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Thank you for this weekly creative stuff, Neville. I love it, save it, appreciate it.

Truly a rewarding read every week.


You might be the most helpful newsletter I have ever signed up for. I am very new to copywriting (like 1-2 months new), but you have taught me a lot already! Keep up the great work!

Cody Landry

You are awesome. I think you have become my new writing idol (though I definitely can't swear so much with my audience). As a brown-white girl (as my FOB husband's friends and relatives call me), I particularly love how you rocked your coconut side in the post on being a life coach. The "guru" look worked much better on your than pasty people who do the scarf to death like CG 🙂


Your a ROCKSTAR and one of the only email marketer's emails I actually READ. Keep making it happen. We are learning and working it too!

Jenelle Daniels

Wow this email is fire, I'll be waiting for more emails. Thank you so much!

Vince Arnold

Love the fun friday twist - lots of great content in your emails!

Joel Hansen

Wow! Mind-blowing emails. Thank you so much for keeping me alive and interested in copywriting. I look forward to getting better at it.

Mariam Sobogun

Hello Neville, just wanted to thank you for this newsletter. I'm not a copywriter. I don't want to be a copywriter (at least professionally). But I like to learn new things. Your newsletter is fun and gives more insights than many books I've read. For free. That's really cool. Thanks.

Szymon Adamiak

Great this email. Love the new format Neville. It's amazing how entertaining you can be in so few words.

Arthur Loewen

I subscribe to so many "newsletters", but without fail, I will open Neville's weekly email every time....why?

  • Short and has a consistent theme every week 🕐
  • Always learn something about copywriting 📝
  • Very entertaining and shows personality 😆
  • Audio version when driving🚗

Scott Stern

Keep your mouth-hole open because I love it!, who would have thought I'll be laughing from an email newsletter! Really inspired me to write differently. Wish you luck!

Dharrshen Sivabarathi

This is my favorite email every week. :).

Tim Mitchum

Thanks Neville for these amazing emails you send every Friday. I really enjoy them too much. They are enjoyable, inspiring, and motivational.

Mohammed Hamdi

Hi Neville, Happy Friday. Your newsletter has now become my all-time favorite newsletter to read. Keep up the great work. 🙂


This email cheers up our inbox and stands out from all the spam and crap.

Chris and Susan

I've gone down the rabbit hole of Neville's blog copywritingcourse.com

Also, his S.T.U.P.I.D. email has skyrocketed to the top of my inbox:
• Swipe
• Thought
• Uplifting
• Picture
• Interesting
• Drawing

Dickie Bush

Neville, I have subscribed to your emails. I always look forward to them every week especially the S.T.U.P.I.D email every Friday.

Monica Odhiambo

I’m not a copywriter. I haven’t directly applied any of your stuff to my work. But I’ve been periodically opening your emails for a few years now and I gotta say, it’s almost always rewarding and interesting, and also fun. So I stay on your mailing list. I don’t have this kind of special relationship with anything else in my inbox!

Maria Talero

Amazing email I got today from Neville breaking down his viral tweet. One of the few email subscriptions that has a 100% open rate by me.

Tom Finnerty

Being a copywriter myself --- my first love --- I don't talk about it a ton on my Twitter, but Neville has great posts/interviews on how to be better at copy. EVERYONE should know how to write persuasively (helps in any job or industry)

Joe Cassandra

Signing up for Neville's S.T.U.P.I.D newsletter is my best decision for the week. Your email is everything I need right now. So informing and entertaining at the same time.


Hi Neville, I love your newsletter! I actually modelled my newsletter that I started a few weeks ago after yours. Earlier this year I took over an open source project and started building an email list around it. We called it "Weekly CTA" - C is for Community Discussion, T is for Top Content, and A if for Action Tip. Thanks for the inspiration from this email!


My favorite email newsletter is the S.T.U.P.I.D. email. Surprise! It's actually not stupid. It's about copywriting but also a whole lot more. I highly recommend if you're doing internet stuff - or if you just want to communicate better.

Chris Sharpe

LOVE this email newsletter! I appreciate the focus on “copywriting” vs. just writing in general. It is interesting being a “creative” in business and it’s nice to get some fellow quirky-fun stuff in my inbox! (and yes! Always try to not click the ads!!!)

Carolyn N.

This is the only email I look forward to.


I will be honest Neville I have no idea why or how I am on your mailing list but love your STUPID emails and won’t be unsubscribing! Keep em coming.

Lindsey B.

My dude, you write my favorite emails on the internet, by far.

Zac H.

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