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Make Your First $100 As A Freelancer (with instructions and scripts to follow)


Make 100 Dollars Banner

Let's say for some reason a monkey wrench has been thrown into your work life, and all of a sudden freelancing over the internet seems like an interesting idea.

Well you're in luck my young friend, because your Uncle Neville has taken the liberty of going through every single step of the process, and giving you the templates along the way.

I've been freelancing my whole adult life, and have helped thousands of others do it (and not just in copywriting). This post has no conceptual bullshit here, just action. Let's start:

If you've ever wanted to start a business but never had any money, let's try this together right now and make your first $100:




Step 1.) Identify the specific service to sell:

Using our handy Business Idea Generator I got the idea to sell Wordpress websites for a flat $100 fee.

Here is our value proposition in one sentence:


So that's the product we're going to sell.  We've identified a price, a service, and a delivery time.

Our Price: $100.

Our Service: Make you a working Wordpress website.

Our Delivery Time: In 24 hours.




Step 2.) Post this offer on your Facebook:

This part is super easy, yet super hard psychologically (for some people).

All I want you to do is post this script on your personal Facebook page:

That's all you have to do. Don't overthink this.....just post it.



Step 3.) Post the offer on Facebook Groups:

This part requires being part of groups on Facebook where your service might be useful.  Since we're selling Wordpress themed websites, we can try:

Since it's generally frowned upon to blatantly spam a Facebook Group with offers, we'll modify the above offer just a bit for the Facebook Group postings. Copy/Paste this script into the groups:





Step 4.) Post on Craigslist:

Next step is to utilize our old friend Craigslist. It's still a massive hotbed of people posting and searching for specific gigs.

And to make sure you have zero excuse not to do this, I will make your entire ad for you:

Here is the ad you need to copy/paste into the Services --> Computer section of Craigslist:

computer section craigslist

*NOTE* Obviously you'll need to replace your city, name, and contact information.

If your Craigslist posting allows you to post an image, we've got you covered on that too. Here's a sample (and proven) template for you to copy/paste. I've included the editable template below:

Wordpress Website Setup Ad Template

To customize this template as your own, you can open this template in Google Drawings then click File --> Make A Copy:

template ad download




Step 5.) Make a One Pager to post on bulletin boards:

What is a One Pager you ask?  It's basically a flyer you can physically post somewhere (preferably in an area where people will want websites).

Here's a printed out and taped-up version:

wordpress flyer posted

You can download and customize this One Pager flyer with your own information. Click the template then click File --> Make A Copy to edit your own:


Here is where you will post these flyers:

  • The 3 nearest coffee shops to you.
  • Any co-working spaces in your area.
  • College campuses nearby.
  • Outside of office buildings.

Everyone's area will have a difference in options to post. The point is to get your generous offer in front of people who may want a website. The above options are a great start.

Since outside activity has been limited lately, it's also wise to snap a pic of your flyer and post it to social media.




Pro-Tips For Newbie Freelancers:

Keep it hella simple:

Often the smartest people never start because they overthink things. Just remember to follow the path of least resistance here.  We're doing simple projects, for a simple price.....so keep it simple.


Don't flatter yourself you egotistical asshole:

"Omg what if people judge me for posting that??"

"What if I don't get more than 10 likes??"

"What if this experiment fails and everyone knows??"

Umm please don't flatter yourself so hard.  If you think people are paying attention to you THAT much, you need to tell your egotistical brain to calm the hell down.

No one is paying that much attention. When's the last time you really judged and ruminated over someone's status update post?


You don't need to plan out every aspect of this:

All we're doing is fishing to see if people bite. If we get taken up on our offer 10 times in the first hour, then hooray! You've hit upon something great and got yourself 10 new clients!

Many people (especially super-analytical and planning-type people) tend to get paralyzed because they feel they need to plan out every-tiny-little-aspect of how they'll handle these jobs.  Resist the urge my friend!!

If you start planning out "future scenarios" all the time, you'll never get started.  Just get the gigs first, then handle the details later.  This will be your on-the-job training.


Don't try to increase your prices just yet:

I see failing and poor freelancers all the time. They think they "deserve" a certain pay grade right away without putting in the work.  Fuck these people.  If you think the world owes you something, you're going to have a very very very tough time in the future.

You know who wins in this game?  The people who are willing to start out with this mindset: "OK, I'm just some newbie freelancer with zero experience, so I'm willing to start at the bottom. Yes some people will take advantage of my low prices, yes some people will get the deal of lifetime with this cheap work, but I'm willing to start somewhere and get experience. I will raise my prices when I am flooded with clients."

