Unlimited copy critiques. Unlimited email critiques. Unlimited office hours invites. Unlimited help with your projects. Unlimited access to all training materials. 

Unlimited copy critiques. Unlimited email critiques. Unlimited office hours invites. Unlimited help with your projects. Unlimited access to all training materials. 

Unlimited copy critiques. Unlimited email critiques. Unlimited office hours invites. Unlimited help with your projects. Unlimited access to all our training materials. 

You will learn: 
• How to start your writing using scripts & templates.
• How to train any employee to be a great copywriter.
• How to take the concepts learned and implement.
• How to sell yourself without sounding pushy.
• How to become a copywriter (if you want).
• How to think about copy like an expert.
• How to produce valuable content.
• How to automate your emails.
• How to write copy that sells. 
• How to learn copy as a skill.

Who joins Copywriting Course:
• CEO's.
• Bloggers.
• Freelancers.
• Sales people.
• Brand managers.
• Marketing teams.
• Business owners.
• Newsletter writers.
• Professional writers.
• eCommerce websites.

The Copywriting Course is a training school for people who want to communicate better at scale. It contains all the training we've ever made, rolled into one logically-laid-out format, and a full community where you can get any of your copy reviewed by professional copywriters.

Ready to get started?

Come for the content, stay for the community.

Don’t just passively learn. Actively get help from professional copywriters.

Almost every training you see is just videos you watch on your own time. We’ve got plenty of those, but we also have an active community of copywriting professionals inside the members area.  

What this means: Imagine you just watched one of our trainings on writing cold emails. Inside Copywriting Course you can actually write out a test email, and get critiques and help from professional copywriters and business people!  

This is far better than passively watching a video, then forgetting the information in 20 minutes.  

Get critiques on all your cold emails

Cold Email is one of the staples of the business world, but also one of the most dreaded. Our cold email training is based off years of experiences and hundreds of thousands of cold emails. Not only that, but before you send your own email, you can get help with it from inside our private community. You can even get live help on the Office Hours.  

Progress Logs to document your progress

One of the great things about joining Copywriting Course is the optional accountability of your Progress Log. In the beginning you can decide to make a Progress Log inside the community, and document your improvement. It’s amazing to see other members Progress Logs also. You can watch as a failing sales pitch turns into a high converting gold mine. You can get help, support, critiques, and suggestions along the way.  

Get Certified

We have a Copywriting Course certification that actually means something. People already use it as a real reference on LinkedIn. We then display your proof of certification on a special page.  

Being Copywriting Course Certified doesn’t just mean you’ve answered some dumb questions on a quiz. It means you’ve participated in the community, got help with your own projects, have significantly improved your writing and sales ability, and have rubbed elbows with other copywriting pros.  

An active members area for professional copywriting help (see live feed below):

Want help with an email, or a landing page, or a piece of content? Then just post it in our Member's Area and get professional copywriters and the community helping to make it better. Here's a live feed of activity from the Member's Area:

Live Interactive Member's Area events to learn from, meet friends, and get personalized help:

Join our live Office Hours, Bootcamps, or Writing Time's and get help directly with your projects. Or watch other businesses get reviewed/updated and learn as you watch. Here's a live feed of events from the Member's Area which you get instant access to:


office hours 1


office hours


writing time 2


bootcamp 1

Specific changes we've made in businesses:

Marketing and Sales Strategy

A single great campaign can completely transform a business.

  • Abandon cart campaigns
  • Autoresponder campaigns
  • B2B cold email campaigns
  • Flash sales
  • Getting testimonials and reviews
  • Holiday campaigns
  • Paid ad campaigns
  • Pricing variations
  • Product launches
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Re-engagement campaigns

Optimizing Website Pages

Imagine a 1% to 10% improvement on any of the following pages...

  • About page
  • Blog posts
  • Contact page
  • CTA's (Call To Action)
  • Email opt-in's
  • Home page
  • Landing pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Product page
  • Sales page
  • UX and layout

Real World Assets

We work on projects in the real world all the time that drive results.

