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The Secret Government Project I've Been Stealing From For Years


Library Stealing

I'm not sure if I should be publicly writing about this, but I've uncovered a pretty massive government conspiracy, and have secretly been stealing from this government-funded project for several years.

This isn't like torrenting a music file from the internet.....we're talking about picking up products and walking right out of this place without paying for them.

It's a pretty massive government operation:

  • This place has the knowledge of a thousand years compiled into one building.
  • This place houses all the laws and rules of the United States, and has access to every public record on file.
  • This place contains millions of dollars in assets.....and we're going to rob it blind.

I've found out the codename for this government project is "Codename Library."

I know "Codename Library" is a secret because despite being millions of dollars of goods inside these buildings, not even a small percentage of the U.S. population knows about them!!!

Today I am going to expose the Codename Library conspiracy wide open.

(If I am captured after this exposé of Codename Library, avenge my death by taking lots of resources out of one of the locations).

Read on if you'd like to hear more about how to rob the government blind of valuable information, books, and real estate.......


Locations of these Top-Secret Government Facilities:

Codename Library Secret

Turns out the United States Government has been running "Codename Library" facilities since the 1800's.  Each facility houses millions of dollars in products, and more inventory is added each month.

Turns out there's 119,487 of these "Codename Libraries" in America alone!!! Look at this chart of all these top-secret libraries:

Libraries in USA

There's so many of these secret government facilities, that 96.4% of U.S. population has close-by access to these "Codename Library" facilities.

I can only speculate that the government has setup sooo many of these libraries close to every person in the USA to spy on the citizens. Why else would they store massive amounts of information, books, resources, and computers next to every person!?!?!????

These government pigs are hiding a wealth of knowledge and resources from the population.  In fact, each library has massive amounts of resources that people in the normal world have to PAY for:

  • Fast Internet.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Tables. Desks. Workspaces.
  • Loitering is totally allowed.
  • Tons of Books.
  • Tons of Magazines.
  • Tons of CD's.
  • Tons of DVD's.
  • Video Games.
  • Every Newspapers.
  • 3D printers (some locations).
  • Archives of all laws/records.
  • Comfortable places to work/read/chill.
  • Expensive subscriptions.
  • Government workers called "Librarians" who will help you research any topic.

So if you live in the United States, you're super close to one of these secret "Codename Library" facilities.  I want YOU to go spy on these operations and rob them blind by utilizing all these free resources they don't want you to have!!



Secret Hacks: Codename Library

Library Steal

So how can we massively exploit and get the most from these top-secret government facilities??

Well I've been taking from "Codename Library" for years.....and I want to help others do the same.  So here are my 8 favorite Secret Hacks  to rip off "Codename Library" and leech massive value off the government!!!!

Read on my rebellious friend.....



Secret Hack #1: The Monthly Magazine Read

Library Magazine Stacks

These sleazy government fat-cats have subscriptions to EVERY MAJOR MAGAZINE and get them delivered weekly.  There's very little security in their magazine vault, so if you sneak into a "Codename Library" facility like I do.....you can read all the magazines for free!!  SUCKERS!!

Every month or so I go to the magazine section of "Codename Library" and read through 6 - 12 magazines.  I personally like the science-y and entrepreneur-y magazines....but they have a wide variety for whatever topic you're personally into or curious about.  I'll grab a whole stack and start powering through.

The above picture is just half of the magazine section at the "Codename Library" facility I routinely break into.

There's a lot of speciality magazines there I would never in a million years purchase, but are interesting to peruse through quickly and read a few good articles.  Sometimes I might quickly flip through a photography magazine or read a full Reader's Digest....neither of which I'd ordinarily subscribe to, but sometimes pickup some good information.

I usually end up snapping photos of pages with my phone if there's something interesting, or taking a bunch of notes.  Here's some example pictures of random pages that caught my eye during my last trip to the library:

I thought this ad was clever, so I snapped a picture of it and put it in my "Swipe File" folder in my phone:


I came across this article about Tony Robbins and it had a quote I thought was interesting:


There was a great article about a guy who produces all the major comedy specials and it had an interesting blurb about a book I wanted to read:


The point of all this is you can pick up a lot of un-expectedly good information by browsing through a bunch of magazines.  I think taking notes (or pics in this case) really helps retain that information.

......best of all, the government will never know you're stealing from their precious "Codename Library" facility  ;-)



Secret Hack #2: Your Home Away from Home (and free co-working space)

My favorite way of sticking it to the government is by breaking into my local "Codename Library" and using it as a FREE co-working space!!  The security guards there are so incompetent they let me stay there for hours for free!!  What idiots!!!!!

