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Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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Build a general website with affiliate links as a copywriting client grabber?

Jason asks if his website can help him get clients, or if he should be more specific in his topic.

Reviewing an email for a client (and seeing how to get higher rates)

We review Fiona’s sales email for hemp oil, then see how we can boost her credibility to get her higher rates.

Seeing which “angle” is best for focus coaching

Vishal wants to help people as a coach, but we go through and see which would be the most profitable “angle” to go after.

Webinar or selling directly for sewing business?

We discuss the merits of selling directly from Facebook, webinars, or getting email addresses for Juliet’s new sewing business.

Landing page for getting people to a conference booth

We figure out the best way to get Kevin’s FlashVote landing page to get government officials to his booth at an upcoming conference.

Increasing conversion on Houston home buying website

We give a review of Jamie’s home buying website, and see how we can add more of the “credibility” element to it.
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