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11 Unconventional Ways To Immediately Overcome Writers Block



Here's a quick guide for how to get over writer's block.  These are methods I've personally used very successfully, and I hope you scroll through this, find a good method, and get over writer's block too!



1.) Dictate The Words Into Your Phone




2.) Write Inside A Distraction Free Zone




3.) Use A Headline Formula




4.) Physically Alter Your State Of Mind




5.) Chemically Alter Your State Of Mind





6.) Follow A Writing Prompt




7.) Make A Constraint For Your Assignment




8.) Stop Being A Little Bitch About It




9.) Make An Outline




10.) Take A Nice Shower





11.) Copy Someone Else


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Download this entire Writer's Block post for your own files:

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Keep this in your files for whenever you have Writer's Block and need to get rid of it!


P.S. If you want more help with Writer's Block, checkout some of our Copywriting Tips for more inspiration!


P.P.S. Comment below what YOU do when you have writers block.  I am going to add (and draw!) more methods here based on the comments!


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Guest Neville


Hahaha, that's a good way of putting! If you don't mind writing crap, you'll put SOMETHING out! I think starting is the hardest part for some people, so that suggestion is great.

I like researching the topic a lot and coming up with lots of ideas.

Thanks Andrew!

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Guest Neville


Yup! Changing up your physical environment is a fantastic way to get the creativeness flowing :)
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Guest Neville


Awesome suggestions David! I think the outline is the best thing, and has been mentioned a ton of times in the comments. Pretty sure I'm going add that one into the article!

Possibly NevBox-worthy post David!

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Guest Neville


Thanks for sharing Niklas! It's super cool to see how different people structure their work from others :)
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Guest Neville


YES! I sometimes find it hilarious about the things I "complain" about in my life as if it's really hard. Then I remember how good I have it compared to the past, and even compared to other people in the country....and I get back to work :)

Mind Mapping seems to be a super common theme here, might have to draw it and list it here. Thanks Drew!

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Guest Neville


Dogs = awesome. You might see by my next post that I'm also obsessed :)

Cool you help them have fun, and they help you be creative. Definitely man's best friend!

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Guest Neville



It is funny to think of how much more work it was for our parents to immigrate here than it was for us to easily grow up here.

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Guest Neville


Fantastic (and possibly NevBox-worthy) list of suggestions Ben!

I'm so glad I don't eat a piece of chocolate every 250 words.....the post I'm working on now is 4,000 words = 16 pieces of chocolate!

Very glad you liked the edit any website tool.....I personally use it all the time!

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Guest Pauli


Hi Neville,

When I'm "creatively stuck" I do one of 3 things, but mostly, the first 2 will do the trick to get me going again. I either leave it "up" on the computer screen, make sure I can look at the screen from every angle and putter around the house. Literally looking at it from different viewpoints, most times will snap something into place and I'm "good to go". If that doesn't work, I will go for a walk, or a couple of hours zoo, just me and my thoughts, nothing to do but look around and be happy with what I see, and when I get back, I usually have a direction I haven't thought of before. If neither of these work, I drudge thru websites for ideas. (Don't like to do it, and thankfully very seldom have to)

I hope this helps :-)



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Guest Lucia


I will write about something I'm interested in that no matter what level of energy I am in, or mood, I will write something about it. From that point, I will expand by googling information about it. There's always some article that will get my attention or headline and from that point, I will tie into something that is associated with what I need to write about. For example, I am not interested in baseball. My day job requires me to know about baseball. Therefore, I picked the Boston Red Sox (I am a Hibernophile.) So, I take it from there...


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Guest Phillip Lopez


Just took a shot of some weird sweet stuff that tastes like Goldschlager

and I'm going to write out 10 things I'm grateful for whenever I get the

dreaded "Writer's Block".

Here's 10 RIGHT NOW:

1. I'm currently at home working in my Texas Rangers T-Shirt and

sweat pants.

2. I have A/C and it works PHENOMENALLY!

3. I have a beautiful girlfriend I get to have sex with, often :)

4. I have 20/15 vision when doctors predicted I'd be blind!

SIDE NOTE: I'm the only one in my fam that DOESN't wear


5. Les Internets at my disposal 24/7 son.

6. I know 2 languages (Spanish & English) by default. Thanks

for coming to the US mom and pops!

7. I can walk. I have a family member and know of other people

that don't have this. BE GRATEFUL if your legs WORK.

8. I can type around 60 WPM, I used to suck ass at it.

9. I'm grateful for guacamole, oh heavens to Betsy I don't know

what life would be like without it!

10. I'm thankful my Brosef Neville Medhora is a kick-ass kopywriter

that I can mimic. I LOVE your blog man, it's the "tops" lol....