  • Billboards
  • Books
  • Flyers and signs
  • Memos and templates
  • Menu redesigns
  • Standard Operating Procedure guides
  • Standardized image documents
  • Street signs to get more walk-in traffic

Brick & Mortar Businesses

Strategies for physical locations are a little different, and sometimes much easier.

  • Ads in local newspapers and magazines
  • Direct mail zip code blanket campaigns
  • Google Reviews descriptions
  • Local SEO listings
  • Outdoor signage
  • Postcard campaigns
  • Yelp and Google review generation plans
  • Yelp listing descriptions

Social Media Promotion

There are whole ecosystems on social media you can utilize for your business.

  • B2B outreach on LinkedIn
  • Building your audience
  • Choosing the best social platform
  • Figuring out best content to post
  • Instagram marketing
  • LinkedIn outreach scripts
  • Optimize profiles and bio's
  • Platform specific ads
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube scripts and strategy

eCommerce Stores

A lot of clients sell things online and we help improve their listings, getting quick results.

  • Amazon product listings
  • Amazon image improvements
  • Keyword SEO
  • Packages and pricing options
  • Product descriptions
  • Product page design
  • Product photos
  • Proper naming and headlines
  • Showcasing features and benefits
  • Special offers and promotions

Helpful Concepts

We make sure you learn key concepts that you can apply to anything you work on.

  • How to create images even if not an artist
  • How to choose headlines and subject lines
  • How to create an audience
  • How to identify your target client
  • How to make a sale through a web page
  • How to niche down if needed
  • How to repurpose content into social media
  • How to provide value to your audience
  • How to say no to bad ideas or bad clients
  • How to sell ethically
  • How to write faster and better

Copywriting and Messaging

There are some technical concepts for writing we can help you with.

  • Bullet-izing information
  • Conveying value with words & images
  • How to edit your writing
  • How to find your natural "voice"
  • How to simplify your writing
  • How to balance images and text
  • How to write for the web
  • Knowing when to "show, not tell"
  • Making fonts and layout easy to read
  • Showing "social proof" on pages
  • Using your "Caveman Voice" to write

What's inside Copywriting Course:

Go through these courses in order to get the most of the Copywriting Course!

Here's Real Examples Of Copywriting Grabbing More Revenue With Minimal Effort…

Here is an email from an online wine merchant we helped. Their emails before any copywriting training were bringing in ~$500/email, which meant they were losing money in their business!

After some copywriting training on how to write a great sales email, they were consistently hitting email revenues of 10x (and sometimes 15x) that amount per email:  

The amount of emails sent out was not changed. The amount of money spent on marketing was not changed. The set of customers was not changed.  

The only thing that was changed was the copy in the emails!

Here's an example of a physical services business, a power washing company, that tried to advertise in their area using only flyers. They tried to make "pretty looking" flyers, sent them out, and the results were disastrous ($0.00 in sales).  

After studying some copywriting techniques, they realized a slightly different angle could drastically improve revenue.  

The amount of emails sent out was not changed. The amount of money spent on marketing was not changed. The set of customers was not changed.  

The only thing that was changed was the copy in the emails!


The main Copywriting Course is a program that will take anyone (either you or your employees) through the basics of good copywriting, and the exact techniques to do it on every piece of marketing material you have. You can then continue to learn advanced content strategies, cold emailing techniques, and so much more. Everything is included.

green checkmark icon

Learn to think like a copywriter.
Getting into the copywriters mindset is so important, we don't write a single word until you understand this. These lessons alone are game changing. 

green checkmark icon

Learn the technical aspects.
We don't only teach copywriting theory, but rather show you how to get actual words onto an actual page. You'll get to follow along as we go through live copy examples from real businesses.

green checkmark icon

Advanced copy strategies.
Once we cover the basics, we'll go deeper into advanced strategies you can use. These include different methods of laying out pricing, writing sequences of copy, and even SEO strategies.

