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Thank you so much. I definitely will as I want as much help as I can get.
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Guest Nicole


Hi Neville, I used to do copywriting for B2B through sites like Fiverr, etc. and have guest posted while also running my own blog where I made low rates in advertising revenue (Adsense, affiliate links, etc.) so I stopped putting that stuff on my blog and just continued writing. The Fiverr’s etc weren’t main gig Since I was working in retail/service industries and started an events business that’s in the red right now. Through sites similar to Upwork, etc, I’ve written articles for my big name brands and my events business has garnered some local press.


I don’t consider myself a newbie since I have previous writing experience where people have paid me to create content for their websites, and I have my own blog where I’ve written content.


Often I get emails from other bloggers and agencies asking me to post their articles and links on my blog for $100+ but these websites are oftentimes not related to the topics I write about.


How can I land a client that is a better fit but will also pay me $$$$$ to market their brand on my blog through native advertising or sponsored posts?

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Guest Scott Young


How can we use your "sandwich board" copy technique on Resume?
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Guest Kian Paras


Hello Neville,


Sorry, I just saw this and got to reply but thanks a lot for all these tips and the advice. I was scared I needed the high-end equipment from the start and I appreciate the perspective and strategy on how you would start out again. Case studies and examples really do help! Also, apologies, it is biz company x' that's an unfortunate typo on my part.


And thanks for sharing about Vince Young! I just assumed with your time and his time in college that there might have been at least one time you'd run into him haha but that's pretty cool to hear, neighbors and had no idea he has a steakhouse! :)


Thank you and I hope you, your team and everyone else on this thread are doing okay, especially with whatever else is happening in the world.

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Hey Neville, hope all is well...


You have a wonderful website that literally shows up everywhere throughout the internet. Would you mind sharing some tips or examples on how on how you do it?


Thank you,


Paul C.


P.S. I found you a while ago when I typed “flyers that actually work” into google.


-Stay safe out there



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