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Sales Page Test & Feedback with CopyTesting


We used CopyTesting.com to see what strangers thought of our sales page. Watch here:

Sometimes when you look at your own copy 1,000's of times, you start to get "in the box" and it's hard to see outside the box.

Inside The BoxThis guy is "inside the box"

So we ran a test:

▸ 3 questions asked.

▸ 10 sections of the sales page.

▸ 20 people tested.

▸ See the public results here.

Here's quick breakdown of each section, with a few pieces of feedback on each:


Section 1: Header statement

This is the very first thing people see on the page.


  • The repetitive nature of the word Unlimited. It's kind of hard on the eyes. Sadie, 26, Colorado.
  • So far this seems a little simple. Jim, 32, Massachusetts.
  • I understand that you are stressing the word "unlimited." But it is very repetitive for the reader. Consider combing this section into one sentence and list all of the unlimited offerings, separated by a comma. Keith, 46, Oregon.
  • The section is straightforward in that the features listed are unlimited, however, it does not describe the features in a detailed way that could help possible customers figure out if they want these features. Ric, 33, New Jersey.
  • It is stating that there are "unlimited" features, but it doesn't describe what this service provides to the customer. The message must explain the purpose before any details. Thomas, 36, Ohio.
  • That they offer a lot of useful unlimited services. Ralf, 35, Texas.
  • The word "unlimited" is used too often and is distracting. All uses of the word in this section could be replaced with one use of the word without introducing ambiguity. Crystal, 42, Arizona.
  • The text isn't centered. Aar, 42, Ohio.
  • This shouldn't be centered text. Too much "unlimited." Mark, 33, West Virginia.
  • My reaction towards this reading is that after reading it i feel like putting in for the course. Blue, 30, New Jersey.
  • It kind of seems like bad formatting to me. I think UNLIMITED should be at the top in larger font and then list everything below it rather than keep repeating the word Unlimited over and over. Joseph, 27, Michigan.



Section 2: Sales slideshow

This is an embedded Google Slides document on the sales page that takes people through a quick tour.


  • I like the cute picture, but it doesn't really go with it. Looks too kiddy. Stephanie, 36, California.
  • I think that this illustration looks a little amateur. Sadie, 26, Colorado.
  • I need more details about how you are going to do this. If I am a business man, I feel like I have a good handle on how to write a convincing email to clients. You need to sell the consumer more on why you are special. Jim, 32, Massachusetts.
  • This illustration looks childish and unprofessional. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • I think it would be beneficial to any business to increase their email quality to interact with customers. ric, 33, New Jersey
  • It seems promising. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • the little guy on the chair looks really poorly done. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • I feel like the course will help me with e-mail marketing I will like to enrol for the course. mark, 33, West Virginia
  • There is bad grammar in this sense. The stick figure is a horrible graphic. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • The graphic is a bit off-putting. It looks cheap and unprofessional. Blue, 30, New Jersey
  • Seems too childish and unnecessary. Michael, 37, Minnesota
  • The very simplistic art is kind of endearing, yet maybe a bit too cheap-looking. Darren, 27, Oregon
  • A lot of successful people use this. Nicholas, 26, New York
  • I think that is looks very childish and dumb. Jason, 35, Indiana


Section 3: What you learn and who joins

This is a quick synopsis of what Copywriting Course is about.


  • It's way too wordy. Too much to read. Don't like how the text is ordered. Stephanie, 36, California
  • That's a lot of offering to give to clients. Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • I am not sure why you use the letter 'k' to spell 'kopywriting' and 'kourse.' Other than that, this is a good comprehensive list that shows what you offer. Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • The course covers a lot of ground and could provide a good value. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • It is quite beneficial for any business to learn how to write better because communication is key to selling your products. ric, 33, New Jersey
  • That there are a lot of services available. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • There is too much to read in this section and the text is awkwardly formatted. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • That's a lot of words to read and why are there dots on either side of the words. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • This information isn't bad, but its visual presentation is horrible. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • much is not written about certification, which type of certification will i receive when am through. mark, 33, West Virginia
  • There's a lot of information here. This is the main highlight of the entire page. It really breaks down what the course consists of and who it would be useful for. Blue, 30, New Jersey


Section 4: Features and Benefits

This section is a pretty normal features and benefits listing.