These people are awesome.

These people get so many jobs they HAVE to raise their prices.

These people serendipitously get gigs and jobs they never dreamed of.




Here's another example of this method working damn-near immediately for someone who never charged for their photography services (and immediately booked a $120 gig)!




Your Goal Is Just To Make $100:

When you begin freelancing the main idea is to see what work suits you. Not everyone will want to develop Wordpress themes, but there's a huge amount of freelancing opportunities out there. Follow this format and drum up some money quickly.

Over the years, the methodology of first posting your freelancing gigs on your social media has the fastest result of any method I've ever seen. I've provided you the exact scripts and templates for every step of the way.  



Download this whole post and all the editable templates:

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Neville Medhora - Copywriter trying to make you $100 quick.

P.S. More articles on the details of freelancing:

- How to get your first freelance writing job.

- How to become a copywriter.

- How to consult.

- Three Tiered Pricing (Keep a low, medium, and high priced option).

- Freelance Pricing Calculator (For when you start charging more).


P.P.S. Comment below with any questions you may have.

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Guest Eric Ruiz


awesome man, i love it. i'll make some tweaks and go!

thnx sir

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Guest Giorgio


Hi Neville!

I love cars, I have a fb page about Audi but I don't know how I could get money from it.

Maybe I could help car dealers? But what I can offer to them? Don't know :/

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I write blog posts, articles, and website content for healthcare companies, publications, health bloggers, and so on. Later on, sales pages, white papers, press releases, etc.
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Guest Neville


Maybe you could do reviews of cool add-ons and parts for Audis, and use an affiliate link to the product. This way if someone buys the part after your review, you get a piece of the sale.

A lot of YouTube reviewers do this as their primary income. They will show how to use a certain camera lens, and in the description include their Amazon affiliate link (or whatever company).

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Guest Neville


Oh very cool Rohi. If you are approaching large healthcare companies about your writing, then this method MIGHT work for you, but I would suggest you put together more expensive packages since they will be used to paying higher prices for this work.
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This is pretty cool Neville! How about something for a "content marketing strategist"? Review their site and make suggestions for content, social media management, email, etc. Really any of their written materials.
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Guest Charisse


I am currently updating my site. However, what easy tips for a Virtual Assistant can you give me like a good 100.00 pitch. I do Calendar management, Content Curation, Email marketing and Social media marketing. What do you have?

Please and thank you.

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Guest Neville


Hey Andre, that would be a great pitch for a consultant:

"My name is Andre and I want to review your website to see where it's leaking money. I've been a Content Marketing Writer for 3 years at a big agency, and have re-written hundreds of webpages and pieces of online copy. For just $100 I want to have a video call with you where we review your website in real time. The last client I had changed 2 pages and got $6,000 in extra business that month. I am doing a few of these $100 consultations for a limited time offer to boost my side-gig of freelancing from my Content Marketing job. If you'd like me to help identify where you website is dropping money out the bottom, message me!"

If the above was written in a group where everyone had websites, I bet it'd get a couple of bites instantly :)

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Guest Neville


Hi Charisse, the price does not have to be $100 necessarily, it was just an example. You can say something like:

"I'm a virtual assistant who does calendar management, content curation, and social media marketing for $12/hour. If you've ever wanted someone else to run your life for you, freeing you up to do larger tasks, then message me. I have excellent time management skills, 5 years of experience, great English skills, and have worked with marketers from Chicago to New York. Please message me if you'd like for me to handle all your management tasks!"

Something like that would entice people to use you instead of just a straight pitch not explaining the benefit.

Perhaps you can post your availability on some digital nomad groups or outsourcing groups.

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Guest NaTasha


Hey Neville! Thanks for the AWESOME content!

If I followed this to the 'T'...which I had and I'm getting some response...which way would you go after payment is received?

1. Would you create the WP acct and get the domain for them? Or

2. Have them set it up and just share their log in info?

I KNOW you're super busy...I just wanted to ask.

No harm no foul right?

Thanks a mil for sharing your time! :)


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Hi Neville, love your brilliant post! And I like this caveat too! I've only got basic understanding of WP installation : sign up for hosting, install, choose WP theme. Is that good enough, you think?
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Hi Neville, I'm learning to be a copywriter. I've been reading Gary Halbert, Joseph Sugarman, Andy Maslan and just actually got my hands on your book last week and seriously love it! I've been copying ads like Gary suggested but I find your AIDA formula so much simpler. I want to start practicing hands on copywriting so how do I get clients for this with no experience whatsoever? Many thanks!
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Thanks again, Neville! Please could you provide a complete plan for paid guest blogging? Happy Holidays!
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Guest David Patzke


Hi Neville,

thanks for that post. Even if you already have a business you sometimes get stuck in the details instead of focusing on the essentials.

