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Change words, change the impact

VIDEO 1: Most marketers are like “The Annoying Friend” …..let’s use autoresponders to get rid of that:

Don’t be “The Annoying Friend” by just hitting up your customers with ME ME ME!! GIVE them great value, and good things will happen to your business.

VIDEO 2: Imagine YOU were the customer interested in something. The constant contact makes people think of you.

Here’s some examples of auto-responders burning a brand into the customers name: Ever seen a TV commercial with the Geico Gecko? geico-gecko Normally the ads aren’t even about car insurance.  But by CONSTANTLY exposing you to this friendly gecko……whenever you think of buying car insurance, you’ll instantly remember “Geico”. Auto-responders do the same, just without the $100million advertising budget!

VIDEO 3: The “Constant Launch”

Don’t lose all the hard work and great information you put out for products. Put those emails in an autoresponder sequence to constantly “warm up” customers and give them awesome info:

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