green checkmark icon

Content Marketing Writing.
Great "content marketing" can be put out on the web, and act as a digital sales person who is always out there, 24/7, trying to attract new clients. We train (and help you) craft content pieces that have a chance at success.

green checkmark icon

Copy in a hurry.
If you (or your team) has a tight deadline and there's not a lot of time to learn copy, we have a module inside the Copywriting Course just for you. It's a 25 minute follow-along guide that will get you from an assignment to completion in just a few minutes.

green checkmark icon

Cold Sales Email Writing.
Learning to write a solid cold sales email is what takes salespeople from low performers to top performers. This training has transformed sales teams and businesses alike. Cold emails are generally quick to write, and can scale quickly, making them a solid tool.

green checkmark icon

eCommerce Copywriting.
Depending on what you're selling, the copy tactics you'll use are slightly different. eCommerce companies benefit massively from copy improvements, as slight changes in copy, images, and "positioning" result in sales nearly immediately.

green checkmark icon

Writing top performing sales pages.
The #1 thing people come to us for is help with sales pages...those notoriously long behemoths that sell things on the web. We've got great strategies, formulas, and ways to "assemble" a sales page that will make the process far more simple.

green checkmark icon

All the live help you want.
One crucial mistake is learning to write without guidance. You can learn, but if you're heading in the wrong direction that's not helpful. Inside Copywriting Course you get access to professional copywriters and unlimited help.

green checkmark icon

Constantly updated with content.
Office hours, new videos, new clips, accountability calls, forum postings, lessons and more are constantly being added to the Members Area. We hope to see you inside.

It's our job to test all the tactics (on our own business and client businesses), then teach you exactly what works:

The Copywriting Course teaches the templates, examples, experiments, and methods learned from:

850,000,000+ emails sent.

49,000+ product sales.

Working in 35+ different industries.

Millions of dollars in digital sales. 

Dominating search results with great content.

 745+ consult sessions.

Running the top copywriting blog.

1,350+ articles written.

Landed in 2,700,000+ email inboxes.

Copywriting is a valuable career skill

Some people realize they have such a great knack and love for copywriting, they end up improving their career because of it! This bundle comes with an entire mini-course on becoming a copywriter. It includes everything from how (and where) to get started, to building your client list, to increasing your prices and getting highly paid copywriting gigs.

Based on the principles I first acquired from the Copywriting Course...

...I left my Houston based, oil geologist life behind to digital nomad it up in Eastern Europe.

I'm funding myself through a small but growing copywriting career referencing Pub-Nev often.

Thanks for turning me into a paid writer!

Copy-Killing it in Budapest! 😎

- Matt Totten 

Katherine Testimonial

Thank you again for the great courses. 

Today we dropped a fun new white paper to help our clients and prospects prepare for vampire attacks! Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far: 

"Thank you! I am safety manager here and this is a very good source of information. I am passing it out to key people in the organization.” 

"Thank you and I’ve already forwarded it to El Paso. You are a genius. Thank you.” 

- Katherine Chalmers

I LOVED the Copy Course and always recommend it. 

It’s funny—it actually helped start my career. 

I took the course my senior year of high school and used it to get an internship, where I hustled my ass off and got hired. 

Now, a few years later, I’m Marketing Manager for a dope non-profit festival that has 38K attendees. 

Your course is the bomb. 

- Lucas Czarnecki

Copywriting Course: Optimizing Business

The Copywriting Course is designed for businesses to improve their copy and therefor their profits.

" Less than two weeks since I started this course, I have:

  • Booked enough clients to have almost covered the cost of Copywriting Course
  • Had calls scheduled with clients on much larger projects than I feel qualified for...but my confidence is now really high - I KNOW I have value and am not afraid to charge for it
  • Had over 90% response rate to my Upwork proposals
  • Had multiple clients reach out to me first on Upwork”

- Alicia Raeburn

"Quick update for you guys. I posted the article today and it quickly became my top performing. I got a lot of positive comments and I had 1,600+ impressions on my linkedin Post. 

