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How would you get rich if you were 21 again?


Become 21 Again Time Machine

Knowing what you know now, how would get rich if you were 21 again?

Here's several answers:







Neville Medhora


P.S. If you could go back to 21, knowing what you know now, how would you get rich?


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Guest Faisal


Hmm. I still need to figure out. I did not remember what I did at that age. But I already have money by selling cigarettes at hostels. Oh! Yes. I'm still studying. Now I'm 43 years old. Still studying. Also writing. Not working and also not rich.

If I was 21 again, I should involved in entertaiment industries. Making film. Then asked Angeline Jolie to marry me. Oh! I really like her.

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Guest Dan Ceballos


Go to chiropractic college in my early 20s instead of waiting till my 30s.

Thanks Neville for the blog.

love this idea.

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Guest Brad Spencer


Things I would do if I were 21.

1. Buy a cheap but great car and keep it for years (bought 4 cars in my 20's...nothing fancy so they weren't particularly fun but depreciation cost me 5 figures of wasted cash)

2. Built my first restaurant into a chain and then franchised it (selling a biz is great and works fine but we're in a tech bubble so lot of that stuff will be proven to be a "greater fool" type situation). Franchising it is cash flow. Super wealthy families that span generations all focus on cash flow first which allows them to make moves in bad times that grow wealth exponentially.

Cash flow > "Lucky Strike"

3. Kept building my audience. I stopped because I ended up hating my customers back around 2011 (new business owners) and instead of transitioning them I let them go and didn't replace that so ended up spending years making others wealthy (great experience but I could've done that for myself)

4. Spent time interning in private equity and other business accelerator type groups. The skills would've come faster turning around and improving a business. I am not a fan of "selling to create wealth" but selling after you've created wealth by improving something is totally different.

Learning how to leverage the financial tools of these groups along with honing my business skills would've been more useful than working on what I did in college.

Those are a few things...big thing in general was realizing I could make it "easy". I had a tendency when I was young to believe that I need to "forge my own path" when in reality there were plenty of models to follow. I should've listened to other people's mistakes sooner knowing that I would make my own mistakes just being alive and an imperfect human.

Lastly, I would say if I was 21...the one skill I wished I had practiced more was listening. To myself, to others, to anecdotes about the stuff I care about, etc. Every "problem" I have had was because I talked more than I listened regarding that subject.

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Guest Brandon


Those are dope advises i just got in love with it I'm from Dominican Republic I'm 21 years old I'm just a dancer or a bboy (break dancing) i really like the knowledge
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Context is important for my answers.

First, at 21:

- I had just been kicked out of a State University for grades and unbecoming behavior. I was kicked out of the house for the above actions so went to work for ranches and rodeo'd for a living.

- I was working on a ranch riding colts - 150 miles from North Platte, Ne. (pop. 20k)

- I didn’t know there was such a thing as marketing & advertising as a career.

I’d only seen computers through a window into the computer department in my first year at college.

- MY entire network consisted of people who talked about cows, horses and weather and all things related to those three subjects.

So, what would I do in hind-site?

1.) Pick up some books and magazines that are outside my comfort zone while on my professional rodeo travels.

2.) Engage with the things that intimidated me.

• Drive my ass to Raleigh, San Jose, New York, San Fransisco or Los Alamos to live. (I’d been to each on the rodeo circuit and was mesmerized while I walked through the towns and the stores.)

• Stay in San Antonio with a man who made his money in technology and sponsored rodeo cowboys. He put me up for a couple weeks and I had the most intriguing discussions of my life. His wife offered me their pool house for as long as I wanted. I declined.

• Pursue my passions for storytelling, quantum theory, philosophy and design with a mission. (They were seen by my surrounding peers as stupid hobbies with no future. Designing chairs that looked like spacecraft was just not cool.)

Many more missed opportunities but this would be the advice I’d give to my 21-year old self.

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I'm new here, but that comment was inspiring. I am currently still in my teens and trying to figure out what to pursue in life, and I agree with everything you've said here.
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Guest Farida


I'm not yet 21 so I'm just going to wait till I'm 40, then come back and comment....lol....just kidding.

Well, since I have less than two years before I become 21, I'm going to take all the great advices here and build on them, you know, all that 'make hay while the sun shines, um look for a black goat during the day time' stuff. Hehehe. Thanks a lot!!!

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Guest April Terrell


I would have been more vigilant about birth control...like really vigilant.

I cant help but think about the money I wasted. So, I would work, work, work and live very childless and lean....and start writing and blogging...like nonstop while also seeking out entrepreneurial people, investments and opportunities.

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Guest Mohit Gangrade


Hey Neville,

I love your content. You inspire me a lot, brother.

Keep up the awesome work! :)

I wish I could add something to the discussion, but I am just 19.

Will keep all of these tips in mind.


Mohit Gangrade

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Guest George Martinez


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