The best part is ALL THIS STUFF IS FREE and ANYONE CAN USE.   Since "Codename Library" facilities are kept secret by the government, of course there's barely anyone in there (except those two (most likely) undercover FBI agents).....


I used to live about 5 miles outside of Downtown Austin, and I would hate just going home and being isolated.  So I would break into the downtown "Codename Library" just to chill for a while.

If I went to a coffee shop I'd end up spending $20 or more on food and drinks, would 90% likely have crappy semi-working internet, and have tons of distractions which prevents long periods of solid work.

Going to a coffee shop was often a net-negative in a time and money.

However in the secret library facility it's generally very quiet (I bring ear plugs for extra silence), the internet always works and is very fast, there's computers for you to use if you don't have a great laptop, and if you get bored on your computer you can just go browse the books or magazines!

Those greedy government bureaucrats never want normal citizens like us to know you can just hang out at "Codename Library" for free all day......but now you know, and can take advantage of it yourself without spending a dime!!



Secret Hack #3: Practice Speed Reading

Speed Reading

The government doesn't want you to read fast and gain knowledge.....this is why they keep "Codename Library" a total secret from society.

But learning how to absorb information at a faster pace is like having a super-power.....and the "Codename Library" is this fantastic place you can practice learning speed reading across many different types of mediums (Magazines, Books, Newspapers).

I learned in middle school that it's pretty easy to speed read, and it took me about a month of practice everyday to train my brain to handle the rapid amount of information intake.  It's also super handy to speed read through "boring" parts of a book.

Here's a super-brief synopsis of how I learned to speed read from "Codename Library":

1.) Grab a random book from the "Codename Library" secret archives.

2.) Read the inside and outside jacket of the book for context.

3.) Look at the table of contents about the book first (this helps you pre-understand what you're about to read).

4.) When some chapter gets "boring" just bump up the speed of your reading by 2x.  Your brain will naturally slow back down when something is of interest to you again. On some really lame chapters I'll spend little as 5 seconds per page.

Just because it's in a book doesn't mean it's good or interesting.  Use your own judgement to extract the knowledge you want, and skip the rest.

For example: I was reading a looonngg biography about Benjamin Franklin, and there were several chapters on his uncle and his uncle's complete background.  It went down such a random rabbit-hole that I quickly decided:

1.) I don't give a shit about Benjamin Franklin's uncle's entire life story.

2.) This information wasn't delivering anything super-useful at the moment.

.....so I started turning the pages fast as I can, giving the page a quick-skim to see if there's anything interesting.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with skipping parts of a book.

If you're not interested or it's boring, then just skip it.

Since we're simply stealing books and resources from the government at "Codename Library" who cares if we don't read it???  It's free for us!!!!



Secret Hack #4: Learning Random New Stuff

absorbing knowledge from book

The best part about "Codename Library" is the vast amount of different subjects kept under one roof.  The government doesn't want YOU to know about this though, because they want to keep YOU dumb and stupid.  But me & you are rebels and will break in to "Codename Library" and steal this knowledge anyways ;-)

So to learn new stuff you'd never otherwise think to learn, I would do this hack:

I would stand in the middle of the archives at "Codename Library", close my eyes, and randomly point at a direction.  I would then walk straight towards where I pointed and pickup that book and force myself to read the entire book (although I would grant full permission to hyper-speed-read any shitty parts of a book).

Here's an example of random things I learned:

I once picked up a book about ammunition.  I thought, "Ugghh this is a waste of time, I don't care about how bullets are made!"

By the end I was fascinated with how many different types of ammunition there were, and how much money could be made off making weapons that take proprietary ammunition!

If an army buys 10,000 of your guns and buys 500,000,000 rounds of ammo per year, that's a HUGE business!

It's not like I ever want to build a weapons company, it's just something new I learned, and now I understood more about the world around me because of this random tid-bit of knowledge.



Secret Hack #5: Bring a Notepad and Take Notes (aka Steal Information)

A lot of the books at this top-secret government facility aren't books I'd normally buy or even rent.  However I AM interested enough to sit down and read a bit of each book and pull out some of the interesting parts:

For example, I saw a book on Self Hypnosis and decided to give it a quick read and take some notes.  I took a few pages of notes (and pictures of the book since I'm using an iPad Pro to take these notes):

self hypnosis notes library

That Self Hypnosis book wasn't a book I'd ever buy, but it did have a FEW interesting tid-bits I wanted to save.