This led to 120+ unique visitors to my website and 4 Opt-Ins for my lead magnet (15 traits of highly effective SDRs)

Thanks for all the help!"

- Kyle Vamvouris

“After 2-3 days it's obvious The Copywriting Course is an outstanding resource for anyone in business. The response time is uber fast and the advice is on the money.”

- Steve Scott

Email Marketing is the one of top ROI activities in every company. We show you how to craft the most profitable emails.

Email Open

The term "Email Marketing" gets thrown around a lot. However when most companies do "Email Marketing" it's more like "Email Spamming." 

That's not how we do things around here.  

Our words have have been sent out in over 850,000,000 emails, and take it from us, by simply spamming your list you will eventually get penalized, and flat out doesn't make as many sales.  

Let us show you how to create emails you feel good about sending, that actually help people, easily slip through all spam filters, and get opened by people who WANT to open them.

If you ever plan to work in sales, being able to send out one good email can make the difference between no sales, and hitting your numbers.  

Learn from the masters of getting email responses what the tricks of the trade are for getting buyers to open your emails.  

The best part is all you have to do is rearrange some words, and the outcome can be drastically different.  

Learning to craft these emails is why companies get Copywriting Course for all their employees.  

The ROI on sending great emails is through the roof!

Email Icon
Anant Testimonial

“A must-buy for everyone who is constantly emailing prospects”  

This course is a must-buy for everyone who is constantly emailing prospects and wants to learn the ropes of the copy writing skills. I specially learned from the part where Neville took the time to write emails in real time and demonstrated how anyone can write amazing emails in no time. --Anant Singh

Get Face-To-Face training

You get access to live group coaching calls. They happen every two weeks, and you can ask whatever you want, live.

See what's working now 

I personally love these calls because you get to see a wide variety of OTHER PEOPLE'S business questions answer live on the spot, including re-writing copy. Often one call has changed the course of someone's promotion, business, or sparked whole new ways of approaching a problem.

Full Recording Archive

All office hours are recorded, and you can watch past office hours anytime you want. You can see a wide variety of problems and solutions other students had.

Normally $850/hour

The normal 1-on-1 consulting rate is $850/hour, so getting group training directly from me every two weeks is super valuable. Ask any question, ask about copy, or just watch along as other people ask.

The live office hours and community are the most powerful part of this bundle!

As a student of The Copywriting Course, you get several months of access to the Live Office Hours. Twice per month we all hop on a live call and go through whatever students need:  

  • We'll live re-write copy on the calls. 
  • We'll live re-write portions of sales pages on the calls. 
  • We'll help see if a new business venture is viable. 
  • We'll re-do pricing structures.  
  • We'll help answer questions about freelancing.  

Whatever the student needs, we'll do it! Any question is fair game.

Can't make one of the calls? No worries! We have a section where you can pre-ask questions, and we'll answer it during Office Hours time. You can then watch the recording of the call to see your question being reviewed and answered:

"I have learned a lot from your office hours so far!"  

I really enjoy and admire how much valuable content you put out and the fact that you are a copywriter w/ ethics (referring to the time in office hours a few weeks ago where a guy had a scammy landing page about curing depression and you just flat out said it made you uncomfortable and you didn’t want to coach on that particular topic). That was awesome.  

Most of the copywriters I know work on projects like that (curing diabetes, depression, cancer, etc.) so it’s really admirable that you use your highly valuable skill ethically. Eric Southwell - Supreme Optimization


The “office hours” are INCREDIBLY helpful. You get a pro to personally review and improve your copy and business in real time. So nice, I signed up twice.

I signed up for Copywriting Course because of the entertaining, generous and witty writing. I had NO IDEA how valuable and fun it would be until I logged on for a few of the office hours calls.  

