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How To Write A Follow Up Email That Gets Results (Plus Free Templates)


Followup Emails from meeting to followup to sale

A follow up email is super important after several events:

Below we've included templates for each which you can copy/paste for your own follow up emails!

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Follow Up Email After A Sales Call:

Schedule a call meeting request email templates

An easy way to follow up after a sales call, even if there is no planned next meeting, is to provide some value. In this example we are just linking a few of the cool tools we discussed over the sales call.

Just give a quick few links and stop.  Make your last interaction with them a pleasant/useful one!



Purpose: Send them useful tools discussed on the call.

Subject Line 1: Stuff from call

Subject Line 2: The links you wanted

Subject Line 3: Call notes

Subject Line 4: All the links you liked



Purpose: Send them materials they can share around the office

If you're selling to large companies, often times you'll have one person who will be your "product champion" within the company. Arm this person with some helpful materials they can show their colleagues to convince them to use your product. This template gives them "ammo" to share around the office.

Subject 1: Slide deck to print

Subject 2: Slides for the office

Subject 3: SEO report for [Website]

Subject 4: Analysis of [Website] complete (results attached)





Purpose: Following up after a call to close the deal immediately

Subject 1: Hey [Name]!

Subject 2: Great talk...how do we close?

Subject 3: Closing time...

Subject 4: Last step and we’re done!





Purpose: Follow up after a phone call to check in

Subject 1: Quick check in

Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?

Subject 3: Setting up a call

Subject 4: Any secondary Q’s?




Purpose: Follow up email to book a call after a free trial

Subject 1: Are you enjoying your free trial with [Company]?

Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?

Subject 3: Setting up a call

Subject 4: Can I help you with your goals?




Purpose: Follow-up email after online quiz but didn't book a call

Subject 1: Feedback after your ____ quiz?

Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?

Subject 3: I'd love to help






Follow up email after a job interview:

Giving References


If you're really gunning for a specific job, it's always helpful to stand out from the crowd, and go above-and-beyond other applicants.

Most people beg for a job and hope it works out.  Superstars however can go above-and-beyond to impress (see what recruiters are looking for in a job interview). For this template I created a one page Google Doc with an outline for the help I can offer the company.  This took me less than 10 minutes, and you can copy the template for yourself.

This is the kind of stuff that could push you over the top for a company to choose you. My buddy Noah got a job at Mint by making a full marketing outline for the entire company. He didn't have to do this, but because he did, he got the job.




Purpose: Show you are right for the job with an outline

Go above-and-beyond by sending them a custom outline of what you can help with. This shows you were paying attention and know your stuff.

Subject Line 1: Outline of [Company] improvements

Subject Line 2: [Company] improvements I can make

Subject Line 3: Things I can fix ASAP

Subject Line 4: Things to improve on [Company]





Purpose: Let them know you are interested and ready

Subject Line 1: Great interview!

Subject Line 2: Would love to join the team

Subject Line 3: [Company] + [Name] = ❤️

Subject Line 4: Would be honored to join

This is just a quick followup email that can help solidify what happened in your interview. It also let's them know you are interested and ready to move on the opportunity.






Follow Up Email After A Client Meeting:

Email intro

If you have a meeting with an existing client, it's always useful to know the next step you're taking together. This helps both parties understand what page they're on, and avoids a bunch of useless back-n-forth emails later on.



Purpose: Give a quick re-cap of what (and when) the next things are happening

Subject Line 1: Quick re-cap for you

Subject Line 2: Re-cap of [Date] meeting

Subject Line 3: Meeting Outline

Subject Line 4: Outline of [Meeting Name]





Purpose: Share the meeting file assets

Another thing you can do is send a helpful set of notes from the meeting, or share any materials that were involved. Make sure to write "No response needed" so they don't feel obligated to reply.

Subject Line 1: Meeting assets

Subject Line 2: Meeting slides, reports, and PDF

Subject Line 3: PDF & Slides from [Meeting Name]

Subject Line 4: Attached: Meeting assets





Purpose: Follow up on a quote they requested

Subject 1: Quote you requested

Subject 2: Quote for [Project]

Subject 3: Can’t wait to work with you

Subject 4: Touching base on the quote you asked for





Purpose: Tell them what you need as a follow up after a call

Subject 1: I need a few things to get started

Subject 2: What I need from you

Subject 3: Re-cap of items needed to start

Subject 4: A few things missing before I can get started





Purpose: Follow Up Email Template after consulting session

Subject 1: Nice meeting you

Subject 2: Great session today!

Subject 3: Feedback on session today?





Follow up after getting no response:

Cold Calling Crickets No Pickup

If you send an email but get no response back, here's some templates to get their attention back and encourage them to response (without being pushy).





