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Let's talk to the newbies for a second.Should you become a copywriter? Is this a career that's actually attainable for most people?Well, no.For some it is, but I believe it's being greatly exaggerated online (I'm sure you've seen all the ads).In

I explain my whole thought process on this:Here's what we cover:
  • 0:00: Copywriting is exaggerated as insanely easy.
  • 1:04: The "Should I Become A Copywriter Test."
  • 1:15: #1) Have you written anything?
  • 2:16: #2) Are you willing to write for 2 years?
  • 3:17: #3) What have people already paid you for?
  • 3:44: #4) Do you have some existing credibility?
  • 4:18: Skills to have to become a copywriter.
  • 7:00: What if I have zero experience? 6 things to do.
  • 14:25: View copywriting as a skill, not a career.
  • 16:53: So then why did you start a copywriting course?
  • 18:04: Twitter Questions.
  • 18:18: "What happens at the top copywriting career levels?"
  • 19:26: "No references, no portfolios, what would you do as beginner?"
  • 21:06: "How do you find the best clients with no portfolio?"
  • 21:55: "Can you earn royalties from copywriting clients?"
  • 23:49: "What copywriting niche should I go into?"
  • 25:50: "The first principles of copywriting?"
  • 25:56: "Frameworks vs using intuition for writing copy?"
  • 29:04: The Experience Conundrum (how get a gig without experience)?
  • 30:30: Who am I to talk about copywriting?
  • 31:22: If you need further help.
Have any other questions? Ask me
.Sincerely,Neville Medhora

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