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History Of Communication


We communicate a lot more now thanks to technology:

history of communication

In the past most communication was done within a 10 foot radius. In ~20-ish years we've increased that radius to the entire world.

It's why learning to communicate effectively is a much more powerful skill than back in the day.

• 5,000 BC: Tell the person next to you something.

• 1,000 BC: Scribble a hieroglyph on a rock, hope someone sees it.

• 0 BC: Hire a scribe to write a letter.

• 1,000 AD: Still writing letters...

• 1840 AD: Send a telegraph to certain areas. 

• 1876 AD: Make a crappy phone call to select areas.

• 1998 AD: People can call, email, text, chat.

• 2,010 AD: Video chat, everyone has cell phones, email, social media.

• 2,017 AD: Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, stuff that talks to you.

• 2,020+ AD: Virtual reality? Augmented reality? Other?



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