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What Are You Most Grateful For In 2019?

what are you grateful for

We’re starting to wrap up 2019, and it’s time for some reflection…

What are 3 things you’re grateful for this year?

What are things you could have improved?

Leave your responses in the comments below!


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P.S. Use a fake name if you don’t want to publicly reveal yourself (but please use a real answer—the more specific, the better).

P.P.S. An example response might look like:

In 2019, I’m grateful for falling in love with an awesome person, landing a flexible remote job, and finally being able to run again after 6 months of physical therapy.

I could have improved 2019 by setting monthly goals, watching less Netflix, and calling mom more often.

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Guest Kenyangal


Hi Neville,

In 2019 I am grateful for

1. My health

2. My brother who provided me with a lovely home to stay at for free

3. Increased self-awareness that came from a year of unemployment.

I can improve on my income and financial wellbeing. I have great skills, mental clarity, physical health, and an awesome living environment hence I am ready to earn my potential.

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1. Teaching copywriting something I never thought I would do and love

2. 3 years being freelancer and strong

3. love love love


To improve:

1. Organize better the writing of my first novel

2. be less critical with me and more practical

3. reading more

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Sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for. Maybe 2020 could be "Running Year" for you and your husband 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
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Guest J. Washington


1. Wrote a book.

2. Bought a new car.

3. Vacationed on 4 continents.


1. Marketing my book.

2. Time management.

3. Money management

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the best birth ever.  Got accepted into natural birth suite which means midwives antenatal care instead of risk obsessed doctors scaring the shit out of me... so positive and cruisey to deal with and no invasive procedures; a hypno waterbirth...and  only used the hypno soundtrack and a cup of ice. Blew my mind and so does our adorable 3rd baby.

Vastly improved connection amd communication with partner ~ we bicultural and that keeps things interesting but also there were some misunderstandings we sorted.or got clearer on this year that had hung over us for years including joined savings and spending habits agreed, sub accounts in joined names, handling our respective families and countries..

 Mari Kondo. Found out marikondo decluttering guru was about sparking joy not keeping house. Am in "komono" and my house is chaotic but starting the process with my clothes, papers, books and personal items and finding ways to ease my enviro guilt by recycling where possible, has already freed up.some stuck energy I felt. Sounds woo woo but having your things so you can see them and take care of them and enjoy them is great.

I could have improved my faith. Fears regarding my family and partner, the pregnancy, money, having a business and career, life.. took over and I didn't need to freak out so much.  I got through and even solved most problems. Faith over fear in 2020

I could have bought a new pram earlier to exercise with kids and also just chosen 1 online course to work through  and finish. I could also have set up website back ups and made friends.. but the whole stress thing made me not think as well.

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