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How To Create A Great Tagline For Your Business (w/ Examples)

When talking about a "Tagline" for a business, you'll commonly hear some popular names cited such as:
Tagline examples of big companies
The taglines examples you'll see are typically that of ginormous brands.
But that's the problem with these examples...



Billion dollar tagline brands
Every single one of these examples has been around for decades and is worth billions of dollars (here's a list of all the company slogans on the S&P 500), yet somehow people think their much smaller businesses should have equally vague brand taglines.
Well before we build our billion dollar brands, we might wanna start a little smaller:





The Evolution of a Tagline:

Let's you and I start a little side business together.  Let's see how our tagline may change as our company grows in size.
Notice how the tagline grows from a "descriptive tagline" into a more "aspirational tagline" here:
Evolution of a tagline
At that very beginning stage when we're at $0/year, having a vague tagline such as "Tell the world" will be relatively useless to us.
However once we start closing gigantic deals, have that fancy office on 5th Avenue in New York, and handle marketing for Fortune 500 brands.....then maybe "Tell the world" is a more appropriate tagline!
So yes, when you're at the level of a large business, your tagline will often be something short and clever and "aspirational."
However, if you're not there juuusst yet, here's a quick formula to follow:





Here's the 3-step process for creating a tagline:

Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences.
Step 2.) Trim it down.
Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence.



The #1 best way to create a tagline for your business is to describe what you do in the shortest space possible.
This process is like trying to cram a large thought into a single Tweet.
Let's jump into some examples of how we would do this:




Sumo Tagline Example: 

Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences:
"We create tools that go onto any webpage that help promote and share your website to get more traffic through several tools: Share buttons, Welcome Mats, Pop Up email collects, and more.  We make these tools really easy to use."
Step 2.) Trim it down:
"Tools that go onto your webpage to help promote and share your website to get more traffic."
Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence:
"Tools to Grow Your Website’s Traffic."






WPengine Tagline Example:

Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences:
"It's really cheap to host a Wordpress site, but when something goes wrong, your host will be no where to be found. Also, Wordpress gets hacked if you don't upgrade it or choose poorly designed plugins." 
Step 2.) Trim it down:
"WPengine makes hosting a website on Wordpress super easy.  We're like the perfect website host."
Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence:
"Wordpress hosting, perfected."






WeWork Tagline Example:

Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences:
"WeWork is a community space where people can co-work together or rent larger private offices.  We let you do what you love by providing fast internet access, bathroom facilities, coffee, beer, and meeting spaces."
Step 2.) Trim it down:
"A community space where you can focus on what you love doing, and we will handle all the hassles of running an office."
Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence:
"Do what you love."

Think of your tagline like a "Headline For Your Business."
Your tagline will often be placed on things like:



  • Flyers
  • Stationary
  • Outdoor signs
  • Business cards
  • Website headers

These are items that have only a quick-shot at getting someone more interested.


For this reason, the only job of your tagline is to get attention and make your customer want to read/research more!


A note to people who have spent more than 2 hours of brain-time trying to "Come up with a great tagline":

Your tagline will unlikely be a big driver of business. Like....at all.
I've NEVER gone to McDonald's because "they had a cool tagline."
It's cause I want food stuffed into my face immediately.
I've never done business with a web designer because his tagline was clever like "Design for life."
I've never bought a car because the tagline was "Zoom Zoom."
Just remember....
You should be focusing waaayy more of your time on:

  • The quality of your product.

  • Getting referrals from other people.

  • Getting feedback from customers.


THOSE are all things that will increase your business.

If you have spent more than two hours trying to come up with a tagline for your business, you are definitely focusing on the wrong thing.

Use the 3-Step Tagline Formula shown above, knock your tagline out, make sure it's not "too clever", and then focus on improving your business in REAL ways!

With all that said, I do respect some taglines floating around out there.

For example, here's my all time favorite tagline:
Geico has gone through all sorts of cutesy characters as their "spokesman", but their tagline has remained the same:

"15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance."

This tagline kicks butt because it's jam-packed with important stuff....and only in about 10 words!
Dang.....that Gecko knows what he's doing!
Let's just compare this brilliant Geico tagline to a few of their top competitors in the insurance space....Statefarm and Allstate:

Insurance Tagline Examples
I mean, without having previous experience knowing what these companies do…..would you have ANY clue what they sell based off their tag lines?? No.
Bravo Geico. Your tagline could be used for a $100/year insurance business or a $50Billion/year insurance business.
So remember, use the 3-Step Tagline Formula from above to create a quick tagline and description for your own business:
The 3-Step Tagline Formula
Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences.
Step 2.) Trim it down.
Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence.


