Change your words around so they’ll make more money :: Copywriting Course

Change your words around so they’ll make more money

Hey, it’s Neville here.

I’ve tried getting really good at a lot of things.

But none of them have been as profitable as learning copywriting.  

Copywriting is one of those basic building blocks of marketing that’s important at its core.

“Before we build a mockup for a page, we FIRST write out the copy, and build around that. “

–Jason Fried of 37 Signals


“So who benefits from learning to write better?”

When I first released a klass about Kopywriting several years ago, I aimed it at people with online startups.  I thought that’s where the most impact would come from.

Man was I wrong…….

The outpouring of feedback came mainly from EXISTING businesses both online and offline.

And wanna know who was the receiver of the #1-knock-out-of-the-park-results??


I was a little shocked by this at first, because I somehow didn’t even think of this.
But check it out:

Sales people contact people to sell them via phone/email/meetings all day long.

Let’s say they contact 10 people per day.  

Let’s say only 10% of those people buy on a regular basis.  

So that’s 1 sale per day.  

Now after my KopywritingKourse, those people learn some powerful-ass psychological tactics that can TOTALLY TURN A COLD CALL/EMAIL AROUND.  Instead of these people sounding like sleazy salesmen on the phone, my tactics turn them into helpful friends the other person likes.

Since they started selling “the right way”, it increased their conversions.  Typically these people would go from about 10% conversions, to 30% conversions.

This doesn’t sound impressive off the bat, but let’s see what that means per year with our new 30% conversions.

Let’s say they contact 10 people per day.  

Let’s say 30% of those people now buy their product.  

So that’s 3 sales per day.

Now this person went from making ONE sale per day, to THREE sales per day.

Let’s do the basic math of how much income a guy making $100,000/year (before my KopywritingKourse) was making:


1 Sale per day
Works 300 days a year.
Get’s $350 commission per sale.
$105,000 income per year.  

Ok, now after applying some proper sales-psychology to his pitch (which is usually very counter-intuitive for salespeople), he is making 3 sales per day.
Let’s do a calculation of his income again:


3 Sales per day
Works 300 days a year.
Get’s $350 commission per sale.
$315,000 income per year.  


$105,000    vs.    $315,000         =     $210k MORE!

I’d happily take $210,000 extra :-)

Since most salespeople use the SAME PITCH over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over……..

They usually get a reliable estimate of how much business they’ll pull in.  By simply CHANGING THAT MESSAGING A BIT they can make a huge boost in sales over a year.

You wanna talk more numbers?  Well, just listen to this guy who took the Kourse and applied it to boost his sales income:

I bought your Kourse and learned more than from a $4,350 company-sponsored 2-day corporate writing event that teaches me NO more than HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE SIGNATURE.

Your lessons have helped me increase my income from 90-110k AUS (bonus etc) to somewhere over 250k (only 6 months into that year).

–Jamey K.

I show you this not to brag (actually I AM totally doing it to brag…), but mainly to show you these results really do happen when you learn to sell properly.

But learning how to sell properly IS NOT ONLY FOR SALES PEOPLE!

Most of the people who take the KopywritingKourse are not just salespeople, they come from hugely different careers.

Entrepreneurs, web designers, programmers (they find the Kourse REALLY helpful because it snaps them out of “engineer” mode into “sales” mode), strategists, product managers, photographers…..

Basically what I’m trying to say is that anyone who depends on something SELLING is a candidate.

One of my favorite applications for writing great copy is email.

Because you send an email, people read it, and then something happens after:

  • ….they ignore it  :-/
  • ….they read it then take no action  :-(
  • ….they read it and take immediate action  :-D !!!!!!

That last one is the outcome we’re going for.  And with email you get pretty instant results….which can mean A LOT of sales REALLY quickly.

Just checkout some results of people applying the KopywritingKourse to their own emails:

I just finished writing our first email using the techniques in the course, sent to a list over two years old. Open rate for the email was 80% higher, click rate up over 120%.

This is a big friggin’ deal!
–Michael Fillier


Thank you! I boosted my response rate to a whopping 1.97% on YouTube video ads and it was easy! I used your techniques to write an irresistible ad. Normally, you can expect to draw .35% from your YouTube Ads, according to YouTube. And I did it on the very first ad I wrote after taking your course.
–Mary Ford


TRIPLED my email Open Rates in only 1 day after Kourse!

Actually I got used to that NO ONE NEVER responds to my f*ing-boring emails.  I measured, open rates were ALWAYS under 10%, usually around 5%.

This changed in only a couple of hours.

I just sent my very-first campaign for my very-first startup and BANG! 36%+ Open Rate.

Before this kourse I made LOTS of cold approaches with absolutely no replies.

Thanks Nevile! You’re still ugly. I’ll always remember your eye-glasses just to boost my confidence instantly. Try contact-lenses.
–Yogi Zoli


If making your writing sell better sounds like something you’d like to do, and you’re willing to put a small investment into it (which pretty much everyone gets back in SPADES), then I’d like to welcome you with open arms to the KopywritingKourse.

There’s three levels you can buy:


Get The KopywritingKourse ($97)
Instantly you’ll get login access with a customizable login, and you can start watching the KopywritingKourse right now.  I’d suggest you buy it, then schedule out 1-2 hours to watch through and take notes.

It seems like a short amount of time, but it’s designed to make you learn QUICK.
Learn on your own…..right now.

