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Make Your First $100 As A Freelancer (with instructions and scripts to follow)


Make 100 Dollars Banner

Let's say for some reason a monkey wrench has been thrown into your work life, and all of a sudden freelancing over the internet seems like an interesting idea.

Well you're in luck my young friend, because your Uncle Neville has taken the liberty of going through every single step of the process, and giving you the templates along the way.

I've been freelancing my whole adult life, and have helped thousands of others do it (and not just in copywriting). This post has no conceptual bullshit here, just action. Let's start:

If you've ever wanted to start a business but never had any money, let's try this together right now and make your first $100:




Step 1.) Identify the specific service to sell:

Using our handy Business Idea Generator I got the idea to sell Wordpress websites for a flat $100 fee.

Here is our value proposition in one sentence:


So that's the product we're going to sell.  We've identified a price, a service, and a delivery time.

Our Price: $100.

Our Service: Make you a working Wordpress website.

Our Delivery Time: In 24 hours.




Step 2.) Post this offer on your Facebook:

This part is super easy, yet super hard psychologically (for some people).

All I want you to do is post this script on your personal Facebook page:

That's all you have to do. Don't overthink this.....just post it.



Step 3.) Post the offer on Facebook Groups:

This part requires being part of groups on Facebook where your service might be useful.  Since we're selling Wordpress themed websites, we can try:

Since it's generally frowned upon to blatantly spam a Facebook Group with offers, we'll modify the above offer just a bit for the Facebook Group postings. Copy/Paste this script into the groups:





Step 4.) Post on Craigslist:

Next step is to utilize our old friend Craigslist. It's still a massive hotbed of people posting and searching for specific gigs.

And to make sure you have zero excuse not to do this, I will make your entire ad for you:

Here is the ad you need to copy/paste into the Services --> Computer section of Craigslist:

computer section craigslist

*NOTE* Obviously you'll need to replace your city, name, and contact information.

If your Craigslist posting allows you to post an image, we've got you covered on that too. Here's a sample (and proven) template for you to copy/paste. I've included the editable template below:

Wordpress Website Setup Ad Template

To customize this template as your own, you can open this template in Google Drawings then click File --> Make A Copy:

template ad download




Step 5.) Make a One Pager to post on bulletin boards:

What is a One Pager you ask?  It's basically a flyer you can physically post somewhere (preferably in an area where people will want websites).

Here's a printed out and taped-up version:

wordpress flyer posted

You can download and customize this One Pager flyer with your own information. Click the template then click File --> Make A Copy to edit your own:


Here is where you will post these flyers:

  • The 3 nearest coffee shops to you.
  • Any co-working spaces in your area.
  • College campuses nearby.
  • Outside of office buildings.

Everyone's area will have a difference in options to post. The point is to get your generous offer in front of people who may want a website. The above options are a great start.

Since outside activity has been limited lately, it's also wise to snap a pic of your flyer and post it to social media.




Pro-Tips For Newbie Freelancers:

Keep it hella simple:

Often the smartest people never start because they overthink things. Just remember to follow the path of least resistance here.  We're doing simple projects, for a simple price.....so keep it simple.


Don't flatter yourself you egotistical asshole:

"Omg what if people judge me for posting that??"

"What if I don't get more than 10 likes??"

"What if this experiment fails and everyone knows??"

Umm please don't flatter yourself so hard.  If you think people are paying attention to you THAT much, you need to tell your egotistical brain to calm the hell down.

No one is paying that much attention. When's the last time you really judged and ruminated over someone's status update post?


You don't need to plan out every aspect of this:

All we're doing is fishing to see if people bite. If we get taken up on our offer 10 times in the first hour, then hooray! You've hit upon something great and got yourself 10 new clients!

Many people (especially super-analytical and planning-type people) tend to get paralyzed because they feel they need to plan out every-tiny-little-aspect of how they'll handle these jobs.  Resist the urge my friend!!

If you start planning out "future scenarios" all the time, you'll never get started.  Just get the gigs first, then handle the details later.  This will be your on-the-job training.


Don't try to increase your prices just yet:

I see failing and poor freelancers all the time. They think they "deserve" a certain pay grade right away without putting in the work.  Fuck these people.  If you think the world owes you something, you're going to have a very very very tough time in the future.

You know who wins in this game?  The people who are willing to start out with this mindset: "OK, I'm just some newbie freelancer with zero experience, so I'm willing to start at the bottom. Yes some people will take advantage of my low prices, yes some people will get the deal of lifetime with this cheap work, but I'm willing to start somewhere and get experience. I will raise my prices when I am flooded with clients."

These people are awesome.

These people get so many jobs they HAVE to raise their prices.

These people serendipitously get gigs and jobs they never dreamed of.




Here's another example of this method working damn-near immediately for someone who never charged for their photography services (and immediately booked a $120 gig)!




Your Goal Is Just To Make $100:

When you begin freelancing the main idea is to see what work suits you. Not everyone will want to develop Wordpress themes, but there's a huge amount of freelancing opportunities out there. Follow this format and drum up some money quickly.

Over the years, the methodology of first posting your freelancing gigs on your social media has the fastest result of any method I've ever seen. I've provided you the exact scripts and templates for every step of the way.  



Download this whole post and all the editable templates:

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Neville Medhora - Copywriter trying to make you $100 quick.

P.S. More articles on the details of freelancing:

- How to get your first freelance writing job.

- How to become a copywriter.

- How to consult.

- Three Tiered Pricing (Keep a low, medium, and high priced option).

- Freelance Pricing Calculator (For when you start charging more).


