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What Product Do You Sell?

AIDA Formula Action

Answer in the comments what product you sell.

You're free to include a link!


Neville Medhora

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That's really cool. Congratulations. I just published my first book this month. Nice to see someone else on the same journey.
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Guest Col Muller


I give away best practice ideas about Organisational Resilience, how to plan for bad stuff happening to your business without losing business.

This may even be more boring than accounting.

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Guest Hazel


I help fitness business owners get more leads and clients through Facebook advertising and chatbot automation.
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Guest Wenda Zonnefeld


I sell music kits that are based on a pending patent that allows the client to custom synchronize music to visual media, including YouTube videos! The music ‘system’  makes it possible  to point out visual events within a film seamlessly as if the music has been custom made just for your project. Studies have shown that good synchronization between visual and audio increases a film or product’s  “trust” levels by 86% No extra software is needed besides your visual editor. I just started this business. The patent process was quite a ride lol.  My site is also a one stop shop for licensing and is able to have  your YouTube channel whitelisted - avoiding down time for you. I’d love feedback for what kind of music people would want to use, and how I can make the site easy to understand.  I have a background as an award winning media composer and I love a challenge. Here’s a link https://extravagantnoise.com/
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Guest Edgar Escueta


I sell graphic design and web design services for Small Business Owners.

I provide fast, cheap and quality designs!

Here's the link to my portfolio: https://edescueta.com/

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Guest Angie


I empower people to feel confident about speaking English, helping them to verbalise their thoughts, tweak their pronunciation and transform weird English spelling into 'spot on' sounds!

My link is www.italki.com/Angie.koh

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