  • I like the example email and that it's prompting me to take action. Stephanie, 36, California
  • I like that it offers continuous help. Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • I like that you can get critiques right away on the email writing. This would be very helpful. Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • The course offers both instruction form people and instructional videos. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • The accompanying picture is too small to read and therefore unuseful. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • That the review on the left seems handpicked. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • The graphic is a lot better on this one, but the copywrite is full of errors. The rationale presented here is flawed and pointless. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • the first couple of text are too much there the first 5 bold text are too much. mark, 33, West Virginia
  • I didn't see this until now, but I am glad that this was highlighted. I think this is an excellent selling point. Having access to a community of copy writing professionals is very useful and this will draw people in. Blue, 30, New Jersey
  • My first reaction is that I like the part that mentions the learning is an active process.  Joseph, 27, Michigan
  • I think this is a wonderful contribution to the course because you can get feedback on your practice writing in order to improve. I think it's a very useful tool. Kristen, 32, Florid


Section 5: Certification

We show that people can get certified.

sales page testing 5

  • I like the certification logo. Certification sounds professional. Stephanie, 36, California
  • I would be more inclined to use this after reading this section. Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • I am not sure of the legitimacy of this certificate. I don't know whether respected companies will value this at all. Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • This course offers a certification that others will recognize and can add value. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • It gives me a feeling of accomplishing something, like getting my college degree. ric, 33, New Jersey
  • Seems useful if you want to have something to show from your courses. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • Getting certified is intriguing and an enticing prospect. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • How the picture and the text aren't aligned. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • They made up their own certification. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • I need more explanation on what cold email is. mark, 33, West Virginia
  • This is a very interesting concept, but I'm curious how proven their claim is that is 'actually means something,' Blue, 30, New Jersey
  • I am impressed with the certification that is available upon completion of the course. Joseph, 27, Michigan
  • A certification will give you some good incentive to complete the course. I will also boost your confidence and morale. Kristen, 32, Florida
  • Big deal, a certification from something no one has heard of. Michael, 37, Minnesota
  • Seems like they're trying too hard to seem credible or legitimate. Also the logo on the left is off-center, which is annoying to me. Darren, 27, Oregon
  • This seems legit and professional Nicholas, 26, New York



Section 6: What's inside

This is a listing section of all the stuff included.

sales page testing 6

  • It's very well organized and tells me exactly what is included. I like the overview of the courses. Stephanie, 36, California
  • I think that this would make a good physical pamphlet as well. Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • These prices are very high. Does the company suggest I buy all of these? Which are most vital? Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • This section shows how many individual lessons are included with the course. It appears to be quite a lot. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • I appreciate all the different courses offered and the brief descriptions on how they could help me.  ric, 33, New Jersey
  •  There is a lot if information presented. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • The amount of content in the courses is somewhat overwhelming and I would be unsure where to start. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • The amount of options are overwhelming. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • The visual appeal and flow on this page is far better than the rest so far. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • i love the how the courses are placed in tiles and i have enough information mark, 33, West Virginia
  • I like the graphics and how each course/topic is separated and explained individually. I also like how it's organized with 3 in each row. Another impression I have is that wow, a lot of stuff is covered. Blue, 30, New Jersey
  • I am impressed by all the individual components of the course. Joseph, 27, Michigan
  • I think there are a lot of great options for everyone out there. There are specific courses for people who want to learn about specific things, and then there's also broader courses for exapnded learning. Kristen, 32, Florida
  • I swear I've read all of this in previous highlights, this just adds pricing Michael, 37, Minnesota
  • This is a way more professionally written page. Nicholas, 26, New York



Section 7: Real copywriting example

This is an example of copywriting improving an email campaign.

sales page testing 7

  • I like the image of the scale. It illustrates it well. I like the red and green parts to illustrate points. Stephanie, 36, California
  • I think that this is very informative, but I am not sure I love the way it looks Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • This is a good way to sell. People love to see the progress this online win merchant made through this program. Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • It offers a testimonial that demonstrates what the skills taught in the course can do to improve business. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • It seems amazing based on the example provided that by learning copywriting, the business was able to increase revenue exponentially. ric, 33, New Jersey
  • There is some useful information on examples of boosted revenue. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • The accompanying graphics are poor quality or low quality. The before and after images are too small to read and therefore not useful. The scale showing the benefit is not immediately clear. The color in the text is also somewhat distracting and does not look professional. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • how tacky both the before and after look. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • Looks like a fun page to read and see examples. Visually, the layout is acceptable. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • the fonts are not bright enough and they are not enticing mark, 33, West Virginia
  • So my first impression is that I can't even read anything that is written below Before and after other than the numbers. I clicked on the live link to see if it looked different, but it doesn't. It doesn't even give the option to click on it and make it bigger. This seems like a red flag to me. Blue, 30, New Jersey
  • I am impressed with the positive results that occurred in the example company presented. Joseph, 27, Michigan



