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Change words, change the impact

Writing a Sales Page: Step 2: What Are You Selling?


picking what to sell

Ok, so we've got a rough Skeleton Outline of our sales page going, and now we need to fill out this first section:

[bold statement showing what can be done]

However.....many times when people are writing a sales page they don't clearly know WHAT they are selling!

If you're selling something ultra-simple like an HDMI cable, it's pretty easy:

hdmi guy

What you are selling:

The lowest cost HDMI cable.

Which crowd you are selling to:

People who need to connect devices via an HDMI cable, and don't want to pay a lot.

Knowing what you are selling, and which specific crowd you are selling to is extremely important!

For example, this poor guy selling lemonade isn't getting any business from these bodybuilders. Let's see how he changes this:


"Dang...I'm not getting any lemonade sales 😐"

lemonade stand no business


"Maybe I should sell beer instead 🤔🍺"deep-thinking


"Dang they are not buying beer either 😫"

beer stand no business


"Wait a second...they are bodybuilders who want bigger muscles 💪...

...What if I sold protein shakes?"



"Holy cow this audience is buying all of my protein shakes!💰🤑💰"

Protein shake stand selling


When he started selling the right product to the right audience, sales picked up!

Now let's leave Stick Figure Land and go back to the real world where we are selling The KopywritingKourse paid product, which would look like this:


Now back to the first section we're trying to fill out:

[bold statement showing what can be done]

There's no one specific formula on what to write here, so we'll just write out 20 variations (I'm using this title generator for inspiration on some of these):

20 Headline Variations:


Neville N. Medhora - Sales Page Writer


P.S. What do you think the best headline for this would be?

Vote below:

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Hi Tony, Thanks. I will change some of the copy. It has evolved or devolved over time.
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Nice idea. I have some video of my grandkids eating treats and then my dog on the website.
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I've already submitted a headline using the provided webform. Here's another that was left on the cutting room floor . . .


Naturally, the effectiveness of this headline will be amplified if it's accompanied by a suitable (or unsuitable, perhaps?) photo.

Oh! . . . using the "Ransom Note" font might be a nice touch, as well.


P.S. This is intended as komik relief. Unklench yerself, folks.

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Guest Sulaksha Gad


Hi Neville,

Here is my headline:

Don’t let your copywriter spoil your business, he/she needs TheKopywritingKourse.

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Guest Neville Medhora


Oh that's a pretty interesting take on it :)

I wouldn't use that one necessarily as many of the businesses coming to me for help DON'T HAVE an existing copywriter!

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Guest Neville Medhora


Hey Kieran, I'm def big on both. SEO research first, article later.

However sometimes "you just wanna do" an article for the hell of it, so I go for it :)

Join the Office Hours in the KopywritingKourse and you can see my full process!

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Guest Neville Medhora


Bahahhaha, kinda reminds me of that website "Save Toby" from a while ago where a guy said he would cook Toby the Rabbit unless the internet donate $50,000 to him 😂
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Guest Britt Malka


You're welcome.

When do we know who won the shirt? :D

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Guest Neville Medhora


Brit, you have won a shirt!

Sending you an email :)

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Congrats on your shirt Britt.

Certainly the best headline given the audience it was targeted at.

Well done.


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