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Change words, change the impact

Product, sales pitch, delivery system


There’s not many parts to selling a product. It’s actually quite simple.


Gary Halbert once said the three things you need to sell a product are:

1.) A product.

2.) A sales pitch.

3.) A delivery system.

My very first “business venture” was selling burned CD’s in middle school.

Following this 1-2-3- model my CD business would have looked like this:

PRODUCT: CD’s with whatever songs you wanted on it.

SALES PITCH: Verbally telling someone “Just write down the names of 17 songs on a piece of paper and I’ll get you the CD tomorrow.”

DELIVERY SYSTEM: I would physically hand them the CD the next day at school.


My first real online business HouseOfRave was as follows:

PRODUCT: Light up and glow products.

SALES PITCH: Individual product pages with pictures/video/text that were found by searching Google for certain keywords.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Shopsite ecommerce platform + dropshipper in California.


My KopywritingKompany (officially formed this year):

PRODUCT: Video courses and tools to teach people better copywriting.

SALES PITCH: copywritingcourse.com/steal + email newsletter posts.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Blog for reading, InfusionSoft for ordering, WishlistMember for delivering courses.


When I consult it goes like this:

PRODUCT: Me and the customer write Kopy together to improve their selling.

SALES PITCH: A simple webpage with PayPal buttons (when available): NevBlog.com/consults .

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Google Hangouts to have a live video chat with the customer.


A pizza stand has the following:

PRODUCT: Super greasy pizza slices (my fav)!

SALES PITCH: Setup in a place where there’s hungry people.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: A little stand or store where you hand em a slice.


In the comments I want you to tell me:

-What’s your PRODUCT?

-Where’s your SALES PITCH? Feel free to link it for others to see.



You can copy/paste this into the comments and just fill it out to save you time :)

My business is:




You will probably get some good ideas by just perusing the comments on this post!



Neville Medhora – King Kong of Kopywriting


P.S.  Remember to comment below with your PRODUCT, SALES PITCH, and DELIVERY SYSTEM!

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My business is: Stealing, borrowing & acquiring stuff and selling it to other people.

My PRODUCT is: Packaged strategies & techniques that are successful in a given company or industry.

My SALES PITCH is: Joe's company is making $xx,xxx per month using this plug & play technique. Let's do the same thing in your company and don't pay me anything until you make money with it.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Phone & Email for communications, Workspace for deliverables (google docs, asana, trello etc...)

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Guest Neville


Hmmmm....instead of re-inventing the wheel you just copy it. Sweet!
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Guest Lakeisha


My business is: hair stylist

My PRODUCT is: maintain your hair when not in salon

My SALES PITCH is: client watch my YouTube how to videos and demos of me doing the styles- then ask them to sign up to learn more - sell them course

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: kajabi next membership site

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My business is: Marketing Company

My PRODUCT is: Authority Branding Packages

My SALES PITCH is: I get you cited on the 4 Main National Media sources (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS NEWS) as a Nationally Recognized Expert in your given field, this brings you instant authority & credibility to use in your marketing

(Can also be a company or product)

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Website for info, PayPal for payments, Google Hangouts for Details

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My business is: Parkour coach.

My PRODUCT is: Fit people that want ascend to the realm of the ninja hire me to train them in the ways of jumping, vaulting and flipping.

My SALES PITCH is: Usually in person, through referrals or Facebook posts. "I used to be a typical nerdy guy, played with legos all day. I couldn't jump 3 feet. Then I discovered parkour and turned into a really cool guy with godlike hops."

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: You and I go outside and practice.

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My business is: Video resume platform

My PRODUCT is: A web-based video resume platform that help medium-large companies simplify the hiring process and evaluate candidates faster

My SALES PITCH is: Use technology to make your hiring process more efficient and cost-effective. Eliminate unreliable paper trail of traditional hiring.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: online software, nothing to download.

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My business is: Inspiring folks who want to develop their badassness w/ knowledge and instruction

My PRODUCT is: Today it's AHA! 11-Minute Brain Training - Online video course (https://www.udemy.com/genius-brain-training/?couponCode=KopyKrew) WARNING: Shit kopy up ahead. I'm working on it :)

My SALES PITCH is: Genius isn't reserved for the giants of history. Genius doesn't care what your name is.. Genius is the way you think. Tap into your inner genius in 11 minutes a day for 11 days and boost IQ score, creativity, and problem-solving ability. 100% money back yadda yadda. True story.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Teaching platform with 5 Mil students (not all mine, lol), strong search authority... Udemy.com + other online learning platforms. Also looking into gumroad to distribute direct.

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Guest Guillermo


Pretty nice actually. While it IS super niche, first month I got 15,000 visits (not to shabby if I say so myself) and it has never dropped from 20k.

People are very loyal to the site and since that scene is filled with creative people (from designers, writers and even cosplayers) there's always someone willing to sell a product and give us a cut for the shoutouts and ads.

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My business is: trash bags

My PRODUCT is: a better mouse trap for trash bags

My SALES PITCH is: saves you 30 seconds conservatively per bag changed

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: website landing page as I begin discussed for POs and first round of investment for the $300k machine at this point.

Above delivery system will change once product is made on scale :)

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Guest Valerie


My PRODUCT is: internet marketing lessons online (videos & articles)

My SALES PITCH is: learn how to build a website fast that gets people to click/call/buy

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: WishList member / payments by paypal

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Guest Zach WG


The pen.

For $3, you have the power to sketch on the back of any napkin, better communicate your idea to an influential friend, who will hook you up with a venture capitalist thereby allowing you to realize your company, become a bazillionaire and pay it forward for decades to come.

I will pull the pen out of my jacket pocket, check that it is filled with ink, hand it over, shake your hand, and say, "I look forward to reading about you in ten years."

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Guest Monroe Jamison


My business is: The Female Wrestling Channel

My PRODUCT is: A website where you can view REAL competitive female wrestling mixed within a storyline in Episode form.

My SALES PITCH is: We are the only company in North America where you are going to find REAL competitive non-nude mat wrestling, and we are the only company out there that offers real competitive female wrestling mixed within a storyline. You can enjoy our videos at the comfort of your own home, or on vacation, since it is all on-line and easily accessible you can reach us from anywhere in the world. The matches are not pre-determined or scripted, so we never know where the story will go and nor do the fans. The story follows whoever brings it on the mats! It is intense, drama filled, and always changing.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Online access 24-7, Skype Chat with fans to get that one on one personal experience with all the current female wrestlers, you can download or stream each Episode for either $2.99 or $4.99 per episode, You can also become a Member at the site for a one time payment of $99, Paypal for all payments. www.femalewrestlingchannel.com/mj

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Guest Neville


Interesting......have you had success getting people to take this course?
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Guest Neville


Oh snap....I really like your pitch Lannan! Pretty damn straightforward (and impressive)
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Guest Neville


Bahahha nice! I didn't know there were Parkour coaches...awesome!
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Guest Neville


Have you tried posting some tutorials on Youtube? Might be worth trying.
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