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    Hey [wlm_firstname], you should first congratulate yourself, because by the end of this KopywritingKourse you'll be writing in a whole new way. You're about to learn the principles of writing good copy. You’re also going to learn actual style elements to use that will make your copy better. You'll learn that "copy" isn't only written words....
    • ...it's audio.
    • ...it's video.
    • ...it's what's on your webpage.
    • ...it's the letters you write to friends and business contacts.
    This "Copywriting Course" will literally change the way you write EVERYTHING! Now why should you trust me? My name is Neville Medhora and I started studying the art of copywriting to help out my own businesses. I noticed when I sent out emails or wrote content for a page according to proper copywriting principles, THINGS MAGICALLY SOLD BETTER! But it wasn’t “magic” at all. It was simply applying the science and psychology of selling. To this day, I obsessively read everything, listen to everything, and watch everything I can about copywriting , and I've noticed patterns. The successful copywriters and advertisers through history have followed pretty much the same rules since the late 1800's....and those are what I’m sharing with you today. I don't care what you paid for this course, it was worth it because... ...it will change your writing forever! Here’s a couple of pictures of me hanging out with some of the top copywriters in the world (you may not have heard of all of them....but ask anyone in the world of copywriting about these guys, and they’ll agree): Me with the famous Joseph Sugarman: Neville with Joe Polish: Neville with Michael Fishman: Meeting Bill Phillips: Neville hanging out with Jay Abraham: Neville hanging out with John Carlton: The point of these pictures (besides showing off a little bit) is to let you know I've been to all the conferences, read all the books, watched all the videos, taken all the courses, and ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTED EVERYTHING I’VE LEARNED. I’ve first-hand seen what succeeds, and what failed, and that I've taken all this information and distilled it down into small chunks for you. This means the following information in this Kourse is carefully curated so you learn the most stuff, in the least amount of time. By the way, I don't only write for other people. No no no...I've written for all the companies I have ownership in:

    Currently involved with:

    • NevBlog: One of the very first financial blogs on the internet. Now used for accountability.
    • AppSumo: Big discounts on SaaS products sent to over 850,000 people.
    • Sumo: Tools to get traffic & signups on your website. If you have a website, this should be on it.
    • Author: Wrote a book. It was really short. Sold it on Amazon. Companies use it as a style reference guide.
    • HouseOfRave: Owned one of largest rave retailers till 2011. Still never been to a rave.
    • RealSavvy: A software that makes life easier for real estate agents.
    • PinkJavaMedia: One of the largest networks of soap opera blogs on the internet.
    • TheHustle: Media company that runs a business news site and puts on HustleCon.
    • KopywritingKourse: Businesses make sure all their employees watch this so they reduce wasted communication time, talk with clients better, and make more sales.

    I've Been Featured In, Seen Around, Written On:

    Entrepreneur | Business Insider | HubSpot | Digg | Forbes | Buffer | HostGator | Medium | KissMetrics | Reddit | CampaignMonitor | AppSumo | UserTesting | Writtent | GumRoad | LeadPages | SitePoint | NeilPatel | Teachable | Mixergy | TheArtOfCharm | TheHustle | FourHourWorkWeek | WallStreetJournal | NewYorkTimes | SingleGrain | CrazyEgg | TheHustle | Ask | OneMonth | ProductHunt | SumoMe | LifeHack | Clarity | GrowthHackers | QuickSprout | Inbound

      Hopefully this is enough proof to allow me to be your personal copywriting mentor. So join me, and let’s first get you in the proper mindset of a great copywriter! Sincerely, Neville Medhora

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