Section 8: What you will learn

What you will learn inside.

sales page testing 8

  • It's very wordy and there's a lot to read. It's a bit overwhelming. Stephanie, 36, California
  • Good break down off the offerings in the course. Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • This section is good because it is very organized and simple to navigate for the reader. Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • This section provides a comprehensive overview of the main points covered by the course. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • I like the summary of each aspect of the course I will learn over time. It allows me to quickly glance over the service. ric, 33, New Jersey
  • Lots of learning points. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • Some of the text is cut off and also the check marks seem unnecessary. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • this sounds like something that was already said before on the webpage. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • This page is well put together and an upgrade from the previous content. The information is presented is visually attractive and easy to read. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • i love the uniqueness of this section from the color to the design it looks awesome. mark, 33, West Virginia
  • My first thought is why is this all the way down here? I think this should be up higher because it contains useful and more compelling information than some of the other things above it. Blue, 30, New
  • I am impressed by all the skills that someone could learn. Joseph, 27, Michigan
  • I think the visuals are appealing and I like how everything that has a heading has a good description underneath. Kristen, 32, Florida
  • This whole thing is redundant and has been mentioned already, it's like content is being recycled to fill space. Michael, 37, Minnesota
  • Not a fan of the color choices. Light blue on dark blue feels very cold and not exciting. The checkmarks are also really big. Also the language used to describe each aspect of the Kourse is almost too casual to me. Darren, 27, Oregon



Section 9: Testimonials

A standard testimonials section.

sales page testing 9

  • I like the testimonials. It makes me trust it more. Stephanie, 36, California
  • It is always a good idea to get testimonials from satisfied customers. Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • Good, concise testimonials from respected sources. This is a good section. Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • This demonstrates real people have benefitted from the course in meaningful and measurable ways. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • The testimonials show that this service has credibility. ric, 33, New Jersey
  • I feel confused because I have no idea who Neville is. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • The contrast of the accompanying images is low. The quotes used also seem to be hand-picked to highlight the service in the best way possible and therefore makes it seem a bit disingenuous. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • this webpage is way too long. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • I like these testimonials as it puts a face to the process. I was wondering what age bracket and demographic might use this service. Aar, 42, Ohio
  • the text is too faded and can not be seen well enough. mark, 33, West Virginia
  • Who are these people? I don't think this section should say 'high up people.' Blue, 30, New Jersey
  • I am impressed by the positive remarks by the reviewers of this product. Joseph, 27, Michigan
  • This a great personal connection from members to the course. It gives great reviews from real people who have found success using this program. Kristen, 32, Florida
  • a bunch of positives from companies I've never heard of. Michael, 37, Minnesota
  • My first reaction was 'Who is Neville?' It wasn't immediately clear to me if this was still about the Copywriting Course. Darren, 27, Oregon
  • It looks like there's some good testimonials. Nicholas, 26, New York



Section 10: Pricing and buy button

This is a summary and buying section.

sales page testing 10

  • I like the summary and the explanation of courses. Stephanie, 36, California
  • Nice little closure at the end to sum it all up! Sadie, 26, Colorado
  • There are too many prices on this page. You are selling to hard. The prices are arbitrary numbers created by you. The dollar amount is just assumed. Jim, 32, Massachusetts
  • This course provides a great deal of value and a lot of content. Keith, 46, Oregon
  • There are many courses available and it seems quite valuable to get the yearly pass. ric, 33, New Jersey
  • I just feels like an oversell to me. Thomas, 36, Ohio
  • A lot of access given and it seems that a lot of money could be saved by using this offer. Ralf, 35, Texas
  • I still have no idea how much this costs. Crystal, 42, Arizona
  • nice looks, i love the color choice white on blue background. mark, 33, West Virginia
  • Looks like a typical closing point summing up everything offered. Blue, 30, New Jersey
  • I am impressed by the large number of courses included. Joseph, 27, Michigan
  • This is a great summary with prices included of all the courses this company offers. It gives an overall look at the courses and an easy "join now" option at the bottom. Kristen, 32, Florida
  • Way too expensive. Michael, 37, Minnesota
  • Wow this is really long. Also a lot of information of the worth of individual parts of the course but nothing on the actual price. Darren, 27, Oregon
  • This is starting to look very expensive. Nicholas, 26, New York
  • This is way too expensive for my blood. Jason, 35, Indiana
  • I find this to be very comprehensive and the amount of products broken down by the cost is very useful. Chris, 30, Washington


If you want to see a walkthrough of the test, make sure to


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