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What Product Do You Sell?

AIDA Formula Action

Answer in the comments what product you sell.

You're free to include a link!


Neville Medhora

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Guest Neville Medhora


Well glad you're getting pushed in the right direction thanks to this blog Larissa!
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Guest Triin Rast


This is to all accountants, accounting practice owners/managers and peeps in financial industry. I have something for you that makes your workflow management, time tracking, reporting and life in generel million times easier, better and happier than it currently is.

Are you ready to live stress-free work life and dedicate more time to your loved ones?

Here it comes - https://getuku.com

Never misplace client work, gain full visibility of your tasks and grow without worry!

If you have questions, have a go with our free live chat and our superhero like customer support team will help you out in all matters :).

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Guest Harry Heijligers


Thanks for giving me the chance to tell about my product, Neville! I sell a training called Tame The Distraction Dragon. It's a training in which you'll learn how to protect yourself from the crazy amount of distractions we get every day. Because if you are Indistractable, you will be way more productive. But not only that, you'll also be happier!
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Guest Lee Ling How


I am selling health management program but people seem uninterested in that. Any advice? Thanks.
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Guest Orlando Sydney


On our photography website we say "We solve the business challenge of visual content creation that speaks in your voice" Lot’s more ==> event photography

PS. I like what you've done here on this page Neville :)

PPS. Some photos on our site available to use on your blog with a link back for credit. Contact with your requests.

Cheers guys

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Guest Erica


Our hospitality and corporate experience days are different to any other.

You'll drive race-tuned pedigree competition cars, with built-in telemetry technology, whilst being coached by pro-drivers on iconic circuits.

We are TechTrak and we're transforming motorsport experiences.

Please get in touch if you would like to work together: marketing@techtrak.co.uk

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Guest Brendan


Hey Neville,

Thank you for allowing us to leave a link!


The Listing Factory sells services to amazon private label sellers! I have used many of your resources when learning about copywriting. It would be interesting to see if we could collaborate on a project!

Keep up the great work!

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Guest Jay Leishman


Hey Neville!

We sell smart outdoor lighting products for your home. Gemstonelights.com

I've taken steps to implement things I've learned from you into the biz!

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I am a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and I sell nutrition coaching on wellnesscaptain.com. Ahoy!
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Guest Daniel larbi


i will like to addvertise my product here danni k travel and tour / danni kl properties

PROPERTIES i sell building lands and properties


We touring,  Car Rentals, hote reservation, booking and ticketing

i need online marketing and social media

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Guest Vrushal Kapadnis


Hello KWK fam,


Excited to share a crazy extension with you guys.


I am selling Impulse Zero.

Professionally you guys will hate me for creating this extension but personally will love me for making it. (Will Save $$$s this Black Friday season)


Impulse Zero is an extension which helps you stop impulsive purchases.


It is live on Product Hunt today - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/impulse-zero-v1-beta

Please leave your feedback, will go a long way for me.


P.S. In the long run, you will love me for creating this again. (Think Retention & selling to the right audience)




Hope you guys check it out

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We train your children the way to learn (and make you're feeling like a greater mum or dad)!
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