P.P.S. Comment below with any questions you may have.

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Hey Neville!

I'm new to copywriting and freelance, but I had an idea.

I did a free article for a church newsletter which will be out soon.

But I want to get some other experience that I can use for my portfolio.

I have a friend on Facebook who is selling stuff off her page.

I want to offer to write an ad for her, but I'm not sure how to offer that.

Would it just be a Facebook post?

Any tips would be welcome!

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Guest Enesi Daniel


Hello Neville, you have been a source of inspiration to me. Thank you so much.

please, how can you help me with this. I have two serviced Apartments I want to sublet for a short term stay, I do most of my posting on Facebook and Craiglist


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Guest Die Produkttest Familie


I got this post from a friend and will start now this Wordpress website thing nw. We have just one funnel for traffic to post this. It can work and that is worth a try. Let's see how it works. :-)
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Guest Andrew


Hi Nev, I have been following your various exploits for a while now, always entertaining and thought provoking.

Anyway, the $100 challenge. I thought i'd give it a go, nothing ventured nothing gained and all that. I did pretty much what you said, but amended & added a few bits. the result?

3 enquiries so far totalling £375

OK so I made www.wpwebsite100.com and wrote a lead gen piece but still well worth it.


Thanks dude

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Guest Björn


>25k and growing from this "gig" do far ;) thanks for all the great advice Nev!!!
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Guest Dave


Hi Andrew

Just noticed your recent post saying you got 3 jobs with Neville's great idea, well done.

How did it go with promoting this on the new website (wpwebsite100.com)? How did you generate quick traffic, just from Facebook etc?

I tried to view your new site for this idea/promotion, however there is nothing at that domain and the twitter/FB links on google are all gone...?

All the best


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Guest Andrew


Hi Dave,

Unfortunately we my mother in law passed away after a battle with the big C so I had to suspend everything.

I am considering relaunching it though, if only to add to my copywriting portfolio. I need to fill up the coffers again! I’ll add a comment here when it goes live...

Neville, thanks for the continued inspiration dude

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Guest Arijoy


Hey Neville!

Great post as always. I've got a question. Even if I'm a beginner in skills such as copywriting or white paper writing, how many portfolio items is enough? 3 sample items? 5? 10?


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Guest Shenita


I would suggest market yourself as a digital marketing consultant. You can always specialize in lead generation. You can always outsource the work if they would like to expand on other services, such as SEO. I have tons of knowledge as a researcher. People always come to me asking if I could conduct research on whatever such as lead generation, referral marketing program, graphic design, even finding antiques, etc. I finally took some courses in digital marketing to learn it all. I have entrepreneurs such as Neville and others in this thread that I send leads to for the work I can't or don't have time to do. This is part time work for me until I grow my clientele. I obtain most of my leads through word of mouth, Facebook groups or word of mouth. That's one route you can try. I charge a retainer or negotiate a flat rate. It's working for me. I'm going to retire from being a massage therapist as soon as I have enough clients under my belt. Then, I'll have enough time to work on my consulting business on a full time basis.
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Guest Shenita


I'm really loving this! It's very inspirational.
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Guest Gerry RC Thibert


I copied and pasted on Facebook and LinkedIn two days ago... exactly as the instructions said... not a whole lot of interest... two people have asked but no commitment... is making this offer obsolete in 2019?

Or am I doing something wrong?  For instance, I tell the client I don't do the hosting... I realize it's an opportunity for an upsell but the risk/reward doesn't add up for me.

Some people want 3 to 5 previous examples of work I've done.  Which I don't have... once I complete the WordPress site, I hand it off, so it's not really my work anymore and then the owner makes changes, which really makes it not my work.

Then I asked for some input from a couple of Freelance friends of mine... they have the same feedback:

Too cheap or it will only attract the wrong kind of client (i.e. demanding or will try to take advantage).


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Guest Priya Sharma


Thank you for this wonderful guide, I am a beginner and this article motivated me how to grow in my career.
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Guest How to be self-employed (With no qualifications)


[…] quickest and easiest way to test the waters is to follow these step-by-step instructions on how to make your first $100 as a freelancer. They can be adapted for any type of service business, both online and […]
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Hey Gerry, just wondering... did the template work out for you? Regards.
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Hey Neville, I'm a newbie copywriter from India with mostly Indian Fb friends. I'm guessing $100 would be too much for most to afford. Should I trim it down to a reasonable price or just stick to your mentioned price? BTW, my aim is to make my first $100, but would I get the right kind of people on Facebook? Also, would LinkedIn work? Would appreciate your help here! Thanks!
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Guest Dominic Isidro


I suppose I can modify this gig according to what I'm skillful at. I'm planning to write articles for $100, do you think it will work?
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You should include the hosting for a year and charge a sweetspot of around $400-$500. You can upsell them on SEO or Paid Ads.
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Guest How to be self-employed with no qualifications - Batch 1


[…] quickest and easiest way to test the waters is to follow these step-by-step instructions on how to make your first $100 as a freelancer. They can be adapted for any type of service business, both online and […]
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Guest Shiba Fathima


Hey Neville! I have the same exact question for you. In India it sounds weird for a newbie to charge 100 dollars. It is a "lot" of money -- equal to around 7000 bucks as you know. People pay beginners usually in the rate of 300 to 500 INR. I am a young freelancer writer who wants to earn in dollars. Can you please help me out?
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Guest eBiz Weekly #57 - eBiz Facts


[…] An action-packed article by Neville Medhora, with instructions, scripts, and real-life examples. […]
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