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Product, sales pitch, delivery system


There’s not many parts to selling a product. It’s actually quite simple.


Gary Halbert once said the three things you need to sell a product are:

1.) A product.

2.) A sales pitch.

3.) A delivery system.

My very first “business venture” was selling burned CD’s in middle school.

Following this 1-2-3- model my CD business would have looked like this:

PRODUCT: CD’s with whatever songs you wanted on it.

SALES PITCH: Verbally telling someone “Just write down the names of 17 songs on a piece of paper and I’ll get you the CD tomorrow.”

DELIVERY SYSTEM: I would physically hand them the CD the next day at school.


My first real online business HouseOfRave was as follows:

PRODUCT: Light up and glow products.

SALES PITCH: Individual product pages with pictures/video/text that were found by searching Google for certain keywords.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Shopsite ecommerce platform + dropshipper in California.


My KopywritingKompany (officially formed this year):

PRODUCT: Video courses and tools to teach people better copywriting.

SALES PITCH: copywritingcourse.com/steal + email newsletter posts.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Blog for reading, InfusionSoft for ordering, WishlistMember for delivering courses.


When I consult it goes like this:

PRODUCT: Me and the customer write Kopy together to improve their selling.

SALES PITCH: A simple webpage with PayPal buttons (when available): NevBlog.com/consults .

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Google Hangouts to have a live video chat with the customer.


A pizza stand has the following:

PRODUCT: Super greasy pizza slices (my fav)!

SALES PITCH: Setup in a place where there’s hungry people.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: A little stand or store where you hand em a slice.


In the comments I want you to tell me:

-What’s your PRODUCT?

-Where’s your SALES PITCH? Feel free to link it for others to see.



You can copy/paste this into the comments and just fill it out to save you time :)

My business is:




You will probably get some good ideas by just perusing the comments on this post!



Neville Medhora – King Kong of Kopywriting


P.S.  Remember to comment below with your PRODUCT, SALES PITCH, and DELIVERY SYSTEM!

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Ron: "Do we sell online drum lessons or do we sell information on how to play the drums better? "

BOTH PLEASE! I love drums!

btw, I'm not Neville (i'd like to hear his thoughts too!) - but Ron, shouldn't you sell both? Or at least, if you sell just one, partner with someone who provides the other and do a revenue split per sale or something.

Because you're not selling me "how to play drums." Like, I don't want to just "play drums" - I want to be a DRUM GOD.... You're gonna show me HOW TO BE PHIL PHUCKING COLLINS or KEITH FUCKING MOON. Right? If not, then can you tell me who can?

So if you can get me just even part of the way to Phil Collins GOD status, then as a customer I don't care what you call your product: "lessons", "DVD", "course", "training" - lol, you could call it "THE DRUM GOD MACHINE FOR MAKING YOU TO BE FULL 100% DRUM GOD" and you'd probably get just as many sales on it, as long as it truly worked to get me to god status.

Anyways, just some thoughts for you. btw, can you tell I love Phil?

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My business is: Internetting (totally a word)

My PRODUCT is: For this example, an eBook

My SALES PITCH is: Get a website and associate social media profiles set up, the fastest and most efficient way possible. Selling in Facebook blogger groups I'm in and via affiliates on their "how to start a blog" pages.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: still in progress, WP Affiliates is likely in the mix

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Guest jenny ng


My business is: cravin' asian

My PRODUCT is: asian snack box

My SALES PITCH is: offering asian international college students a monthly subscription service for snacks they miss from home. sell through referrals and asian college student organizations


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My business is: Wedding Rockstar

My PRODUCT is: Custom Built Engagement Websites

My SALES PITCH is: We build you a gorgeous custom wedding website in just 1 day or your money back

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Wordpress, Squarespace, or WeddingWoo credentials

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Guest wotisit


Let me chew on it a little bit : )

The objective of my comment was not to "overthink" but just to clarify that sometimes decoupling the delivery mechanism and the product really helps you.

And it's also true that, like the diffrence between the what and the how, it's just a matter of how you look at it.

In the Neville case, it's clear to me that he delivers "music people want to hear" and then you could have a party, a radio, a band, or whatever fits better with the prospect and the context.

Now, you can obviously say that music is a delivery mechanism of "beign part of a community" etc ... and that's perfectly OK to go like this if you have time and money to sit and dream : )

Last but not least, These "thinking templates" like Neville presented us are really useful to help us think faster but they are the map not the territory and that's why each one of us discover different things when we apply them.

