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Words that sell, brands that succeed.

Product, sales pitch, delivery system

There’s not many parts to selling a product. It’s actually quite simple.


Gary Halbert once said the three things you need to sell a product are:

1.) A product.

2.) A sales pitch.

3.) A delivery system.

My very first “business venture” was selling burned CD’s in middle school.

Following this 1-2-3- model my CD business would have looked like this:

PRODUCT: CD’s with whatever songs you wanted on it.

SALES PITCH: Verbally telling someone “Just write down the names of 17 songs on a piece of paper and I’ll get you the CD tomorrow.”

DELIVERY SYSTEM: I would physically hand them the CD the next day at school.


My first real online business HouseOfRave was as follows:

PRODUCT: Light up and glow products.

SALES PITCH: Individual product pages with pictures/video/text that were found by searching Google for certain keywords.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Shopsite ecommerce platform + dropshipper in California.


My KopywritingKompany (officially formed this year):

PRODUCT: Video courses and tools to teach people better copywriting.

SALES PITCH: copywritingcourse.com/steal + email newsletter posts.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Blog for reading, InfusionSoft for ordering, WishlistMember for delivering courses.


When I consult it goes like this:

PRODUCT: Me and the customer write Kopy together to improve their selling.

SALES PITCH: A simple webpage with PayPal buttons (when available): NevBlog.com/consults .

DELIVERY SYSTEM: Google Hangouts to have a live video chat with the customer.


A pizza stand has the following:

PRODUCT: Super greasy pizza slices (my fav)!

SALES PITCH: Setup in a place where there’s hungry people.

DELIVERY SYSTEM: A little stand or store where you hand em a slice.


In the comments I want you to tell me:

-What’s your PRODUCT?

-Where’s your SALES PITCH? Feel free to link it for others to see.



You can copy/paste this into the comments and just fill it out to save you time :)

My business is:




You will probably get some good ideas by just perusing the comments on this post!



Neville Medhora – King Kong of Kopywriting


P.S.  Remember to comment below with your PRODUCT, SALES PITCH, and DELIVERY SYSTEM!

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My business is: Eric Gross Design

My PRODUCT is: Graphic Design Work

My SALES PITCH is: Money and time saving graphics that get noticed and don't suck.

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: emailed digital files.

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Guest prasanna


I haven't, but I see that my wrong wordings gave you the wrong Idea. People often set new resolutions and forget it promptly within 15 days into the new year.

My app(website actually) is supposed to be the one place where, in 2015, they could track their habits/resols, be accountable (they'll have to pay money to me, so I can make them accountable, and keep the site ad-free and add lots of features).

Forget about what I said earlier: "emails dripped with psychological insights/triggers". The app, at its core, is simple: you set a new habit, add some details like "what good/bad things will happen if I do/don't cultivate this".

And then, the app follows up with you for the next 30 days via email asking: "Hey just 5 days to go for your 'Nofap for 30 days' goal (:P), just remember, you said these are the good/bad things you said will happen to you wrt this habit. If you'd already failed, just reply with @failed".

And in the app, I'll have all this beautiful charts showing you insights into your behavior - your success rate with a specific goal/habit, your overall success rate, your success rate in a specific category of habit (you tend to do good with fitness habits, but totally suck at career related ones. So maybe..?), your cop-out rate (you created AND deleted this habits because you just couldn't tolerate failure) etc.

So, in lieu of this re-thinking of my own product inside of my own head:

My business is: helping people form habits that stick

My Product: A SaaS app where people pay money to develop habits for 2015

My Delivery system: Email for reminders and data visualization tools for showing behavior insights.

Btw, where are the NevBox winner announcements Nev?!

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Sorry Neville, But do not find any contact us button on your blog to contact you.

I want to contact you because I think you are still missing a lot of sales of your kopywriting products without using this simple strategy.

I think I Can help you in 2015 to generate more revenue from your kopywriting blog.

Here are the details:


Please Delete this Comment After Reading The Strategy Also I Will Be Thankful to you If you can give any type of postive/negative feedback on this strategy.

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Guest Ernie Potts


My business is: Intro to Home Recording ---- http://goo.gl/jdww3T

My PRODUCT is: recording tutorials

My SALES PITCH is: Make your music sound better in 1 hour

My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Immediate download

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Guest Julie Shepperd


Selling meat, steak, chicken, pork, seafood and gourmet desserts. Any ideas or advice on how to sell, a good sales pitch. Our business delivers high quality meats straight to your home without going to the grocery and cutting out the markup grocery stores charge just to put it on the shelf. Please help.
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