“Two things happened after going through this course…
1) I learned how to write my emails and product descriptions 100x better.
2) I have a man crush on Neville”
         –Gabe Lee




Ok, now I love that KopywritingKourse, and I think by itself it’ll take you a HELLUVA LONG WAY towards getting you to write better Kopy.  But if you’d like even more direction, I’m throwing together a bundle of stuff for you. It’s called The Gold Package:

Get The KopywritingKourse  + Get in The Kopywriting Kommunity Facebook Group ($297)

This is an AWESOME option for people who want to learn to write Kopy better through the Kopywriting Kourse…..and then practice their writing chops with a group of peers who’ve also taken the Kourse!

Not only that, but for all of August I’ll be all-up-in-that-mofo answering any questions you may have!  SO if you don’t wanna plunk down all the dough to consult directly with me over 1-on-1 video chat….this is an AWESOME option to get me to review your stuff through Facebook!

Some people don’t need a full consult with me, but want something reviewed.  With this group option, you’ll not only get my opinion, but that of the Kopywriting Kommunity also!

Learning in a Klass setting is by far the best way to learn and get new ideas.  So I’m really proud to introduce the Konception of this Kopywriting Kommunity!  Plus since it’s new, you’ll get more personalized attention than when the group gets huge.  Meaning if you wanna directly ask me questions about your kopy, this is one helluva value (it’s not even the price of my one hour consults, PLUS you get all my other Kopywriting materials):




If that group option wasn’t awesome enough, I’m doing ONE more level of the KopywritingKourse, and that’s this PLATINUM package:


Get The KopywritingKourse + Get in The Kopywriting Kommunity + Get a one hour video consult with Neville and write kopy together ($997)
Now this is the full package for someone who’s serious about re-vamping some copy (and the most fun)!!  Not only do you get access to the Kopywriting Kourse, but you also get access to all my other kopy kourses, PLUS the Kopywriting Kommunity where you can ask me (and the Kommunity) questions about your kopy at any time.   

Oh yea…..and you also get face-to-face time with me!!

We’ll do this Konsultation over video chat so we can share screens and meet face-to-face (it’s so much better than phone).  These consults are super action-oriented, so not only will we chat, but we’ll also write copy on the spot, or re-vamp whatever you need.  I’ve done well over 100 consults with this face-to-face video chat method, and I love it, and it’s by far the most helpful for you too.

Checkout what just one hour did for this company:  

  • In one hour we outlined a new email for them to send out.
  • Changed their offering.
  • Took them from a losing-money company to a hella-profitable two days later.
  • …..all from a one-hour consult!

I took your advice to heart and really had to rethink our business strategies.

I wrote the sales copy 2 days ago….sent a mass email last night at 10PM to our 2,400 subscribers and literally after 24hrs we have 18 confirmed orders for website design packages at $595 each. Our cost is only $150/per job…netting us $8,010 from the first day of that promotion!

We’re now at over 35 sold.  Before you our total revenue was $4,750 with zero profit. Now we’re past $20,000 in profit.  You really helped me open my eyes and I’m glad I had that meeting with you.
–Bella Vi 

Those are some hella awesome results.  And if you’ve followed my stuff for a while, you know how much just ONE OR TWO changes can have a drastic impact on your sales.  So if you wanna learn from the Kopywriting Kourse, become a part The Kopywriting Kommunity, and follow up with a personal 1-on-1 session with me….then this Kopywriting Kourse Platinum Plan is for you.  I can’t wait to speak with you (speaking directly with people and going over their kopy in person is always my favorite)!






I pride myself on making information that installs in your brain in the fastest and most efficient way.

For this reason I made the KopywritingKourse 70% video and 30% text examples.  The videos are there to show you how to think, present to you some awesome formulas you’ll use forever.  They whole Kourse is also mobile-friendly so you can learn on any device.


There’s Neville Blog. There’s Neville newsletter.. but still, I want more. It’s brilliant!

If you’re still having doubts about taking this course, you should really jump in. It’s interactive and fun, but also very precise in what you get. You’ll want to practice right away !

This course has been very useful: even if I apply the tactics in French, it worked for the first mail I sent right after…

–Sophie L.


So remember, there’s three different options for buying:

There’s the famous KopywritingKourse that everyone loves for $97:


There’s the GOLD Bundle which costs $297 and gives you:

  • The Kopywriting Kourse, The Behind The Scenes of a Muse Course, The Autoresponder Kourse, The Kopywriting Checklist.
  • Membership to the Kopywriting Kommunity FB Group.


There’s the PLATINUM Bundle which costs $997 and gives you:

  • The Kopywriting Kourse, The Behind The Scenes of a Muse Course, The Autoresponder Kourse, The Kopywriting Checklist.
  • Membership to the Kopywriting Kommunity FB Group.
  • 1-on-1 hour long video consult with Neville.


Since I originally became obsessed with copywriting and studied the hell out of it, it became A LOT easier to write.  I just used simple formulas and mind-hacks before writing down a single word, and the rest was easy.  I’m very proud that the KopywritingKourse has ALREADY been downloaded thousands of times, and had immense results for people.

It’s shockingly been one of the best received Kourses I’ve ever done….and not to mention the most fun to make (because I get to teach what I do all day)!

I look forward to getting to teach YOU how to write better!


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