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The technical stuff before auto-responders (don’t worry, it’s not hard):

VIDEO 1: Intro to Aweber backend

For this course we are going to ONLY be using Aweber.  Most auto-responder services are similar….but I’ve found Aweber simply the easiest to use. I can yap all day about how to use Aweber, but the best way is to just login and SHOW you!

VIDEO 2: Setting up a new auto-responder

There’s a MILLION AND ONE advanced features on auto-responders….but let’s keep it simple. I’m going to show you the bare-minimum method I use to setup all my auto-responders.  Follow along and you’ll have one setup by the end:

VIDEO 3: Embedding a new form

If you have a webpage, here’s how you get people to singnup to your email list. Fortunately Aweber has one of the best form-generators around, so it’s REALLY simple to get a REALLY attractive form made:

VIDEO 4: The new Aweber email creator….

Watch this real quick before moving forward, it will show you the difference between the old Aweber and and new Aweber email creators:

VIDEO 5: Some key things you should know.  Let’s start with “Followups”

“Followup Emails” are what the actual auto-responder is….simple!

VIDEO 6: Sending “broadcast emails”

Broadcasts messages are just regular ole’ emails you send out. They only get sent out once….like a regular email:

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