Purpose: Cut straight to the point and ask the next step

Let's say you do a couple of calls with a person/company, and they ghost on you.  Here's a simple email to get their attention and cuts straight to the point.

Subject Line 1: Quick followup?

Subject Line 2: Next step to take?

Subject Line 3: Let me know

Subject Line 4: Hey [Name], next step?





Purpose: "Closing Account" follow up email

Here's a classic email for following up after getting no response from a client. It says you're closing their account and you need their permission. This one works great!

Subject Lines 1: Closing your file?

Subject Lines 2: Your file will be closed.

Subject Lines 3: Closing your account.

Subject Lines 4: Close out this account?





Purpose: Ask for a one word reply to indicate interest

This is a low-commitment email that just allows them to respond back with one word. I've seen in B2B that sometimes ultra-short and informal emails will get a reply quickly.





Purpose: Following up if the client didn't do something yet

Subject 1: Checkin' up

Subject 2: Reminder [item They Need To Send You]

Subject 3: Bump!

Subject 4: 👉🏼 Reminder 👈🏼





Purpose: Following up on prospective client after ghosting

Subject 1: Checking in about [Project]

Subject 2: Are we still on?

Subject 3: Do you still want [Prospect Goal]?

Subject 4: Can we get started?





Purpose: Following up on client after getting ghosted using scarcity

Subject 1: Can I schedule you in?

Subject 2: Still looking?

Subject 3: Last step!

Subject 4: Almost done here :)





Purpose: Get a hard yes/no on a lead that's gone cold

Subject 1: ___ project - still interested?

Subject 2: Came across these, thought they'd help

Subject 3: Resources + a quick win for you

Subject 4: Yes / No ?




Purpose: Follow up on a proposal you sent in and ask for constructive criticism.

Subject 1: Any feedback?

Subject 2: Are you still interested?

Subject 3: Is [project] still a go?

Subject 4: Do you need anything else?




Purpose: Follow up on a proposal you sent in.

Subject 1: Did you recieve my propsal?

Subject 2: What is the status?

Subject 3: Have you made your decision?

Subject 4: Do you need anything else?




Abandond Cart Follow Up Email:



Purpose: Feedback as to why they didn't buy

Subject 1: Can I get your feedback?

Subject 2: You forgot something in your cart.

Subject 3: Is our site working properly

Subject 4: Why didn't you buy?



Purpose: Abandoned cart follow-up email for course

Subject 1: Any questions about our program?

Subject 2: Any questions about our course?

Subject 3: Want me to give you a call?

Subject 4: Can I call you?



Follow Up Email To Upgrade Your Account:



Purpose: This is an email designed to get a customer to upgrade to a higher plan

Subject 1: upgrade?

Subject 2: New plan for right now?

Subject 3: Hey ____, can we bump you up plans?



Follow Up Email After A Networking Event:



Purpose: This email was written to follow up with trade show contacts that signed up for a free sample product.

Subject 1: Your free tape sample

Subject 2: Nice meeting you at the trade show

Subject 3: The free floor marking tape you requested

Subject 4: Where should I send your free sample?



Reconnecting With Past Clients:

welcome back mat


Purpose: Checking in with past clients clost to their warranty expiring

Subject 1: Check your _____ before the warranty expires

Subject 2:Have you checked your _____? Your warranty is ending soon




Psychological triggers to use in a follow up email:

Learn Random Stuff Brain

Here's some "triggers" with examples you can use. We'll include a small snippet for each example:


1.) Scarcity:

Make them think the deal is going away, or they are missing out.


2.) Extreme Honesty:

Show some real vulnerability and honest.


3.) Question Their Power:

I do not condone using this except in rare situations! This method might burn bridges, so beware.


4.) Use Specific Facts:

By quoting actual numbers, one of them might capture the attention.


5.) Intrigue them with stuff about themselves:

Everyone's favorite subject is themselves, so maybe indulge that with some cool tools. I used PhotoFeeler a lot in my post on how to choose the right photo for your social accounts. I've found this to be an awesome little tool to run people's public photos through, then send them the results!



Download all these email templates for your files:

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-Copy/Paste them whenever you need-


Neville Medhora - Email Copywriter



P.S. What are your favorite follow up email templates?? Post it below in the comments!

