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Writing a Sales Page: Step 4: The "Selling Story"


selling story

Alrighty then, we're now into the part of our Sales Page where we are writing out real copy. The first section listed in our Skeleton Outline is:

[Personal story how the product helped]

In this stage of the process I don't know WHERE this section will go on our final sales page, we just need to write it out first, and then we'll "fit it in" somewhere (giggity).

So we need to tell people a personal story how copywriting affected my business.

Well we're in luck, because when I first discovered what "copywriting" was around 2009, I was running a good sized rave company called HouseOfRave (sold it in 2011 so don't ask me questions about it's current state).

Below I am going to tell the story, including screenshots....however I'm gonna add my ghetto ass stick figures to the mix just to make it more interesting:


So that's how I'm writing my own personal story!

It's not too short.

It's not too long.

It demonstrates I've used copywriting myself.

It demonstrates copywriting could help their business too.

It does this all in a fun way.


So far in this experiment about writing a sales page we've:

  • Step 1.) Made a Skeleton Outline for our sales page.
  • Step 2.) Figured out what we're selling.
  • Step 3.) Got 20+ "Bold Statements" made for our main headline.
  • Step 4.) Written out a "Personal Story" section.

If we smash all those sections together it looks like this inside a Google Doc (which is where I always start writing a sales page):

Google Docs

Hopefully you're enjoying and learning watching this gradual process of sales page being put together. By the end of this we'll have a fully written, fully designed, and fully trackable sales page that's accepting orders!


P.S. What questions do you currently have about writing sales pages? Ask them below:


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Guest Shaun Ling


nice one. did you use K for all the C related words on purpose? Created our own style man. Nice one
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Guest David Gibson


Where would you add in qualifying questions(has this ever happened to u? which one of these are you?) or rapport building?
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Guest Beatnin


WOW!!! so nice


You’ll see how when it all comes together, “length” is not really a factor.

We’ll even test the final page with real world analytics to see how it performs, and I’ll share some of the non-confidential findings such as heatmaps, page read time, and scroll maps

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