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      David Perell on Writing, Twitter, Running Cohorts, and We Live-Review Twitter Bios!

      David Perell first came to my attention via Twitter, where he posts thoughtful pieces on writing. We talked extensively about writing and how he grew a large Twitter following.

      Watch the full David Perell interview:

      Listen to the David Perell interview:

      Thoughts On Writing (The "compression" of information + the future of writing)

      • Why (and when) did you start writing online?
      • What topics do you write on? Follow curiosity or is there a specific angle?
      • The compressing of information. Books → magazines → newspapers → blogs → Twitter → Reels → TikTok
      • Where do you see writing going? Future predictions.

      The Upsides & Downsides of running Cohort Based Classes

      • What number cohort are you on now?
      • What have you learned about cohorts? Upsides / Downsides?
      • Do you have plans to make more courses/classes like this?

      Twitter 101 with David Perell (How to Grow A Twitter Following)

      • Twitter before vs now?
      • What are the primary drivers of growth on Twitter?
      • What is your average time investment per day? I read somewhere you said you were borderline addicted to Twitter. I can totally relate, I just rarely participated.
      • Have you invested in companies through Twitter?
      • Downsides of being so popular on Twitter?
      • What is the “machine” or “system” you use to Tweet?
      • Frameworks you use for Twitter?
      • Who are some good follows on Twitter?
      • Do you use lists?

      David Perell and Neville Medhora Live-Improve Twitter Bio's


      Follow David Perell:

      🖥 Website: Perell.com
      🐦 Twitter: @david_perell

      Follow Copywriting Course:

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