Watch this video guide on How To Create A Great Tagline:

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P.S. See every slogan from the S&P 500 here (all the slogans from the top 500 companies).
P.P.S. Try running your own business through the 3-step process for creating a tagline:
Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences.
Step 2.) Trim it down.
Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence.






P.S. Leave a comment below with your own tagline!


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Recommended Comments

Guest Micheal W.


"Always Be Ready"

"Prepare(d) for Life"

I'm no pro, but I liked these enough to post for you. Use 'em if you want 'em.

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Guest Kareem


I would create a tagline for my nonprofit organization (Kareem Foundation) by determining who I would be helping which would primarily be individuals that are affected or they know somebody affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The tagline that I would use would be "things are possible".
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Guest Victor


"Peace of mind, wherever you are" ?

I originally used "go" instead of "are". But saying that might make people think its only for travel instead of being for home as well.

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Guest Victor


"Today's tech educating our educators"

"Today's tech educating the educators"

"Today's tech explained when you need an explanation"

"Today's tech explained when you need it"

"Stay connected and up to date with today's tech"

"Technology explained...now"

"Lessons for educators when they need them"

"Lessons learned. When you want"

Sorry if I went overboard. For some reason I like this idea.

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Guest Victor


To touch on Matteo's comment, "All the music you'll ever need"

"We have your musical needs met"

"The music you need, now"

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Guest Victor


In my opinion, you kinda need different taglines for each service. Do people look to you for combined services? It seems like you would attract people from different walks of life. Is that the case? If so, a separate tag line is needed for each.

Yoga- "Yoga is your answer to life's tough questions. "

Marriage- "Honoring your commitment the way you want"

Life transformation- "Your life re-imagined, through curiosity and courage."

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Guest Theodore Nwangene


Great post Nav,

Having an catchy and descriptive tagline is really essential for any business. Most usually use it to decide if they'll stop at a blog or not.

You have tell them exactly what your blog is all about in a very concise manner.

Those brands you mentioned here are already successful and famous so, their tagline does not matter much again as they're no more aggressive in looking for new customers because they've already gotten many.

But for a startup that has not gotten any name out there, its good to attract your people to your brand using your headline.

Thanks for sharing

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Guest John Williams


Interesting post. I often wonder if many companies even need a tagline. For me though, I settled on "helping businesses find themselves on the Web.
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Guest Winson


1) We help new home owners find the right lights for their new home. We do that by giving them a personalised consultation so we can understand their needs and make the right recommendations.

2) Personalised consultation to help you find the right lights for your new home.

3) Your personal lighting concierge.

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Guest Neville


Thanks Matteo, this is a VERY NevBox-worthy post!

I never thought of how these taglines translate into other languages. Thanks for sharing your approach with everyone, very helpful!

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Guest Neville


Lol.....if you had half my brain you'd barely be able to stand up and chew gum :-P
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Guest Neville


Hmmmm....seems if your company is still so small, you should try NOT to be so clever and go with a more direct and "functional" tagline like:

"We drive traffic to your site through search engines, social, and referring websites."

....just try to pick something descriptive and simple like that!

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Guest Neville


You also might want to add some credibility. You say in the copy you've grown large email lists.

Maybe back this claim up with actual numbers and the names of the companies you've helped or built.

Otherwise it all sounds like hot air.

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Guest Neville


Well that's pretty straightforward and direct, good job!
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Guest Neville


Very true Aki!

It's HILARIOUS to watch a group of adults debate a tagline for 6 meetings in a row.

I think people try to be clever which is a problem. They need to simplify.

Whenever they get to the size of a major corporation, THEN they can try to be all smooth and clever. But till then, your method works great.

Thanks for the very NevBox-worthy comment Aki!

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Guest Neville


1.) Thank you!

2.) Good tagline!

3.) Since your company is still small the tagline won't have a huge impact, but glad you've already got one down

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Guest Neville


Lol.....I'll let Tom/Dick/Harry know you didn't mean it ;)

I agree that a three sentence zinger won't get you any business on it's own. I actually more like the idea of a tagline for DEFINING what your business is.

It's sometimes a difficult exercise for people because they don't really know what (and how) they do for people.

Thanks Aaron!

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Guest Neville


Hey Donna, great application of this!

I think you can actually use all three of these lines:

1.) Use on your "about page" or "contact" or business cards.

2.) Maybe use on your email footer.

3.) Great little tagline for business cards or whatnot.

I personally like 1 & 2 the best because they're descriptive of what you do. When you become a $100,000,000/year company then start using the third tagline more, but for now stick with the descriptive versions!

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Guest Neville


New strategies for WHAT?




Flying a kit?

Be more descriptive Gerard.

"Getting kids higher grades through new teaching techniques that use the latest technology."


....something like that is FAR more descriptive.

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