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Writing a Sales Page: Step 5: Summary of What They Get


sales page writing together chalkboard

The next section in the sales page we're writing together is:

[summary of What They Get]

In this section we are giving a quick-n-dirty summary of what people will get for their purchase.

If you are selling a learning product (like we are with our Copywriting Course product example), then explain what they will learn.

If you are selling a physical product (like a yo-yo), then explain what they will get with their purchase.

In the previous version of the sales page it looked like this:

old copywriting course synopsis section

This wasn't necessarily a bad summary, but I wanted to pay some attention to it, because on various versions of this sales page, THIS PARTICULAR SECTION would get a fair amount of readership then people would drop off.

I found it very difficult to read this section as it had lots of errant blank space and weird font combinations.

Checkout this scroll map of an original version of this page:

scrollmap kopywritingkourse sales page

From other versions of this sales page it seemed people paused on this section quickly, then scrolled away. This leaves me to believe this part of the page was difficult (or flat out un-interesting) to read.

One thing we're gonna do is upgrade the big green checkboxes with individual icons. These are meant to be "explanatory" icons, but not too distracting. Thus we are making them kind of grey and all of the same motif:

sales page new icons

This would leave us with something designed kind of like this:


Here's the re-written titles, copy, and associated icons:


One of my favorite parts about this [summary of What They Get] sections is that it forces YOU to crystalize what your product delivers. You can see in one or two pages if you are delivering a bunch of good stuff or not.

So in our experiment to make a sales page from scratch, if you're following along, go and and write out a summary of all the things a person gets when they buy your product.

Neville Signature

P.S. Any suggestions or questions about this [summary of What They Get] section?


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Guest Neville Medhora


Good point.....I can probably clean up that section a bit.

Possibly shirt-worthy observation Evelyn!

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Guest Bill Dow


Best money I ever spent on a course. I have been through the course multi times and I love it every time I go through it! Neville is the best, and people who are even the slightest bit interested in copywriting needs to take this course! Money well spent!!
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Guest Sarah


I see. Good point. I'm sticking to my bolded words then.

Love the change btw. (Except for the yellow background...)

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Guest Neville Medhora


Why thank you Bill! It was a pleasure to have you in the office hours!
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Guest Grace Judson


So I love how you're using the Kourse sales page as an example and thereby inviting us to learn more about it and perhaps buy it. ;-)

I have to wonder, though ... after working through these lessons (and eagerly awaiting the next installment), AND reading other posts on your site (holy cow, that ABOUT page post - wow - and I thought I was reasonably good at ABOUT pages!), I wonder *just how much more is there to teach?*

(I'm sort of, but only sort of, kidding...)

Thank you for this! It's tremendously helpful, and right in time because I'm preparing to launch a new program!

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Guest Neville Medhora


Hey Grace, glad you're liking this series!

I believe you're asking about what else is in the Kourse....well since you don't already know, it means the current sales page has done a poor job at telling you!

If it really was doing it's job, you would know! That's why I'm going through and changing the page up :-)

However one of the MOST valuable things you get with membership is the live Office Hours where we all meet for between 1 and 2 hours and go through copy live on a video call (where we can all interact with each other).

This is by far the most valuable thing for people who take advantage of it. One person uses it to run all his copywriting client work by me before submitting it, one person has me helping with content research, improving blog posts, getting businesses advice....

Hope that helps!

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Guest Dennis the Menace


Hey Neville,

I love your sales page series (and your kopy-course too)! You are a great teacher who can explain valuable concepts in a simple and actionable way.

I have a question when it comes to setting up a sales page for a physical consumer product.

When it comes to the boring technical aspects of the product such as dimensions, material and weight -- Where would you put it on the sales page?


Dennis the Menace

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Guest Shaun Ling


Haven't bought your kourse Neville. It would be stupid not to buy it. Gonna buy it... lol
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