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James Clear Copywriting Teardown - Episode 3

This is James Clear:




This is a quick Copywriting Teardown of a post of his:

Here’s what we’re covering:

James has this post on intermittent fasting which is ranking #1 in The Googster.  Let’s go through a few things to SEO-proof this for him:


Step 1.) Correct the small stuff like Alt and Title tags (minor stuff).

This stuff is only semi-important in James’ case because he already has hella people linking to his article on websites and social.

It would be cool to add some images in the post like this which people could download or view from the image search results:james-clear-example-diet


Step 2.) Add more sections to the post based on the Google Suggested Searches at the bottom of the page.

Searches related to intermittent fasting:

How to do intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting bodybuilding

Intermittent fasting results

Intermittent fasting diet

Intermittent fasting weight loss

Intermittent fasting success stories

Warrior diet

Intermittent fasting diet plan


Step 3.) Provide a download link (that preferably collects their email):

A free eBook is super easy to provide in this case.  Just paste the post into a Google Doc and do File –> Download As –> PDF.

With a few simple touches we could make this a nice free download such as this:

(This is not a real download, just a sample, so don’t complain to me the link doesn’t work!):

Download my free guide to intermittent fasting:james-clear-book.png

Inside the book you’ll get:

  • A free intermittent fasting guide.

  • A 3 step plan to follow.
  • Weight loss charts.
  • Case studies.
  • And more!




That’s my quick assessment of James Clear’s post.  


As always, leave a comment with your site if you’d like it torn down!  

I save every entry for later episodes!!  

In fact, I got this nice little doc with the rest of them I’m tearing down:


Leave your site in the comments to be torn down, or lemme know whatchya think!

-Neville Medhora


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I'm a novice at copywriting, but am determined to make a living in the field. Constructive criticism of my site's copy would be greatly appreciated.
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Guest How to Become a Freelance Advertising Copywriter | Octopros


[…] called KopywritingKourse.com which puts out copywriting articles, teaches people to write copy, copywriting tear downs, and makes tools for […]
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