This is the great thing about this secret "Codename Library" project.....all the books are just sitting there for you to browse and take notes on.

Later down the line I re-read these notes, and there's a broad wealth of knowledge I have of interesting topics, unique perspectives, and information I never otherwise would've learned.



Secret Hack #5: Ask a "Secret Librarian" for Free Research

Library Reference Desk

Did you know "Librarian" is actually a professional title?

Did you know "Library Science" is actually a degree in college?

This means that Librarians are literally trained professionals that will search anything for you....FOR FREE.

  • They will help you find old ancestry records.
  • They will help you find a job.
  • They will help you find any material you are searching for.
  • They will help you locate records or information from other libraries.
  • They will help you find free classes to learn skills.
  • They will help you find events, meetups, and services in your city.
  • They will help you find free government services you can use.
  • They will help you find information from their vast database access to public government records.
  • They will help you find details of laws and regulations.

I am convinced this is a government conspiracy coverup because very few people know about these services.  

But now that you know them, you can break into a "Codename Library" near you and ask these "Secret Librarians" for help on any subject.



Secret Hack #6: Use The Top Secret Time Travel Mechanism at "Codename Library"

One of the craziest things you can do at these secret government facilities is TIME TRAVEL.  That's right.  Here's how you do it:

You go to the sections of "Codename Library" where they keep very old books, and you read them. This will teleport you back in time!!!

Different facilities have different types of resources.  Some keep magazines from the 20's, some keep books from the 1700's.....it just depends on the secret government facility you're at.

By glancing at the books of the past, you can see what life really was like back then!  It's time travel in the form of books and magazines!

For example, there was this whole section of old Harper's Bazaar fashion magazines dating back to the 1930's.  I simply picked up a random one from 1945 and I got this when I opened to a random page:


It was actually really eye-opening to open this 1945 issue and see that high fashion was being dictated my military fashion! It immediately flooded my head with thoughts of what it would be like to be alive in 1945 when there was a full World War in swing.

I thought of how different it would've been that 90% of my friends would probably be in the military or involved in some way during that time.  By simply reading and viewing the materials of that era, I "time travelled" to it in my mind.

Even though I took the above photo just for this blog post, I couldn't help but be struck by how damn cushy my life is compared to if I were a male adult in 1945.

This kind of time travel definitely helps you gain perspective on your present-day life.



Secret Hack #7: Free CD's, DVD's, Learning Programs, Software, Games, New Books

One of the craziest perk the greedy government gives it's Secret Agents is free access to all of "Codename Library" assets.  In fact, they can checkout any of the CD's, DVD's, Software, Games, Books they want!!

Look at the large amount of free resources they have (I risked my life to obtain these spy pictures):


Most of us "regular shmucks" have to pay good money for these things.....but "Codename Library" is using taxpayer dollars to give them away free!!?!?  This is why I think you too should break into a "Codename Library" and take stuff out too.

In the "Codename Library" facility near me there's 100,000+ square feet of Books and Games and DVD's and CD's and Software....and I regularly steal from it.

All I do is pose as a government agent at the front desk, and those fools let me walk outta there with the assets for free!!!  Suckers!!!!!!



Secret Hack #8: Free Computers and Resources

One of the resources "Codename Library" keeps hidden from the general public is a large number of computers.  The government is so stupid, they don't even password protect the computers......anyone can access them!!!

I took some spy footage of some of these computer stations, and it appears any Secret Government Agent can just walk up to one of these computer stations and use them!

Codename Library Spy Footage

All of these computers have high-speed internet and access to many paid databases and public information.  If you are clever enough to break into a "Codename Library" you can access and use these computers for free.


Illegally Break Into a "Codename Library" Near You:

I'll probably be arrested by the government for exposing this huge "Codename Library" coverup......and I'll DEFINITELY be arrest for building this tool that will show you all the secret "Codename Library" facilities near you:

Just click this link and it'll show you a map of where all the "Codename Library" facilities near you are located:



Download this post and signup for the list:


Get this whole "Codename Library" post as a PDF & Word Doc for your own files.

Now go find a "Codename Library" and suck all it's resources dry  ;-)


Neville Medhora - Probably being detained at a secret government facility.


P.S. What are your favorite ways to steal from "Codename Library"??  

Any tips/suggestions/resources you've discovered or have "stolen" in the past????

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Guest Ann Giangarra


Hi Neville!

God bless you. I've just started my 1st blog with your help from your "Newbie advise for copywriting" video. I took your advise to print (then read) the Boron Letters and read Joseph Sugerman's Copywriting Handbook. After reading the information you recommended, I felt ready to start my blog. I am praying to be a blessing to others as you have been to me and many others (as I see from your above funny/informative blog).