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Hey,It was AWESOME helping you with the other day. I think we've made some great progress. :)Do let me know how works. Really looking forward to seeing your results.I think we can accomplish a whoooole lot more together. I'm really looking forward to helping you more... :)Can you please tell me the most helpful thing from our last session? (IN BOLD)Take good care of Munchkin :)Stay awesome,Julie
And AFTER they send you some feedback... (pretty sure almost everyone will if they legitimately were positively influenced by your session with them)Reply:
Awesome to hear it worked out for you. I think we can explore further and also come up with an even better way to work.You can schedule more sessions here. :) (link.) Hit me up with what you think... Stay awesome :),Julie
^^^^^^ Just something off the top of my head. Not a master copywriter by any means. Would be more precise if I knew your industry. You're free to use this stuff if you want. (-:
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shoot. some of the stuff I wrote up there disappeared for some reason.

If a sentence doesn't make sense, fill in the blanks yourself (e.g. I think we can explore X further and come up with an even better way to X.)

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Guest John E. Walters


Template I use as an excuse to follow-up with a prospect or client with something that you came across as a resource they might find valuable (excuse to reach out and stay in touch if its been sometime between contacts) This could be used as a similar vanity piece if you know something about them and what they like, follow, etc

SUBJECT: Something for you

Dear [NAME],

I came across something that I wanted to pass on to you.

Not sure if you’ll find it valuable or not, but I thought of you when I saw it... so I wanted to highlight it for you.


What made me think you might find this helpful is [EXPLAIN WHY THIS THING SHOULD BE VALUABLE to THEM].

I am always looking for things that might be valuable to people in my network. At any rate, hope you are doing well.




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Guest Taylor


Not even in it for the shirt (though I wouldn't turn one down), just wanted to say "great stuff, as always!"
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Guest Neville


That's great Dan! You should make it a habit to send a follow up email, ESPECIALLY if you are trying to make a sale of something.
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Guest Neville


Awesome Lindsey, go ahead and share if you feel like it!
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Guest Neville


That's awesome Arnaud, I love super-short and sweet messages like this!
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Guest Neville


Jonathan, that's actually super brilliant and possibly shirt-worthy! This is a cool "awww shucks I totally forgot" angle. Awesome :-)
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Guest Neville


Very sneaky and possible shirt-worthy Jamie! Love the template AND the example, very helpful.
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Guest Neville


Awesome Tom. This seems to be a standard one I've been getting A LOT lately. I wonder if HubSpot or someone did a similar article on this, and now it's the norm!
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Guest Neville


Hey Mike, this one is great and possibly shirt-worthy! I like how polite it is, very good follow up template.
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Guest Neville


Bahahhaha, yeah there's a lot of places I've stayed (and never intend to visit again) that keep sending followups.

I'm very aggressive on the unsubscribe :)

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Guest Neville


Yup! This is why pretty much EVERY sales CRM (like SalesForce) has a followup reminder.

There's a super useful tool called https://followup.cc/ which I use. Whenever you email someone and want to remind them, you just cc: "2days@followup.cc" or whatever length of time.

Super simple and useful!

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Guest Neville


Yup, direct mail STILL is king when it comes to highest conversion rates!
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Guest Neville


Hey Peter, this is awesome and possibly shirt-worthy!

Direct mail definitely is the greatest, especially when it comes with candy enclosed :)

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Guest Neville


I'd be curious to hear your successes (or failures) using a video introduction on email.

I frequently get them, but rarely watch. Video is a linear format of contact, and I can't easily "skim" them.

Lemme know how they've worked for you!

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Guest Neville


Hey Wuraola, that's an awesome little follow up template!

It's like you made a mini sales page inside an email to remind the client what you could do for them, great writing!

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Guest Neville


Geez you are persistent!

I'll often get some young and hungry person looking to meetup, and will usually refuse the first couple of times. THEN one day they'll email and I'll be in a good mood (or have some time to kill) and accept.

What REALLY gets me to accept is if the person is good at programming or videography or something I'm not good at or can use help at.

That just gives some extra motivation, because I could possibly use their help on a project or hire them.

Great job Utku!

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Guest Neville


Hey Jamie, that's a really good one too! I think it's more polite than "bump" if you don't know the person well and they are in a big company.

HOWEVER I still use "bump" if I know the person cause it's easy to type :)

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Guest Neville


Yup, that's one of my favorite easy ones. They can even just copy/paste "yay" or "nay" into the email :)
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Guest Neville


Maybe you could make a little template like:

Hey [NAME],

Loved helping you with your business the other day. If you'd ever like more help, you can book another session with me here.

I just got a 300% return for an eCommerce client, and would love to help you apply what we did.


Something like that could just "bump" you back to top-of-their-mind.

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Guest Neville


Dang, Utku REPRESENTING up here with these great comments!
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Guest Neville


Good one John, I always like any email that delivers some cool value instead of just asks and annoys. Good job!
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Guest Neville


Interesting, how does this email template work out for you Teri? Any good results?
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