No Homo (not that there's anything wrong with that).


"This one goes to 11"

11. I'm grateful for having food, a roof over my head

and hot water. Imagine ALWAYS having to take a cold




P.S. Booze is kicking in, methinks it's helping :)

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Guest Allan


Clear clutter from your workspace, then close your eyes and imagine someone sitting at your desk opposite you. Out loud, tell that person what it is that you need to say. You might need to say it a few times to get it right, but when you do, write it down.

Then edit what you said.

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I especially loved don't be a little b. Sometimes it's hard when you've developed so much resistance. You know you have it good but you've tricked your mind. Procrastination or a block for me is when something isn't quite fleshed out- either I know it or it's more subtle.

Here's the simplest thing I do that works.

I keep a rubicks cube at my desk and when I'm stuck I try to solve it to work another part of my mind. After a while, maybe it's the click of the cube, I realize the cube is harder than I thought, and I'd much rather write.

At this point, I write in bear bones outline form - like the quickest thing possible as if my life depended on it being done. I take a breath and stand up.

I started.

When I sit back down, all I need to do is make it better (knowing there's a song and dance e.g. Drafts and Revisions)


Tina Shah

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Guest Waqar Ahmed


Hi Nev

Wonderful Article, again. I liked the way you made me realize how lucky I am by having things my ancestor didn't have. Yes, in this internet age, I can be everywhere and can learn anything.

Thanks for the reminder.

Best regards,


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Collect Your Stories

Your brain never stops so technically, which means Writer's Block is more a fear symptom.

How do you break through the fear?

Collect your stories. Everytime you experience something that moves you towards an invigorating emotion record that moment immediately.

Do this when watching movies and TV. When walking down the street. Hanging with friends. Not oly will you become more mindful and present, but you'll also be overwhelmed at how much fodder your life has. Even if you're introverted homebody.

Use more than one tool to record. So pen & paper, cloud file, notebooke, etc. The more options you have the more likely you'll do this in various contexts. I even have pen in paper in my car so I can pullover to record a story that moved me, usually based on the radio, traffic or car conversation.

Here's my Evernote file for stories: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s537/sh/139ad37b-2a03-4b8f-8281-38c9d6303a12/57370e6d610d697089855bd35bc85ccc

When I'm ready to write, I think of the topic and then choose the best story to relate my topic for my reader. Since the story is so moving I know it all so well and it writes itself as well does the heavylifting of moving my reader like it moved me when I lived it.

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Thank you, Nev. I am super curious about the NevBox. It looks damn awesome.

As for the chocolate method, your concern is so valid. I've ended up eating whole slabs of Milka chocolate this way! Very dangerous combined with sitting for long periods of time haha!

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Guest Not another startup blog.com


Cool article Nevman.

When I can't think of what to write about I usually set a timer for 5-10 minutes and use this time to brainstorm 10 ideas of what i can write about.

95% of the time (no joke) i get something good and motivating to write about.

I also took some notes while reading this article to give you some feedback if it interests you:

-I lol'd at the image you drew of a "writer's block" you drew.

- transcribe sounds cool. Never thought of that.

- chemically altering your state: beer on a friday night post sounds cool. A beer can definitely make me loser and probably be a bit riskier in my writing which can often times be good.

- deephouse trick: i used to do this. I'd youtube a massive mix and zone out (lyric free of course)

- follow a writing prompt sounds cool and something i had never thought of.

- I like how you sneakily linked to Sumome in one of your examples! That's a mad hack and i will steal.

- i like the idea of limiting your number of characters available to write a post as this will help to delete unnecessary junk and save only the best, as well as give you a stronger base to start writing.

- method 8. Stop being a lil biatch. Yeah awesome. So true haha, no better time to be alive than RIGHT NOW!!

Cool article man. Keep it real.


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Guest Denise Renee


Awesome hacks as usual... I particularly love #8! And I totally love deep house music (jazz and latin house) too! I write to Pandora and YouTube mixes all the time.
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Guest Neville


Oh nice....very interesting method!

Hope you enjoy the KopywritingKourse and ARK!!!

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Guest Neville


I like how you stick with the problem......sometimes just brute forcing the problem by spending a lot of time with it works. Other times getting AWAY from the problem is better :)
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Guest Neville


Bahahha.....yeah it's probably best you know a lot about baseball! I totally agree that thoroughly researching the subject will give you many different angles to write about it.

Thanks for sharing Lucia!

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Guest Neville


BAHAHAH!! Goldschlager!

Love that you included: A top ten post, alcohol reference, and a Seinfeld joke. Totally worth the read :)

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Guest Neville


But are you OK with a PO on your JO without the GER?
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