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Product, sales pitch, delivery system


There’s not many parts to selling a product. It’s actually quite simple.


Gary Halbert once said the three things you need to sell a product are:

1.) A product.

2.) A sales pitch.

3.) A delivery system.

My very first “business venture” was selling burned CD’s in middle school.

Following this 1-2-3- model my CD business would have looked like this:

PRODUCT: CD’s with whatever songs you wanted on it.

SALES PITCH: Verbally telling someone “Just write down the names of 17 songs on a piece of paper and I’ll get you the CD tomorrow.”

DELIVERY SYSTEM: I would physically hand them the CD the next day at school.


My first real online business HouseOfRave was as follows:

PRODUCT: Light up and glow products.

SALES PITCH: Individual product pages with pictures/video/text that were found by searching Google for certain keywords.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Shopsite ecommerce platform + dropshipper in California.


My KopywritingKompany (officially formed this year):

PRODUCT: Video courses and tools to teach people better copywriting.

SALES PITCH: copywritingcourse.com/steal + email newsletter posts.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Blog for reading, InfusionSoft for ordering, WishlistMember for delivering courses.


When I consult it goes like this:

PRODUCT: Me and the customer write Kopy together to improve their selling.

SALES PITCH: A simple webpage with PayPal buttons (when available): NevBlog.com/consults .

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Google Hangouts to have a live video chat with the customer.


A pizza stand has the following:

PRODUCT: Super greasy pizza slices (my fav)!

SALES PITCH: Setup in a place where there’s hungry people.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: A little stand or store where you hand em a slice.


In the comments I want you to tell me:

-What’s your PRODUCT?

-Where’s your SALES PITCH? Feel free to link it for others to see.



You can copy/paste this into the comments and just fill it out to save you time :)

My business is:




You will probably get some good ideas by just perusing the comments on this post!



Neville Medhora – King Kong of Kopywriting


P.S.  Remember to comment below with your PRODUCT, SALES PITCH, and DELIVERY SYSTEM!

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Guest Neville


You might wanna hone down by what you mean by "Administration skills"

Sounds very fluffy. Specify!

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Guest Neville


I dunno.....seeems like silly nit-picking that accomplishes nothing.

Instead focus on your business, not my choice of words in examples :)

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Guest Neville


Maybe you could specify further some SPECIFIC things you can help with (not just "any area of your life")
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Guest Neville


Man, this whole shaving and beard industry is becoming a thing!
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Guest Neville


Cool.....have you done this kind of motivational stuff before?

The hard part will be getting people to loyally follow you.

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Guest Neville


Oh nice.

However usually in-person can be the most effective in closing (whereas online you'll always close a lower percentage....but possibly reach a larger audience).

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Guest Neville



Curious as to how you compete with people just printing them out?

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Guest Neville



Hope you don't get screwed over! They always change their terms of service and hold "special sales" that leave you with virtually zero profit.

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Guest Neville


That sounds kinda cool! Might go well with the whole Paleo, Natural, Men movement
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