A cohort class where we work together to build,
promote, and sell a small digital product that will sell
while you sleep.
In 5 days.

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Is this for you?

If you own a business and already have at least 300 followers on a
social media account, you can create an automated revenue stream

In this course, we’ll show you how to create a digital product out of
something you already do. You’ll choose something that’ll benefit your
audience and make sales while you sleep.

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Three simple goals

Reach more people

Digital products are like extra tools in your marketing. They can be used to target new audiences, solve specific problems, and get recognized as an authority.

Generate more revenue

We want to build products that people want to buy! You'll learn how to uncover the difference between something that's "nice to have" vs "shut up and take my money."

Automate parts of your business

The real power of digital products is how they can be used at scale. Unlike services and physical products, digital assets can be sold and delivered automatically. They don't cost you any extra time or money to distribute.

What am I going to build?

We’re going to focus on a simple format so that you move quickly
and end the course with a finished product.

Format: PDF + Video

We’ve made this process really simple:

💪 You complete a digital product that’s published and ready to sell.

😌 You won’t get stuck on confusing design and strategy details.

👀 You get to see other products being built at the same time.

A few others who've already made it

Kyle V

Kyle runs an SDR training company. He created a product out of a compensation calculator spreadsheet that he uses with all his clients.

Shaadi O

Shaadi runs a company focused on career and business success. She created an eBook that guides businesses through the Human Design Framework and how to apply it on their own.

How does it work?

We will work over a period of 5-days to build, sell
and promote a small digital product.

How’s this different from

other online courses?

There’s a solid deadline to finish by

• We will work fast the first few days, then spend the rest of the month refining your product.
• We’ll hand you clear tasks, you’ve just got to get them done.

You will have a finished product by the end

• You will complete a product, publish it, and promote it.
• You will have a process you can use to create future products quickly and efficiently.

Learn a full stack of new skills

• While the short term goal is to make you a small digital product to sell, the long term goal is to get you into the digital economy, with all the skills needed.

Access to 1 year of support from the team

• We have an extremely active community of business owners and professional writers, and you get full access to this 24/7, plus weekly live Office Hours.

I'm Neville Medhora, the founder of Copywriting Course, HouseOfRave, NevBlog, Swipe File and involved with The Hustle, Hustle Con, AppSumo,, Pink Java, Real Savvy and Alpha Paw.

When I first started selling online I only sold physical products. It taught me a lot, but also showed me how capital intensive it was to sell physical products, hold inventory, deal with shipping issues and more.

When I started selling digital products, I was able to deliver products across the entire world, instantly, and for no distribution cost.

This changed the way I thought about selling, and I hope to influence you in the same way.

High praise from
high up people

From single person companies, to the Fortune 500, we’ve helped them all.

”The principles and things you taught easily 100Xed the money I spent with you in only a few months.”

Brent Robison

”150% Open Rate increase, 600% Click Rate increase

It an extra $3k-$5k per month (during high season) as a side gig. That’s pretty significant for a working single mom.”

Alicia Bostic

My first digital product ever was inspired by your courses.

It has been the first purchase of more than a dozen coaching clients. The lifetime value of most clients is between $1200 and $2000!

Matt Dobschuetz
Recovered Man

Your 🔥 Questions

Here are answers to some of the
frequently asked questions

You will be building a digital product to sell while you sleep. This can include but isn't limited to an eBook, Templates, Calculators or Videos.
We recommend that you have at least 500 followers on a social media account. This way you can create an automated revenue stream online.
You will also have 1 year access to Copywriting Course for further help down the line 🙂
This course must be paid in full at the time of registration.
It is fine if you haven't sold a product online before. As long as you have at least 500 social media followers to create an automated revenue stream online.
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