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How I Got Rid of Carpal Tunnel Wrist Pain: Doing Handstands


Carpal Tunnel Handstand Sequence

I'm not a doctor (but I'm Indian so maybe like 40%)....

But around 10 years ago at the age of 26 my wrists started hurting a bunch from being on a computer a bazillion hours a day.

I'd frequently have to stop working and rub my wrists.

Even at the young-and-dumb age of 26 I knew this seemed WAY too early to be experiencing wrist pain. I looked up all these carpal tunnel stretches and made half-assed attempts to do them every few hours. It didn't really work.

Then in November 2010 I accidentally did the smartest thing ever: I wanted to learn how to hold a handstand:

nov-2010-handstand.jpgDoing a handstand circa November 2010.

november-2010-goals.jpgNovember 2010 Goal was to hold a handstand.

After about a full month of daily practice, I was able to hold a strong handstand for nearly a full minute. I'm still able to do a pretty solid handstand today:

Carpal Tunnel HandstandsStill my go-to party trick....


What I was inadvertently doing with these handstands is putting my entire ~180 lbs of weight on two wrists and stretching them out!

handstand weight on wrists

After doing this for a month......I remember asking, "Whatever happened to that wrist pain stuff I used to have??"

It had simply gone away! 8+ years later, it's still gone.

Despite using multiple devices all day long in weird positions, I've never had any returning symptoms of carpal tunnel till this day, and I accredit that dramatic shift to occasionally busting out a handstand a few times a week!


If you're interested, here's how I personally learned to do a handstand:

stickman handstand


After doing this routine each morning and each night, I was able to hold my entire weight for about a minute within 1 or 2 weeks with no pain. It was around this time any signs of carpal tunnel had gone away.

Hopefully this helps someone else out there....I will then challenge you to a handstand-off :-)



P.S. Original handstand posts on my personal blog:


P.P.S. If you're a writer or computer monkey like many of us here, how have YOU managed to stave off carpal tunnel (or does it frequently bother you)?

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Guest Neville Medhora


Interesting! I'm guessing while lifting weights (for example doing bench press) you're putting 150+ lbs on your wrists which for sure stretches the muscles and tendons in a good way.

That's neat you're working out AND preventing injuries at the same time :)

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Guest Abhishek


Hi.....just admiring the layout for your blog. Very Gary Halbert newsletter look. Super easy on the eyes. Is this a WordPress theme or do you do some backend development for this layout?
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Guest Neville Medhora


Thanks Abhishek! It's a theme I bought years ago, and it's been since heavily modify with CSS later :-)
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Guest Ailyn Domanico


I have the Ergoslider Plus for months now and never experienced wrist and shoulder pain since.
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Guest Neville Medhora


Whoa! I've NEVER seen something like this......super weird and cool :)

Neat that it got rid of any wrist pain.

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Guest Vishal Sharma


Hey Neville,

I've had handstand on my goals. You inspire me to do it now.

I learned to do a headstand in the somewhat similar method. Handstand looks more intimidating.

Thanks for the simple tips.

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Guest 6 Stretches for Writers to Prevent Injuries (and Butt-Ugly Posture) :: Kopywriting Kourse


[…] If these stretches get boring, try Neville’s magic handstand cure for wrist pain. […]
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Guest Ian Leahy


This is interesting. I've been living in Japan for the last 10 months. And one of the things I am doing here is training judo. I briefly trained at a college here for a little bit and one of the warm ups they do is walking on their hands.


I liked it. Although I wasn't very good at it and it hurt my wrists. So I wanted to keep doing it, but the pain made me stop.


Did you have any pain in the beginning?


I also changed the handle bar on my bike from a straight bar to more of a cruiser bar and that helped my wrists.

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