PS: English is not my native language, sorry for typo, grammar, etc ..

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Guest Heidi Ergin


My business is:

My PRODUCT is: Video cooking classes called, Cooking Classes To Go. Available A La Carte, Full Dinner Party Package, and The Gourmet Package.

My SALES PITCH is: Watch a recipe being made in the comfort of your own kitchen. Create a dinner party for 8-10 guests, watch the videos along with a printed Recipe Guide. Shop with a printed Shopping List. Prepare the menu according to our Time Line, from prep days through serving. Packages include support from AskDelectablz. http://www.delectablz.com/the-dinner-party-store

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Videos and printable Recipe Guides linked on a special page on the Delectablz.com website. Or, buy The Gourmet Package and get the Delectablz binder with DVD's and laminated Recipe Guides, Timeline and Shopping List.

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I think neville knows what hes saying and got it right the first time. Considering he has made the $$$$ to prove it
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Guest Guillermo Cortes


My business is: El Quisquilloso (The title is the Latin American translation of Harry Potter's "The Quibbler")

My PRODUCT is: Parody news with affiliate sales.

My SALES PITCH is: The Onion, but for Geeks, gamers and anime lovers.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Mail and Pay on delivery, most of the time on subway stations.

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Guest Bryce Anderson


Wusup Nev!

My Product: Man Camp Molokai

My Sales Pitch: Hunt, Fish, Throw Tomahawks, Surf, Camp, Hike and Be A Man On 26 Acres Of Rugged Hawaiian Paradise.

Delivery System: 3-Day All Inclusive Trip To Man Camp Molokai

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My business is: Creating Digital Assets

My PRODUCT is: Vector Objects in themed packs

My SALES PITCH is: Speed up your design project creation with pre-made illustrator objects

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: gumroad download and eventually creativemarket.com

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The business is: Insightful learning products

One of the products is: Spark - A printed newsletter containing puzzles and thought experiments for kids of grades 6-10.

Sales Pitch: A Spark to Ignite your mind!

Delivery system: Printed newsletter delivered to schools

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Guest Aaron G.


This is all in the past tense. I am now a model citizen and owner of a mma apparel/equipment company. Ok, maybe im not a model citizen.


My PRODUCT was: School supplies

My SALES PITCH was: Tell every kid in class I had the cheapest supplies around. They can buy some pencils and paper and have enough money left for lunch.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM was: They had to meet me at the school supplies closet.

( Dont judge, the school should have locked the closet)

I almost got expelled from the 6th grade for that one.

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My business is: Healthy food on-demand

My PRODUCT is: Healthy lunchboxes

My SALES PITCH is: We satisfy your hunger for healthy food without you having to leave your desk.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Shopify + central kitchen + delivery riders

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My business is: Healthy food on-demand

My PRODUCT is: Healthy lunchboxes

My SALES PITCH is: We satisfy your hunger for healthy food without you having to leave your desk.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Shopify + central kitchen + delivery riders


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My business is: Celestial Ceilings (Night Sky Ceilings Murals)

My PRODUCT is: Crafting an unbelievably realistic night sky ceiling mural in any room of your home.

My SALES PITCH is: Transform your dull, boring and lifeless night time ceiling into a peaceful, romantic, and stress-relieving night sky...so realistic it will knock your socks off. Invisible in daylight. Done in about 2-3 hours, no mess. Great as a gift and for special occasions, perfect for children.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Show up at your home on time, complete your mural, leaving you amazed and giddy with excitement.

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Product: Art exhibition in June

Sales Pitch: Tell everyone I know I'm having an art exhibition, tell them where when they ask (which they have every time) and show them my previous work from here: http://fav.me/d5kuntl

Delivery: Time to start making art for the exhibition. Then start the art exhibition in the shopping centre. It'll be at the entrance next to some banks and there's been artists there before so people know artists work there. It's become quite the popular spot for people to visit.

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Guest Mike Moloney


Wow this is fantastic. Such an interesting approach to the Pinterest "collection" strategy.
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My business is: Male escort for rich widows

My PRODUCT is: My suave company and soft, yet firm hands.

My SALES PITCH is: Me. Only better.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: A fleshy tuber with a smile delivered to your door, ladies.

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Product: Website that helps you win your NFL Confidence Pool

Sales pitch: It's all about the all-in upset pick

Delivery system: Website, confidencepoolpicks.com

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Ok yeah I kinda see what you're saying - whatever works for you as long as it works for your customer. Sorry if I offended with my comment about over-thinking. :D
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