Thank you for your great heart of generosity in sharing your wisdom. I thank God for you and am asking Him (Jesus of Nazareth) to reveal His great, agape love to you so you can understand your complete value and the full purpose He has for your life. Your life sounds great and you seem like an awesome guy. But I pray that as you search deeply, you realize that if you don't know the Giver of life, that real joy/peace will always bypass you. Praying for abundant life now, for you. : -)

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Guest Cleaven Smith


These Secret Government Agencies also have inter-loans. So if your Local Secret Agency doesn't have they get it from another Secret Agency.
Link to comment
Probably the first post ever I didn't skim-read. Reading something with a feeling of "this is important" and still having fun is a rare pleasure.
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Guest Theresa Johnson


I could get a sewing machine, for free, from my (cough) library (cough). Temporarily but I still think that is pretty cool.
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Guest Neville


I ageee! Apparently the law library at UT where I went to college had several law librarians who were specially trained to look up weird and obscure laws. The outcome of this research could often effect lives and lots of money.

That's the first time I realized you can utilize librarians like this!

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Guest Neville


Wow really? Had no idea....great job Secret Agent Spy Niloufer! Possibly a shirt-worthy comment :)
Link to comment
Guest Neville


I remember that scene well :)

Really if someone is disciplined enough, they can read about pretty much every single subject for free and watch videos about it for free.

If there's something that's paid, then "Codename Library" will likely just buy it for you too!

I love that Elon Musk always talks about how he learned most of his rocketry knowledge from simple reading books about rocketry. Pretty inspiring!

Link to comment
Guest Neville


Thanks Chris! I actually write this post originally in a boring "go to a library!' preachy kind of tone. THen the day before I completely re-did the entire thing with this funny and entertaining angle. I think it worked much better THIS away :-)
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Guest Neville


Yup.....those government fat-cats definitely try to keep the goods between themselves and not share it with the public, good thing we're breaking in and stealing all those goods ;-)
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Guest Neville


Glad to hear you've started your own blogging journey Ann, best of luck with it!
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Guest Neville


You too!?? Greg job breaking into your local "Codename Library" Wendy!
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Guest Neville


Whoa...thanks for the info Secret Agent had no idea! This could possibly be some shirt-worthy information :-)
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SO AWESOME!!! I'm taking my 5th and 6th Grade on a Field Trip tomorrow to our local "CODENAME LIBRARY". it was going to be a regular trip to learn about libraries and we are going with our own School Librarian, but i am totally going to turn the trip into this secret spy infiltration operation with our librarian as an enemy spy who defected to our side and has a scope of the place!

Such an Awesome way to spin this!!! And some awesome hacks for me to use at the ..."Codename Library"!!!

On a side note, i do believe that libraries have lost favor in our eyes recently, but i do believe they will make a comeback! The school System is rapidly changing and Libraries are becoming great alternative locations for Homeschooling groups to congregate. Especially the libraries that let you reserve (For Free) small study or conference rooms for group stuff.

I've even used the study rooms to record videos for my class when i couldn't get any quiet at home with my kids running around - so sweet!!!!

I can even imagine privatization of Libraries in the Future, where members pay a small subscription fee, and can get specialized library perks like classrooms and other school-like resources which let you do Home-schooling in a professional environment. Or let Private schools with limited funding (Like my school) have access to professional resources for a fraction of the cost it would take to maintain your own library!

Or we could just use the amazing resources we already have FOR FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Codename Library.... HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, this post came at such an awesome moment! I had a super hard day today at school (Teachers can relate to this one) and needed a boost on something exciting to do for my class

Thanks neville!

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Yo Nev! Absolutely killer post and I'm up there with you when it comes to being the cheerleader for these "Secret Government Agencies".

My favorite hack -

1. Ask my closest "Secret Gov Agency" to ship the books placed on other far away agencies. Basically, one can get any book to their closest agency and then walk and check it out.

2. Our county's "Secret Gov Agency" let's us check out for 21 days. So when it's at the 15 day mark and if it's a hot new book, I'll re-issue it from the online account.

3. However, often new books high in demand are pre-booked. So I walk to the "Secret Gov Agency" and ask one of the Secret Agents to help me checkout the book again. The following script works for me 8/10 times.

"Hi, Secret Agent. I was writing a paper on this book for my thesis work but it's being reserved by someone else. Do you think you can help me check it out for another 21 days. Plzzzzz?"