You’ve helped me and my new business in more ways than I can say right now.
Rob Roseman - KickStart Reading

Some live Office Hours excerpts

We do a full homepage audit to see if we can increase conversions on Kyle’s bartending school.

We go through Richard’s custom built book recommendation site, and see how he can get to 50,000 visitors a month, and it looks like an attainable goal!

Pratik wants to start freelancing as a copywriter, but his amazing experience in sales probably indicates he can grow far faster with that.

We go over a great series of 3 SEO questions for Derek’s bariatric surgery company.

High praise from high up people

“When Neville first sent an email out to the AppSumo list, we saw a significant increase in click through rate and purchases. I recently did a test that used the standard copy I wrote, and then a version that Neville wrote. We actually saw a 300% increase in the click-through rate. It actually helped the click-through rate AND the signups on AppSumo, from just a copy change. 

Noah Kagan 

AppSumo, Sumo, Gambit, Mint, Facebook

“Before someone starts working at MailLift, we make them watch Copywriting Course. People love it, and they love Neville too.” 

Brian Curliss


"Neville was my writing inspiration. In fact the first copy training I ever got was the Copywriting Course. We now output 50+ articles a week at TheHustle, get millions of views per month, and to this day use Neville's methods to write all our articles."

Sam Parr

Apartment List, The Hustle, HustleCon

Companies we've worked with

Everyone's welcome! From single person companies, to the Fortune 500.

  • A1 Healthcare Staffing
  • Ahrefs
  • Apotheo
  • AppSumo
  • Austin Towers
  • AwesomeREI
  • Axero Solutions
  • BariLife
  • Best Self Co.
  • Betterway Health
  • Board Studios
  • Bot Academy
  • BullyMax
  • Capital Factory
  • Chamber Of Commerce
  • CoachTube
  • Code My Views
  • Collins School of Training
  • Copley Advertising
  • Corel
  • Current Body
  • Dairy Coach
  • Decked
  • Dental Practice Group
  • Easy Agent Pro
  • Fedora Venture Capital
  • FlackBox
  • Flipora
  • Gartner
  • Get Licensed
  • Go 83 Bar
  • Green Car Reports
  • Heavyweight eCommerce
  • Hippo Contact
  • Hoop
  • Horkey Handbook
  • HotJar
  • IMGH Ministries
  • Indo Calgary Rugs
  • Ink361
  • InventureX
  • IPVM
  • Johnson Group
  • Josh Flagg Real Estate
  • JVM Lending
  • Kissielts
  • LA Print and Design
  • Leave Law Behind
  • Mail Plane
  • Maker Square
  • Mattress Insider
  • Michigan Political Campaign
  • MindLayers
  • Mixergy
  • Mode Transportation
  • Move The Needle
  • MyAchievement
  • MyBodyTutor
  • Nerd Fitness
  • New York Institute Language
  • Next Step Test Prep
  • Nimble Bar
  • NY Book Editors
  • Olive Fantastic
  • Opesta
  • Optimal Thyroid
  • Orange Envelope
  • Pinterest VA
  • Podcast Assist
  • Preppr
  • RadTech Radiology
  • RealSavvy
  • Renegade Fitness
  • Retro Supply
  • Sausage Dog Central
  • School Of Motion
  • Seo101
  • Shape Scale
  • Simplify Chess
  • Soap Hub
  • Social Insight
  • Step Strategic
  • The Female Doc
  • The Hope Factory
  • TheHustle
  • Theme Kraft
  • Tile
  • ToodleDo
  • Turing
  • Underground Cellar
  • Very On Brand
  • Viacom
  • VidCon
  • VideoFruit
  • Vouris Consulting
  • White Cleaning Solutions
  • WhiteRock Locators
  • WinZip
  • Wiser
  • X27
  • Yelp
  • ...and 20,000+ more.

"We were getting zero sales from our email list. It was disheartening. We then took the Copywriting Course, implemented some techniques, and immediately started to see 15+ sales per email we sent!" -Richard H. - eCommerce Inc.


Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. If you give our programs an honest try, come to our office hours sessions, ask for help from the community, and are still not satisfied with our materials, tell us and we'll take care of you.

Email: Support@CopywritingCourse.com


Why put off learning one of the most crucial skills in selling? Join The Copywriting Course and immediately start getting bit-sized and actionable lessons to get your from knowing nothing about copywriting, to being able to improve every piece of writing (and selling) you ever do for your business.

You'll also be getting several more courses that take you beyond just good copywriting, and show you the whole world of writing autoresponders, content writing, and even becoming a copywriter if you choose.

Even Non-English based businesses get results immediately:

"Neville, Just a quick feedback to your Copywriting Course. It is amazing. I only applied the Headline Technique. It took only days to achieve results. We doubled the impact of our paid guest blog!  

Previously we had: 80 signups. 8 sales. $1,960 revenue. $640 ad cost. After we changed the headline: 160 signups. 16 sales. $3,840 revenue. $640 ad cost. Time spent on changing the headline: 30 minutes.

Only 30 minutes, we DOUBLED the ROI! Copywriting is amazing!!!! By the way, my business targets the Chinese market, what you taught also work in foreign markets though I use a different language."
--Lynn - Business Owner and Happy Copywriting Course Customer

Ready to get started?


When I first discovered what copywriting was, I was immediately obsessed. It made total sense that the way you approach trying to "sell" something has a profound effect on the outcome. 

I originally started applying these copywriting principles to my own business (and saw profit go up quickly), and then started helping other companies do it. I'm not just a copywriter, but a longtime business owner. I'm the founder of HouseOfRave, Copywriting Course, NevBlog, Swipe File and involved with The Hustle, Hustle Con, Sumo, Pink Java, Real Savvy and AppSumo.

By simply changing words around on a page, I was able to help set the tone and increase sales to another level on all types of businesses. My goal is to transmit all that information to you. We'll start with the famous Copywriting Course, initiate you into the private discussion forum, move you along to AutoResponder Course, then the Content Writing Course, and then the How to Become a Copywriter Course. All along the way you'll have access to our bi-weekly group office hours where you can ask questions or ask for help on copy. It's going to be fun!

See you inside the Members Area! Neville Medhora

Enroll in the top copywriting training right away. New content constantly added. Personalized help. The time to learn is now. 

 If you are looking to get copywriting guidance starting now (for yourself and for your employees), we highly suggest enrolling in Copywriting Course today. Just one modification to an email, or a tiny change to a sales page often pays for the entire course right away for many customers.

The Copywriting Course:

Instant Access to Training, Office Hours & Copywriters.

  • The Copywriting Course
  • The Copywriting Checklist
  • Full Recording Archive
  • The Autoresponder Course
  • The Autoresponder Bank
  • The Email Writing Pro Course
  • Full Website Tuneup Course
  • Become A Copywriter Course
  • First Freelance Gig Course
  • Freelance Script Bank
  • Course About Build A Course
  • SEO Content Writing Course
  • Email Writing Course
  • Ad Platform Course
  • How To Make Images Course
  • Website Tuneup Course
  • 25 Minute Crash Course
  • Always adding great new content 

Not only does this give you access to the training materials, you also get unlimited access to our community forums and office hours where you get live help with copy projects, advice, email templates, sales pages, or whatever you need!

You also get full community access:

  • Unlimited help and critiques inside the private forum.
  • Unlimited monthly cold email critiques and help.
  • Progress Log Tracking.
  • Group Office Hours Calls every week.
  • Group Accountability Calls.
  • SEO help on articles, topics, or specific posts.
  • Earn a copywriting certification badge.
  • Private Facebook group invite.
  • Active private forum with professional copywriting help.

We look forward to seeing you inside the Members Area!
If you have any questions please contact us Mon-Fri (9am - 5pm CST): Email Support: Support@CopywritingCourse.com