I am running a business where I produce individual bracelets out of gemstones.

My customers mostly come to my home, sit on a table with me and choose from about 80 different gemstones to create a unique bracelet. I later create a real bracelet out of it.

I started small and had no money at first. You probably don't need money first because you get an invoice and can pay later.

Now I sell a bracelet for 36 € and more depending on the worth of the stone and prices go up to 100 €.

It's easy to start and easy to sell to your nearest friends and family.

Wouldn't that be worth writing about ?

I will offer my help with this one, of course.


David from Germany

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Guest Sulaksha Gad


How about this idea?

I will write Facebook ads for your beauty products for free or $20?

What If I want to place this idea on My Quora page with my email?

Waiting for your reply?


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Guest Neville


Thanks Natasha!

The point of this post was not to go through the nitty-gritty details for you, it was to get you started. however I would make some stipulations based on your level of skill. You can maybe make some exact conditions such as:

--Will setup a Wordpress, SquareSpace, or Wix website for you.

--Will install from a template theme and do minor editing.

--Will spend 1 hour on a call with you setting everything up and training you on the basics of updating the website.

--Additional hours can be bought for $50/hour.

Something like that would make sure everyone's expectations are met.

I personally like to conduct my consults over video chat so I can work WITH the person instead of guess what they want all day.

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Guest Neville


Good for you getting better at your craft! I personally NEVER enjoyed that "hand-copying old ads."

I've done it several times, but honestly didn't learn much and got aching hands. Instead I would actually DO copywriting myself and see what works.

I've found a lot of those old ads written in the days of magazines and radio were hella scammy, filled with lies and over exaggerations. That's not the kind of copy I want to write.

Instead I have my own copywriting exercises I use, I actually wrote an entire article about this already, check it out June!


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Guest Neville


Great job with your bracelets David! I agree that kind of thing will likely start off first with your friends and family. That's why Step #2 of this exercise is to post your service on your personal Facebook page.

Your friends and family already like you (well.....most likely :-P ), so they are prime candidates to buy from you, especially if it's something personal as a custom bracelet.

I bet for you if you were to post that story you told here on your Facebook, and at the end say:

"If you would like one of these custom gemstone bracelets for yourself, let's schedule a time this week to sit down and make it together, it will be fun and memorable!"

......that could probably drum up a decent amount of business! Thanks for sharing your story David.

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Guest Neville


Hi Sulaksha, you never know until you try....BUT, I would predict people spending lots of money on Facebook Ads aren't going to hire someone with no experience.

Now if you DO have experience, I would write something more tempting such as:

"I have managed over $800,000 of Facebook Ads for 3 different companies in the last 2 years. I know how to manage large quantities of ads, I know what converts well on Facebook, and I know countless tactics to squeeze every penny out of the ads. Total returns for my ads have been 8x in the last year. If you would like to try me out as your Facebook Ads Manager, give me a shout or tag someone who might be interested."

.....see how much better that sounded? Now of course I made up those qualifications, but list your own.

Hope that helps Sulaksha!

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Guest NaTasha R Rector


Wow! And just like that... You snapped my biz back to life! Lol

Thank you for your time!

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Guest Neville


Good to hear Nathasha! But you don't only have to do this for Wordpress, you can do this same process for any skill you are good at: Writing, Image Editing, Copywriting etc to name a few.

Best of luck!

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Thanks so much for this! I am just starting out in digital marketing and have been trying to figure out ways to break into the industry and get experience in order to get an agency job. I am going to apply this to PPC management on Craigslist. $100 to help people fix their AdWords campaigns.
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What is this?? This is so crazy! I just posted the script on my FB page barely 15 minutes ago and have 2 people interested!! I've got a mini heart-attack when I hear those ping-pings!

Now I'm starting to panic, lol. I've got a couple of WP websites, so I know how to install and do basic setting up of pages. But I won't call myself a pro or anything of the sort. I'm probably just good for those looking for personal blogs or simple sites.

Oh dear, I hope I can do this! In case you're not confident like me, amend the script to 48 hours. It still works, evidently, lol!

I'm also the 'egoistic' type Neville was mentioning. I was overthinking things and just before I hit 'post', I'm like 'Screw this, just do it; if I fail, it's ok, it's not like I'll die, just lose face!'

Anyways, I also posted on Gumtree... so oh well, here's hoping things will work out somehow!

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Great article! How about applying this to holistic nutrition coaching? :) Thanks!!
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