two. Then we go through her About page to add more personality.



Can you take a look at my Upwork profile and see what I can add to get it accepted?

We go through a bunch of different ways for Roger to increase the professional level of his UpWork profile so he can get accepted on the platform.



How to get more gigs on UpWork for my profile.

 We see how Katie can get more gigs on UpWork by upping the social proof metrics.



Gerard gets one shot to impress a freelance client with a high performing Facebook.

A video creator wants Gerard to beat his control Facebook Ad, we try to best figure out which one performs, and how to approach clients like this.



Making a template to cold email companies for freelance copywriting gigs

 Watch how we optimize Gerard’s email for getting more freelance writing gigs in the Ed-Tech space.



    Magic questions to ask before a consultation.
    Lee wanted to know what “magic questions” to ask before starting a consultation with a client that would help him better understand their business.



    Best lead capture page style for getting clients
    We change up Gerard’s lead capture page to be more effective.



    Changing up a consulting website to be more effective.
    It’s easy to help clients with their website, but hard to do it for yourself. So we help Michael optimize his website.



Your Copywriting Portfolio

Starting your first simple portfolio
Don’t get caught up in making a fancy portfolio. In fact just use a free Google Document to start off!

Here’s an example of my own copywriting portfolio I send to potential clients. I just share the doc with their email address (this makes them feel “special” as only they can access it)!

Here’s a template I use, and you can copy too:


A Google Doc is a great way to keep your portfolio because its SO easy to update, SO easy to share, and you can change it up quickly based on the individual client.

Some portfolio advice…
Make sure you don’t get too fancy on your credentials, instead talk about your results:


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