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Sending out direct mail to drum up business is nothing new, but one area of particular interest is real estate flyers.....because the numbers can work so phenomenally well!

Let's say you send out $2,000 worth of real estate flyers to advertise a specific property, maybe something like this:


Home Cost: $1,500,000

Commission of 6%: $90,000

Cost of flyers: $2,000

So if I was in charge of this property listing, and spent 2,000 smackaroo's to send out 10,000 of these double-sided-coated, full color postcards to everyone in a specific zip code.....and got one of those people to buy the unit, it would be WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

Just one home sale could more than make up for the pricey $2,000 printing/shipping cost!cey $2,000 printing/shipping cost!

I've put together a helpful set of direct mail flyers that have been successful for you to use in your own swipe file. Many of these have been successful direct mail flyer campaigns which have brought in leads AND sales.



Flyer Featuring Gorgeous Interior View:


Pro's: The front of this flyer contains a really stunning interior shot of a specific unit, showing this is a high-end property.

Con's: It contains very little about other details of the property, however this can be excused as this is part of a multi-flyer campaign announcing the pre-opening of this property before it's been fully built.




Full Real Estate Listing On Postcard:


Pro's: This flyer manages to pack in nearly EVERY DETAIL of the featured house on one postcard! The price, square footage, address, details, and plenty of photos are all included. This would be a great flyer an interested party might keep on their table as a reference.

Con's: Slightly distracting fonts made it a bit hard to read for my personal taste. However the funky fonts add to the "charming bungalow" vibe they are trying to present.




Flyer Featuring The View:


Pro's: This flyer features a GORGEOUS view of Austin which people can get if they buy in this building. The flyer leaves out any pictures of actual units, as they are utilizing an "un-closed loop" tactic where you generate curiosity by NOT giving certain pieces of information the reader obviously would want. So if someone is interested in this view, they have to either call the number, or visit the website.

Con's: Will attract people looking primarily for amazing views. Doesn't generate interest in other aspects of the building.





Specific Unit Flyer:


Pro's: I like that this flyer is featuring a specific unit (this case #1101) in the building. They include furnished photos and feature the unique 1,000 square foot terrace, which will definitely attract some interest.

Con's: I found the back text area to be hard to read. I would have personally included bullet-point style mentions of the building features, rather than a full paragraph-text style description.




Flyer Featuring The Building Features


Pro's: This flyer only emphasizes the luxury features of the building, and is more to remind nearby residents this building is coming online soon. This is part of a multi-flyer campaign the building sends out every week.

Con's: There is no mention (or pictures) or anything else about the building. However they make up for this by sending different flyers like these every week to nearby residents.





Apartment Rental Flyer With Lots Of Pics/Info:


Pro's: This is a great flyer (and also very wide, as to stand out in a stack of mail) that has enough space to showcase MANY different photos and benefits of the property. The front is all pictures, and back contains bullet-style points of why residents should choose this location to rent in.

Con's: The only improvement I could make on this would be to put a "scarcity" or "time constraint" limitation to get people to inquire.

Ex: "Less than 10% of units available at grand opening prices, call now before they are gone!"




Move-In Ready Notification Flyer:


Pro's: This is a fantastic little flyer that simply notifies people this block of homes is ready for move-in. It even has a sort of "scarcity" that "Phase 1 Is Now Available" and clearly shows people that open house viewings are help on Sunday's at 1-3pm. This is an overall fantastic flyer (and cheap since it's quite small)!

Con's: Nothing comes to mind. This is a great flyer.




Flyer Featuring 2 Months Free Rent:


Pro's: This flyer aggressively features 2 months of free rent which might catch the eyes of renters.

Con's: This apartment is located in a very noisy entertainment street with lots of bars and music venues which is why it's been hard for them to find residents. I would personally come right out with that information and focus efforts on getting a 21-28 year old crowd who would view that as a positive.

I would also prominently feature the low rents people can get for a year with their pro-rated 2 month free discount. I've found it's best to ACTIVELY tell people about "negative" aspects of a property, and spin them into a benefit.





Real Estate Full-Page Direct Mailer:


Real Estate Writing Mail Improvements

Pro's: This is a pretty great flyer. It's a full page flyer on a thick-stock paper so it feels very high quality and sturdy.They did a pretty great job on this flyer.  I specifically like on the back there is an event list that can get stuck to the refrigerator!  That's pretty cool because it actually provides the customer some valuable information.  It provides juuusstt enough useful info to where someone might not immediately toss it in the trash.

Con's: I would like to see some sort of "Free consultation" or "Free listing" or any offer that gets them to call. Optionally they could also put an email opt-in that says "Get hidden listings not on the MLS yet" or something that will make people WANT to signup to an email newsletter.



Real Estate Direct Mail Flyer for Houses:

Direct Mail Flyer Tired Of Paying Rent

Own a Home Flyer

Pro's: This is a FANTASTIC flyer that I have received over 10 times so far. It really hits the reader over the head that for ONLY $XXX/mo they can own a home instead of renting.  They are dropping these flyers at all the condos and apartments downtown where rents are often a minimum of $2,000/mo.  I think a lot of people do a double-take and think "I'm paying $3,000 for an apartment, maybe I can get a house instead?"

Con's: Not much I would change on this.  The fact that I get this flyer so often indicates it's working damn-well.



Real Estate Flyer with Events Calendar:

Direct Mail Condo Real Estate Team Posh

team posh markup

Pro's: I actually really like the flyers this real estate agency sends out.  They are kind of weird in shape (they are very long) and so they kind of "stick out" a lot more than regular mail.  They always include some "helpful" advice on their flyers such as cool lunch spots, or the UT football calendar.

Con's: I think they could more prominently feature some of their listing charts (the one they had was great), or add "Get a tour this week" or something that has a sense of urgency.



Neville Medhora - Copywriter and Direct Mail Writer


P.S. Here's some more examples of successful direct mail:

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