1 lucky winner is coming to a copywriting conference with me in Las Vegas!
October 24th - 27th, 2013

*Contests ends Monday (10-21-2013) at 3pm CST.
Winner is selected immediately after.



Come hob-knob with the greats of copywriting at a small copywriting conference (SuccessMagnetSeminar) featuring Joe Sugarman, John Carlton, and Joe Polish!

I will be paying for you to fly down! Including:

  • Your SuccessMagnetSeminar ticket: $497
  • Your airfare: $500 flight voucher
  • Your hotel stay at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas: $450

Here's some "Social proof because I've taken pictures with successful people" pictures:


The legendary Joe Sugarman who despite being over 70 somehow still has six-pack abs (I went on a boat party and confirmed this):


Here he is autographing his book for me right as I started becoming obsessed with copywriting:


Joe Polish......my favorite host of any conference and founder of Piranha marketing.  Love that he has so many Gary Halbert stories (I sat next to him on a long bus ride and prodded him for juicy stuff):


John Carlton.....the 1st time I asked him for a picture he was LITERALLY about to go up on stage and speak, and he got pissed at me (there was a miscommunication between us).  I jokingly said, "Wow, John Carlton is an asshole!" 

Soon as he got up on stage he said: "I just got on stage and have already been called an asshole once."

It was a good laugh, and eventually got this picture:


After meeting a lot of these guys a few years ago then devouring all their materials (and applying it to all the work I was doing), I started getting pretty decent at copy, and it launched a whole new career path for me. 

So if you'd like me to fly you down to this conference as my personal guest, signup your email above.  If you share the contest with friends, it automatically give you more entries. 

Best of luck, hope to see you in Vegas!
Neville N. Medhora - NevBlog.com