These Secret Agents have the power to bypass online book holds. And often I walk back with the book and a gnomish grin on my face ;)

4. Actually, there's one more hack. Sometimes you travel and forget to return the materials to these Secret Gov Agencies and then they fine you.

What do you do if you don't want to pay?

You walk to one of the Secret Agents and then say -

"Hi, I have a fine on my account. Usually, I get an email when my return date is coming closer. But I didn't get any this time. Please could you waive the fees this one time because I'll be prompt from next time?"

And wallah, you can use your fine money to treat a homeless with a Taco or however you like to spend $.

Nev - if you are reading this like, I learned Kopywriting from you. =)

If you're one of the commenters who clicked on 'Notify me of followup comments via e-mail', you're badass!


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Oh, and bring manly looking Thermos filled with fresh brewed coffee from a french press, brewed exactly to your liking, to get your coffee fix at the library - (sorry Starbucks, but it's over between us!)
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Guest Gregory


pssstt...you didn't hear this from me about "codename" Library but...

My partner in crime and I go to this institution on a weekly basis. These are the things we've found in addition to eBooks, print, Audio books, etc. already mentioned.

1. Watch for The Friends of The Library weekly and annual sales where you can purchase books, cds, dvds, old vinyl albums, and more at deeply discounted prices. You can build an amazing library of new and classic books on the cheap.

2. If you live in or are visiting Washington DC and want to do something amazing, you can get a library card to the Library of Congress. All you have to do is fill out an online form, go to the library facilities across the street from the main library and get your picture taken. Then you can take the underground super-secret spy tunnels under the street to the reading room on the main floor of the library. From there you can wander around looking at the incredible art and architecture as well as having the librarians bring you books you are interested in. I got help from a specialty reference librarian who helped me find all sorts of obscure articles on the Folklore of Weather in the Missouri Ozarks. Including how to predict the severity of winter by cracking open persimmon seeds to see if they have a fork, spoon, or knife inside of them. The whole process of getting the library card to being in the reading room took less than 30 minutes. While you're there check out Thomas Jefferson's entire library...and again it's all FREE!!!

4. You can become a digital volunteer for the Smithsonian by following this link https://transcription.si.edu/. It will show you how you can help transcribe and review handwritten works from the 1500's to modern day so that they are searchable by scholars. Current projects right now are transcribing notes from Arctic Explorer, Charles Francis Hall from his trip in 1861 to Boethius' De institutione arithmetica a 15th century illustrated manuscript, and no you don't have to be able to read Latin to help.

6. Our local library has regular entertainment and lectures as well as art shows.

7. Visit famous libraries when you are in other towns. You can see amazing works of art such as the Sargent and Chavannes Murals in Boston. Or if you find yourself in New York, the public library there is beautiful.

8. Most all libraries have summer reading challenges for the kids and many have book clubs and community one reads for adults.

9. If your eyesight is compromised, head over to the large print section or the audio books.

10. Libraries are also great for people watching. Find a comfy place to read and every now and then look up to see what your fellow patrons are doing. Whether it's a graduate student writing a paper, a mom and her mom looking up their ancestry, or just someone being drawn into a new world via a novel, libraries tell all sorts of stories even if not all of them are written down.

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Guest Mary McD


I've been using these facilities for ages - even interned in one of 'em in high school! (Back then we ran Sat. afternoon Disney movies - for free!)

Great way to save money, time, and effort - and I also go into them when I'm on the road to get a flavor for what other cities/states offer their patrons... er, I mean spies.

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Guest Neville


Wow....you've been breaking into "Codename Library" since high school?? Great job Secret Spy Mary!
Link to comment
Guest Neville


Wow, great list of secret ways to steal from "Codename Library" secret agent Gregory, possibly shirt-worthy spy work!
Link to comment
Guest Neville


Wow, great government spy work Secret Agent Ankur! These government fat-cats are so gullible it looks like they don't even want to take your money ;-)
Link to comment
Guest Neville


Glad you liked it Adam....just trying to expose this big government cover-up ;)
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Guest Neville


A sewing machine? REALLY? Wow....these government fat-cats are definitely hoarding all sorts of resources and not telling anyone about it!
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Guest Neville


Great that you're taking a school class to break into secret "Codename Library" Adam!

Here in Austin they're upgrading the "Codename Library" into this enormous facility with books, fancy equipment, a coffee shop, a restaurant......it's almost like they KNOW that people don't necessarily just need books from the facility, but can also use it for other things to make them more productive.

Great job exposing young kids Adam!

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