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Ear Plugs Were Sent From Heaven


ear plug quiet

I want to tell you about something that has cost me less than $5.00, but has VASTLY improved my life in many ways:

  • ....they help me write way better.
  • ......they make me feel "in my own world."
  • .........they help me concentrate for long periods of time.
  • ............they calm me down on planes.
  • ................they help me sleep much better.

This item is not a drug or one of those hippie magnetic bracelets....

This magical invention is what us mortals know as:









Yup....simple old ear plugs help improve my life, and my writing.

Whenever I write.....I try to "get in my own little world" ...but the distractions of life invariably happen.

The construction going on outside, the hum of the refrigerator, even silence itself has a distracting quality.

But with ear plugs in, I feel like I can talk to my brain directly.

(typing that makes me feel foolish....but you'll see what I mean when you try them).

They eliminate pretty much all external audio input, and it makes for a really great work environment.  It's an odd feeling at first.

You roll the ear plugs into a little cylinder, stick them inside your ears, and let them slowly expand.

As they expand in your ear, you can hear the decibel level of life go


And then you're in your own little world.

A world that's great for writing and for productivity.  And sleeping.

You should definitely try them.  My personal favorite brand are these little blue ones that reduce noise by 33 decibels:


The earplugs REALLY work their magic when I'm feeling lazy.  For some reason the switch from "real world" to "Neville's World" changes my mentality and lets me focus more.


Using Ear Plugs for Meditation:

I'm not super into meditation, but the times I do it, using ear plugs for meditation is a GREAT experience!

It just "softens" all the noise around me and helps me concentrate better, and the results are pretty great :)


I honestly think wearing ear plugs when I write gives me a kind of "superpower" that otherwise doesn't happen:

Ear plug superhero

So......when you start feeling like a lazy monkey today, why don't you try sticking in some earplugs to help you write creatively or be more productive??

Use these "magical ear tools" wisely my friend :-)




By the way....am I the only insane person who uses these??  Every time I go on a rant about how earplugs are sooooo great, people look at me funny and slowly back away like this:


Comment below if you use them so I don't feel insane!


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Guest Siti Kanniah


Hi Neville,

My instructor advised me to play the sounds of nature video while writing. I find it distracting. I have ordered earmuffs today. I feel more comfortable with earmuffs then with earplugs. I 've sensitive ears and now suffering from tinnitus due to sudden loud noise from nearby construction area. Some experts mention O blood group should not live in cities.

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Guest Kristen


I've used ear plugs for many years! I'm a light sleeper and used them a lot when I lived in an area with a lot of noise. I always take them when traveling so I can sleep. I use them when I'm somewhere that the music is way too loud (okay, yes, call me old). I use them when my nerves are on edge and any noise bothers me. And I use them as you do to concentrate when there's too much going on around me. (I don't want to ask my family to stop living and enjoying themselves just so I can get some work done.) I agree that they're a great invention!
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Guest Jamie


I wish I hadn't been so stubborn for so long about putting things in my ears.  I definitely need these now to lower my anxiety.  the cumulative stress built up from all the loud sounds and distractions takes from peace.  Thank you for this.
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Guest Darren Jansen


You can grab a pair of shooting earmuffs from Walmart or some other sporting goods store. They reduce the sound by somewhere between 28 and 30 dB. I started using them after getting this newsletter. It makes a huge difference, especially with children in the house.
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